Salvia Watch: Florida Senate Votes to Criminalize the Diviner's Sage

The Florida Senate Wednesday passed a bill, SB 340, criminalizing salvia divinorum, also known as "Diviner's Sage," among other nicknames. The Florida House approved a companion measure banning the fast-acting, short-lived hallucinogen last week. If, as expected, the bill is signed by Republican Gov. Charlie Christ, Florida will be the latest in what is a rapidly expanding list of states to take action against salvia.

The state of Florida will protect the youth by subjecting them (and adults) to up to five years in prison for possessing salvia, which would be classified in the same category as LSD and marijuana under Florida law.

Although lawmakers could cite little data about use of the herb, especially among teenagers, they said they were increasingly worried about children buying it online.

The bill passed the Senate by a margin of 39-0 after limited debate. The House version passed by a 109-4 margin a week earlier.

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My suspicions have been confirmed...

Essentially every representative in my state congress is an idiot.

Former governor

The people were stupid enough to elect Bush's brother governor twice.

Not Bush's Fault

This was passed by Charlie Crist; Florida's governor.

not bush

hey ya know u must be smoking that since ya cant read who singed it into law

I couldn't have said it better


I USED To Be Proud To Be A Floridian

Now that they passed this STUPID Law....FLORIDA SUCKS!!! Ugh...I just got into Salvia too :(
Why can't they just keep it at an age limit? 18+ or 21+!!!
There is nothing wrong with Salvia Divinorum...there really isn't....I use it to Meditate!

the man

yea, thats the man for you! always taking away our god givin rights, i dont remember anything in The Constitution of The United (socialist) States of America about the man telling us what we can put in our bodies..

this is the proof that was needed...

I have long said that a government that claims the authority to prohibit one plant will assume to authority to prohibit any plant... someone ought to remind the governments of these united States that we are endowed by our creators with certain unalienable rights and that among them is the right to take the seed that god has provided and grow it in our gardens. The governments have made clear their intentions... they have chosen to wage an unholy war against almighty God and God's creation, what fools they are those that believe they will be victorious.

Sadly though, the sheople of this country will roll over as yet another plant is prohibited.


Calling Americans "sheeple" is an insult to those mammals that provide us with wool and meat for they, at least, have vertebrae. JELLYFISH is a more appropriate term for most Americans have

no backbone, they just go with the flow.

hey down with the usa

Go [email protected]$& yourself! Who are you to judge an entire country? I fought for this country and I can tell you now that I had and still do have a backbone. Also I do not recall a time that I "went with the flow". Stop generalizing and grouping people all together. Whatever country you unfortunately inhabit contains it's share of week people. Weekness is a disease spread by ignorance and lack of birth control. Please inform your partner to practice safe sex. We don't want another 'you' walking around.

And as an American, I agree that this is just government overstepping its bounds. You can't make a plant illegal. God creates the plants and government decides that we can't have them. What's next? Making FAT illegal? That is going to put a serious kink in my diet!

Unenlightened response


The author of the previous response may have been wrong to generalise, but his point was much more valid than yours. Its not just america that is behaving like jellyfish, its the entire world. People need to stand up for their rights and stop accepting their fate blindly. They need to question authority and put pressure on these assholes until they are shown to be the cronies we all know they are.

Just because you went to war doesn't make you a hero. You might feel that you are, but I happen to think very lowly of anyone who would be willing to 'fight for peace'. If you were forced into war then thats not your choice, I feel sorry for you. But to say you were fighting for your country is completely ignorant of the facts. Every time there is a war it's setup by the powers that be - both sides are lied to and both sides are told they are hero's. It takes a true hereo to recognise this and NOT kill innocent people. It takes a true hero to not blindly follow orders and to think for themselves.

The governments always overstep their bounds. But what about the other things they do that you have been 'comfortable' with? They may affect other people and not yourself - so you simply don't care, because it doesn't effect you.

When will you all wake up and realise that the simple 'issues' here and there all add up to a much larger issue. Its futile to debate the simple points. Its futile to fight against one wrong they have done. We all need to stand up and realize that GLOBALLY the entire system is a sham of mass control. You should all read your history and determine what the truth is. This has been a 400,000 year saga that has played out without opposition - or at least, without any 'winning' opposition.

THE POINT IS.. DON'T BE PATRIOTIC.. its to be asleep. There is no division among countries, the story is the same everywhere. Stand up for HUMANITY, regardless of race. Every religion stems from a single source and you can read that story in any information on ancient summaria. The stories, the history all comes from there - but also before then. It's the same story, it's the same characters, just with different names and times in different books. In fact, the pagan gods Christians so hate are the same characters from the bible. Elohim is PLURAL, the bible is about 'gods' not a single 'god'.

