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Ecstasy: Kansas Bill Would Make Simple Possession a Felony

Lawmakers in Kansas this week held a hearing on a bill that would make possession of ecstasy a felony. Under current Kansas law, simple possession is only a misdemeanor.

That would change under HB 2545, which is being pushed by the Kansas Narcotics Officers Association. Making possession a felony would keep "children" from taking the drug, said the association's Mike Life in remarks reported by the Wichita Eagle. "We're telling them that it's not a big deal by keeping it as misdemeanor status," he argued.

But the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys begged to differ. Saddling young people with felony records for ecstasy possession will not help them, the group worried.

The Kansas Sentencing Commission also dashed some cold water on the proposal. It would cost the state an extra $1.3 million and put an additional 291 people into the prison system, the commission found.

The committee took no action this week. Perhaps this measure will quietly go to the oblivion it deserves.

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Most kids don't even know what Felony means, let alone say it right.

The way to keep kids from doing drugs is to show them exactly what said drug will do to them if they take it, in very detailed pictures or even experiments.

Pussifying them is only making them retarded and uneducated. They come out into the world with horrible pre-judgements that are ill-concieved by the government. Either don't do anything and be religious working slaving drone, or be jailed. This has to end.

If a child knew: "If you take this pill you can die" they won't take it. It stopped me. All of the chemical drugs DEFFERED me from using them by ME wanting to know about them, what they're made of, the noxcious processes that make them are bad enough, let alone the consequences of using chemical drugs. Funny thing is the distribution by the state/government.


Ecstasy when it is real and not fake will not kill you. Yes if you take too much it can. But for the most part is safe to use ever now and again... It is a drug that leads to fun and sex... whats wrong with that.. Anything that is fun or additive is illegal. There is a lot worse things to do. Make your own choices in life. F-ck the government let people have some fun with there lives. Why do they have to try to control everything we do.

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