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Medical Marijuana: Bill Coming Down the Pike in Idaho?

Idaho is a rocked-rib Republican state, and the state's Republican Party is no friend of medical marijuana, but that isn't stopping one GOP legislator from going ahead with plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill in the next legislative session. Rep. Tom Trail (R-Moscow) told the local Fort Mill Times over the weekend that he is drafting a bill now.

Although Idaho is a conservative state, it is bordered by four medical marijuana states -- Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana -- as well as less medical marijuana-friendly Utah and Wyoming. And voters in at least one Idaho town, Hailey, last year approved a municipal medical marijuana referendum. After town officials balked at enforcing them, voters passed it again in May.

Rep. Trail said the bill he is drafting will be based on existing laws in Oregon and Washington. He also said he has been in contact with some Idaho doctors who support allowing the use of medical marijuana.

Still, it will be an uphill fight for the Panhandle Republican. In June, the GOP state convention committee voted 21-9 to oppose any relaxation of Idaho's marijuana laws, including medical marijuana. And there's still no medical marijuana in Hailey -- officials there filed a lawsuit after the May vote seeking guidance on how to deal with unruly voters who don't want authorities brutalizing medical marijuana users.

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If people would simply do

If people would simply do the research, there would be no reason to fear the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Before the 1900's marijuana/hemp was accepted for multiple reasons. Why not now? Do NOT respond until you have done your research-it's only fair. We have research that a LEGAL drug (alcohol) has multiple serious long term affects, so wouldn't you assume that to be an ILLEGAL drug marijuana would have some serious long term affects as well? Do your research before you answer-it's only fair. I've never heard of a marijuana overdose, an abusive relationship based around marijuana, or true "addiction" to marijuana. It's easy to research, and ignorant to speak first.

Look at this legal pharmaceutical drug's side effects

(from wikipedia)

It's called Humira (adalimumab). It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, crohn’s disease, and plaque psoriasis.

Crohn's disease and arthritis (not sure if both types) can both be treated with medical marijuana. I don't know the comparative effectivenesses of the two drugs but I wouldn't be surprised if marijuana can do a darn good job. And look at these side effects for Humira:

"Adalimumab is an immunosuppressant, and as such has a number of serious safety concerns, potentially fatal, typical of the TNF class. According to the product labeling, after a number of studies and reports of adverse events in patients receiving adalimumab, including serious and sometimes fatal blood disorders; serious infections including TB (tuberculosis) and infections caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria; rare reports of lymphoma and solid tissue cancers; rare reports of serious liver injury; and rare reports of demyelinating central nervous system disorders; rare reports of cardiac failure; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a black box warning to doctors appearing in the product labeling of adalimumab and the other TNF drugs instructing them to screen and monitor potential patients more carefully[2]."

Now if THAT'S legal, why the hell isn't medical marijuana?

Does what the people want matter?

If the people vote for medical marijuana and the politicians ignore the people's votes, the the polititions should be removed from office. Their job is to represent the will of the people, and if they are not doing their jobs they should be replaced.

is'nt this America?? The

is'nt this America?? The people's nation. Or is it a dictatorship?

The People’s Nation

It’s a plutocratic duopoly where the Republicrats and the Democans rule under the direction of multi-national corporations who owe allegiance only to maximized profits.

This guy puts it much more clearly in an easy to understand form:


People of america are speaking out and standing up to propaganda against "CANNIBIS SATIVA". Only a few still side with cannibis prohibitionists, and that number is shrinking quickly. Medical Cannibis is a good first step to reintroduce this natural herb into society.

the ama

when the american medical assciation (the biggest physician association in the country), finally decides to take the big step, leaves political fears aside, and embraces medical marijuana, THAT'S when things will really move quickly. the ama hasn't done this yet probably because they know the power they have, and that makes them reluctant to do it. For whatever reason (political fear or something, or maybe some money interest of some kind), they haven't embraced medical marijuana yet. But if they did, then things would finally really start to move forward. It would probably be a relatively short time between the day that happens and the day weed is completely legal.

How about this?

