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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A North Texas officer snitches for the Zetas, a Louisiana cop gets a package of pot from Mexico, a New Jersey Transit cop gets popped with pounds of pot, a Mississippi cop gets nailed for stealing from the dope fund, and an Ohio narc goes to prison for stealing coke. Let's get to it:

In Dallas, a former Collin County deputy constable was arrested July 8 for allegedly passing law enforcement information on to his cousin, who state and federal officials say is a "cell leader" for the Zetas, the hit men for the Mexican Gulf Cartel. Deputy Constable Robert Benavides is charged with six counts of abuse of official capacity for checking on whether any arrest warrants were pending for his cousin and for running the registration on vehicles his cousin suspected were police surveillance vehicles. In return, Benavides received "several grams" of cocaine, he allegedly told authorities. Benavides went down after a DEA agent surveilling his cousin recorded conversations on the cousin's cell phone, including one to him. Benavides has worked for several Texas law enforcement agencies, most recently at the Richland College Police Department, where he is now on paid administrative leave.

In Marksville, Louisiana, a Marksville police officer was arrested July 9 after taking delivery of a drug-laden package from Mexico. Officer Victor Greenhouse, 40, is charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute after he was busted with seven pounds of pot when Louisiana State Police and Avoyelles Parish sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at his home. Local authorities said they had been tipped off to the package by police in Houston. Greenhouse is now on administrative leave and was residing at the Avoyelles Parish Jail at latest report.

In Newark, New Jersey, a New Jersey Transit police officer was arrested July 10 after police found four pounds of marijuana in the back seat of his car. Sgt. Barrington Williams, 46, was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by the Transit Police and the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. He is charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, illegal possession of a handgun (because he had his service revolver with him during the incident) and official misconduct. He is out on $5,000 cash bail, but is suspended without pay from his $87,000-a-year job.

In Natchez, Mississippi, a former Natchez police officer turned himself in July 10 to face charges he ripped off the Metro Narcotics unit where he worked. Former officer Eric Kaho, 30, was indicted by an Adams County grand jury for allegedly embezzling more than $500 from a fund that included seized drug money and Metro Narcotics "drug buy" money. Kaho went on sick leave last year, but accidentally shot himself in the chest shortly before he was scheduled to return to work.

In Lisbon, Ohio, a former Colombiana County narc was sentenced July 9 to a year in prison for stealing cocaine under his control. Former undercover narcotics officer Thomas Smith, 50, pleaded guilty to one count of theft in office after cocaine in a storage unit came up missing. Smith had recently retired from the sheriff's office, where he made numerous undercover drug buys over the years.

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Who's shoocked??

Typical of Louisiana cops!!I know,i see a lot of highway miles in my line of work.......nuff said!!

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