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Marijuana: Idaho Resort Town Passes Three Initiatives -- Again

For the second time in less than a year, voters in the Sun Valley town of Hailey, Idaho, have approved a trio of marijuana reform initiatives. A measure legalizing medical marijuana, another legalizing industrial hemp, and a third directing the city to make marijuana law enforcement its lowest policing priority all passed. A fourth initiative that would have directed the city to tax and regulate marijuana distribution failed.
Selkirk mountains, northern Idaho
Voters passed the same three initiatives in November, but city officials balked at enforcing them. That stance was strengthened by a December opinion from the Idaho Attorney General's office that the local initiatives conflicted with state law.

But Ryan Davidson, chairman of the Idaho Liberty Lobby, the group that organized both efforts, put the initiatives back on the ballot. Another round of ballot box victories would make it "politically less viable" for local officials to oppose the will of the voters, he told the Idaho Mountain News.

Where things will go from here remains to be seen. The Hailey mayor, a city councilor, and the chief of police sued the city earlier this month over the initiatives in search of a judgment the city can use as a guide for dealing with them.

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Why weren't the politicos rounded up for non-compliance!

If city officials choose not to follow constitutional law then they are criminals and should be incarcerated.

Something your local militia or 'Green Panthers' should easily be able to remedy with dea style home invasions.


maybe we need a war on public servants that don't honor the constitution and the will of the people. I think a 25 year minimum prison sentence would be about right, then they could sit in jail with all the non-violent drug users they put there for no good reason.

Public servants...

... at present, have devolved into bureaucrat$ ,who by definition, are mindlessly working ,to protect themselve$ from anything progressive. Re-legalize cannabis and criminalize unlawfull bureaucrats! That go's for the feds too.

The scene in braveheart...

Remember the scene in "Braveheart" where "the law" of the overlords was rejected with armed might? That should have transpired immediately after the State said they were not going to honor the individual rights of the people in this town, nor their 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th,10th, and 14th amendment contracts with the people they govern.

And now for the admission of guilt:

Although these words are big, I'm unfortunately a coward too. Just like all those Idaho gunowners who voted for tolerance and individual rights, and were told by their bastard government: SORRY, FUCK YOU. Although I carry a gun every where I go, I am not brave enough to risk my comfort and security to do what needs to be done, if America is ever to be free again. Why is our nation, founded on bloody battle, so filled with rank cowards? Why am I too afraid to challenge the clearly unconstitutional and immoral government masters we all live under?

Why is anyone?

Perhaps it's because it's taken me half my adult life to learn what the government schools failed to teach me:
That the jury is the 4th branch of government, and supreme legal power in the nation. That every juror has the right to sit on a jury, just as the prosecution has no right to remove anyone for being too intelligent, or "too biased" against unjust laws. That the prosecutorial state is illegal and illegitimate, and need not be obeyed, (as the Supreme Court Case Marbury V. Madison long ago decided).

I could go on.

But the people have shown me that as long as it has taken me to figure these things out, they are not even to the point I was at, 20 years ago. They still believe that voting for a "Democrat"(against democratic elections) is different than voting for a "Republican"(against the Republic)

...They've sent me the message with their idiotic sheeplike conformist votes that Libertarians are not welcome in the once libertarian Nation that existed north of the Mason-Dixon line.

So fuck the "American people", if they don't start voting libertarian, and don't start handing out information to their friends and families. Fuck them, if they don't ever take a moral stand, and refuse to remain friends with tyrants and oppressors among them. Fuck them, if they think it's OK to fill American prisons with innocent people. Fuck them, if they want drug rights, but not gun rights, or vice versa.

...I could go on, about the nation that spits on Frederick Douglass's memory, and honors simpletons like Asa Hutchinson with fame and fortune. I could go on, but why bother? The decision has been made, and the seeds are all sown. ...Now's the time to reap its harvest.

-The Free Juror

Humans will do more to avoid pain... then obtain pleasure!

The braveheart fan above is spot on and I wish to commend him on his observation of our inhuman nature.

Specifically, the human failure to do what is in the best interest of an egilitarian society instead of what's expedient or in their own perceived best interest.

We have exactly what our 2 party only system wants us to have. One that perpetuates the idea that 'he who hurts me least... helps me the most'!


It is perhaps the biggest reason people reject libertarianism in favor of empty promises... wrapped in their preferred brand of pilferism!

The need for 'judicial review' may need to be revisited... along with the power of jury nullification. There was a time when judicial review was part of the law making process. But, FDR threatening to dissolve the US Supreme Court because it was, rightfully, blocking FDR's push to a socialistic welfare state helped end the power of the 3rd branch of gov't.

BottomLine: Those that choose to alienate us from our inalienabel rights need to be alienated from theirs.

The intolerant agents of hate & prohibition, usually fundamentalist christians, that try to kill or incarcerate those that dare to disagree with them should themselves be killed or incarcerated for their massive crimes against society & self-evidence.

Q. What is wrong with our 'judao/christian nation?
A. Well, it's judao and it's christian!

These 2 powerful tribes equate knowledge with blind faith & obedience to ancient mythology as preached by an orthodox purveyor of god... not the individual spiritual journey that jesus and most eastern philosophys advocate!

'It is not the strength of their thruth... but the truth of their strength' that endangers and threatens our society! By blatantly usurping the law & avoiding critical thinking and rational debate in favor of religious opinion and dogma they have sullied our founders and the legal foundation they built & bled for!

I much prefer the buddhist approach to enlightenment, which is more philosophy then religion, and requires the understanding of historical truthes and karma (cause & effect).

Just Say No to God's & Gov'ts...
they are always more problem than solution!

killing prohibitionists is not the way to go

Changing laws back to the way they should always have been is the way to go.

and this:

Q. What is wrong with our 'judao/christian nation?
A. Well, it's judao and it's christian!

Judaism and Christianity, in what they really are, are not the problem. Just because the society we live in has misused jewish and christian ideals and turned them into oppression of the people doesn't mean that Judaism and Christianity are the problem. The only way I agree with this is if what you mean is that there should be a separation of church and state. That i agree with. However, let's not smear the religions themselves. i don't think those relgions would stand for prohibition. (in fact, as you must know, there are some churches that are advocating an end to prohibition.)

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