Medical Marijuana: GOP Attacks Obama for Suggesting He Would End Raids

With Sen. Barack Obama now the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, the Republican Party is looking for potential weaknesses and thinks it has found one in his relatively progressive stance on medical marijuana. On Wednesday, the Republican National Committee issued a press release saying Obama's position on medical marijuana and the DEA raids on patients and providers "raises serious doubts" about an Obama candidacy.

The attack came after the San Francisco Chronicle published an article Monday detailing Obama's position on medical marijuana, from comments he made in November to a response he more recently provided to the paper's candidate questionnaire. In responding to the Chronicle's medical marijuana question, the Obama campaign said he endorsed a hands-off federal policy:

"Voters and legislators in the states -- from California to Nevada to Maine -- have decided to provide their residents suffering from chronic diseases and serious illnesses like AIDS and cancer with medical marijuana to relieve their pain and suffering," said campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt. "Obama supports the rights of states and local governments to make this choice -- though he believes medical marijuana should be subject to (US Food and Drug Administration) regulation like other drugs," LaBolt said. He added that Obama would end DEA raids on medical marijuana providers.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has also suggested she would end the raids, according to Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana, a New Hampshire-based activist group that specializes in trying to get candidates on the record on medical marijuana. Republican nominee Sen. John McCain has waffled on the issue, according to Granite Staters, which has him saying he would end the raids at one point, but saying he would not end them a few weeks later.

But in was Obama who was in the GOP bull's-eye over medical marijuana this week. "Barack Obama's pledge to stop Executive agencies from implementing laws passed by Congress raises serious doubts about his understanding of what the job of the President of the United States actually is," said RNC communications director Danny Diaz in the press release. "His refusal to enforce the law reveals that Barack Obama doesn't have the experience necessary to do the job of president, or that he fundamentally lacks the judgment to carry out the most basic functions of the executive Branch. What other laws would Barack Obama direct federal agents not to enforce?" Diaz asked.

Obama's refusal to countenance continued DEA raids would mean he would violate his oath of office by not protecting and defending the Constitution, the RNC charged. The Supreme Court has upheld the authority of Congress to regulate the use of marijuana, it noted.

Whether the Republican Party can gain advantage by attacking Obama on the medical marijuana issue remains to be seen. In poll after poll, American voters have said they support access to medical marijuana for sick people. It is currently legal in 12 states and under serious consideration in several more this year.

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Barack Obama and Ron Paul

Barack Obama and Ron Paul should join together. It is sad they are on two different parties.

I support Medical Marijuana and the right to choose as an adult to use it or not.

Go Ron Paul..

David Dunn's picture

GOP defends the Constitution?

Since when has the GOP ever defended the Constitution? They're the ones constantly attacking it claiming "traditional, family or conservative values." Those are all direct attacks on fundamental principles of the Constitution.

Has the GOP never heard of "inalienable rights"? They can read about it in the Declaration of Independence -- penned by cannabis-smoking Thomas Jefferson.

Does the GOP not know that the American Constitution was adopted to protect the people's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The GOP can read hemp-seed smuggler Jefferson's quote below. It's a succinct description of what the Constitution is all about.

Obama's pledge to call off the DEA raids on medical marijuana users is more consistent with the Constitution and American values than anything the GOP has ever said or done.

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.

— Thomas Jefferson

Great post David. Couldn't

Great post David. Couldn't have said it better myself.

US Constitution ALREADY overthrown

Just as President Washington predicted:

``...One method of assault may be to effect, in the forms of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown...''

And the GOP turns a blind-eye as they pretend to be "THE Champions" of States' Rights. More like the "YEAH, RIGHTS!"


These are the cold-blooded killers that voted against mothers on Mother's Day....they should have their public office taken away for inflicting war on the American people with their vicious, unjust policies. Who listens to a bunch of liars anyway? Look what happened to the little boy who cried 'wolf'.

GOP = Grand Old Putzes!

I love Ron Paul the libertarian... but hate the Grand Old Putz party.

They are just another bunch of delusional idiots with stolen powers... from the people!

And democrtats like Biden (founder of the drug czars office) aren't any better!

David above has it right! What do you expect from a 2 party system that is designed to promote it's political agenda while paying lip service to our founding documents which they work so hard to usurp inorder to defend their party platform and agenda.

