Australia: Grow Lights Now Illegal in South Australia

The state government of South Australia has made the possession of lights, reflectors, and associated equipment that can be used for growing marijuana a criminal offense punishable by up to two years in prison. Also included in the list of proscribed horticultural items are carbon filters, evaporators, heating tools, stirrers, funnels, and flasks. Under the new statute, people caught in possession of such items will have to prove they have a legitimate reason for having them or face criminal penalties.
grow-op with lights (from, via Wikimedia)
The move is the latest effort by the state government to crack down on marijuana cultivation there. It also reflects the peculiar Australian obsession with "hydroponic" marijuana, which in the land Down Under is widely considered to be somehow different and more dangerous than marijuana grown by other means.

"These are the tools of the lucrative but deadly drug trade," said state Attorney General Michael Atkinson in remarks reported by Adelaide Now. "They're used in sophisticated set-ups and two-bit backyard operations alike.
This government will prosecute anyone who has these illegal drug-making devices -- unless they can give a good explanation."

Atkinson scoffed at the notion anyone would be using such equipment for anything other than growing pot. "With the amount of hydroponic equipment being sold, you would think South Australia was the hydroponic tomato capital of Australia," he said. "Alas, we do not produce as many hydroponic tomatoes as hydroponic cannabis."

Atkinson said banning such equipment was the best way to attack the drug trade, which he characterized as dominated by biker gangs. "It's no secret that those who have these items aren't planning to bake biscuits for the Girl Guides," he said. The move will "make a big dent" against pot growing, he promised.

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What the fuck

What a fucking idiot!!

Why do people feel the need to control other people??

I don't get it????

What is a little pot harming anybody???

Best of Luck With That Plan!

It's amazing how much effort allegedly rational people will devote to a lost cause. Now watch while the cannabis dealers find yet another way around the problem.

I mean come on. I grew my first closet cannabis crop 30 years ago when all we had to work with was some fluorescent shop lights and some incandescent spots. Wasn't the most energy efficient set-up but it worked fine.

If the governments would just let people be, the plants could be grown right next to the tomatoes in the family garden. Biker gang dealer problem solved.

The dope problem will remain. Unfortunately we have way too many dopes, as Mr. Atkinson demonstrates.

Unless They Give a Good Explanation…

Will hydroponics growers in South Australia be required to prove they’re not Jewish as well?


What has being Jewish got to do with it or are you one of these morons who 'thinks' the world is controlled by the Jews? What a nob.

re: weiro

i think it was actually a reference to SA policy makers being nazi-esque.


Exactly who died from this hydro weed? Do you have statistics on this ? Can you publish them?

From what i understand its pretty much impossible to die from marijuana , so can you stop claiming that its more deadly now.
If you arrest poeple for having stirrers, poeple will use spoons to stir with.
What do the illegal funnels look like?
How is a illegal heater different than the ones you use in a aquarium?
Whos idea was this ? Who do we hold responsible for this kind of stupidity ? Someone should be fired!

who's responsable? MIKE

who's responsable? MIKE RANN! (the slow talker u always see whinging about some crap he couldnt care less about)

Basic economics

Since the people won't be able to buy growing equipment without getting flagged as criminals, it will create a whole new industry in black market growing equipment. Considering the profits to be made, growers will just absorb the hit and keep on growing.

Another Kind of Reefer

I use HID lights, reflectors, and carbon filters in my reef aquarium. I guess I would be considered guilty until proven innocent.

Proof that Cannabis causes insanity "authorities" who have never tried it. Black market lighting products, indeed. What idiocy.

switch to hard drugs

now they'll make meth labs (no lights) or grow poppy (heroin) outside
or smuggle /import Mexican meth, heroin crack

strictly playing to the polls . "see i'm tough on hydro" AG Atkinson, I'm your man elect me, elect me , elect me.............

get pot legal and toss the liars out...........
go to court and prove hydro same as dirt.......

get lights here

yay buying lights out of car trunks in parking lots

i can see the news now "pair apprehended dealing light bulbs and timers"
video at 6PM


With all the hoopala you'd think that Cannabis was the 'assassin of youth' or something.

What a terrible lie we've been dealt reguarding the value of Cannabis to mankind.


Funnyly enough the english word 'Assasin' is derived from the Arabic word "Hashishin'. In America the politicians used this to somehow prove that Marijuana has to do with violent behavior.

If ANYTHING Marijuana with prevent you from doing something violent.

