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Feature: North Dakota Man Facing Years in Prison After Buying Salvia Divinorum On eBay

In what is likely the first arrest for possession of salvia divinorum anywhere in the nation -- and definitely a first in North Dakota -- a Bismarck man now faces years in prison after he bought a few ounces of leaves on eBay. Kenneth Rau, a bottling plant worker with an interest in herbalism, altered states, and religion and spirituality, was arrested by Bismarck police on April 9 when they searched his home looking for his adult son, who was on probation for drug charges.
Kenneth Rau
Police found a marijuana pipe, eight ounces of salvia leaf, a quantity of amanita muscaria mushrooms, and a number of other herbal products. Rau now faces multiple charges, said Burleigh County States Attorney Cynthia Feland.

"He is being charged with possession of salvia with intent to deliver, as well as possession of psilocybin with intent, and possession of marijuana," she said. Although Rau told the Chronicle he thought he would be charged with a school zone violation as well, which would have made his intent offenses Class A felonies punishable by up to 20 years in prison, that is not the case, said Feland. "He is not being charged with a school zone violation," she affirmed.

(The psilocybin charges could go up in smoke. The amanita muscaria mushrooms that he possessed are not controlled substances under federal law and, while hallucinogenic, do not contain psilocybin. The active ingredient in amanita muscaria mushrooms is muscimole.)

Rau was being charged with possession with intent because of the weight of the leaves, she said. "We look at the typical use quantity," she said, "and it is similar to marijuana, with a typical use dose of .25 grams to .5 grams, and he had significantly more than that," she said.
salvia leaves (courtesy
Salvia divinorum, a member of the Mexican mint family, has been used by Mazatec shamans for hundreds of years. Smoking or chewing the leaves, or more commonly, concentrated extracts, can produce intense, albeit short-lived hallucinogenic experiences. While the plant has become notorious through YouTube videos of young people smoking it and behaving strangely, it is also of interest to "psychonauts," or people attempting to explore consciousness through herbal means.

Researchers say that while salvia's effects on consciousness may be disquieting, the plant has not been shown to be toxic to humans, its effects are so potent it is unlikely to be used repeatedly, and its active property, salvinorin A, could assist in the development of medicines for mood disorders.

There are hazards to messing with hallucinogens, one expert was quick to point out. "It's an hallucinogen, and while its hallucinogenic actions are different from those induced by LSD and other hallucinogens, it has the liabilities that hallucinogens do," Bryan Roth, a professor of pharmacology at University of North Carolina's School of Medicine, the man who isolated salvinorin A, told Drug War Chronicle last month. "When people take it, they are disoriented. If you don't know where you are and you're driving a car, that would be a bad experience."

Still, said Roth, while it may make you freak out, it isn't going to kill you. "There is no evidence of any overt toxicity, there are no reports in the medical literature that anyone has died from it. The caveat is that there have been no formal studies done on humans, but the animal data suggests that it doesn't kill animals given massive doses, and that's usually -- but not always -- predictive for human pharmacology."

The DEA considers salvia a drug of interest, but has yet to move to place it under the Controlled Substances Act. A DEA spokesman told the Chronicle recently that the plant is being reviewed to see if it meets the criteria for inclusion on the list of controlled substances.

But driven by little more than the YouTube videos and the story of one Delaware youth whose parents blamed his suicide on salvia, state legislators have not waited for the DEA's measured considerations to act. Since Delaware became the first state to ban salvia, a handful of others, including North Dakota, followed suit. Moves are currently afoot in a number of other states to join the club.
salvia (and criminal defense) ads on web version of ND news station report on Rau's bust
Salvia became illegal in North Dakota on August 1, after a bill sponsored by three Republican lawmakers, state Sens. Dave Oelke and Randel Christmann and state Rep. Brenda Heller sailed through the legislature earlier this year. None of the three legislators responded to Chronicle requests for comment this week.

After Rau was arrested earlier this month, Bismarck police warned that it could be only the beginning in the fight against the member of the mint family. "It sure looks like there could be a market, based on the amount he had", Lt. Bob Hass told reporters. "This is the first we've seen of it." Hass did not return Chronicle calls for comment this week.

