Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Trouble in the Hoosier State this week, with some Indy cops busted for ripping off pot dealers and selling their wares and a Muncie drug task force being investigated over its asset forfeiture practices. Also, a Wyoming jailer steals his cop father's drug dog pot stash, and a Massachusetts cop cops a plea. Let's get to it:

In Indianapolis, three Indianapolis Metropolitan police officers were arrested Tuesday for allegedly participating in a marijuana trafficking ring. Officers James Davis, 33, Jason Edwards, 37, and Robert Long, 34, were arrested by FBI agents after a federal indictment charging them with conspiracy to possess marijuana with the intent to distribute was unsealed Tuesday morning. Long, a narcotics detective, was described as the leader of the conspiracy and is accused of illegally seizing the drug and informing a fourth defendant he was under investigation. Edwards is accused of illegally seizing marijuana and money, and the indictment says Davis illegally entered apartments to steal marijuana and money.

In Gillette, Wyoming, a former Gillette police officer and Campbell County jailer was arrested last Friday for stealing marijuana and giving it to a woman currently in prison on drug charges. Thomas Brent Clark, 23, stole the marijuana from a vehicle belonging to his father, a canine officer for the Uinta County Sheriff's Department. His father kept the marijuana in the car for training purposes. Clark was a Gillette police officer from January to March, when he was terminated. The marijuana theft occurred in February. Clark gave several ounces of marijuana to the woman, whom he met while working as a jailer at the county jail. He now faces charges of delivery of marijuana and conspiracy to deliver marijuana. He is out on bond and awaits an arraignment date.

In Boston, a former Swampscott police officer pleaded guilty June 12 to federal charges he sold oxycodone and cocaine. Thomas Wrenn, 38, was arrested in March after buying 50 pills from a police informant, but his colleagues had been watching him since they were tipped off to his drug use last year. Federal prosecutors alleged he had distributed illegal pain relievers on about 20 occasions in the past five years, and distributed cocaine on at least three occasions in 2006. Wrenn resigned from the force after his arrest.

In Muncie, Indiana, the Muncie-Delaware County Drug Task Force came under scrutiny at a circuit court hearing last Friday. Delaware Circuit Court 2 Judge Richard Dailey conducted the hearing into the status of more than 50 asset forfeiture cases filed by the task force, and the court heard testimony that seized cash and goods were routinely funneled into task force bank accounts in violation of state law. Judge Dailey fended off repeated efforts by Delaware County Prosecutor Mark McKinney to thwart the probe. McKinney unsuccessfully argued that Dailey had no right to review confidential agreements that also included the names of cooperating witnesses or other information key to criminal investigations. McKinney is the target of professional misconduct complaint filed by Muncie Mayor Sharon McShurley charging he misled local courts about the cases, some of which have been pending for years.

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Black markets fuel corruption

Any time you create a black market by passing laws against peaceful commerce (whether drugs, guns, migration, prostitution, etc.), it invites further criminality and corruption. These reports of corrupt cops are of course only the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

For a terrific video introduction to the philosophy of liberty, see

Fascism and the drug war

I know I don't have to tell you here that the drug war is perpetuated by the military industrial complex. How are the two seemingly unrelated issues connected? It's as plain as the nose on your face if you choose to look with open eyes. The uniforms, the guns, the badges, the surveilance equipment, the helicopters, the sting operations, the petential for extortion and therefore control is all a part of it. Billions of dollars of sales. Political control by charachter assasination creates an atmosphere of intimidation and submission. The pharmaceutical industry seeks to protect their monopoly on the curetive powers of cannabis. They can't patent the natural plant so they create derivitives that can be patented. The drug war is big business and is the very essence of fascism. The destructive partnership between industry and the state to control the masses. The prison industry "and that's what it is an industry" is becomming more and more privatized to the eternal detriment of our society. Like all corporate entitites the seek too maximise profit by taking in the prisoners that can give them the least amount of cost for dollar invested. Who better to fill the bill than non violent pot heads behind the walls. They are compliant and don't make trouble. Why not support the continuation of this crop of prisoners through lobying efforts to keep the steady stream of non violent prisoners comming. They get the same amount from the government for the pot head that they do for the psychopathic trouble maker. If you made your money from housing prisoners which would you rather deal with. $$$$$$$$


`We in America, need to reassess our legal, social, & FINANCIAL priorities....we're really committing mass suicide...

Grove, OK and Delaware County

Somebody needs to look into the illegal practices of the Delaware County Court system and the police for the City of Grove in Oklahoma. They have been doing the same things I read on this site for years. They plant drugs in cars with out of state tags. They just busted a dealer who was selling illegal prescription drugs online and he was sentenced to 4 years probation. Of course he's the largest contributor to the DA's bid for reelection. Then they turn around and raid the apartment of an 18 year old kid and he gets sentenced for 3 years in jail for a pipe and an eighth of weed. Go to and you can see all the BS lies right on the front page. Our chief of police was caught stealing guns and got a DUI while on duty, all charges were dropped, and now he's the assistant DA. The place has to be one of the most crooked places in the US. We have no African American out of 20,000 people because they were all thrown in jail.

North Portland Oregon Multnomah COUNTY

Known Corrupted Cops
Officer Bacigalupi #30878
Officer Sery #36878
All officers that worked or collaborated with Bacigalupi #30878.
Officer John Hughes #45063
However, I would bet there are so many more.


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