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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #507)

Transform Drug Policy Foundation submission to UK government drugs strategy consultation

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Marc Emery Live Chat archive (Globe and Mail) and "Prince of Pot" video

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Cultural Baggage for 10/24/07: Marc Emery, publisher Cannabis Culture Magazine and star of new movie: Prince of Pot -- US vs. Marc Emery (MP3)
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"King Hemp," Rand Clifford in

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Anonymous (not verified)

Emery broke the law, he operated in Canada, a safe jurisdiction to vend high profit contraband ( 1000 fold profit ) to an unsafe jurisdiction in the USA. Emery has been raided and charged and sent to jail in Canada many times for similar offences. He is a repeat offender Canada and returns to resume his activities as soon as he is released from custody.

Canada & the USA have an extradition treaty , and its not any different in language and scope than the extradition treaties most nations have with each other. the DEA had enough of his seed sales to commercial American pot growers so they used proper channels to work with Vancouver police to shut down Emerys seed business and arrest him and his co workers.

Soon Emery will stand before a Canadaian court to face an extradition hearing. he has fair chance to prvove why he should not be delivered up to American justice to face trial for his offences of vending controlled substances across international borders( he admits to selling to the USAand dozens of other nations as well) , money laundering and possibly operating an ongoiung organized criminal enterprize.

He will likely be sent to America to face trial. he faces a decade to life in a US prison. thems the facts. Emery knew the risks he was taking to vend seeds to America and generated many millions of dollars in revenues by assuming these risks and performing this service.

. Emery will proudly admit to every charge he faces. he is prepared to die in jail for his business. maybe in America that stance qualifies for capitalist sainthood but in Canada and the rest of the world that adds up to four star asshole

Go ahead. plea for his release for whatever reason you wish on the DEA request line - Its in vain. the prince of Pot will be eating macaroni in an orange jumpsuit with other conterculture heros and social policy rebels just like him. be sure to remember them when they go away- write them each a letter of support and congratulations if you can spare a few minutes of sacred stoner time.

But you won't, instead you will get gloriously angry, then get stoned, get confused and then move on to the next vain outrage..just like you always have

Fri, 10/26/2007 - 12:17pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

To the post above...

You sound just like a dumb evil asshole (DEA)?

Here's the deal... for the legally & historically impaired: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness... common law clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence... you know the foundation of our republic... the thing that came before the constitution!

Responsible adults who do not violate the rights of their fellow citizens, unlike the dea and other prohibitionist puppets, commit no crime!

Yes... people are forced to plea for some semblance of justice... because justice is rare when criminal liarticians, and the prohibitionists that love them, define the crimes.

Prohibition has been found unconstitutional twice already... yet here it still is...
thanks to simple minded jack-asses and mental masturbators the world over!

Ever wonder why Alcohol... the epitome of drugs... avoids the 'drug' label?
It should be 'Drugs... Including Alcohol' NOT 'Drugs & Alcohol'

And should harm ever be based on death, addiction, and/or psychosis then Alcohol, not to mention God & Government, are far more harmful to society... being largely antagonistic to freedom & the rule of lawful laws!

So my best advice to ignorant marijuana prohibitionists is: grow-up, learn the facts, then perhaps you can get your harmful priorities straight... better yet... shut-up and smoke this!

On second thought why waste good grass on a dumb-ass?

Tacoma, WA

Fri, 10/26/2007 - 1:57pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

canadians have a right to pursue happiness, per the foundation of their republic, so long as it doesn't interfere with another's life and pursuit of happiness. so marc emery simply supplied to adults what they want so they can pursue happiness. your extradition, your theory on medical marijuana, your interpretation (albeit propaganda) of laws regarding punishment towards cannabis is archaic and profoundly uneducated. you appear to be ignorant of the facts regarding the accusations against him ("money laundering and possibly operating an ongoing organized criminal enterprise"). "Emery will proudly admit to every charge he faces. he is prepared to die in jail for his business. maybe in America that stance qualifies for capitalist sainthood but in Canada and the rest of the world that adds up to four star asshole", another unfounded quote of yours.

canadians prefer cannabis to be either legal, or at best available for the sick, suffering and diing. they are a compassionate society who would not give marc emery or anyone, life imprisonment for marijuana. especially if that is what the peole want, there is disagreement in their government and the people are fighting for their rights as adults to pursue their idea of happiness.

