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Conference: Students for Sensible Drug Policy, College Park, Maryland (DC), November 21-23

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It's here. And you won't want to miss it.

This November 21-23, you are invited to join hundreds of students, alumni, and drug policy reform advocates from around the world in creating a society that embraces sensible drug policy. You are invited to bridge political divides, reconnect with lost friends and alumni, and magnify the diversity of the drug policy reform student advocacy network.

You are invited to help "Connect the Dots"...

Students for Sensible Drug Policy's 10th Annual Conference and Alumni Reunion, November 21-23, 2008, The University of Maryland, College Park (just outside of Washington, DC)

It's hard to believe it's been ten years since those pioneers at the Rochester Institute of Technology first called themselves "Students for Sensible Drug Policy," sparking what would become a vibrant international network of students and youth working to put an end to the senseless War on Drugs.

Since then, SSDP has seen explosive growth in chapter numbers world-wide, won decisive legislative victories, and come to be seen as a credible source of information by lawmakers and media across the country. Over the course of ten years, SSDP has graduated thousands of alumni, many of whom forged lasting friendships with one another during the annual conferences.

But "Connecting the Dots" isn't just about celebrating successes... it's about energizing, training, and mobilizing a new generation to give the Drug War establishment a run for its money over the next ten years.

So why wait? Secure your seat at the conference now, and get those plane tickets while they're still inexpensive. Visit to register today!

If you are a student who is committed to drug policy reform but you are unable to afford the trip, there are scholarships available to help pay for travel and lodging. Apply now.

For further information, contact Amber Langston, SSDP Outreach Director: Eastern Region, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, (202) 293-4414 or [email protected].

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oppression. Ron Paul

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