Both parties have eagerly adopted the opionion that 'promoting the general welfare' means 'proclaiming & mandating through dictates'. They don't seem to care that 'proclaim, mandate and dictate' are not part of the definition of promote... and not even synonomous.

'Proclaiming & mandating through dictates' is, however, the definition of what dictators do... which we are supposed to overthrow of course... and should have done when NIxon was pardoned... dispite his massive blatant crimes against americans.

Promote, if they bothered to care, means to persuade! By non-violent & uncoercive means... certaqinly doesn't sound anything like the america our founders promised... and are supposed to be 'self-evident'.

Self-evidence is routinely ignored by the purveyors of gods & gov'ts too... it's too hard.... as it was meant to be... for citizensto become more equal with self-evidence in the room to keep 'em honest.

Thor... how I hate what the liarticians have turned this country into!

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

Let them talk it up

It is only going to help Obama.

Maybe they could run full page ads in all of the nations newspapers. The people are WAY ahead of the governmnet and the "going down in flames" Republicans on the medical marijuana issue.

GOP Attacks Obama via Medical Marijuana Position

When your drowning you first become desperate, then panic and then death. Our country is drowning in the Fact that the U.S. Federal Government is denying scientific and medical fact regarding cannabis and its medical value. The stigma created against marijuana by the U.S. Federal Gov't is, as we all know, wrong. The claim that Cannabis has no medical value has been disproven. Actually it has been blown out of the water. The claim that Marijuana smoking is addictive has also been disproven. In fact Marijuana is the only known safe medication in controlling chronic nausea from diseases like Diabetic Neuropathic Gastro Paresis. Which is a slow starvation death, I know because I have it. I have lost over 100 Lbs in 1 year due to this disorder. Marinol helps but not as effective nor cheaply or as safe as marijuana. There have been 169 deaths attributed to Marinol and 0 deaths attributed to Marijuana use. To put it simply. "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest, most theraputically active substances known. It would be arbitrary, unreasonable and capricious for the DEA to stand between those sufferer's and the substance." Francis L. Young DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge, 1988. Even back then our own federal employees were reccommending the legalization of marijuana. But the DEA has the power to accept or refuse the report, irregardless of scientific and medical facts.Our Federal Gov't is wallowing in denial. We, as citizens, cannot allow this. Use the power of your VOTE wisely.

It says a lot

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I said from the beginning that Obama should at least be given the chance to walk the walk.Everyone was so quick to jump all over him for backing down on pot.Let's get him elected and then,if he turns out to be a hypocrite,there's always 2012.I think the guy will do right by us.The alternative is less than stellar.



GOP = rotting corpse

The only Republicans I will ever support in the future will be Ron Paul Republicans.
Republicans used to believe in State's Rights and less government. Not any more.
This year I am still undecided about who I will support for President.
I'm still not sure if I want to vote Democratic, Constitution, or Libertarian.

I liked Ike...

... but most of the rest [esp his veep] have taken us WAY down the wrong path. Damn you, Dick, for ignoring your Shafer commision and condemning millions to injustice and suffering.

SCOTUS has been wrong on Constitutional issues many times,

because the justices promoted to SCOTUS are not objective, they are chosen for their tendency to agree with the politics of the president who nominates them, and the Constitution be damned. The Founders knew that it was the nature of government to become corrupt and oppressive, they tried to avoid that with our Constitution but they were not able to prevent the corruption, they didn't put in enough restrictions on the choosing of justices for the SCOTUS or in the language which is supposed to limit the power of the federal government. It is strange that SCOTUS upheld the power of the federal government to regulate the use of drugs, since it required an amendment to the Constitution to criminalize alcohol use (and another to repeal it 13 years later when they relaized the ban caused more harm than good, and long after the ban created organized crime), yet no amendment was passed and ratified to create the current prohibition on certain drugs. We need to elect Libertarians and Ron Paul Republicans and Constitutionalists to congress and our states' legislative bodies, don't allow any more socialists like Obama and Clinton, or RINOs like McCain to get elected ever again. Rise up and say NO to government oppression, to suppression and restrictions and regulation of the unalienable Rights of We the People.

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