A colonial delay

How typical of Australia. Here's a case of being more catholic than the Pope; the problem is they're fifty years behind in their social development. Both Australia and New Zealand are attacking cannabis with 1950's zeal, while drinking themselves into a stupor. Idiot colonials showing that if Britain and America can war on cannabis, then by gum, they can go it one better. Yea, where women glow and men thunder, my ass ...



Trust in God not a plant

People need to start turning back to the Bible to sort out their problems instead of puffing away with narcotics that damage brain cells (might explain why society has become so dumb).

People need to start repenting of their Sin, as 'all have fallen short of the Glory of God' and turn to His Son Yeshua (Jesus) to save the wicked from death.

Atheism, the way to go.

Yes, the bible will solve all our problems. In the bible it says that disobeidient children should be stoned (hahaha, but it means the getting rocks thrown at you untill you die.)

The bible is not divine, it is a set of old rules and traditions designed by humans to protect society.

We should overhaul the world and break the shackels of the past by acually learning from it. We should embrace current technology to give real facts with EVIDENCE.

Though religion in itself is not a bad thing, it was a way to construct and protect society. When there are no individuals that oppose society, we will have heaven on earth.

Looks like more outdoor pot in SA

I'm not in SA but fuck me this is retarded. All it means is most people will grow outdoors this year, Australia is fucking stupid I cannot stand our cannabis laws. It's not like most Aussies who don't grow know a thing about pot either Hydro aint better and if its flushed it's harmless even if its not flushed its harmless its just a bad high. Organic outdoor cannabis is the best smoke you can ever have.

weed production outta control in aus

pubs, clubs, bar and hotel owners are drug dealers, every shop selling tobacco is a drug dealer. Alcohol and tobacco are both drugs, so why havn;t they been shut down?? I can goto the pub and spend $100 in one night and right my self off and end up in some serious shit, or worse - dead from gettin behind the wheel. If i go out and spend $100 on weed, it will last me three weeks and im not going to get fucked up like i would on alcohol, and weed is not going to get me killed when i get behind the wheel.

I say let the law makers keep cracking down on weed cause all it does is drive the price of weed up and thats good news for growers!!!

would be funny if it wasnt such a waste of time.

As a south australian police officer, some of you may be surprised to find that I am also against the pre-historic pot laws in south australia, there are much better things that I would rather do on a shift than take a tinfull of bushweed off of mr.john citizen and pour it on the ground.It pains me to see drunk driveing socially acceptable but having a cone at home is wrong? you should feel bad? how many people did you wrecklessly harm with a motor vehicle/pedestrian lawnmower? Please! do drugs at home to avoid problems(THAT INCLUDES ALCOHOL, yes against popular belief it is a drug) responsibly (eg. NO children present), and if u have a misadventure blame urself!, BUT you have a right to that misadventure if you so choose. WHAT happened to freedom of choice? arn't you entitled to put whatever you want into YOUR body (and ultimately alter YOUR perseption). In the meantime I prefer to use my energy against real perpetrators such as child sex offenders(where is the government when the church is openly aiding paedophile priests:( avoid justice? ) violent criminals and drunk drivers.Have fun guys! however u so choose to :)

Christianity/Catholism? Deadly trade? ...What?

The illegality issues assosciated with marijuana are doing nothing but causing suffering and descrimination. Some religions have some basis on the idea that cannabis can bring one closer to god. Don't talk about how you need to repent to the god all mighty and Jesus. The bible speaks of Jesus' and Moses' use of marijuana. It is one of the leading ingredients in the holy anointing oil for Pete's sake.

And the "deadly drug trade"? Are you kidding me? This has been deeply laced with propaganda. Half-truths and intentional vagueness. The TRADE is deadly. This herb has never been responsible for a death, ever.

Bikey Gangs? Nice way to stereotype your scapegoat.

It sickens me that we are THAT far behind that we are still lying to ourselves thinking that the easiest ways to get out of organized crime is to make marijuana MORE illegal. The more illegal it is the more money we pump into keeping it illegal, and the more profit we give to such groups.

It is absolutely harmless. I am disappointed and angry with my nation for being such a moronic, prejudiced tool. The least we could do is give a good reason for keeping it illegal.

Legalization and regulation is the only hope for stopping such groups and clearing the air of ignorance, prejudice and misconceptions.
Or you know... make potatoes, water, apples, cigarettes, panadol, alcohol, beef, lamb, chicken, egg, milk, bacon, pork, McDonalds, peanuts, pasta, bread, cake, flower, barley, sugar, candy, vanilla essence, food coloring, paint, caffiene products (tea, coffee, coca-cola), etc
Illegal as well, considering all are responsible for a number of deaths each year, where marijuana is NOT.

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