I have spent many years reading and researching and have found a single article that is inline with my own research (that will save you spending years reading). If your interested please read:

Banning plants is an attempt to shut down the connection with consciousness. Their aim is to make people drones, left hemisphere thinking people. That is why we are taught to use only our right hand, to stimulate only the left (logical) side of our brain. If people were able to start using their intuitive brain then their veil would be lifted because they would no longer see the lies for what they are. Being intuitive, you no longer believe the shit your fed. And let me tell you, being intuitive has MANY other benefits. The term 'genius' (IMHO synonymous with 'genie') is someone who has their left and right hemisphere brains synchronised. They are able to access knowledge that seemingly comes from nowhere - consciousness. Anyway, if anyone is interested in achieving this, the simplest way I know of doing so is with the m-state element platinum which synchronises left and right hemisphere brains. The only place I have bought from that sells this is and would recommend "Zynergy +" for anyone who wants to give it a go (it contains many other useful base elements as well that will help). Also, sodium fluoride (used in our water) targets the pineal gland (seat of the soul) which also severs the connection to consciousness / higher self. So stop drinking poison! Fluoride was discovered to sedate prisoners of war during world war 2 in nazi Germany by the "I.G. Farben" corporation (please look that up: - you will read they were shut down for crimes against humanity).

Think for yourself and stop judging other people and make no mistake this is a war against our very spirits.



you took the words right out of my mouth.
Ron Paul 2008

If The Government Is So Worried About My Safety....

If They Are So Worried About My Safety Or My Childs Safety Then They Should Give Me Their Nuclear Weapons.

Ist HB1363, not SB340

SB340 was rolled into HB1363, and HB1363 is the one that was sent to the Governor.

the salvia in my garden

So, are we soon going to see big (in our town 3-4 cars) police busts because the police can't tell the difference between ornamental, culinary, and diviner's sage? When young, the plants are very similar.

so its illegal in florida now?

how trite.
i cant believe these idiots comparing it to pot and acid? they know NOTHING.

thats life.

if you cant tax it you cant control it. I sell cigarettes and beer at my store, but these plants anyone can grow in their storage room. i am sure if we all start cutting large checks to the representative like the cigarette companies this wouldn't be a problem.
but thats life, the world has to live by the united states of American empire and the non-scientific Christian rules.

Don't be mindless and follow, think for yourself

Just because somebody says I'm not allowed to do something does not mean I have to comply to them.

Somebody I have never even met doesn't like a plant, so they want to tell me than I can't enjoy it? NO WAY!

How about I turn it around and I tell them what they are not allowed to do?

They sure can dish it all out, but how about taking it?

Society and Authority is a big game created by people for years to control other peoples by using lies and manipulation of the minds and thoughts and beliefs of others.. That's all. It's a game of "I'm better than you, so you have to do as I want and obey my commands" Most of these people in Society in this world that claim to have "Power" are completely incapable of really working, or doing anything for themselves, so they need to control other people to do it for them, to get wealth, resources, possessions, etc.

I kiss no butt, I obey no king or powers that be. I question and mistrust authority. They are only humans just like I, and they are not above me.

i cant belive this shit

fuck this shit, i ordered salivia online recently and i am from florida, i will be taking a hit now, fuck the U.S government, fuck everyone who has a problem with fucking plants.............old hags


i havent done it but i do believe its retarded to tell us what we can or cannot do as long as we dont harm others in the event.

i got an idea

why dont we all start sending letters, calling phones, and maybe even an occasional brick in the window? sitting here on the internet talking about how much bullshit it is isn't going to do anything about it. Hell, while were at it why don't we yell at them about weed too?

Cloves are illegal too

Florida can't stop making laws! Even when they don't enforce them. Everyone out there know that selling or giving away clove cigarrettes is a 2nd degree misdemenor? Yet FL has a tax stamp on every pack . . .