I recently wrote to my congressman Rep. Mike Ross, (D) Ar., asking him to back Rep. Barney Franks bill to decriminalize the Federal laws concerning cannabis. His answer was to spout the "Feds" crap and lies from the DEA and ONDCP. Of course here in Arkansas we still have "dry" counties, can you believe that? Now, everyone knows we have a whole bunch of "bootleggers" here. But they would rather believe that "prohibition" really works, when they see proof that it does not. However instead of changing, they cling to the words of their "preachers". And here they continue to support "prohibition", and believe that if they can't buy it, they won't use it. And we all know how well that works.
So I guess I was hoping that my congressman was a little above average. After his answer I know he is going to be against any changes, so I guess that ol sign I used to see was valid. It said "Welcome to Arkansas, set your clock back thirty years". Damn, I wish they would educate some of these natives.

give me one good reason not to legalize

those of us who currently use marijuana for medical reasons or recreational live in constant fear of being arrested for "not doing anything wrong" for 95%of us this is the only illegal thing we are involved in for crying out loud people take a look at the benefits (not enough room to list them all) and then the downfalls hmm lets see oh yah its illegal thats the only one grow up people and vote for this bill if introduced gee we could probably sell stocks in different kinds of weed and fix the economy right now grow and sell its a whole new line of job oppotunities

Idaho State Rep. Tom Trail (R-Moscow) Loses Election

I was so anticipating the introduction of a medical marijuana bill in Idaho. However, the state legislator who was going to draft and introduce the bill, Rep. Tom Trail, was defeated on November 4 by only four votes. This should not deter us, however, from continuing to write our representatives both at the state and federal levels to change marijuana laws and stop prohibition. Now that the House and Senate are controlled by Democrats and we have elected a Democrat President, there has never been a better time to encourage our legislators to act.

Please get involved like never before. This is our greatest opportunity to date.

Idaho Legislature is Wrong Source For Change in Law.

Medical marijuana is needed in Idaho, but because of Idaho's Mormon roots, and Republican politics it's never going to happen if we take a passive position in getting the law passed. We need to put together a grass roots organization to establish the fact that there is sufficient public support in the state to enable medical marijuana law to become a ballot initiative. We will have to vote it in ourselves because our legislators aren't ever going to vote it in for us.

Someone, I'm not capable of doing the work, I'm disabled, take several meds a day and my mind wanders, needs to contact people who've done this kind of work before and find out what we have to do to get a state wide measure on the ballot. How many signatures do we need on petitions from how many parts of the state? Do we need an attorney to process paperwork, By what dates do we need to apply for the next ballot initiative, by what date must we submit completed petitions.

If we act like professionals we can get this job done. If we act like a bunch of, well, potheads waiting for the legislature to do it for us, it isn't ever going to happen.


The ONLY reason that Marijuana is illegal is because big corporations bribed Congress in the 1920s and funded demonetization like "Refer Madness" so that they could sell their synthetic products like Nylon etc. without competition from Hemp! They can't patent Hemp a 100% biodegradable product that can be made into everything from food to gasoline to car parts and 50,000 other products! They've made billions or trillions of dollars keeping this absolutely harmless and beneficial plant illegal! The snakes!!! All of their synthetic products are sitting in landfills or littering the landscape when Hemp would have biodegraded long ago and gone back to nature! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND HEMP NOW!!! If there were a rich and powerful Hemp/Marijuana lobby pumping money into the re-election coffers of the politicians it would be legal tomorrow!!! The big booze producers don't want the competition either! Of course it was just fine with them when they were the ones bootlegging during alcohol prohibition wasn't it?! You know, like the Kennedy's did!

Oh yeah!

Oh and I forgot to mention that big Pharma doesn't want the competition either! They pump God only knows how much into corrupt politician's pockets too!!!

ok i think that we should

ok i think that we should just skip the medical stage and just legalize it completely. If someone wants weed they will just abuse the medical system to get it. It isn't that hard to get a medical card in any of the states that have the medical marijuana laws. Just legalize it completely!


its a common law of nessesity and a common law of force

No more harmful chemicals!

I speak from experience when i say that Marijuana is a safer way to treat some illnesses. My family suffers from numerous mental illnesses, such as depression. My mother took us to doctors for treatment as well as herself. After some time she developed a serious addiction to all her pills. The chemicals she was putting into her body were slowly killing her. after about 10 years and several over doses she passed away from her digestive system shutting down. I know that this could have been avoided if she had access to a natural alternative. I started taking medication at 12 years of age. I wish i didnt have to take them, if i miss a day or two my body goes through withdrawls that are quite frightening. Ive smoked marijuana and know it could help me. If Idaho passes the law for medical marijuana i wont have to rely on the same medications that killed my mother last summer. Im willing to stand up and fight for my right to choose what i do and dont put into my body. Marijuana is a gift from god, its a miracle plant.

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