Latin America: Argentine Court Decriminalizes Drug Possession in Buenos Aires

A federal court in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires Tuesday decriminalized drug possession in the capital in a ruling that could be altered by the country's high court, but which is in line with the position of the government of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In issuing its ruling, the federal court threw out thousands of drug possession cases pending in the federal district.

The ruling from the federal court of appeals came in the case of two young people arrested for possession of marijuana joints and ecstasy tablets at an electronic music concert in 2007. In those cases, the court held that the 1989 drug law that punished simple drug possession or consumption is unconstitutional .

Under that law, drug users were seen as the base of a chain that led directly to drug traffickers. But the appeals court held that that law generated "an avalanche of cases against users without managing to ascend the links of the chain to the drug traffickers."

The current government is in favor of reforming drug laws. During a recent UN session, Argentine Justice and Security Minister Aníbal Fernández called the policy of punishing drug users "an absolute failure."

Now, a federal appeals court has ratified that opinion.

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After reading this article, it only serves to enrage me even more, that the drug policy in this country is so archaic and corrupt.

It's formulaic in that the flexible approach here in the States would acheive results, but the math has been distorted, and diluted to suit the policy makers. It's a rotten shame.
Annette G.
Elmhurst, NY

You Know Your Enemy By Their Action or Lack of Action

The reason for the continued drug policies in the CORPORATION known as UNITED STATES & its' administrative divisions, known as STATES
is profits for LAW ENFORCEMENT, ATTORNEYS & BANKSTERS who have fraudulently enslaved We the People.

The prison, industrial system is a blight on this country. With > 2M people incarcerated, this means that > 2M families have been abused!

Drug crimes are an outrageous abuse of power & the public trust, contrary to the intent of the law, as there is NO DAMAGED PARTY - corpus delecti,
which is a tenant of law.

All State, County, & City Publics Servants are guilty of perjury, sedition, treason, cimes as each is NOT supporting de jure, lawful govt.

The Constitution provides remedy for treason! Let's follow the Law of the Land.

You Know Your Enemy .............

Kudos Anonymous for you're truth-speak.
I for one am sick and tired of being farmed by the Anglo-American psyho-elites and their synchophants. Restore Government "of the people, by the people and for the people".

The Drug War!

The Drug War in America is dumb and unconstitutional everyone has listened to Big Borhter The ole mighty oil merchants for so long and are addicted to ciggs and alchol which kill and they don't give marijuana a chance.. no one fights when they are irie! they sit on a couch chill on da beach make hemp stuff etc...

when are we going to sue media/govt for this war on civilians?

The media beat ups keep this war going on , its time to sue those deseminating the lies ,those conducting colusion to generate gross human rights indecencies and abuse on ordenary people by a very real WAR .

The susstem that feels a druggie isnt human [isnt worth respect, who is by lie deemed guilty , who dont even have the right to have their voice heard , but that cops discrimination and abuse from not only the lying media but pro active policing oppression and lies about a plant and those chosing to use its healing properties

A perfect example of how the end does not justify the means!

So were the criminal agents/policy makers within the gov't publicly executed? If not... why not?

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Walter from Arizona.

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Curiouser and curiouser...

Bill O'Reilly is going to have a cow... seriously, that guy is going to lay a whole damn bull, horns and all, straight out through his ass. Mexicans, kids, and liberal college professors will now run wild in the streets tearing down the gates of civilization for the Reds and Al Qaeda to enter unopposed and convert us to their unchristian ways!

All hope is lost!!!

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