Students: Intern at DRCNet and Help Stop the Drug War!

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Want to help end the "war on drugs," while earning college credit too? Apply for a DRCNet internship for this fall semester (or spring) and you could come join the team and help us fight the fight!

DRCNet (also known as "Stop the Drug War") has a strong record of providing substantive work experience to our interns -- you won't spend the summer doing filing or running errands, you will play an integral role in one or more of our exciting programs. Options for work you can do with us include coalition outreach as part of the campaign to repeal the drug provision of the Higher Education Act, and to expand that effort to encompass other bad drug laws like the similar provisions in welfare and public housing law; blogosphere/web outreach; media research and outreach; web site work (research, writing, technical); possibly other areas. If you are chosen for an internship, we will strive to match your interests and abilities to whichever area is the best fit for you.

While our internships are unpaid, we will reimburse you for metro fare, and DRCNet is a fun and rewarding place to work. To apply, please send your resume to David Guard at [email protected], and feel free to contact us at (202) 293-8340. We hope to hear from you! Check out our web site at to learn more about our organization.

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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

interns built the pyramids

See the posts David Borden doesn't want you to see! Borden has censored several of the Shaffergate posts but they have been reposted at
The post below will no doubt be censored by a man enamored of the first amendment.

Reflections On The Importance Of Shaffergate
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The implications of Shaffergate are immense in that they shed light on the creation of an entirely new class of drug war commissar, the anti-drug war bureaucrat. The drug war has gone on so long and there is so much money involved that this new class of goon is not above using the same devious tactics of their right wing counterparts–-censorship of ideas critical of their actions and infrastructure–-to maintain their hegemony, in this case the flow of grant money.

The parallels between the two major political parties in the United States, Republican and Democrat, and drug warrior and ant-prohibition dove cannot be overstated. The illusion of a disparity in their behavior can be made i.e. non-profit drug reform groups in D.C. and elsewhere play lawn tennis with right wing zealots, meet them for drinks at the Marriott, hire sorority girls to work *for free* in the office, bringing them coffee, and at the end of the day conservatives get their prison industrial complex, non-profit drug reform groups get their grant money and minorities still get their prison cell. Quite a merry dance indeed—just don’t tell anyone the way things really work. Or you might get censored for it.

What's so wrong with interns?

Sure they work for free.. but what's the problem with that if their parents (or trust fund or what-not) can afford to support them while they do it? Not all companies (especially non-profit citizen action groups) can afford to pay enough employees to get the job done, and the college students need the work experience. It's a trade-off.. the kids get the experience/resume-points and the company gets the help and a new point-of-view. It's damn hard to just walk out of college and go find a good job without anything on your resume up to that point. And it's also hard to get a good paying job while you're a college student with no degree yet.. And here comes the dawn of internships.

Exploiting college students? I don't think so. If you're going to talk about Shaffergate.. If Amanda Shaffer saw internships as nothing but an exploitative scheme by big business she'd probably be working at a McDonalds or maybe a Best Buy or Blockbuster or something--as she doesn't yet have the qualifications to get a paid job working for an organization like DRCNet. She has chosen to spend her summer doing something educational, with her eye on her future, not present income.

Maybe you were exploited as a child? Did your Daddy sell you off to internship-camp? I'm so sorry.

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