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A Wyoming cop get sentenced for stealing his canine officer father's training dope, a prosecutor in Indiana is in the hot seat over asset forfeiture, and another prison guard gets busted. Let's get to it:

In Tallahassee, Florida, a state prison guard was arrested Monday night for allegedly selling cocaine at a North Florida prison. Florida Department of Corrections guard Keith Alan Black is charged with one count of trafficking cocaine. He was arrested after an investigation that began September 24 and was being held in the Leon County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

In Lyman, Wyoming, a former Gillette police officer and Campbell County jail guard was sentenced October 1 to two to four years in prison for stealing marijuana from his father's police patrol car. Thomas Brent Clark took about one pound of pot that his father, a canine officer for the Uinta County Sheriff's Department, kept in his vehicle for training purposes. He was sentenced to the same amount of prison time last week in Campbell County, but may not actually serve any time behind bars. His sentencing judge has recommended that he be sent to a six-month boot camp rather than the state penitentiary.

In Delaware County, Indiana, asset forfeiture abuses by local prosecutors continue to roil local courts. Circuit court judges have been reviewing old cases and are especially critical of County Prosecutor Mark McKinney, whom one judge labeled "deceitful" in his dealing with the court on drug forfeitures. Judges also rebuked McKinney for using confidential settlement agreements with defendants to obtain property without going through the courts, and one judge is examining past forfeiture cases in his court after learning that a defendant's bank account he had ordered frozen had been emptied. That's part of a pattern with McKinney, who in this case divided the bank account holdings between the Muncie Delaware Drug Task Force, the defendant, and his defense attorney. McKinney must now file a brief explaining why he should not be held personally accountable for the improperly distributed funds.

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Sound Familiar

Didn't this kind of "stuff" happen during alcohol prohibition? Weren't there gangs, and drive by shootings? Corrupt cops everywhere? Abuses of power? Sound familiar? It sure does to me. Didn't they decide that enough was enough? "He who fails to learn from history, is condemned to repeat it"

Not anonymous


Have "Ya Ever Been to Gillette...?

In Wyoming even dogs like to get high...

Thats because the dogs are

Thats because the dogs are much smater than the people. Think about it.


All that aint nothing compared to these cops and feds here in billings montana not to forget the porbation officers some body should really look in to these guys millions of dollars gone there dirty dirty dirty


HUGHES 45063



im dealing with a corrupt

im dealing with a corrupt portland oregon officer right now. he is absolutely insane. his name is brian hughes, the officer you listed badge number 45063 is also brian hughes so i wonder if its the same guy, but my hughes now has a badge number 34619 is there ever a time that they change badge numbers?

Oregon Police Corruption is a given

The Portland police and all Police in Oregon do not and I am serious, do not have to take Urine tests for drugs. You would think that the very peole that we are told are here to protect us when the protection we need is from the many corrupt police we have in Oregon. I have so much info on how corrupt our police really are its pathetic. Going all the way to when Lawado died at OHSU hospitol from a ruptured splean that came from the probationary officer in the nedical dorm where there are no cameras that can see that area. She did a superman on this old guy that needed insulin for his diabeties, but they thought he was a drunk driver instead. What happened inside and what was said in the news was completely false and inacurate. I even had channel 8 news interview me and internal affairs and eventually I had to go infront of the grand jury and saved about 10 people there jobs. As soon as they come up with a urine testing system in direct connection with officers that are in the drug task force and any random time someone at a higher level wants you to take one. Every other legitamit place you work normaly wants a UA right off the bat. Police and fire men should be the most tested of any group of people.

open murder conspiracy in portland oregon

Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar, A,K,A, Doubleclick and Mrs Dash,( yes those are there nicknames they gave each other.) admitted to poisoning me while I was a plasma donor back in 2005.
Eric Carlson pedofied me behind prison walls and then framed me as a pedophile on march 26th 2007, I caught the crime on a audio recorder I put in Joan's purse.
there were people in authority helping them with this and nobody in authority will help they pretend nothing happened and refuse to investigate this.
Eric Carlson changed his hair color and his name to Gashel and Clackamas Walmart was hiding him from my Family by pretending He's someone else but this is not hidden, only ignored by the authority's and media
I'm disabled from being poisoned and the hospitals refuse to admit I'm poisoned.
My Family is in danger from these people and I have no other recourse but to make these charges public.
My name is Terry Wagar,Im from Portland Oregon and I'm backing up these charges.
I have been threatened with harassment charges by a Sargent Walker, She is a Portland Police officer stationed at the OHSU hospital, for the non crime of reporting a multi murder conspiracy within that hospital.
They dont give a s4!t Joan and Eric was poisoning a plasma donor!
And how many god damn John Ray's in authority are there in portland oregon!
You damn serial killer.
Where did Mrs Dash keep her stash? in A Garlic Salt Shaker!
What did Doubleclick do with his Dick? You Pedo!
Why you hiding A body double for Clackamas Walmart?

