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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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Our corrupt cops are all southern-fried this week. An Atlanta narc cops a plea in fallout from the Kathryn Johnston case, a Mississippi cop heads for prison, a pair of Florida jail guards will be looking out from the other side of the bars, and a Florida sheriff has some problems in his department. Let's get to it:

In Atlanta, an Atlanta police narcotics sergeant pleaded guilty Monday to a federal civil rights charge for searching a residence without a warrant and trying to make it look like a break-in. Sgt. Wilbert Stallings, 44, a 23-year veteran of the force, faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for an October 2005 raid where his unit had a search warrant for marijuana for one apartment, but failed to find any inside. The team then broke into an adjoining apartment, but failed to find anyone or anything, and Stallings told the team to leave the apartment and shut the door so it appeared there had been a break-in. Stallings' demise is part of the fallout from the shooting of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in 2006 by Atlanta narcs. One of the narcs involved in that killing, Greg Junnier, was part of Stallings' team and had obtained the apartment search warrant. Prosecutors said the break-in was part of a pattern of misconduct by Stallings and his team.

In Natchez, Mississippi, a former Vicksburg police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in federal prison for taking bribes to protect what he thought were drug shipments. Kevin Williams, 37, was convicted of extortion last October in federal court. Prosecutors said Williams took bribes totaling $3,000 from undercover officers between November 2002 and May 2003, when he was serving as a sergeant in the city's narcotics division. He was indicted in March 2007 and arrested in Hawaii, where he was serving as an Army military police officer.

In Bartow, Florida, two Polk County Sheriff's Office detention deputies were arrested March 20 for smuggling marijuana into the Polk County Jail. Detention deputies Michael Redmond, 23, and Jarrett Brice, 34, are accused of accepting marijuana from the girlfriend of an inmate and delivering it to him. The girlfriend was also arrested. Cell phone text messages between the girlfriend and the inmate showed that six deliveries were made. Brice is also accused of altering inmate visitation records to cover up visits between the prisoner and the girlfriend and of warning Street that an investigation was underway. Both detention deputies have resigned, Street is in jail awaiting trial, and Brice is out on bail.

In New Port Richey, Florida, the arrests of two Pasco County sheriff's deputies on drug charges is leading the sheriff to evaluate hiring and drug-testing policies. Both deputies have been fired. Former Cpl. Donald Riggins is accused of conspiring to possess and distribute hydrocodone after using his patrol car to help steal $25,000 in drug money earlier this month. Former detention Cpl. Rodney Philon is accused of dealing anabolic steroids after getting caught selling 10 Dianabol tablets to an undercover informant. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office does not currently drug test its employees except when there is "reasonable suspicion," but may now consider random tests, the sheriff said.

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Police Searches

Police have illegally been searching homes here in Ludington, Michigan under the guise that a 'strange smell' has been reported. This practice has been on going for atleast 2 years now that I know of. Most of the time nothing is found. The citizens here are too afraid to stand up to them. And, as evidenced by me, even if a person says no, they storm-troop anyhow, without a warrent to search.
Meanwhile, as they bust people here for marijuana, on the courthouse sidewalk remain engraved marijuana leaves.

question to webmaster

Could you tell us that cities have approved Cops random drug testing ?

Sure Roid test cost $100 per capita...
But what is the cost of litigations, steelements and law suit after excessive lethal force from crazed cops on steroids? com/group/E_SUCKS/
END Steroid Use by Cops

Pasco County Sheriff Corruptions; My Story

When you have an out of control elected Sheriff, abusing, misusing his authority, power and whereas he has used his Department to set up in ways that the accused; a non-elected law enforcement officer,; his Under Sheriff has the power and permitted to determine the outcome of Criminal Complaints; internal affairs investigations involving, regrading himself and additionally permitted to threaten, intimidate the person filing the Complaint within emails there exists very serious doubts about his motives, integrity and when he additionally refuses to abide by his own policies, procedures with regards to investigations of filed sworn to Criminal Complaints filed by citizens; witnesses, you have a cover up.
The following are emails sent to Senator Mike Fasano, Sheriff Bob White by me, with regards to my sworn Affidavits; Complaints:

From: Peter Salomon
To: senator fasano

Sent: Wed, July 21, 2010 10:36:18 AM
Subject: Sheriff White:

Senator Fasano:

For over 36 months I have repeatedly asked you for your assistance and for that same period of time all I got from you is indifference.