While salvia information web sites like Salvia.Net do place a single dose of salvia leaf at between .25 gram and one gram, similar to County Attorney Feland's estimate, intent to deliver still seems a stretch. "I bought eight ounces of leaf on eBay by bidding $32 for it," said Rau. "Now they're charging me with possession with intent. That's silly. Nobody wants leaves. Everyone is buying those 10X and 20X and 30X extracts." [Ed: Not to mention that on eBay one buys what is being offered a sale, not half or a tenth or twentieth of it.]

Rau was also not impressed by the prosecutor's dosage estimates. "This is a clear ploy to exaggerate the number of saleable units," he complained. "These drug warriors have long used this ploy to make dealers out of everyone. Accepting those figures, an ounce of Salvia Divinorum would give 120 doses and make anyone holding an ounce of it a dealer. This is ridiculous since an ounce is clearly the standard saleable unit for leaf. Applying the prosecutor's standard marijuana dosage and saleable quantity would be the amount that would fit in the end of a pinch hitter. This standard would make anyone holding even an eighth ounce of marijuana a dealer."

Rau also scoffed at the notion that anyone is going to be buying fractions of an ounce of salvia leaf. "You can buy an ounce online for as little as $10," he pointed out. "Who is going to split that up into smaller quantities? Hell, you would probably end up spending more on baggies that you did on the leaf," he said.

"This is ridiculous legislative overreaching," said Rau of the new law. "They only based it on those wacky YouTube videos, and even on those, you see people trying to abuse the stuff as much as possible and ham it up, and it still doesn't hurt them. And why jump from selling it in stores to making it a felony," he asked, "don't they do misdemeanors anymore? I didn't even know it was illegal here, and with their first prosecution they go for the max."

The local TV station's web site has inadvertently supported Rau's point. At the time of this writing, an online version of the news report about Rau's arrest was still pulling up salvia ads by Google. Rau emailed the link to Drug War Chronicle, proving that the salvia ads are showing up on computers in North Dakota.

A mild-mannered 46-year-old, Rau's interest in salvia derived from a broader interest in herbalism, religion and spirituality, as well as efforts to deal with his own inner demons. "I read that salvia facilitates lucid dreaming, so I tried chewing some leaves before bed time, and it was interesting because I would see faces and remember names I had long forgotten."

He also tried salvia as a cure for depression. "I have some childhood issues to deal with. They had me on Paxil," he said. "They want you to take their pharmaceuticals, but if you want to take an herbal remedy, they want to throw you in prison. Are they going to save me from myself by throwing me in prison for years?"

Now, Rau is fighting for his freedom, but there aren't many resources in North Dakota, and he doesn't even have a lawyer yet. "The ACLU doesn't even list anyone in the state," he said. "I've emailed the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project, but I haven't heard back from them yet."

Still, he said, his arrest has motivated him. "Maybe this is an opportunity for me to join the fight," he said. "I've never been a drug user, never been arrested. I started experimenting with this stuff because I thought it was legal. I didn't want to get into trouble, but now they're treating me just like some meth dealer."

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Freedom of Religion

Can we say that America is a Free Country without being called liars? I think not. Shamans are being deprived of their Entheogens. I fear that my State will soon deprive me of the Eucharist of Jesus Christ.

What Does a Shaman do? They Heal? He try to heal his psychological issues in the same way shaman have done for thousands of years, the same way Dr. Charles Grob is doing now.

Shame on us for insulting our God and our Founding Fathers this way!!!


``Can we say that America is a Free Country without being called liars?''

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The U.S.A. is a fully militarized, quasi-totalitarian, oligarchic and unholy union of Police States, period.

The "Stars & Stripes" is the flag of my enemy. Every time I see one all I want to do is wipe the dirt off the bottom of my shoes upon it. After all, isn't that what the people running the government have been doing to our Constitution?

PEACE people... Love is the Only Way

If I learned one thing from my inner journeys it is this, we are all connected and part of the same universe. Evolution happens! No matter what you know or believe, or which ever religion, we as beings have one thing in common, we are all just learning and everybody makes mistakes. And I'm really sure, someday people will look back on this drug war and wonder, "what were people thinking?"