YEAH! More unenforcable laws!

here ya go:

our glorious governor signed the bill this past thursday

heres his email: [email protected]

send him an email, be plentiful, and tell your friends to do the same


I feel this is a complete and utter waste of time and taxpayer dollars to criminalize a simple herb used by people who are not looking to get high, but to look within themselves. I guess people fear what they dont know, citing that its pharmacologically(dont know if i spelled that right) similar to LSD and Pot. I damn near died when i saw that. and now making it a FELONY with a 5 year sentence?... its outrageous. They can "protect" children all they want, It doesnt mean they still cant get their rocks off. Its as easy as opening a medicine cabinet now adays. Salvia is NOT addictive, has no withdrawl symptoms, and the only significant health issues that arise due to its use are no different than smoking a cigarette. Its funny to think that salvia will be come illegal while alcohol is still a thriving buisness. How many people per year are involved in fatal car accidents with the use of salvia versus the use of alcohol? I, for one, still plan to use salvia regardless of law. Its done nothing but contribute to my life and made me appreciate things that much more. Dont let old codgers run your life for you, if you choose to broaden your mental horizons, go for it... you only live once.

hmmm theyre smart

this is seriously a retarded law that has been passed. Like most said salvia is non addictive and basicaly like smoking a cigarette. Plus its not like people will smoke it and then go out drive and total theyre car and kill someone in the process. i give props to the perosn that can smoke it get off theyre couch, turn on their car and start going fast enough to do actual damage. It just doesnt last that long. Another thing is you can OD. Also i find it excessive that they will slap you with a five year penalty for possesing it. This pisses me off because where do u go when you get arrested? jails and prisons. Who pays for the construction, and basicaly keeps them running? Tax payers. More people incarserated means mine and everyones taxes will go up and that the last thing we need right now. Also, since it will be illegal people will deal it, there will be shottings robberies, and smuggling the salvia divinorum into the country and illegal growth. So basical the goverment are just driving themselves farther into the ground. THANKS USA AND FLORIDA! that would be sarcasm


We all need to do something.. We as individuals need to stand up again. Wake up to this. People shuoldn't be afriad of the government, government should be afraid of the people, right?? I mean I understand we have our lives to distract us and I can't say much myself but we need to get together and make the change somehow.. It won't happen over night but maybe, MAYBE if we just try, there's got to be some change, at least the way we act as citizens in this country. I thought we had a say in what goes on in this country or even our state.. I know this may not be a major event but it's ridiculous how something so irrelevant and natureal by the way be taken away from us. I'm more than angry, I am weary and dissapointed..

This is terrible.

I really wanted to try Salvia....NOT to "get high," I just want to lift the veil and look within myself. What is wrong with these MORON politicians? Is there nothing we can do? Free country, my, if some asshole cop "catches" me with a bag of Salvia, I can be thrown in jail???? I'm a CRIMINAL??? Fuck that. I want to try it anyway.

What can be done? How can I come by a salvia cutting? I want to grow it on my patio.


Everytime they focus on a different drug they make it out to be worse than other drugs...But really...Tabacco is a kills millions of people a day. Alcohol is a drug that kills people and helps people kill people everyday. So between these two LEGAL drugs we are allowing people to kill each other and others everyday because we havent made them illegal. So whats thdifference between Salvia and pot? They both grow NATURALLY without the help of people...Are they gonna bust someone because one of these plants happens to grow in someones yard? God made hearbs and weeds and he said they were good...Salvia is an herb and pot is a weed/herb. no one who smokes either is either motivated/energetic enough to go out and do anything. They woul rather veg at home and play games and watch movies and laugh their asses off. People who drink want to dve around and go into public. you tell me....Which sounds worse...A drug that will make people angry and lash out and drive like a maniac....Or a drug that makes people wanna sit at home and zone out? Id rather be zoning out. *smokes his jay proudly* At least when I smoke I dont run people over because the road wont stay put. I fall down because the couch isnt high enough lmao

not just florida!!

Ten countries including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, South Korea and Sweden have criminalized Salvia.

In the U.S., Salvia is illegal in Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Delaware, and Oklahoma. Legislation is being considered in New York, Illinois, Alaska and California.

- crazyjoezx

Florida still has better drugs.

Oh noes you can't have salvia. Why would you want some weak ass shit? Magic mushrooms are legal and owns salvia.


What a waste of time this plant is, what a horrible high. Why bother with having your consciousness twisted into oblivion or juggle incoherent thoughts for five minutes when you can have a truly enlightening experience for hours or an entire day? Why not just hole up in the room and do whippets all night? That's about all this salvia amounts to, whippets on crack.

See look at the comments above

It's sad simple drugs such as Marijuana, Mushrooms and things of that sort weren't legal. Instead you go down the street and buy it off the same guy pushing crack or heroin that doesn't ID your fifteen year old kid to make sure he's above age and safe to do the drug. He doesn't care about him all he cares about is making a profit.
At least when a drug is legalized and sold inside of a store such as Alcohol there are certain regulations to make sure this drug is pure. To process alcohol there are many regulations in place one of many is making sure the environment that it is brewed in, is sterile and clean another is to make sure the final product only contains no other harmful substances besides the alcohol such as antifreeze or methanol.
So far my experience with alcohol compared to drugs such as Marijuana, Mushrooms, and saliva have been usually much safer. It's not normal to see someone break out into a fight just from smoking dope or to kill someone in a car accident.

