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Feedback: Do You Read Drug War Chronicle?

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When I try to access my blog

When I try to access my blog thru you guys it tells me im not authorized... can you help me? Keep fighting the good fight... thanks

drug war chronicle

I just took your information to the UNHCR on Costa; I wouldn't have known it otherwise. What did I say?
Costa is one who is insane and like others wants to kill druggies with policy. Remember marijuana is not physically addicting.
What Costa represents is the crap pseudoscience that I have always seen from the partnership for a drug free america funded by alcohol tobacco and pharmaceutical companies; the multinational corporate priorities that are driven by their desire to protect and expand their markets even if their products are poison and too expensive for poor people to use. Republicans make marijuana a higher enforcement priority than truly killer drugs for the same reason. This is why it is that IRS enforcement priorities go for poor people and political targets like myself while big business gets away with the bux. Big Business only pays taxes under democrats. Two fun facts:
1) December 2002 Vietnam magazine showed how it was that marijuana prohibition drove people onto truly killer addictive drugs and distilled alcohol in a stressful, chaotic combat/refugee situation.
2) consolidates all the clinical medical marijuana information into an A-Z medical/psychological index for all to read. Feds illegally shut down medical cannabis clinics for all the wrong reasons; it works and it's cheap relative to prescription drugs. You can't kill people with it either.
Lyle Courtsal
18405 Aurora Ave.N.#H-6
Seattle, WA 98133 USA
PS Sheriff Arpeio ran open air concentration camp maricopa county arizona;said cheaper to feed inmates than his german sheperds. See who's really murderously crazy? Isn't that Mccains state?
PPS Employers used to have employee assistance programs in drug war; eliminated within one year of wars' start under nazi reagan. Now we have everything but the right thing once again. If you research teh american eugenics movement, you find out that the society found it surprisingly easy to kill off those considered and labelled "defectves". War against the Weak, by Edwin Black and Preaching Eugenics. Edwin Black also wrote IBM and the Holocaust. The drug war is a human holocaust. Also january 2007 Z magazine exposes six nation CIA murder network and the sociological methods used to set it up. coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


Hill and Bill found right in the middle of a huge cocaine running network that funded aforementioned murder network. March 19, 2001 newsweek exposes global child trafficking ring. Cheney caught with 2 year olds in 1989 Book; The Franklin Coverup by John DeCamp ( $35). June 19th 2007 new york times exposes a whole bunch of his child torturing friends on global broadband internet. search jersey-Haut de la Garenne on torture mansion as a possible part of long term chidl torture/kill ring.

Hill and Bill

Madison Guaranty savings and loan ripped off for $60 million in crack money brought in through mena airport, mena arkansas. Vincent Foster was Hillary's law partner; that explains why it is that he was murdered off so well and so cleanly in 1996. He was going to blow whistle on Hill; see, I told you she was a republican. Democratic Leadership Council source of split in democratic party; started in 1980's for the express purpose of doing so. Blood money and slave money.

Dr. Stephen Schneider

I would like to see you print more about what the federal government is doing to our Doctor's that take care of Chronic Pain Patients. Dr. Stephen Schneider D.O. is still sitting in jail along with his wife and still have not been given a bond for prescribing pain medications to his patients. People need to know that this is going on Nation wide and it could be their Dr. next.
Dr. Schneider and his wife Linda have been incarcerated since Dec.21, 2007, with no bail.
The government has gone in and copied charts without any patients knowledge, and are still harrassing patients to this day.
Please please write more about this so that people know what could happen to their Dr. that is treating them for Chronic Pain.

Thank You
Deb Sowards

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