The large disconnect with illegal drugs today is massive over generalization. People are led to believe that all illegal drugs are the same thing. The police and polititions have more authority then doctors when directing policy. This is madness! The narrow minded problem is that warriors see salvia as the same thing as meth. And these same leaders put alcohol and tobacco in some magic catagory that is beyond the law. All the while doctors strive to save people from the legal, while illegal pot smokers, for instance, have better health.

Prohibitionists just promote unscientific rhetoric -- bashing natural plants that produce very different effects from one another, ones that have been expanding the body and consciousness for centuries. And box this up with modern bootleg chemical junk that melts the mind.

If any real science, such as medicine, conducted itself the same as the current drug war, it would never evolve into better science. Drug warriors see aspirin as the same thing as penicilin as they lump speed in with historically sacred powerful psychedelics that are naturally safe.

The drug war becomes successful when warriors come clean and start being truthful with what science is finding out, not any out of date rhetoric nonsense. People must learn the truth about illegal drugs, so they can honestly educate the masses, not to mention the children. Drug education could be similar to sex education in schools. Instead of a moronic blanket of "Just Say No" to experimenting youths. People need to know that there is a big difference between sniffing glue and smoking reefer. This knowledge could save lives. The drug war can not make mistakes identifiing mushroom species, to arrest a man, just because they are trying to rid the world of DRUGS????

I HATE when the baabaa sheep

I HATE when the baabaa sheep try to say the us is a democracy, one thing this country has NEVER been is a democracy, a Capitalist(or, as you wrote, oligarchic, rule by the social elite, now the wealthy instead of the nobles) REPUBLIC.

The closest thing this nation has to a democratic government is on the local(as in township) level, if that in many cases.

How can a democracy,(which is founded on fairness and equality of all men) even BE a Capitalist nation? Capitalism's basic tenet is to exploit the many for the benefit of the few? Capitalism naturally creates an unfair landscape both socialy and economically and will always do so because that IS Capitalism.

It's ok though, as do they all, this mighty empire is due for a nice, well deserved fall, with a sudden stop at the end=)


It's why I would never set foot in North Dakota, which would be a step back in time. Logic, rationality, or even common decency seem to have seeped out of that state (if there ever were any there, which I sort of doubt).

Why these people insist on punishing the harmless and treating others as if they were slaves of the state or whatever is quite beyond me, but perhaps it's just that the state somehow drifted away from its moorings in the south and actually belongs next to Mississippi, another state I'd never set foot in.

And who benefits from these atrocities? Not society. Not families. No one except "law enforcement" idiots who pass these idiot laws and then enforce them, seemingly gleefully. I suppose they're all atheists and don't expect to have be called to answer for their indecent assaults on ordinary citizens. Meanwhile sex offenders walk the streets, ready to kill the soul of yet more girls and women. Go, South Dakota! I mean it. Go. Go somewhere else where you would fit in better, say, any Taliban-infested country, or maybe back to the l5th century.

Anyway, those TV commercials inviting folks to enjoy this wonderful state (of irrationality and inhumane treatment of citizens) can't hold a candle to the effects of North Dakota's laws.

"And who benefits from these

"And who benefits from these atrocities? Not society. Not families. No one except "law enforcement" idiots who pass these idiot laws and then enforce them, seemingly gleefully. I suppose they're all atheists and don't expect to have be called to answer for their indecent assaults on ordinary citizens. "

Hey!! that's insulting to atheists everywhere, myself included. It is also incredibly inacurrate, most law enforcement and politicians are stout believers, and don't fear divine retribution most likely NOT because they don't belive in god, but because they honestly believe that THEY are the moral GOOD GUYS (what a laugh that is, though not at all funny) and the damn populace needs to be controlled.

Remember, the War on Drugs is a war on americans, and the police exist to serve the powers that be, NOT the people.

There is a HUGE diference between 'policing' and 'peace-keeping'-the former is invasive, unconstitutional and causes more problems then it solves, the latter is what cops are actually supposed to do.

time for a revolation in the u.s.

the people of the u.s. ought to revote agaisest these fat cat's trying to tell us when we can do what and when we can't. the u.s. sureisn't the land of the free anymore. soon they will be telling us when to go to bed and when to get up and so on. i say it's a bunch of hogwash. the politicaions of today are nothing but a bunch of jellf fish. they tell you what you want to here and when there in there the drugcompanys and other copany's with deep pockets buy the politacions and tell then how to vote.if we don't stop it know it will just get worse and worse unless your one of the rich or a cop. stop the goverment from taking are rights away every day. my slef it if don't get better next election i'm moving to north of the border.

