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Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #521)

Along with our weekly in-depth Chronicle reporting, DRCNet has since late summer also been providing daily content in the way of blogging in the Stop the Drug War Speakeasy -- huge numbers of people have been reading it recently -- as well as Latest News links (upper right-hand corner of most web pages), event listings (lower right-hand corner) and other info. Check out DRCNet every day to stay on top of the drug reform game!

prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

Since last issue:

Scott Morgan brings us: "Barack Obama Comes Out in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization," "Berkeley City Council Tells DEA to Stay Out," "Are Racist Cops Better Organized Than We Thought?," "What Do You Think About Medical Marijuana Vending Machines?," "Crazy Sheriff Proposes "Normandy" Style Anti-Drug Invasion" and "Why Does the Drug Czar's Office Oppose Efforts to Prevent Drug Overdoses?"

Phil Smith previews: "Eric Sage Fights Back."

David Guard posts numerous press releases, action alerts and other organizational announcements in the In the Trenches blog.

Please join us in the Reader Blogs too.

Thanks for reading, and writing...

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Anonymous (not verified)

That's why he is so strict on drugs. If der feuhrer didn't love us so much, he wouldn't care.

Fri, 02/01/2008 - 2:37pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

Sure--keep pointing out the total insanity and evil and ruination of this crazy mindless drug war--but we've got to take action--snitch on drug warriors and prohibitionist dimwits. Let them fear the war they so love. Let them suffer SWAT squad raids early in the morning. Drop a dime on a pious drug warrior today! Love to see Souder, Walters, Bennett, or Tandy getting wounded in another errant drug war raid! Folks, we need to go to war!

Sat, 02/02/2008 - 6:00am Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

02/09/2008 Blood Pressure Test supervised and recorder by Lazarus Cain
agency, verified true

Patient ordered to Emergency room the day before out of fear of
potential stroke or heart atack concerns.

Next day, patient complains hospital of no help, and the standard
expensive yet potentially worthless marketed drugs seem to be
prescribed from corporate drug companies/

Patient carefully monitored for a period of about 45 minutes with
repeated blood pressure .

2.01 PM 159/97
2:02 PM 178/113
2:02 PM 172/110
2:03 PM 174/111
2:04 PM 137/83 * confidential note on source document
2:04 PM 151/94
2:05 PM 171/112
2:06 PM 155/96
2;06PM 157/92
2:07 PM 157/98
2:08 PM 157/91
2:08 PM 159/101
2:09 PM 169/108
2:09 PM 161/101
2:10 PM 157/94
2:11 PM 161/98
2:11 PM 149/94
2:12 PM 157/96
2:12 PM 140/91
2:13 PM 132/80
2:14 PM 154/94
2:15 PM 146/92
2:16 PM 139/82
2:20 PM 144/82
A single hit of marijuana wataken by the test subjet using water
filtration to minmized particle inhalation.
2:223 PM 168/109 The subject remarked at the time he expected a
slight increse of blood pressure but the effect would be temporary.
2:24 PM 148/90
2:25 PM 147/89
2:25 PM 143/87
2:26 PM 141/86
2:27 PM 140/83
2:27 PM 140/83
2:28 PM 137/84
2:28 PM 141/88
2:29 PM 140/85
2:30 PM 135/83
2:30 PM 140/84
2:31 PM 138/83
2:32 PM 139/85
2:32 PM 132/82
2:33 PM 138/91
2:34 PM 144/92
2:34 149/91
2:35 133/84
3:09 144/93

