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Salvia Watch: Magic Mint Now Illegal in Kansas, But Alabama Bill Dies

Efforts in state legislatures to ban or otherwise restrict the sale and possession of salvia divinorum, a fast-acting, short-lived psychedelic member of the mint family, continue apace. So far, ten states -- Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Delaware, Maine, North Dakota, Illinois, Virginia, and Kansas -- have passed laws criminalizing or restricting the sale and possession of salvia. More than a dozen other state legislatures are considering criminalizing the drug.
salvia leaves (courtesy
One state where that won't be happening this year is Alabama, where bills sponsored by Sens. Hank Erwin (R-Montevallo) and Roger Bedford (D-Russellville) that would have scheduled salvia like marijuana failed to move in the legislature. They died Tuesday night, the last day for bills to be passed in the chamber where they were introduced.

This marks the second year Alabama solons failed to act on a salvia measure. But Erwin and Bedford are undeterred and say they will be back again next year. They cited concerns for young people in seeking to criminalize the substance.

That was enough for the Kansas legislature and Gov. Kathleen Sibelius (D), who late last month signed into law a bill criminalizing salvia possession and sale in the Jayhawk State. That law went into effect last week.

The DEA, which is in charge of scheduling drugs at the federal level, has been reviewing salvia's status for several years, but has yet to determine that it qualifies as a dangerous drug needing scheduling under the federal Controlled Substances Act. But clearly, that isn't stopping legislators from going off half-cocked. A simple-minded and sensationalist press has been part of the problem, too, as Slate's Jack Shafer noted in Salvia Divinorum Hysteria, which is well worth the read.

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Salvia Criminalization

See ms like if the point was really to protect teens and such they be against alcohol completely too or restrict the sale of this to adults only like alcohol and educate the populus on the real effects of it. As far as studies show now it's really no worse than alcohol. Either of them you need a babysitter if you're heavily under their effects. America and most of the world though is primarly an alcohol and getting to be a pill based culture.

legaliz weed

alcohol kills more peaple than marijuana does. last i herd there has never been a recorded death from marijuana, if herd other wise please post it. and there is more teens that die every from alcohol, than any drug. so if you say your "protecting" teens think again hipacrit.


Does the weed make you not able to spell  words such as herd (heard), Hipacrit (hypocrite), peaple (people), I agree that Weed should be legal, but your not making our case very well. You, my friend, are an idiot :)

Aspirin kills more people

Aspirin kills more people that pot does. Prohibition is bullshit! Politicians and uneducated, jesus freaks.

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