Alcohol and tobacco companies are responsible

Do your research, and you will see that the two single largest teen killers, alcohol and tobacco, have funded this law. This ensures, once again, that the only two legal choices kids and teens have readily access to, is tobacco and alcohol. Since when are they allowed to create our laws?

I believe you need proof of harm, and proof of the claims which allows the substance to fall into that law. If those criteria are not met, the law is unjust. Since the law describes a "Salvia", that does not exist, it is not the "Salvia", that you posses, which is a crime... It is some other fictitious "Salvia", that is harmful, abused, and has no medical value. (Again, like marijuana, salvia has strong medical value. Ask the thousands of researchers who have created patents and done experiments on the plants chemicals, using government and state funding.)

what can we do....?

what can we do to change this? can we petition it or have the actual people of the state vote instead of representatives? there's got to be something we can all do. im trying to think of ways and start some kinda of following but im not a very good speaker. people lets do something!!!!!!!!

This is stupid.

This is all just pure stupidity. The politicians and the law-enforcement agencies are not protecting people here. They are simply trying to manipulate and control. To hold their "precious citizens" by a overwhelming grip of a noose around a man's very own testicles. The law is UNJUST. The Sage leaf is not harmful, it holds medicinal and very spiritual properties, it's an easy opening of any living being's Third Eye (a gateway/portal to higher knowledge, enlightenment, connection with the world and one's self, better understanding, overcoming and moving on, and so on..). The conditions this plant can be used for are of epic proportions. Alcohol will run you down, into the ground, it is a DRUG, Not a simple "drink". Lol. Put it this way, (sense most humans use less than half of their own brain) to proove alcohol is JUST LIKE ANY OTHER. Drink one beer, drink two, drink your third, by now, you're at the least, somewhat buzzed (even if for a short matter of moments. any human, from three average alcoholic bebverages will be buzzed, FYI BUZZED IS ANOTHER WORD FOR HIGH, FUCKED UP, whatever. Kids, pfft! I don't give a shit. Okay. Growing up, I experimented with at least 50-100 different herbs and plenty of different chemically enriched drugs. At the beginning, I set out with nothing but the ignorant intentions of a spoiled rotten teenager with absolutely no respect, I hated my family. I wanted to change my last name from their's and move away from them. I didn't care about anything. Not even my own life, enough to do some stupid and aweful things to myself and other people that cared. Through my experiences, mainly with psychedelics (as DMT, Salvia, LSD, LSA, Magic Mushrooms, Damiana, DXM, or whatever.), I feel like I came out to be a much better person. More connected with myself, more divine, I'd feel nothing but surges of ecstasy and happiness without even marijuana. I could for once, go through days without pot if I truly wanted to and willed to, and had things to be creative with, I could also smoke pot and instead of being lazy, I would be more active, go on walks, do some exercise while I'm buzzed, go do some chores or just relax and enjoy life around the house. hahah. But in the end, all this law is is another pile of bullshit "the man" want to throat-fuck you with. They don't want you to expand your mind. They want you to be blind, stupid and ignorant. They will create of a natural human being, a aborted abnormality of a person. A brainless & swineherd dumbass that can't think for him or her self. Brainwashed by bullshit. Hey, if you're gonna sit and take it, you may as well let your dickhole government rub some nice slimy and gooey, smelly and maggot filled shit into your eyes, ears and mouth, because that's the best "visionary quest" the government will ever give you. Ending words, fuck the government. We need a cleansing, and Mother Nature's natural herbs will be restored to their divinity, instead of stripped of their essence and divine rites by American Cuntpunching politicians. Go fuck yourselves, and suffocate. Blow your brains out, I'd smile and take a shit on your grave, then kick each one of your graves over ontop of my shit. The USA is nothing but an empire of lies ran by corrupted and evil pigs with no intentions of good. I hope you, that make Salvia illegal, will step into the mind of the Sage Goddess. If you betray and misrespect Lady Sage, Her Realm will tear out your heart and soul, & carry you to where the rivers flow endless blood. Where the stench of a thousand corpses reek, where the winds go cold. Where your body rots, where she inhales your rotting odor, where Lady Sage gazes upon your feeble lifeless corpse with no remorse. Breaking down what's left of you and sacrificing it upon her foreseen imaginary doomsday. Thy mind shalt be raped. If not in life, in death. Your time WILL come. Cunts.

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