Law Enforcement: DEA to Hire 200 New Agents

Thanks to funding provided in the 2008 Consolidated Appropriations Act, passed last month by Congress, the DEA will be able to lift a hiring freeze in place since August 2006, the agency announced late last month. The new funds will allow the agency to hire 200 new agents, as well as a similar number of support staff.

"This is an important and most welcome development," Leonhart said. "With this much-needed funding, DEA will be able to fill 200 Special Agent positions, as well as many vacant Intelligence Analyst and critical support positions. This legislation sends a strong and encouraging message to all of us at DEA as we continue our worldwide drug law enforcement mission."

According to the most recent DEA staffing figures, the agency employes 5,230 agents and 5,571 support staff, an all-time high. In 1972, the agency's first year, it had 1,470 agents and a budget of $65 million. The current annual budget is more than $2 billion.

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j davis

The group of cowards and thugs known as the DEA should have been disbanded years ago. They serve no useful purpose and in most cases are worse than the people they arrest often for very minor drug violations. The war on drugs is nothing more than an all out assault on the rights of the citizens of the US.

Response to j davis 1/12/08 re: DEA

1. "The group of cowards and thugs known as the DEA....."

I wouldn't call someone willing to risk his/her life everyday a coward

2. "They serve no useful purpose...."

Even if you don't agree with the primary mission of the DEA, do you know how many murderers, rapists, terrorists and other worthless criminals have been put away because of DEA investigations? (EX: the recent "merchant of death" in Thailand was arrested as the result of a DEA investigation.

3. DEA agents rarely arrest people for "minor" drug violations.

4. The effectiveness on the "War on Drugs" can be debated, but if you want to put an end to it "your way", you need to get your facts straight.

DEA, ATF, FBI, KGB, STAZI, SAVAK, Mukthabarat, Etc. All the same

If there were no marijuana drug war, 90% of these "agents" would be passing out ketchup at the local fast food. Stop the marijuana drug war and you will have thousands of people (police) out of work at home beating their wives and abusing alcohol. The ones that are left, will need to do more in dealing with the heroin and crank problems.

Fired DEA and ATF agents?, I suppose DMV could retrain and use them for giving driving tests.

Prohibition NEVER works!

RE:DEA, ATF, FBI, KGB, STAZI, SAVAK, Mukthabarat, Etc. All the s

Wow you really think that a DEA agent would be working fast food if there was no DEA, You do realize that a bachelors degree is required by the DEA? You know college? that thing your dropped out of/never went to because you were smoking too much dope? yeah that thing.
Fucking hippies.

$2 billion waste

These morons need to have their funding cut by 2/3s. As it is now they are running around harassing doctors and telling them how they are supposed to treat chronic / cancer pain and anxiety patients.

They also spend their time busting marijuana clubs that are LEGAL under state guidelines and laws but declare their jurisdiction trumps state law.

"Declare their jurisdiction trumps state law...???""

Federal laws have always trumped state law, dummy..

Ignorance I tell ya; some people think that a good argument is based on their interpretation of things, and not facts.

Response to $2 billion waste

Maybe there are some morons in the DEA. I doubt you will find an agency or company with 10000 employees without a few.

Maybe there shouldn't be a DEA, but you need to get your facts straight before anyone will really listen to you.

The DEA is not running around harassing doctors. The doctors that have been arrested and convicted were nothing more than money hungry drug dealers. When you sell someone complaining of a toothache enough oxycontins to supply 100 people, that person shouldn't be in the medical profession. Tell the parents of dead teenagers how these doctors shouldn't be harassed.

As far as medical marijuana goes, why don't you send your complaints to the AMA or any other recognized medical association that will agree that marijuana serves a medical purpose.

If you have a problem with DEA raiding ILLEGAL pot clubs, than go through your congressmen and senators to change the FEDERAL laws. The DEA enforces laws, they don't make them.

Must be an agent or republican

The coward that can't seem to find the courage to post under his/ her own name must be either a dea agent or a die hard right wing republican. The dea DOES arrest innocent doctors--ever hear of Dr. Hurwitz?? There have been dozens of cases where doctors who were guilty of nothing more than compassion have been acquitted. And ah yes, we come th the third reich defense--they only enforce the law=I was just following orders. The dea is nothing but a repository for thugs and sociopaths!


Actually, you are correct the DEA does arrest innocent people. So does local law enforcement, the FBI, the IRS, the US Marshall's, the CIA, the US Military, and pretty much all forms of law enforcement around the world.

The difference is - They don't get prosecuted. I'm sure though there is always going to be one wrongly prosecuted person behind bars. I say lets open the gates and let them roam free. Where do you live so we know whos backyard to send them too?

I also noticed you call another person a coward for not posting their name, yet you don't post yours? WHY? Afraid the big bad agents going to kick down your pot smoking door? Or maybe you just forgot? Read side affects on back of joint.


Former LE Instructor

Who does not post his name for safety purposes, also known as intelligence. Only an idiot would post it. Idiot!

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