Now, this was one single hit of marijuana that created these results,
eyewiitnessed by two persons and recorded this day.
Also we see that in its infinite wisom the courts of the land prompetd
by the Drug War of Nixon, Reagan and Bush has in fact caused a great
deal of unjust incriminition and simply too much jail time to be
justified before GOD.
As a prophet, I amwell known for being an advovocate of Christ, a
disciple if you may, working for no pay helping tohers where I find I
may be of help.
Also we have seen these evil men are the authors of the most ujust
discrimination occuring in today's society. These very unjust laws
have not only unjustly incarcerated indivivuals, but these individuals
who would seek to help themselves i such a way are targetted to be
prevented from employment by a well known method promoted by the
Federal Government when states rights wold demand the FEd not
interfere. Yet the Bush administrationis wellknown for its aggressive
actions against Califonia, for example.
However, now we see it is a life and eath issue, quite possibly with
teh ability to extend life.
It is no secret that marijuana is calimed by its users to have
medicinal properties, yet the US Adminsttration is as adamant in tis
denail of this reality as it is adamant in its denial of being wrong
about the Iraqi and Vietnam warts.
Certainly, one may not be shy in an attack which is intended to be
fatal for those who would continue the presecution of those who
would use marijuana for medicnal purposes, and we cannot by an extent
of the imagination prevent healing in one state if it is permitted in

the 27 year sentence is excessive punishment, and can be considered
the straw that broke the camel's back.

This evidence is now released for all to see. It speaks for itself
annd is undeniably true.
To what extent does a man or a woman have a right to use marijuana if
it will extend their life?
Such a person should not evr be denied the right to employment, but
the US Goverement in its infinite wisom has decided to violate the
Fourth abd Fifth Amendments as stated in the US Constitution. Nixon,
Reagan, and Bush are the men in charge of this incriminating effort
and adulerationof the Bill of Rights. Let us not be shy of who the
perpretators are and who are there accomplices.
Legal doubletalk has made it that the body of man is not a temple, yet
Christ has said the Body of Man is the temple and the home, and should
not be subject to such embarrassing and disgusting search procedures,
especially when these insenstive agenciesa re peering into the most
private health concerns of any such individual. As such it is
maintained that the US Supreme Court has indeed acted againt the
interests of the US Constituion for partisan purposes.

So we se the government is amking an example of someone famous below,
yet I find that the sentence is excessive, and I publish this so it
may be used to help to get people out of trouble with regard to
It is time to stand our ground and yield no more and fight back.

Famed NY Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes won't get to celebrate his Super
Bowl victory with his brother. As The New York Times reports, Mark
Tynes is serving 27 years in prison for selling pot.

"I'm not embarrassed about it," Lawrence Tynes said. "Everyone has
skeletons in the closet or whatever. You could go in that locker room
and find 50 other stories probably similar to mine. He's my brother. I
love him. He made some bad choices. Rightfully so, he should be
punished. But the extent of the punishment, to me, is ridiculous."

So how do you catch 27 years for a marijuana crime? Prior convictions
don't help, but it seems that refusing to rat out other people was the
biggest factor here:

But Mark Tynes had a record, including felony convictions for
possession. And he "paid a heavy penalty for refusing to cooperate," a
managing assistant United States attorney told The Pensacola (Fla.)
News Journal after sentencing. The others cooperated fully. They
became government witnesses. Lawrence Tynes watched as each testified
against his brother.

And as tragic as it is to think that selling a relatively harmless
substance like marijuana can land someone in prison for decades,
consider also that Tynes story never would have been told had his
brother not kicked the field goal that put the Giants in the Super

Whether they are sitting behind bars or merely sitting around after
losing aid for college, the victims of America's brutal war on
marijuana typically suffer in silence, injured and marginalized by
laws far more potent and destructive than the drug they prohibit

Lazarus Cain
Advocate of Christ
Creator of QBLH
Antinuke weapons activist
Anit Iraqi war activist
Anti Iranian War activist
Pro-Obama activist
Anti-Bush activist
Peace Activist
Actvisit for Personal Freedom
Activist against Islamic World Control
Pro-Nuclear power activist
Activist against General Injustice
Truth bearer
Myth buster
Internet Warrior
Yielder of the Double Edge Sword of Truth

Feel free to use this information as you see fit, ANYONE.

Sat, 02/09/2008 - 9:47pm Permalink

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