"conterculture heros and social policy rebels just like him" to quote you. if we didn't resist, change social consciousness into the future, where would we be? In your dark, alcoholic, one-minded, repressive intellect. if you have one, since it takes critical thinking to use an intellect.

and that is the disparity between non thinkers like you and the so called stoners. a stoner could outthink you while stoned. wake up, smell the pot, like alcohol (also a drug of the worst kind) it will be legal one day. alcohol kills people daily, ruins family, almost always involved in domestic disputes, fights and causes liver damage leading to death, is a depressant, alters behavior, speech and the ability to control oneself mentally and physically, causing vehicle motor accidents which kill and worst yet, maime hundreds of thousands of people a year.

here is the big one for you anonymous non-thinker. where do you get the idea cannabis is bad??? no deaths have ever occurred, no illnesses reported, (au contraire-it has saved near death brain injury victims) no domestic violence. before you open your mouth, with your opinions, check the facts. even scientific research dispells your

Fri, 10/26/2007 - 5:41pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

Almost interesting comments .. somebody here can see how the Prince of Pot and his two partners will likely end up.. and thats in a US Federal slammer. The rest of you are deluded Che Gueverra dress up clowns drinking bong water and urinating your poorly thought out views in public.. COME ON.. THE BC 3 ARE GOING TO winter follows summer

Say the words " Marc Emery is going to jail " . Even he says this.. his lawyer admits he has a 98% chance of being delivered to the US Feds.. Thats harsh but it ain't untrue. maybe take a hit of air between tokes and feel your brain kick in like a furnace on a cold morning and think about what will likely occur..and thats a jail cell condo for the BC 3

If _any of you fine stoners of whom marijuana has sharpened your mind to a safety razor edge seriously think that Emery will escape justice and his new address at some US Federal prison , how about a little cash bet?Shall we say--- $100 Canadian ? Put your money behind your beliefs...

i didn't think so..: ) So just schwagg on you stoners, schwagg on

Fri, 10/26/2007 - 6:51pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

If you win that bet with Canada, you will be the big loser. I am sure you don't understand . You need some heightened perception. You can get that from smoking a joint. Then figure the cost we have to pay for Emery to sit in our federal prison for however many years. You might as well double that figure because chances are it will be a prison for profit (corporate ran) made possible by the generous gifts of lobbyist to "our" reps in congress. How about we just send the bill to you. I don't think your 100 winnings will cover it. You are a truly ignorant ass.

Fri, 10/26/2007 - 10:33pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

You are right, we do not understand you. Try as we may there is little in your argument to even disagree with.. try again after your nap .

Heightened perception? I can that get from smoking a joint? Not if it will make me sort of dumb like you. But you wouldn't notice, would you??

The price of putting someone in prison is not supposed to be cost efficient-even at twice the value.. it is the price civilized people pay to keep repeat offenders away from the rest of the law abiding FREE people so they can safely live their lives.. In some other parts of the world Mr Emery would face the death sentence for masterminding such a drug enterprise. Lucky it was the Americans who got him and not say, Indonesia or China where he would get the noose and that would be that- note he was selling drug strain cannabis seeds to other nations of the world..which he freely admits doing.. and he fully understood the risks he was taking to overgrow not just the US governemt, the canadian govt but all and any governments in the world....

and are we truly ignorant? thanks, thats a darn sight better than being poser ignorant like you..However, as if we care much about your intoxicant dented mumbles sliding off point..

Tomorrow i will wake up ignorent and perhaps become smarter as the day wears on -- on the otherhand you and your turnip brained stoner pals are stupid now and will wake up even stupidier.. and as you keep self medicating with black market weeds you will remain stupid. Marc Emery is going to jail, thats a done deal..

why don't you send him $50,000.000 so he can afford a lawyer who will get him off on a drug induced psychosis plea bargain. That is if you want him free that bad.. Marc Emery, the prince of Pot the capitalist poser who brought the Drug War to Canada- will soon become your mighty nation's captive spider at a cost of $50,000 a year for the next 30 years..thats 1.5 Millions US dollars to keep him in jail..and when he gets released he will be immediately deported back to Canada to suck up the dole here till he joins Ayn Rand in objectivist limbo .. Its OK- the DEA =vacuumed out his bank account - so it won't cost you US taxpayers anything to have him as a guest felon till mid century..

you stoners would lose any money you ever wagered on The Prince of Pots miraculous escape from clear cut karma . You know hes a goner just like you are-- Roll another fattie there dude, and spark it up- the light of reality is leaking into your dark basement room of self deception // till then free debate, honor amongst more cranky potheads please..they are so similar in reefer rantology burps its hardly worth while responding

so anybody with a brain want to bet $200

Sat, 10/27/2007 - 3:08am Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

The Canadian court should withhold extradition on grounds that their political system does not authorize such action regarding offenses in politics. Provided that his sale of contraband does not fall within that scope, the scope of DEA and their intent to pursue him was not due to his sales, rather his political encroachment of prohibition. While the sales of marijuana seeds are conducted, un-pursued, to the American people from not only the Netherlands, but also the UK, Emery is targeted due to his powerful political activism. He’s an activist, and a legitimate businessman who openly sold marijuana seeds, which is a far cry from any clandestine drug trafficker. Money laundering is a false accusation. The problem for the DEA was that millions of dollars of the money he made went into his anti-prohibition/legalization movement. The legalization movement does not constitute an “ongoing organized criminal enterprise”, which is what some would have you believe.

