Marijuana: Massachusetts Decriminalization Initiative Polling Well

A Massachusetts initiative that would decriminalize marijuana possession looks set to win in November, if polling numbers from this month are any indication. According to a 7NEWS/Suffolk University poll, the initiative now has the approval of 72% of voters. Only 22% of respondents said they opposed the decrim measure, while 6% had no opinion.

The initiative, sponsored by the Committee for Responsible Marijuana Policy, would replace current criminal penalties for marijuana possession with a civil penalty of forfeiture of the marijuana and a $100 fine.

It looks like the Massachusetts public is on board with decrim, said David Paleologos, director of the Political Research Center at Suffolk University. "This issue suggests that there is a libertarian streak in the thinking of Massachusetts voters," he said.

The decrim initiative, known as Question #2 on the November ballot, is the only one of three initiatives garnering majority support, according to the poll. An initiative that would reduce and ultimately eliminate the state income tax was trailing 50% to 36%, while an initiative that would bar dog racing that entailed wagering was hovering at the half-way mark, with 50% approval and 37% and opposed.

Massachusetts voters may be uncertain about dog racing and opposed to messing with the state tax system, but they seem clear about the need to decriminalize marijuana possession. If they pass the initiative, Massachusetts will become the 13th decrim state and the first since Nevada in 2001.

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The uslessness of drug prohibition

I am a recovering Alcoholic and Alanon. This means I am an ex-adict (God willing) and a relative of addicts. What Alanon teaches me is that I do not pour the addicts alcoholic or drugs down the drain. I simply live my own life to the fullest and be an example of clean and sober living. I set boundaries such as requiring the individual to be a productive member of the family and having logical and natural consequences if they are not and requiring recovery treatment when there is a breakdown.

US laws violate this wisdom by wrenching the drug out of people’s hands (drug arrests) hoping somehow this will remove their addiction. That is simply sick thinking. The United States needs to go to an Alanon meeting. People who participate in a 30 day treatment program consume 1/6 as much as addicts who do not. Addicts who serve prison sentences have nearly a 100% return to addiction. Prison doesn't work.


Are you people crazy?

This bill would allow anyone anywhere to have under an ounce. So the school bus driver can have an ounce. Don't give me the bull about how they could be drunk. This just adds to our problems. Do something to help people keep from using drugs. VOTE NO ON 2 And, stop with the lies about addicts in jail. Dealers who profit from the misery of others are in jail.

What do you call a liquor

What do you call a liquor store if not a legalized establishment that profits from the misery of others. Liver disease, barfights, car wrecks, and death are the long and short term side effects of the use and or abuse of alcohol. Pharmacuetical drugs are even worse. According to statistics, over 900 people a year die of stomach bleeding associated with the use of Aspirin. And don't get me started on Prescription Drugs . . .

Are you stupid?

Just because marijuana may be decriminalized doesn't mean everyone is going to go around smoking it casually. IT'S NOT BEING LEGALIZED.

Drinking IS more debilitating than smoking.

Don't associate marijuana with other drugs. This is for the decriminalization of MARIJUANA, not crack, heroin, etc.

There are always more drug dealers.

you just said dont associate

you just said dont associate marijuana with other drugs; um last i heard, alcohol is a drug, and you compared drinking to smoking.

Decriminalizing does not mean legalization! YET....

And even if the question were about legalization, which it is not, how can you just asume the rest of the laws and rules of society just go out the window??? The school bus driver would have an ounce??? Give me a break. Get with the times people. This is the United States! There is no valid argument for leaving in place the outrageous penelties for such a meaningless offense. Lost scholorships, jobs, personal property..its absurd. Most teens are going to try marijuana at some point. Some of them are going to get caught with it. Do you want your teen to have a criminal record for experimenting with buddies with a drug you yourself probably tried at some point? Our last 2 presidents have admitted to trying it. Only it didn't destroy their future.

To the crazy anti-marijana person:

I cant wait to vote this into law...we need to wake up, and we will in November, at least in MA. This is a civil rights battle, and WE are winning the war. It will take time, but we will win. I'm sorry if some people feel marijuana is less harmful to their bodies than alcohol and you don't agree, but it should be their right to make that choice in a "free" country, not yours or our government, when the substance in question is not harmful (especially compared to alcohol, tobacco, perscribed drugs, etc).

Look, I generally have conservative ideals, and I am planning on voting for McCain, because certain issues take higher priority than marijuana in my mind. BUT, we need to remember how this problem is a black hole for our money. We are no safer with each drug bust, drugs are no less prevelant. So why waste our money (TRILLIONS!!!) and resources on a losing cause? This is just being a fiscal conservative, which is why I am amazed at how negatively this issue is still treated by some, especially by those on my side of the politcal fence.