Re; Travesty

Hey, lets not be bad mouthing atheists. The vast majority of people in this country consider themselves Christian, these charming laws are brought to you by that majority not those of us who choose to face reality.

Christian Sects do Entheogens Too

There are christians and christian sects that practice entheogenic ritual and shamanism.

And I dare say that any atheist doing an entheogenic plant is practicing shamanism, hello Bill Maher! Lets not be divisive and unite, people!

Has anyone contacted the North Dakota ACLU? Do they even have one? Isn't this a violation of the 1993 Religious Restoration Act?

Violates Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)

This law scheduling Salvia divinorum is unconstitutional as applied to Native Americans and other religious users of Salvia divinorum. Indeed, Salvia divinorum has a long and established history of bona fide religious and medicinal uses, which the bill makes absolutely no effort to accommodate. Kenneth Rau was obvious utilizing Salvia divinorum as a spiritual sacrament, and not to get 'high' or 'deal' it.

A small church in New Mexico (UDV) recently won a Supreme Court case upholding the use of certain other plants as religious sacraments (Case #04-1084). This gives guaranteed protection under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that prevents interference and restriction of religious practices.

Salvia divinorum is completely non-toxic. Toxicological studies have been performed by Dr. Leander Valdés at the University of Michigan, Jeremy Stewart at the University of Mississippi, Dr. Frank Jaksch of Chromadex Inc., and Wayne Briner of the University of Kansas. Neither Salvia divinorum nor salvinorin A showed toxicity in any of these studies. There is a vast body of empirical evidence that indicates Salvia divinorum is a remarkably safe herb. Indeed, the Mazatecs, who have used S. divinorum for hundreds of years, do not attribute any toxic properties to this plant.

Even after over 40 years of scrutiny the plant is still considered harmless. It has no lingering effects like a hangover, and no one, the DEA included, has heard of a person overdosing or experiencing long-term consequences. Calls to law enforcement agencies, hospitals, rehab clinics, colleges and universities across the United States, has failed to reveal Salvia divinorum as a problem or a direct contributor to any addictions, conditions, accidents, injuries, crimes, or deaths. In short, Salvia divinorum is not, and will not be, a danger to anyone.

Evidently, this law was passed based on inaccurate information about Salvia divinorum. Schedule I is intended for substances that have a high potential for abuse, a lack of accepted safety, and no currently accepted medical use. Salvia divinorum does not meet any of these criteria.

Only the 2nd arrest for Salvia possession world-wide...

The first arrest was in Italy in 2005. This is only the 2nd arrest for Salvia Divinorum possession world-wide.

Shows just how big of a problem this really is.

Don't We Have Enough Laws?

Don't You Think We Have Enough Laws?

They need to go and fix the older ones before adding more.

It Is Still Illegal To Take A Shower Naked In Florida. (Not Enforced)

Has Salvia Killed Or Injured Anyone Yet?

Isn't there enough people in jail?

Possession And Use Of Drugs Should Be Legal.

"Legalize Drugs. It is the only way to win the drug war."

This is crazy and assnine.

People need to get off their ass and do something about this stuff as soon were all going to have a curfew set at 6pm Then what? It will be tooooooo late.

it never too late

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

Jefferson said that, and of all the founding fathers I believe he was the one who most clearly saw how easily their fledgling republic(the us is not and has never been a democracy, we chose the roman model of the republic instead of the athenian democratic model, and the founders were VERY elitist in most regards, why do u think there is an electoral college? The founders truly believed that to give the masses true self government would be disastrous, as, in their collective view, it requires the landed gentry elite to "properly' run a nation) could be corrupted and made to serve the mad ambitions of the oilgarchic few.

He also said that this nation would be well served by the occasional bloody revolution(excuse my paraphrasing) and it's NEVER too late for that!