What he is prepared to spend time in jail for, is not his “business”, but rather, liberty of the people, and the fall of prohibition.

Personally, I’d call him a five star asshole, and shake his hand for a job well done, but wouldn’t give a squirt of piss for the shit-eating DEA.

I would hope our justice system isn’t completely wrought with injustice. Even with comments of counterculture hero and social policy rebel, it shows that most people who have made him a target is not due to his sales activities, but target him due to him being a “counterculture hero” and “social policy rebel”. Under such grounds, extradition is not lawful. Let’s hope that reason, justice, and liberty prevails against the oppressors. Once upon a time, such counterculture hero’s and social policy rebels consisted of people like Benjamin Franklin.

Mon, 10/29/2007 - 11:14pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

I heard this a while back, but never knew if it was so. I thought it was just the plant and flower that were illegal. I must be wrong if the Feds think they have a case, but anywho... I like how its just "you stoners." Like we're all one big retarded group. I know plenty of people with lower intelligence than any stoner i've met.. and they're all sober or alcoholics. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that pot, itself, will never kill anyone. unlike many LEGAL drugs. I understand a law is a law, but I believe that most Americans on the side of the "sober majority" have been duped into labeling themselves as such. Now that they've invested their political flags on eradicating drugs (specifically pot), they can't back down from their postition, no matter how vile, how malicious, how unempathetic they have to be to maintain it. Even in the face of TRUTH and RIGHTIOUSNESS, they laugh at and applaud someone like marc emery going to jail for the rest of his life. I dont know the guy, but I do know my federal tax dollars are going toward his capture, and I believe it to be a waste. This will do nothing at all to impact marijuana trade anywhere. thats the truth.

Wed, 10/31/2007 - 2:13pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

Emery was arrested by the Royal canadian Mounted Police at the request of the DEA. Remember why? because he sold contraband to other nations, besides the USA by mail order. In a big way for big money. Thats clearly against the law in both Canada & the USA. he took a big risk and to make big money and he got caught. It's :Game Over : for him

So what if Emery was a political activist? so what? really- so what? that has nothing to do with the fact his criminal charges are all about his cross border marijuana seed selling that he freely admits to doing- thats more than enough right there to exradite him to America . He bosts feely that he sold seeds to other nations besides America, This is International crime now, so what if he is interested in politics.. so what..? so what if he expresses his pro pot views by megaphone in public? he is a media minor star, thats no lie , and quite hilarious to behold......However he is _not a political figure, repeat- he is _not a political figure

Emery was _not elected or appointed. He has tried ihis best i to achieve the status of a political figure and has sought election several times , but nobody elected him. he failed in his bid to be elected every time..therefore, he is _not and never was a political figure in Canada at any time

All that can be said about him is he " was " an international marijuana seed seller until he was arrested in 2005 who " still has" political ambitions.

Your tax money has "already gone towards" the capture of narc Emery, past tense that happened ia few years ago. It has not been decided in the courts if he is guitly as charged. That will be if he is extradited to the USA to face trial..True, Emerys arrest and possible conviction will not end the marijuana trade, but he and his co accused may be out of circulatuion for a long time and may well never be players again..And anyone who tries the same stunt will get the same reward-

The BC 3 represent all that is rotton about the marijuana black market--and they do not work with the DEA, so go figure how that is? why one small cannabis seed costs $10.00 purchased from your 420 swashbuckling hero, Marc Emery & friends

Marc Emery brought the US Drug war to Canada, with all his angry cash grabbing Overgrow the Government noise. And as a result Emery is not regarded in canada as the do no wrong prince of pot ike he seems to be regarded n America.

I think Bob Marley would be disgusted that 21st Century pot legalizers have become so belicose, self centered and greedy - Toss that on the truth & rightiousness pile-

Thu, 11/01/2007 - 9:16pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

^^^ In all you rambling babel, in the end, you contradict every statement you made prior, and support what was said two posts prior to yours... with this one sentence at the end.

"Marc Emery brought the US Drug war to Canada, with all his angry cash grabbing Overgrow the Government noise."

You ADMIT right here, that it was NOT about his sales of contraband! His sales were just the reason the oppressors used to come get him. Oh, yeah... he got caught... He was selling seeds for a LONG TIME in his anti-prohibition magazine, OPENLY. They only chose to come get him when he got publicity, and gave MILLIONS of dollars (from those $10 dollar seeds) to anti-prohibition causes.

The reason we support him is because he is a large political activist, who greatly funds lobbying with most of the profits he makes, and who fights for the rights of free people against prohibition. If anyone can not see that as a respectable noble cause, then your nothing more than a fascist authoritarian who needs to be brought to your knees.

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." - Benjamin Franklin

Mon, 11/12/2007 - 7:43pm Permalink

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