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Help Needed: Drug War Chronicle Seeking Cases of Informant Abuse

Many of our readers know about the tragic case of Rachel Hoffman, a 23-year-old in Tallahassee, Florida, who was killed by drug dealers after police coerced her into acting as an informant without having access to an attorney. Drug War Chronicle is currently looking for cases, reported or unreported, in which police appear to have committed misconduct or made serious misjudgments in their treatment of informants.

If you can help us find such cases, please email David Borden at [email protected]. We will keep your name and personal information confidential unless you tell us otherwise. If you are uncomfortable sending this information by email, feel free to contact us by phone instead; our office number is (202) 293-8340, and you can speak or leave a message with David Borden or David Guard. Thank you in advance for your help.

Further information on the informant issue, including the Rachel Hoffman case, can be found in our category archive here.

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A Dead 16 Year old Informant.

Paul "Paulie" Guajardo dead at 16. Police Informant. Floresville, TX 78114 Wilson County TX 78114.

February 2005 . Paul Guajardo, beginning at age 14 yrs old, was utilized as a confidential informant, by then Floresville TX, City Police Officer Cpl. Brenda Ullevig. Officer Ullevig testified to this fact during the Murder Trail of the accused " Drug Dealer". She stated that "Paulie Guajardo" just wanted to better his life and in utilizing him as an informant, she kept no records, as 14 yr. old Paul Guajardo was a "Non-Traditional" Informant. (Hence No records Kept) No charges were every levied against Cpl. Brenda Ullevig.

The 17 yr. old "Drug Dealer", a locally know, pain in Cpl. Ullevigs ass, received 28 yrs for his alleged offense. Check the record yourself, its fact. Wilson County Courthouse. Murder trial of Anthony Ramirez, February 2005, Big News in town that year. Yet none of the "Good Ole Boys" gave a shit about a poor Mexican kid who probably got what he deserved. Yet, I would bet the Farm, that they would not be so silent if it were one of their children being used by “Police Officer Brenda Ullevig”.

Check the record, it is almost to crazy to believe, but yet there it is, in all its truth of testimony.
Cpl. Brenda Ullevig was promoted to the rank of the "New School Police Officer" she recently was promoted to Chief of school police, Floresville ISD. You can Find her at Floresville ISD, 10th Street, Floresville, TX. However, she may not want to speak to you.

If your poor in this community then your child is fair game to the illegal tactics used by the City of Floresville P.D. and the Police Officer Brenda Ullevig. You wanted the truth, so there it is. A dead 16 yr. old “Informant” from Floresville, TX. 78114

Floresville, TX.Home of the Former 81st Judicial Task Force.

Failed to mention this fact. 16 year old Paul Guajardo was another unmentioned victim of this clique of police officers. Brenda Ullevig is a know associate of many of the same officers of the 81st Judicial Task Force. Disbanded for good reason. Brenda Ullevig committed Tullia, TX all over again and noone batted an eye and a 16 yr. old is dead. Police Officer Brenda Ullevig has complete and full access to children as we speak.

The question is this: "When will the next Paul Guajardo be utilized and led to their deaths"?

informants taking down 'friends'

in a small rural town where corrupt cop tactics run long and deep, tha police and detectives who work 'srug squad' utilize middle men to bust their friends they're copping for...amll quantities and itls all bullshit ... internal investigation into corrupt practices has been my quest with no state official offices cooperating....bull shit and empathy for those taken down who are innocent pawns of this ridiculous money making drug war

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