As I have stated numerous times, despite your relations with the Pasco Sheriff you have a mandated duty to your constituents and when one comes to you within and regarding matters of great public concern; instead of blowing him or her off, because of your relationships with the subject individuals committing the alleged wrongs; unlawful and or criminal acts you need to do what is right, expected from you and that is to look into the matters, obtain information and as you promised me sit down with the citizen making these very serious allegations and try to make an informed, non biased determination as to what else needs to be done.

I am coming to you again and I hope this time, instead of enabling, empowering and encouraging the subjects to continue as a result of your indifference, within, including what I assert, maintain, defend to be crimes involving and against the residents of Pasco County, citizens of this State its taxing authorities and within rent to own, money laundering, real estate, mortgage, financial, tax, judicial frauds, scams and what I further maintain a cover up, obstructions of criminal investigations by the Pasco Sheriff.

The following St Pete Times article, comments by readers within additionally provides, supports a well grounded fear that you do not care and that I will be additionally met with and subjected to even more acts of wrongful, unlawful, illegal, under color of law retaliations as a result of my emails to you:

Peter J. Salomon


From: Peter Salomon
To: Pasco Sheriff Bob White

Sent: Thu, July 22, 2010 11:05:40 AM
Subject: I am asking you again to reconsider............................

Sheriff White:

I am asking you again to reconsider, contrary to the voice mail received, having me deliver the names, telephone numbers of additional, specific alleged victims, as well witnesses to a detective(s), and within taped audio/video interviews, questioning, interrogations regarding same, included within my sworn Affidavits; Complaints, Confessions, including with the directly, materially related internal affairs Complaint, that I have filed against the Under Sheriff.

In light of my serious criminal allegations and which also includes alleged cover ups and obstructions of criminal investigations by you, your Department just providing you 6 names and telephone numbers of victims and so that you, as I strongly allege, maintain, under your directive can find a way, in the further absence of recorded statements, questioning, interrogations, with regards to alleged facts, information, witnesses that go along with them; those names.

Clearly, by asking me for the names and phone numbers, including within a voice mail of the alleged victims you evidence that you know that there was never an investigation, and contrary to what originally was told to me by you ( via Ms. Phayer) your Under Sheriff, and detective Raybuck.

You, nor anyone else can truly investigate anything or determine any facts, or probable causes without first having a complete picture as to how what relates to what, or whom and how and the only way to do that is to me down with a detective(s) and within recorded interviews, etc. ask me questions as to how these alleged individuals were victimized, by whom, when, where and how, additionally obtain information, statements and other alleged facts regarding witnesses to these alleged criminal events, acts, as well obtaining specific documents, things, evidence in support.

And again; in light of the fact that I have filed sworn, under penalty of perjury Complaints, including against a non elected, law enforcement officer; the Under Sheriff, and who has evidenced the ultimate power to decide the outcome of his own Complaints against him, unlike what is afforded other members of your force regarding internal affairs investigations, and who has tried to intimidate me, threaten me with filing a false criminal Complaint against a law enforcement officer ( and which is a crime to do so ) I believe, and I would think that you would be anxious to clear any suspicions, discredit me, dismiss my Complaints, and find a way to incarcerate me, and this time for what would be the right, lawful, legal, justifiable reasons.

Just telling me that you refuse to do something just because you can; just demonstrates arrogance and not a properly justifiable, rational, nor lawful, legal reason for not doing it, additionally; if one has nothing to neither hide nor conceal one has nothing to fear by sitting down with a detective within recorded interviews be questioned and interrogated.

The only things I have had a well grounded, and justifiable fear of is for my life and safety and other things; exactly what has been done to me, attempted to be done to me, against me, whether openly and brazenly, or under color of law and in retaliation, for almost 46 months by you, under your directive, as well as by the subjects named within my Affidavits for exposing the alleged crimes, conspiracies to commit them, as per my subject Affidavits.

Peter J. Salomon


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