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Law Enforcement: Death of Florida Student Forced to Become a Snitch Sparks Protests in Tallahassee
courtesy FSU NORML
The death last week of a Florida State University student who was killed while acting as an informant for the Tallahassee Police Department after being arrested on marijuana and ecstasy charges has sparked intense criticism of the police. On Wednesday, around 100 people gathered at the Old Capitol to call for police accountability in the murder of Rachel Hoffman, 23, who was allegedly shot and killed by two men she was trying to set up for the police.

Tallahassee police have been on the defensive since Hoffman's murder last week. Various law enforcement spokesmen have attempted to blame Hoffman for her death by arguing she didn't follow proper informant procedures.

But the protestors at the capitol weren't buying it. They criticized both Tallahassee police behavior in sending Hoffman out to buy cocaine and a gun, but they also leveled strong criticisms at the informant system in general.

"What we're trying to do is make sure TPD is accountable for their actions," Matthew Zimmerman, vice president of the Florida State University chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, told the Tallahassee Democrat.
courtesy FSU NORML
"I just think it was stupid that this all happened over drugs," said Mckenzie Smith, who said she had known Hoffman since childhood. "I don't think her life was worth busting two dudes."

"TPD had Rachel Hoffman going into a situation she had no place being in, just because she was associated with marijuana," said Rachel Lillibridge.

Zimmerman added, "I don't think two wrongs make a right. To make someone who's been convicted rat out someone else to get their sentence lessened is the right thing to do, I think everyone should be treated according to the law."

Two men have been arrested in Hoffman's death and are expected to be charged with murder shortly. But for many in Tallahassee, the shooters aren't the only guilty parties.

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Good Luck trying to hold any

Good Luck trying to hold any police officers accountable, every state in this country is filled with jackass'es with badges who can do whatever they want without fear of paying the consequences.

This DRUG WAR has claimed a young woman who to our distress will not be the last.

"Off the Pigs"

A quote that was often seen as graffiti on walls during the tumultuous 1960s. I must admit, whenever I learn of police officers being killed while enforcing drugs laws, I chuckle, grin, and celebrate the loss of one of the enemies of the people's "inalienable right" to "pursue happiness". It makes me cringe when I read of all the sympathy and out pouring of respect for slain officers while there's never so much as a peep of outrage from the media when innocent civilians are murdered in raids and instances such as above.

Amerika is a nation with a ``government of the people, BY THE GOVERNMENT, FOR THE GOVERNMENT.'' The myth of the USA being a "free republic" needs to be debunked more vigorously.

Death of Florida Student

It amazes me this young woman 23, with a college diploma --could be sucked in so easily by the police force to ''roll over'' on her connections.
This whole thing was WRONG ,the police .the woman, the gangbangers.
I believe there is more to it than they are saying.

Say Welcome to Our New-Nazi Leaders!

One would think that we as citizens would become accustomed to this misappropriation of our police resources.
If McCain gets elected, it will definitely continue! Republicans have a Strong desire to rule America, and the World,
with their Iron Fists.

'America', in the eyes of the Republican Party, is just another "Bad Neighborhood" that
needs more police to ensure everyone is living within their rigid and demented vision
of Right and Wrong!

You know, the Republican's vision and attitude bears a striking resemblance to that of
Hitler's Nazis! And we all know what they were renown for. Is this just coincidence or a...
return of the "Evil Empire" with a 'new' face???

I have long believed that George W. Bush is secretly a Nazi!

Jack Grabit

To Mr. Jack Grabit

You may correct on some of the things you said but for someone who has such passion you should be worried about the other side of the fence as well. Dont be blinded by what the Right is doing the left is just as guilty. Wake up man, both sides fight about stupid shit while us the people who put them in office let them countinue to pervert our rights and freedoms.

Stop putting blame on one side and vote all these assholes out. None of them have us in mind at any point. I used to be Republican because I believed in what the grand old party stood for years ago but now their just as bad as the Dems in my eyes. Instead of listening to a bunch of code pink cunts actualy seek out the truth.

Ps Vote Libertarian.

Hitler said it & Bush thunks it!

Care to guess which dictator said the following:

“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few”
“What luck for the rulers that men do not think”
"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth”
"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”
"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature"
"I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator"
"Who says I am not under the special protection of God?”
"The day of individual happiness has passed'

And my personal favorite: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”.... the stupid ones anyway!

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

P.S. What we need is a 'Green Panther Party' to protect ourselfs from the cops (criminals on patrol)!


Billy B. Blunt -- the green panthers have existed for awhile.

Don't look for justice

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada This has been going on forever and there's no way the cops are ever going to stop using people.The whole drug game is loaded in their favor and they don't mind letting a person get whacked as it gives them two made murder cases.It's all about the numbers and that's what you are to a cop.A number.They either put you in prison or they use you to put all your friends in prison until someone kills you or they just send you to jail too.People ,especially college kids have no idea who they're dealing with.These guys were probably on strike two and had nothing to lose.How can you expect a college age kid doing a little pot and ex to understand what she's dealing with.Sorry folks,no sympathy for anyone that expects others to do their time for them.It's a cowards way out.That there should be no such consequences for drug crimes is certain but under the system as it stands,you know where you stand,or you should.

Senator Prescott Bush...