Salvia Divinorum

"The first arrest was in Italy in 2005. This is only the 2nd arrest for Salvia Divinorum possession world-wide.
Shows just how big of a problem this really is."

Oh really? It's a damn big problem for Kenneth Rau. By extension, it is a rather large problem for anyone living in the U.S.

There is an eight hundred pound gorilla in the corner that many people who come to this site overlook, or misunderstand.
Drug laws are not about drugs. They are not about getting high. They are not an attempt to protect society or the individual.
They are about two related issues. The first one is Power. The second is Money.

Drug laws give the state the authority to invade your home, take your possessions, tap your communications, and jail you for violation of the statutes. (I am sure that there are other rights trampled by these laws as well.)
Some speak of revolution. So long as computers control data, I do not believe that this could be accomplished.

Because of the enhancement of executive authority engineered by the Bush administration, it is now possible for the government to issue what is called a "presidential finding" that any citizen can be secretly identified as either a "terrorist" or a "terrorist supporter" and the miscreant can be arrested and jailed without trial, access to a defense attorney, notification of family. Any evidence can be claimed to be "Secret" and withheld from the individual.
That unfortunate person can be incarcerated for the remainder of their life in this manner, with no rights whatsoever.
The Geneva Convention is not applicable (according to President Bush)
and the "suspect" can be tortured with impunity to obtain a confession of guilt.

Our country is in grievous peril, and I have no solution to offer.

Malkavian's picture

Size of the problem

I think you misunderstand the intent of the poster you respond to.

In sociology one often talks about someting called "Social Constructivism" which is a theory of how a lot of problems are not quite evidence based. The "problem" isn't out there in nature and it's not to be picked up totally objective like you'd put a microscope to a bacteria and be able to find it.

Lots of problems are social constructions, edifices that are often highly abstract and often of a second or third order.

What's worse is the concept of the "moral panic". That's characterized by taking something real like "someone OD'ed on heroin" or "someone ran naked through the streets on LSD" and then exaggerating the size of the problems. A moral panic would be underway if the media made it look like MOST people OD on heroin or MOST people end up running naked through the streets on LSD. And of course we'd have to exaggerate the prevalence of the heroin and LSD experience to make it look like something that could practically and morally destroy all of society.

Salvia Divinorum is NOT a big problem in any objective sense (Objectivism) and it's only through the lense of the socially constructed, exaggerated problem that it LOOKS like a problem.

But the law against Salvia Divinorum is a problem for Kenneth Lau, of course.


Rhubarb, you have seriously hit the nail on the head in a most eloquent fashion...

Helping Kenneth Rau

I've written to the ACLU and the Minn Chapter of the Innocence Project. I've gotten no word back. I honestly don't know who to voice my complaints with, or who will come to this poor man's defense. My country is collapsing into tyranny, and I don't know how we can save it. Does anyone know what we can do?

Helping Kenneth Rau

Perhaps the Institute of Justice ( can help him.

Institute for Justice Minnesota Chapter

If someone can get word to Mr. Kenneth Rau, the Institute for Justice Minnesota Chapter might help him. All he has to do is fill out a brief 6 page form.

Research at BNL on Salvia

Brookhaven scientists examine salvia; the chemical shows rapid uptake in lab animals and a potential for pain research.

New York is now looking at legal restrictions.

Healing Salvia and Mushrooms

I suspect that Kenneth Rau was doing the same research I have been doing on the healing power of entheogens, in treating depression, anxiety and addictions. He should be able to make a case for self-healing and the right to life.

I think Mr. Rau might find help with the Fargo chapter of the ACLU.

bring back freedom

its time to bring back public hangings start with politicans lawers lawmakers judges .drag them to the court houses and hang them out front


Wow. I love how the intent laws work. He was in possession of more than a single dose, he must be selling!


are stupid and are created by morons without a clue who try to help people under the guise of doing good when all they do is hinder and cause problems.

It is about time the government left us alone to live our lives than try to interfere in every aspect of everything we do!

The sooner drugs are legalised and controlled by the short sighted state the better.