The fact is that marijuana is not more harmful than alcohol, it should be treated the same as alcohol (need to be over 21, can't drive and smoke, etc.), and there is no good reason why this shouldn't be the case, AT ALL. Not to mention the fact that this could be a multi-bilion dollar a year taxable industry that could invigorate our economy (oh, I know that makes you scared, but it is inevitable, and rightfully so in a FREE country).

Look, there are millions of pot-heads in our country. The majority are responsible people that you would never expect. Why unnecesarily prosecute our fellow countrymen and women for no good reason, when this culture is not going away, regardless of your attempts to stop it?

Do you REALLY feel any safer if a marijuana USER is busted? If you do, then you really need to re-think things, and you need to stay home when it comes time to vote. I mean you really have to be insane to think that putting marijuana USERS in jail will make our society safer, and that is a FACT.

Oh, and remember, I don't want your kids smoking. Keep them the hell away if they are under 21. This is why I want to legalize it, because it's tougher to get it when you need to show ID, and last time I checked, dealers don't card kids.

Bong Loads Are Good For You

marijuana does not cause misery, arresting people for it sure does.

And yes I typo'd marijuana

And yes I typo'd marijuana in the title, and no I am not a pot-head. See, regular people can be dumb sometimes too : P.

ps i got raided today, all

ps i got raided today, all they found was the bong and some shake.... boyyyyy did they come on the wrong day hahaha.

That sucks.

What happened? How were you penalized?

Does anyone know of a non-biased, statistic-based website that will inform people about the likelihood of the legalization? Please help.

Decrim is the responsible choice.

Ive read that not only will they still take your pot, but they'll slap you with a $100-$250 fine. Take into account the amount of money it costs to prosecute and imprison someone for having a dimebag, and this is a no brainer. Ive seen some great posting on this page, and some pretty idiotic comments as well. When is the last time you heard of a stoned guy beating his wife and kids? We/They dont. We come home and sit in the room with the videogames/Pink Floyd posters.

The difference between a drunk and a stoner....
Drunk blows through a stop sign, hitting a minivan and turning a family of 5 into a family of 3.
Stoner stops at a stop sign, waits for it to turn green.

lmao i love that little comparison

lmao i love that little comparison

stops at a stop sign and

stops at a stop sign and waits for it to turn green thats great hahahaha

Thank god this bill passed

i am for it

I am the decriminalization of marijuana and possibly even the legalization of marijuana if it ever for were to happen. But I enjoy it very much; it relieves stress from everyday activities, such as school and the occasional argument with the girlfriend. If this country were to legalize it and throw a tax on it then this country would have a lot more money and the economy would be looking a hell of a lot better. All thanks to a drug that doesn’t make people stupid, angry or addicted. I have been using it for a while and I am studying to become an engineer in Boston, and pot is the one thing that I can do to help relieve the stress of the hard classes I am taking. Also medicinal use is amazing as well, I skate board and snowboard and such and when I take a bad fall the one thing that relieves my pain is pot. I once read somewhere that pot can eliminate 80% of opiates on the market, and I have friends who are hooked on pain killers like oxy cotton, basically its synthetic heroin. SO WHY THE HELL HAVENT THEY LEGILIZED IT FOR MADICINAL USE ALL OVER AMERICA YET!!!


First off, are half of you even 18 and registered to vote? If so, you would have received your ballot and read that is is not being LEGALIZED, it is being DECRIMINALIZED, two completely different things.

Anyone under 18 caught with marijuana will have to attend drug abuse awareness programs and serve community service, along with the $100 fine.

For those over 18, you forfeit the marijuana and pay a $100 fine, thats it.

So anyone who thinks that voting YES on #2 will allow people to roam freely with marijuana and smoke it anywhere, well those morons are wrong. It is decriminalized, not legalized. Sometimes I wonder if people who post comments about issues even know what the issue is about and what entrails it.

wake up people

HEY, dont be mass holes. only good would come from this decriminalization. anyone opposed has been ill-informed on the beautiful plant of cannabis. every-things gotta change, everything will change

Decriminalize Marijuana

We are paying money to house these "criminals" who are just people that decided to mellow out with maryjane. Let's save some jail cells for serial killers and rapists.

Its going to be recriminalised in the UK

It was decriminalised about 4 years ago, but due to campaigning by middle class mothers about their sons becoming antisocial, Labour (the ruling party) is reacting to the press again. It will go from class C to class B. I can't help thinking that its skunk, the stronger form , that is to blame: Its very hard to get normal grade Marijuana nowdays, and if you've smoked the strong stuff it has little effect. Its a racket over here as well (the war on drugs).


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