Google him and find a true patriot...nazi! The apple don't fall, far from the tree.

A different take

The claim that a person can be "forced" to snitch is ridiculous. It's a choice. It's a negotiated contract to reduce your liability for a crime or reduce your sentence. It's dangerous, but the rewards are substantial - you take a risk in order to get something you really want.

The police do their job in the best way they know how. They enforce the laws. They don't write the laws. They don't vote on the laws. And they don't elect the people who do. We do that. This business of blaming the police for enforcing the law is absurd and makes those who do it look childish.


its out and out murder commited by police .they should have the same thing happen to them or thier children


Every person has the right to make the decision whether to snitch or not when they are offered. However, cops will often use tactics of intimidation, lies, and false promises in order to sway someone into snitching for them. It is true that they don't make the laws, they just enforce them. Unfortunately, a large amount of people that go into law enforcement don't go into it because they think they can make the world a better place or anything (despite what they might tell others and themselves), but many go into law enforcement for the feeling of power. You don't have to do any work, and, if you are lucky, you can indulge your hyper-aggressive ego by beating up on a few people. The whole system is sick with greed. Whether you are talking about the war on drugs or tax laws or education or whatever, it all comes down to a bottom line. Police are trained to lie and cheat and do whatever it takes to get people to incriminate themselves or to do their job for them. It's a disgusting game of chess where if the police are pawns, then the poor saps like that girl from florida are like pawns of pawns. That's a dangerous place to be.

NWA had it absolutely right!

NWA had it absolutely right!

Lawyer up, then SHUT UP

If you are charged with a drug-related offense -- or any offense -- do not talk to the police!!! They are not there to help you. Ask to speak with alawyer and then take the lawyer's advice.

It is a crime that Rachel was duped into joining a police operation. She was duped. Her penalty for marijuana possession would not have been nearly so severe as losing her life over it. She was duped and the ones who duped her will get away with it. Don't let them do it again.

Cops in a town nearby (upstate NY) coerced a young man recently into joining a drug sting op. He had been chargerd with a marijuana violation, and now he is dead. Just like Rachel. Killed by drug dealers because he was conned by the cops into risking his life for no goo dreason.


Apologies for the multiple post

Must have hit the button twice by mistake


Legalize Marijuanna... the war on this drug is stupid. It does little harm and could boost the United States' Economy


I knew this kid who liked picking on smaller kids. He grew op to be a cop. Need I say more?

In Wisconsin a while back a

In Wisconsin a while back a good kid got busted with marijuana. And was coerced into making several controlled buys. Even after this the kid was harassed by a local cop who look it upon himself to remove drugs from the community. This cop made the kid do many controlled buys over a couple years. Other cops even told this cop that "enough is enough" but the cop persisted and eventually the kid jumped off a cliff to commit suicide. I know of atleast one good cop who quit the force becuase of this. Just goes to show what an immoral beurocracy can do to society. They even manage to "weed" out the good cops.

Unfortunatly most Americans are now afraid of the government and are afraid to oppose unjust laws. I know alot of people who won't join organizations like NORML becuase they are afraid that it may come to haunt them later or give the government a reason to harass them.

end the drug war and start a war on american stupidity

his drug war cost American tax payer billions of dollar a year just to bust a few potheads the government will never legalize pot for 3 reasons
1. very hard to tax
my opinion does the government have to tax every thing they cant tax it now because it illegal but if they set up regulated shops with a small tax and could undercut all street dealers who would buy drugs off the street but there losing out on income i know some you are thinking you can grow it so let us grow but shops should sell seeds and growing supplies also i believe there would by less violent crime because drugs don't have drugs to sell on the street and it also giving employment opportunities for people who have a green thumb to grow potent stains of pot it can be taxed i think marijuana has a Higher power than the government because it was here first and here long after the government is gone. so legalize it NOW!!!
2. makes to much catching so called criminals
people have a god given right to put they want in there body if there are adults the government needs to quit telling people what they can and can not to in the united states are constitution was created for that reason limited government power over the people if the government doesn't change it's up to the people to change it 1st amendment freedom to petition congress butt congress has it head shoved up each others [email protected]# that they wont the government has become a corporate business and only cares about money and after petitioning congress doesn't work we as American have the right to revolt 2nd amendment
3. pain and simple they have to admit they where wrong
the government wont swallow there pride and do whats right and say were wrong and the people were right

Some how their Never wrong !!!!

And when they are will almost never admit it , Even when the dna eveidence is overwhelming they keep the wrong people in prison and act like Idiots, all drugs should be legal , They were for many many years before this drug war and will be again . We must start getting people to think of all the harm done from this war. It is far worse than anything the drugs could do! The moneys generated by the prisons isn`t something I want to do with my tax money. The people running them are shurly going to be a powerful lobby . It`s made gangs rich and vicous , police corrupt, politican`s , Well what can be said for them . We need better one`s.
Keep up the good work Dave

Take the cops to trial too,

Take the cops to trial too, how can they think that this lady would be able to act as a police informant. Are they nuts? They obviously placed her in harms way. If in the process of a crime being committed and someone dies, the persons that was close by in the process like the cops that coherse and intimidated her into doing this job should be charge with the murder too.

police should not use children

unless they are willing to use thier own children as fodder for this drug war meat grinder .if that was my girl those cops would loose a child each

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