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Asia: Beijing Police Begin Pre-Olympics Drug Crackdown

Public security officials in Beijing, the Chinese capital and host city for this year's summer Olympics, announced a pre-Olympic drug crackdown Wednesday, according to Chinese state media. Beijing police will secretly search bars for drug traffickers and "addicts" in the run-up to the games, officials declared in a statement.

The two-month campaign will apparently target bars and clubs popular with young people and foreigners, which police complain are becoming a popular venue for drug use and trafficking. If bar-goers or owners are found to be involved in drug-related activities, they will be investigated, said Zhao Wenzhong, head of the Beijing Municipal Security Bureau's drug control department.

The Chinese aim to create a "drug-free" environment for the August Olympics, Zhao said.

The crackdown has been underway for some time, but is being ramped up for the Olympics. According to Fu Zhenghua, deputy head of the bureau, more than 20 Beijing bars and clubs have been closed after being found to be involved in drug use or trafficking.

Less than two weeks ago, Beijing police raided two bars in the Sanlitun night-life district, detaining scores of young people, including numerous foreigners, covering their heads with bags, and taking them to police stations for drug tests. That led to complaints by the foreigners' parents of "Chinese torturing foreign teens in drugs bust." Chinese authorities reported they had arrested 20 people, including eight foreigners, for possession of drugs including ecstasy, marijuana, and unspecified "other drugs."

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we need another drug war



i am from france
i buy some item from which i found by MADE IN CHINA
i pay in advance for my order but they never deliver that item, even they don't reply me of my emails,
i want to tell you the peoples like IASKSHOP they cheat others,
do some thing against these cheaters, if u can
the web site link is and the email is [email protected]
the personne with who ideal name is
LINDA telphone is 0086 15038730437

the money was paid at 23/04 by bank transfer to

-Bank name:Bank of China
-Address: NO.19G jurenkeji haidian District BeiJing China
-A/C holder's name: LiMing
-A/C No.:624966020069482
-Swift code: BKCHCNBJ530

I hope you will rebuild our trust for china suppliers and make proud to be chainies.


it happened to me as well

Hi my name is Darcy and just wanted to let you know it happened to me as well. Did you do any investigations on the company or is there any info you can help me with. Mine was on, but same person.

Thanks for the warning

I was just about to send some money to this person but I have signed up with moneybookers so he couldn't touch the money until the goods arrive. I think I will give it a miss now unless someone can prove the goods actually exist. The site being used is and the name and adress is the same.

Marcus Croft

Bunch of scammers!!

I was going to do the same.

Check this out!

we accept the western union,bank transfer and money gramme. which one do you prefer? i am sorry that we can't accept the paypal and cheque. hope you can understand.
1.Western Union
The Western Union address is as belowes:
- first name is Ming
- last name is Li
-Post code :100088
-We also need the belowing info from you after you have made the payment:
- MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number)
- your first name and last name
2. Bank Transfer
-Bank name:Bank of China
-Address: NO.19G jurenkeji haidian District BeiJing China
-A/C holder's name: LiMing
-A/C No.:624966020069482
-Swift code: BKCHCNBJ530

Guarantee :
1. i will send you the whole set of certificates by mail or by fax if you need .
2. you may check the truth of our website by the official website the wicp number is 320081248 .
3. you may go to our website to click the button of 'send goods'to find the delivery information.
4. we accept money gram as well as western union and bank transfer.
5. we are able to provide stamped preformal invoice as valid as contract.
for 1. first: go to the official website then click the circle before 'Acdg to record's licence NO.' second:fill the icp number 320081248 in the blank under'Input Under Condition' last: click the 'submit'.

The items will be wrapped well and sent to you as soon as your payment received. We will send the products to you by UPS\EMS\DHL\FEDEX\TNT such kinds of express service, it takes about 3-5 days for the merchandise to arrive you, please check your address and ordered goods again carefully.
Best wishes for you !
Many thanks !

plz tell me icq158 is real or fake plz help me

i chkd evry thng is cheap n cms gd bt i dont know wtr its real or nt. i dont want to waste my money n hav a bad imprsn abt china companies. if any 1 tried this web site or or plz tell me so tht i dont want to be 1 more scam victim.
plzzzzzzzzz help me is a scam

icq158 is a scam, they post all the time in Toronto Craigslist and there are many many posts after of people saying they were scammed, dont go with them im almost 100% sure they are a scam. if its too good to be true, dont do it, not worth wasting your time and money, especially the serious headache afterwards.


i paid for a mortorcycle at and it never arrived!

Cheater -

I am in the same situation!! They never sent me the item, and they told me that if I want my item, i need to pay $150 extra for the tariff fee. Unfortunatly, after i paid the extra, they never replied me. Buster!!! I tried to call, but the phone number is incorrect. Even if they are online in the web, they never respond after I request my money back, but they respond when I pretend I was a new customer to ask question about the products.


Is there any way to report this scam? and get the money back for us?

We should alll try to do something about it.

hi there

i`m in the same situation as well

so i chatted them but they never admit there fault.

so i need your email and name please

they siad " tell me who ordered me"

If you really don`t get your product, tell me your email and name. i can help you and help myself. Electronics - scam and swindle

Also I am a vicim of good believe. And yes I do feel so stupid

It all looked very professional and thrustworthy. does look relaiable to customers who do not have the experience of being mugged.

But after I did pay € 788,- euro in advance with a bank transfer nothing happend.

Now a try to cancell my payment or get a refund if it is not to late.

Let this be a warning to everyone. And a signal to the Chinese Police.

Because if this kind of organized swindle/scam is allowed in China no one will do business no more.

new name for appears to be

hi all
we were thinking of buying products from their electronics seems suspiciously cheap. couldnt find any bad feedback for them at all but apparantly they hav somthing to do with
can anyone put me onto honest supplier of chinese goods ?

another victim..

I ordered from
when they asked me for more money due to a custom departement problem..I realised how stupid I was..I knew it was a scam..I ve lost 350 euros..
but there must be something we can do I can not beleive these thieves are actually acting with NO CONTROL?
how can I contact the police in CHINA? is there a way to take this further?? anyone knows???enyone has done it???

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