Call Amnesty international

Kenneth Rau's arrest and loss of liberty is an infringement of his human rights and should be brought to the attention of Amnesty international,a non-profit,non-governmental organisation that campaigns on behalf of people who have been oppressed by their governments and deprived of their human-rights.In the U.S. the Constitution guarantees the right of freedom of religous practise.I am a direct descendent ,on my father's side ,of Anne Hutchinson who spoke out against the religous oppression of the church leaders during the time of the witch hunts in New England in the 17th Century.
The persecution and incarceration of marijuana users is the modern -day equivalent of the witch hunts of the past.
We must defend our rights and freedoms in the face of state and government intimidation.People power is what the rulers are scared of.
The drug laws are the means by which our governments have been criminalising the poorest and most disadvantaged
and for turning our democracies into an alliance of police -states whose agenda is set by a secretive and world powerful organisation called The Bilderberger's.According to a book called'The Treaty"by David Grant ,one of the Bilderberger's members masterminded "The Treaty" in the 60's to prohibit the use of drugs in order to make massive amounts of money through the illegal drugs trade.The name of that man is Philip,Duke of Edinburgh,the same man who ,in the public enquiry at the High Courts ,has recently been publically accused of ordering Princess Diana's death at the hands of british intelligence,MI6.
We must actively campaign on behalf of all the millions who are incarcerated as a result of the corrupt 'War on Drugs' in fact,we should declare war on 'The war on drugs'itself and campaign for all the countless victims of a policy that has wreaked havoc on the peace and stability of modern society.
Have faith that'...Gods' Will be done on Earth as in Heaven 'and that soon we will have laws that truly reflect the goodness and justice and love of the lord Jesus.

North Dakota Man facing Charges

Hello! You little Hick town of Bismarck wake the hell up!!!!. This man Purchase Items he was inhaling. The Delivery and carrier is the US Mail. A portion of the US Gov. The US Gov. postal sevice does this daily to millions of us and the same substances.In the Drug trafficing World someone who transports and delivers is just as guilty. Wake UP! you little hick town. You Should also have The US Gov on trial. If Not Than you are violating this US Citizens Civil Rights and Liberties. Drop all charges or start the process of putting the US Gov on Trial. If You Do Not Then you are a Violator of our US Constitution. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greatfully Yours, a US Citizen

No. Dakota Man Faces Charges

This has nothing to do with idealogy or public safety. It is all about money. Nothing else. The prison guards union showers millions of dollars on the politicians in California. The governator just approved the construction of 3 new prisons. The goal of the DEA and all other related enforcement agencies is full employment. So what if teenagers are locked up for 20 years? I am coming to the conclusion that evil does exist and it is in our leaders who could care less about ruined lives.
We are bearing witness to the decline of what used to be a great country.Hundreds of millions are showered on Washington by "lobbyists" who get favorable laws and tax breaks while the common citizen gets the shaft.
I am a college educated 65 year old whose disgust with our wholly corrupt political system is beyond words.
bond st


if you want to know what is really happening... The people are being represented. You all here are nice enough, but what you don't realize is that Mom and Pop America is getting exactly what they have ordered, apropos the Government. And that means that you all (and I) have been cowering in our closets for far too long. And I will continue to do so, because the people who have control of our nation do not wish to merely control the world. They wish to destroy it, for there is no possibility left to them for the advancement of the soul, so evil they are. Their only hope for an end to their anguish is to destroy themselves utterly, and that can only happen through the destruction of as many lives of other people as possible.

find much truth here!

I personally feel I will be lucky if I can get out of this country soon enough to avoid the martial law that i see coming like a thunderhead on the horizon.


Whoevers decision it was to make the arrest should be shot into space.

Jimi Devine's picture


To think there are over 700 listings for salvia on Ebay right now.

Writing the ACLU

I e-mailed the ACLU and got a response, which I forwarded to Kenneth Rau (I won't disclose his contact info without his permission). I would suggest that anyone who thinks that this is a grave injustice, as I do, should write them as well, to help pressure them to help him. I sent the e-mail to [email protected].

Wait, they find a

Wait, they find a "marijuana" pipe, but find no actual marijuana?

Well that's stupid, because you also smoke salvia and tobacco in a pipe.

They found a pipe, that's it,. It's not illegal to have a pipe.

It's obviously an attempt for them to try to put more charges on this guy.

