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Australia: South Australia Wants to Ban Marijuana Grow Recipes, Equipment

South Australia Attorney General Michael Atkinson Tuesday introduced legislation to the state parliament that would ban drug-making recipes and the possession of equipment that could be used to produce drugs without a reasonable excuse. The measure is aimed primarily at marijuana growers.

In remarks reported by The Age, Atkinson said people would have to prove why they have equipment used in the hydroponic cultivation of marijuana or face up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

"We want to make it very hard for drug cultivators and manufacturers in South Australia," he told reporters. "We think they're a pest, they're a nuisance, they're noxious and that we ought to make their lives so unbearable they might even go to another jurisdiction."

Atkinson said he isn't sure yet which items will be proscribed, but he would work with police to identify items used in hydroponic marijuana cultivation and other illicit drug laboratories. Atkinson did not say how the proposed law would be implemented.

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what next? the sun?

ban "growing equipment"... like light bulbs, fish tank pumps, and the like. why not go all out - ban the sun.

this atkinson guy is a loser

nuff said .why dont we just ban stupid law makers

Best Place. . .

Atkinson is mentally retarded; the proof is in the article for all to see.
Caring for him is the responsibilty of the psychiatric profession.

Seems all you'd have to do

Seems all you'd have to do is show that you're growing something else hydroponically.

What about soil based?

Lets see the minimum to grow a plant you need a large pot, some potting soil, water, plant food, and a regular light bulb, preferably with a shade that can be hung. So should we outlaw light bulbs, hanging chandeliers, and most normal gardening supplies? Sure the results arent as good as hydro, but for producers, who cares, the worst part is longer growing time.

So going along that train of thought, Atkinson shouldnt be able to have a garden in front of his house, because he might be using the potting soil and plant food to grow a couple plants in his attic. People will always find a way to manufacture and use drugs. All making it illegal does is make it harder to track. Sure the guy who buys 50 pounds of fertilizer every week from the store and consantly buys flourescent lights and fixtures probably has a significant operation going on and they should focus on him. The next time I want to revamp my perrenials in the front yard, I really dont want to have to take the police to my house to show them what I'm using it for.

Youll never stem the flow of the recreational user or the small time grower. Most people change to growing because they dont want to deal with dealers. The dangerous part of drugs isnt the use, its the psychos they have to deal with to get it. Its all about money, if its there to be made, someone will try it, and most with the right frame of mind will succeed. People who get killed in the drug war dont get killed because they smoked a joint, they get killed because their dealer got a bug up his arse. Or the dealers supplier got weird on him, or something to that effect. The illegality of it is what creates the danger, not the substance itself.

I don't get these people's thought pattern.

I don't get these people's thought pattern. I think their just trying to get popularity through appearing to tackle a problem. All he's really doing is wasting tax payer's money and making life more difficult for those users that grow their own.

All that stuff about making life so difficult for suppliers that they'll move somewhere else; yes - maybe they'll grow else where and then they'll ship the fruits of their labour back into the area, where those previously home growers will be forced to buy from "proper" dealers rather than face stiff penalties for growing themselves, putting them in direct contact with supplies of other drugs and adding extra funding to the underworld drugs market.

The Americans found (through alcohol prohibition) that where there is demand there is always supply, and where there is supply there is big money and crime. So the smart thing (for them with their aims) to do would be to quietly allow small grows in those people who aren't going to give it up - no matter what you do. Then go after the big set-ups, go after the street dealers who are making the big cash.

Trying to draw a wedge between the softer drugs and supplies of harder drugs, whilst not encouraging more people to use any drugs is the obvious answer for them! Police and stop drug driving and provide care and education about all types of drugs is the answer. All drugs can cause problems, and cannabis is no exception – with its mental health problems. Focus attention on harder more addictive drugs - ban them. Educate about the harmful effects of softer drugs and discourage their regular use.

Why is it not in the paper?

I have looked in vain to find any commentary on these laws in the media. Where you could once buy a marijuana grow guide legally in a high street book shop, the penalty for possession of such a book is now two years in prison. How can they pass a law without telling anybody? Many previously law abiding people are now breaking the law without realising it. I'd ust like to say thanks to all the Family First Bressington wowsers who have such an interest in everybody else's state of mind that they have to regulate it to this degree. SA used to be a great place to live but the lunatics have taken over the asylum, I'm afraid.

Good lord

Every year it seems I hear more and more restrictions on our liberty in the name of the war on drugs.

Its so insane that even people who don't use illegal drugs are affected.

The drug war is so insane....

When i get sick I want sudaphedrine without a prescription

When I want a security light, I don't wanna have to "have a good reason" for my security or fill out any forms.

When I get pulled over, for driving home from work late, I don't want to have my car searched nor a drug dog called

When will it get to the point that the passive supporters of the war on drugs see how this affects us all?

While the war on drugs is fundamentally unfair for the drug users, as well as unfair for me to have to pay 50Billion a year (USA and states only), it is also a huge restriction on our rights as citezins.

When I hang a light outside my house so I can see what made that noise at midnight, I don't want to have to explain to the government why I need it nor should I have to receive their permission.

Atkinson you hypocrit

What you got against weed my old friend? Back in high school i remember your daughter and son both smoking it. But yet you are so against it, even with your kids doing it.

Sad man, Sad

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