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A sticky-fingered Pennsylvania cop causes a DA to drop some drug cases, a pill-pushing Massachusetts cop resigns, and an unnamed New Mexico narc is under investigation for undeclared misdeeds. Let's get to it:

In Erie, Pennsylvania, an Erie police officer's theft of cocaine from the evidence locker has led to the dismissal of cocaine trafficking charges against four men. Erie County DA Brad Foulk dropped the charges April 3 after a police inspector testified that Lt. Robert Leibel had admitted stealing 28.5 grams of cocaine that was evidence in the case in November. Foulk said the charges should be dropped because the theft broke the chain of custody of the evidence in the case. Liebel, 46, has not been charged in the November theft, but is awaiting an April 29 preliminary hearing on charges he stole another 12 grams of cocaine on February 10. The disappearance of the cocaine in November led to the investigation that resulted in Liebel's arrest in the February case.

In Swampscott, Massachusetts, a Swampscott police officer facing federal drug charges has resigned. Officer Thomas Wrenn, 37, resigned Saturday, thwarting any disciplinary action by the town and leaving him entitled to resignation benefits, including pay for unused vacation and personal time. Wrenn had been placed on leave last month after he was arrested on federal charges he possessed oxycodone with the intent to distribute. Wrenn was busted after buying 50 Percocet pills from a snitch. He subsequently admitted to providing pills to five other people, including a former Nahant cop and four young women. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

In Albuquerque, a Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department narcotics officer is on paid leave while the department investigates claims of misconduct. Neither the officer's name nor the specifics of the misconduct have yet been revealed. The investigation began April 4.

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killer cops

if a citizen kills a cop he eather gits life in prisen or death forget about killer cops with holdout guns thay plant on the body and say self defence what about all the misteaken swat team raids where citizens die if a cop shoots he is given 3 days leave....what happens after that dose he/she go out and do it again in the 1960s it was 5 citizens die to 1 cop die today it is so bad if you inquire you got real problems...........we hold these truths to be self evident that all men have certan inalienable rights among these is the right to life liberty and the persuit of happyness

we hold these truths to be

we hold these truths to be self evident that all men have certan inalienable rights among these is the right to life liberty and the persuit of happyness

and also...the constitution states that we as a nation can create a new form of goverment if the curent system is against what we, as united people, see as a correct constitutional government

I am in total agreement with revolution

ditto to you and revolution!!

"the right to life liberty and the persuit of happyness

and also...the constitution states that we as a nation can create a new form of goverment if the curent system is against what we, as united people, see as a correct constitutional government..."

You have stated what our constitutional written rights are and what this nation was founded on , a democratic republic by the people and for the people. If there is a way (via THE INTERNET...HINT HINT) a revolution could become reality, this is the time for HARSH, opinionated revolt.

Americans have become stuck on stupid and this is exactly the ploy which those in power seek to accomplish.

Another form of government needs to be created and deployed asap or we will (the largest %) be desparatly seeking a country in which we can survive and prosper.

The usa has become a corporation in and of itself, no questions are being asked. At least not people who could have motivation toward change for the good of humanity....we are surviving in chaotic insanity and it aint gonna get any better ... but who am I, just another unheard voice with no power only the redundant use of learned language. Take care to all who understand the seriousness of the state of the nation.
Cops are the worst robots on the planet.

drug wars

why arent we using some of this money we are using to catch a drug pusher to go after tax evaders. we are way behind times we will never stop drugs from coming into our country. i laugh every time i hear how we are stopping it. legalize all drugs stop all killing full jails etc. i dont believe the drug dealers are all dangerous. by the way what about govenor bushes daughter when she got caught no long time jail time for her. what about all the actors and actress no long time jail for them our justice system in this country is not good. its all the peoples fault tho elect the ones who will enact fair laws. i get sick when i think about our justice system. we argue about mistreatment of people in jail from other countries yet we mistreat our own am i confused.who are we . i do not agree with drug laws in this country and i certainly do not approve of judges who just hand out long sentences to non violent offenders

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