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Your Feedback: What Readers Have to Say About Drug War Chronicle

Thank you to the many of you who have sent testimonials about your use of Drug War Chronicle. Following are just a few recent reports we have received. We have provided the writers' names, or left them anonymous, as was requested. More to follow in coming weeks...

"I am a university professor who teaches a criminal justice course concerning drug use/abuse trends, law enforcement issues, etc., and find the Drug War Chronicle an up-to-date source of solid information useful to me and/or my students. Even if one may disagree with some of the views presented, the Chronicle obviously tries to get the facts straight -- and does. It is an extremely valuable resource."

"I use your information to keep abreast of drug laws and initiatives and inform clients, prisoners, and prison activists. You provide a very valuable service for those involved in criminal defense and those assisting prisoners in appealing unjust sentences and convictions."
- Beverly Seymour, Liberty Rights Advocates, Johnstown, Ohio

"Hell yes I read you guys... keep it up. I tell everyone I know about your site."
- an enthusiastic member in Arkansas

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I applaud this site with 872,000 more flower power people in jail, we need all the help we can get. It is hard for me to imagine a government that will enslave its citizens the way ours does. But looking at the money at risk I can see how we got to where we are. What we need is to stop our so called leaders from taking money from corporations how this cannot be seen as a conflict is beyond me. How can a senator (Saxby Chandless GA) take 2.5 million from wall street and then vote to give tax credits and a bailout to the same people. We use to call this a bribe now I guess it is legal? We need to stop the pac and lobby money from dictating how our so called leaders vote and spend our money to protect corp profits!!

Per LEAP drug abuse is bad the War on Drugs is worse!!


get it right

You are very misinformed. Just to start- it is Senator Saxby CHAMBLISS.

With DRC I feel like I am part of a larger cause

I think the DRC Network makes me feel like I am part of a larger cause. Every week I read DRC like I am getting a brief from the underground resistance, battling the life destroying, mind controling regieme.

How you do benefit the un informed & Mis-informed

Thank You for a a real education on laws that can be researched and founded to be in the interest of the sick in this country. I agree the Neo Con's have to leave they have poisoned our earth and our finanical institutes polluting the earth with their toxic oil profits and sentencing our furture children to sickness that the pharmacopia industries has not a clue on how to treat, with same like toxic chemicals as produced from some form of oil or a by product there of. So please keep us completely informed on US Patent # 6,630,507.Thank You,Toxic & Sick In The Sunshine State of the Food Basket "Ca".


I read everything I get from this organization. So keep up the terriffic work and God Bless you all.

The world is waiting

Keep up the great work! I'm happy to keep up with all the battles & blunders towards drug policy reform in America. We Canadians have been ready for at least decriminalization of weed for a decade but politics with you guys gets in the way.
A new leader may just see the sensibility of reform in order to cut billions of wasted dollars. The world needs a new strategy in so many ways but this really is a priority. And the US has to be on board.

Keep finding ways to Wake Up the ignorant and misinformed!

KC Davenport
B.C., Canada

A public service

You guys provide the public a very important service. I come here to find the truth because everything the US government has to say about psychotropic substances is a lie.



it is so lame to think they are EVER going to stop people from smoking pot , not only is it harmless but PROVEN medical uses by the dozzons and all the uses for hemp , why don't theese boobs open there eyes and see how much tax payers money is wasted on the stupid drug war that they will never win!
as far as it harmming the learnning ability that is a bunch of bull , I myself (at one time) smoked 3.5 - 7 grams everyday for 30 years , I went to collage held a b+ gpa in electronic engineering , got a job at a local tv station and retired from there all the time getting "high" everyday and on top of that I was NEVER sick
recently I had to stop smoking pot caise of the law , 3 weeks after I HAD to quit I got a cold , flew and sinus problems and before that? I never got sick , of anything
by this drugwar going on and on just tells me that the government has done a good job of brainwashing the public into thinking it's a devastateing drug ,, lol to that I say BULL!!!!

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