Like the charges for the LEGAL Amanita mushrooms, again, just an attempt to charge this guy.

This is just an attempt for them to make "bad" of some guy that bothers no one and enjoys himself in his own home. So that's the game of the law in 2008 people, make new laws, use these new laws to label people as bad people or criminals, so we can process them and profit from them. (confiscated possesions, fines and fees, etc)

The world's changing folks

USA = Fascist

The united states is not and has never been a free country. The gloves are off now and it's becoming more and more apparent that it's a fascist dictatorship.

Authoritarian know-nothings feel the need to dictate our brain chemistry. Casual users of drugs unapproved by the dictatorship are subject to long prison terms.

Fuck this country.

Freedom, my ass

"The united states is not and has never been a free country. The gloves are off now and it's becoming more and more apparent that it's a fascist dictatorship.

Authoritarian know-nothings feel the need to dictate our brain chemistry. Casual users of drugs unapproved by the dictatorship are subject to long prison terms.

Fuck this country."

Agree. This country is a piece of shit, one I'm more ashamed of every day. There is no "freedom" here.

Rau skips court appearance

I am in North Dakota. I saw in the paper today that Rau didn't show up for his hearing in Bismarck, ND. Now there is a warrant for his arrest. I hope that a good lawyer picks up his case. I am hoping that he has fled to another state where this substance is not illegal. He will need a lawyer to fight extradition. Someone????? Shame on ND lawmakers!

So Stupid...

Check out: for all the real info on Salvia.. It is not a "bad" drug. Most people try it once and never do it again. Salvia should stay legal.....

Salvia arrest...

I tried acid back in the day, and found it ran its' course,both in the individual experience and the length of time that it held any attraction for me.
Hallucinogens gave me some great trips but I guess I outgrew any desire to keep using them; I also had a busy and fulfilling life.
BUT I sure as hell will fight to the death for my right to ingest something that looks like a good time when my trusted and stable friends consume it in suitable surroundings with knowledgeable people. And YOUR right to do the same!
I am Canadian and I know our Powers That Be have been following the small-minded lunatics who draw up laws that come out of nowhere and grow into monsters. The Bush government has interfered with many more than just our legislators and justice official, and demand their pound of flesh from citizens. Witness the de "Silva fiasco a while back.
A little research into the prison populations of both the us and Canada will demonstrate to the dullest of us the insanity of the laws as they stand today. Dangerous criminals are caught and incarcerated according to the extent of their crimes, after they have offended multiple times over a significant period, but users of "illegal" drugs and people with no power are charged and convicted way out of line with the "crimes" they commit. By comparison, the person I buy my pot from is more criminal than the creep who graduates from stealing undies off a clothesline to kidnap and rape, then to murder.
Men make laws; let 's hope they review them occasionally and see the mania of the times in which they were written, and also the values of those times. Our criminal codes are weighed down with outdated, immaterial bs, laws that can cause us to lose everything we have of value, including friends, family and community when suddenly they are pulled out and activated against those who don't have the strength or power to fight.

the truth

They have no power if we pay no taxes. Stop paying they cant arrest us all if the cops arent paid!
The way we fight is we stop listening. Do you think they would call miltary on us? And if so, Do you think they would listen? Those men and women would not hurt there friends and family! They would turn on the maniacs in office. We need to take back our power that we have a right to. Thats the way the founding fathers meant it to be. So if half the population who paid taxes stopped, they wouldn't have the money to take us to prison. The cops won't work for free! We need to put a person who actually embodies the hope of america in office, not this spineless Obama! He is a figurehead to increase power. The stimulus plan he just passed gives him the right to control business in this country! We need to be outraged! We need to fight!

Yet ND is very tolerant of

Yet ND is very tolerant of psycho gunmen with explosives

A drunken Fargo man fired around 50 shots from a second-floor balcony and through the hallway walls in standoff that lasted more than six hours. The SWAT team saw the bullets rip through the walls, as the gunman tried to aim at the officers on the other side. One of the first patrol crouched for more than six hours behind a small pile of bricks, unable to move safely. The man also had C4 plastic explosives in his arsenal.

David Tofte, 27, a former Army Ranger, was sentenced Wednesday to four years of supervised probation and 218 days in jail, time he has already served.

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