Volunteers Needed: Phone Campaign in DC, Writers from Anywhere

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StoptheDrugWar.org (DRCNet) is seeking enthusiastic volunteers for two important purposes:

Membership Drive: Do you live in Washington, DC or nearby? We need help from friendly drug reform enthusiasts who are willing to spend a couple of hours on one or more evenings working the phones for DRCNet's membership fundraising drive. This effort will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, starting this coming week. (No session on election day.) Volunteers will be calling previous DRCNet contributors. Come on out, enjoy free pizza and other snacks, make new friends, and help raise needed funds for the cause while gaining valuable phone-banking experience. E-mail [email protected] or call us at (202) 293-8340 ext. 301 for further information or to sign up.

Writers: In the second half of November or early December, StoptheDrugWar.org will be carrying out an ambitious week-long writing-based campaign dealing with the mainstream media's coverage of drug issues, and we are seeking a team of good volunteer writers to be part of it. Along with writing skills, volunteers for this project should have a fairly good understanding of the effects of drug prohibition -- visit our Site Map page and scroll down to the "Consequences of Prohibition" section to get an idea of what we mean by that. Contact David Borden at [email protected] or (202) 293-8340 ext. 301 for further information about this very exciting effort.

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Our cry for help!!

Sent the email to help. I hope millions of other do the same.
I was just driving through my town it has drug dealers on every corner Wallgreens, CVS, even Wallmart and Kroger. They all sell drugs it struck me how ironic this is until you look at the money. Who sells legal drugs? Corporations they make billions and sell drugs that will kill you are more addictive and worse for you. They sell methadone that is synthetic heroin it is stronger more addictive and harder on your body but legal and cost much more than the original. The feds buy methadone and give it to heroin addicts other countries have decided to give heroin to the ones that need it because it is cheaper and better for you than methadone. Our government still gives methadone to support our legal drug pushers and the money they receive from these major drug pushers contributed to them to keep illegal drugs illegal. Our law makers keep enslaving the poor, black and powerless for trying to make some spending money selling there favorite drugs. Our law makers keep saying this is illegal perhaps they need to start a PAC (political action committee) so they can buy our law makers and change the law. This is the only difference I see in legal and illegal drugs. Millions prefer the illegal ones you can grow like a weed but the corporations cannot find a way to monopolize the profits on it. So the mainly poor people that use it and sell it are put in jail until the corporations figure a way to keep the money generated by it for themselves. They have a THC pill and you guessed it, its more expensive worse for you but legal. Can you say hypocrisy? Its all a battle in the war on drugs the ones with the law and money on there side prevail. While the poor, black and powerless are made slaves by our law makers. Quit buying the lies our law makers keep putting our think for yourself do some reading look at the facts and you like I do will fight to end the war on us..

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