Portland police beat my boyfriend back in 2000

Yes my boyfriend commited armed robbery and tried to out run the police. he is serving 13 years which he on his 10th year. But The Portland police did not have the right to take him in between two cars(because they didnt want anyone to see because they knew they were not doing what they were supposed to) And beat the crap out of him. His wrists were so swollen that they could hardly get the cuffs on him. His face was swollen Also. of course it was blamed on his wrecking the car. Nedless to say my man has not good feelings about cops because some gave all a bad name.

That is so sweet!

Ok, If your man tried to outrun police for a crime he committed, I applaud the police for beating him.

I get so sick of these little Bit%hes crying that they are innocent, and that they didn't deserve a beating.

B.S>The fool deserves death, and you deserve death for dating that scumbag,
Just go die...all of you scummy lowlifes in society...
Please, just go die, It will be the only productive act
you ever attempt.

borden's picture


Ordinarily I would have deleted a comment like this, but I've decided to leave it, as an effective illustration of the hatred at the root of the drug war -- hatred that fuels the drug war and hatred fueled by the drug war. Just letting any future readers know.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC


He Is no longer like that and besides If this was a beating caught on tape then It would not be OK. So If you did the same thing or your friend did then you would expect the cops to beat your ass? Really I dont think so. So its OK for cops to beat people when they break the law. Hmm Gee I have seen people who have done worse crimes get treated better. why is that?? The police beat everyone that runs? WOW thats news to me. Let me guess ur a cop or related to a cop right? And WHY bother even reading the posts on this site if you know its about police brutality since you so obviously condone it?

have you ever been to portland, dunkirk, redkey indiana

if they pull you over for a seat belt violation they will say they smell marijuana so they can search your car, I know to people this has happened to in the last couple weeks, first a women was getting off work from lodge and was pulled over in Dunkirk indiana, the officer claimed he smelled marijuana, the woman replied I don't even smoke cigarettes and told him he could search her car (which he was intending to do anyway). the next episode happened in Dunkirk by a sheriff whom I am not sure but was probably the same cop in the first story, anyway he pull over two kids one 17 and one 19 for a seat belt, next thing you know he said he smelled marijuana, the 19 year old said look sir there is a cigarette in the ashtray that is what your smelling, the cop said I'm searching your car anyway. So I could go on and on. When the new sheriff, whom I voted for got elected I knew things would change because he has always been nice and church oriented, hell no, he has hired a guy as a jailer who has post tramatic stress syndrome which I realize is not the guys fault and I am sure it is treatable, anyway come to find out the reason the guy got the job over another person whom applied that had 2 years in college for criminal justice at a university was because the guy with ptss was his 1st cousin, doesn't even live in the state of indiana, he lives in ohio, now you would think that a sheriff would be more apt. to hire someone whom has schooling in this department, and no psychological problems and whom has grown up all their life in this county before someone whom don't even live in this state or county for that matter all because their moms are sisters. also in the story of the 19 year old, I understand the police have to search the person in question to make sure they have no weapons, it is called a pat down search and is for the protection of the officer, not in this case this officer had the boy out, took two fingers touched his you know whats and ran his fingers all the way up that area towards his rear. Now does that sound like a pat down search to you. The boy said he felt violated and thought something wasn't right. So is there anyone out there who can help us with taking care of a situation like this. what about this one, the same boy was taken to jail, they put him in a cell with a guy whom in sept. committed murder a very gruesome murder, then the next day they moved the 19 year old to another cell with another guy who is awaiting trial for burning down a couples home after he robbed it, calling in a bomb threat to the local high school while he robbed a bank at gunpoint this guy is also being questioned by FBI for 3 murders that happened in Muncie Indiana. Now I thought that the jail or sheriffs department wasn't allowed to put misdemeanor and small felony cases in with murders and violent criminals like that this is not a prison this is a county jail for Christ sake. About 30-40 years ago they did that to a teenager put him in a cell with a murderer while the murderer was awaiting trial do you know what happened to that kid? He was killed by the murderer and the kid was only in there for being drunk, why the heck would you jeopardize a teenagers life like that. Yah he shouldn't be in there in the first place but he is non violent and has a misdemeanor charge and one pill was found in a pile of trash under his car seat. Do you think he deserves to be in a cell with a murderer who stabbed, tortured, beat, for four hours a man then finally slit his throat and left him in a corn field to drowned in his own blood. anyone out there have some advice to who can help clean up these officers and departments who throw their badge around like they own us all.

sure be right,

His face was swollen as well. of course, attributed the destruction of his car. Nedless say my man has no good feelings about the police because some gave all a bad name.

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