Drugged Driving: Experts Say Marijuana DUI Limit Should Be Similar to Alcohol, Not Zero Tolerance

An international working group of 11 researchers from six countries will recommend that Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) laws aimed at marijuana users adopt a limit of a set amount of THC in the bloodstream instead of relying on a zero tolerance approach that criminalizes anyone who has any THC or metabolites in his bodily fluids. Zero tolerance DUID laws are in effect in several countries and several US states.

But the group, led by prominent marijuana and driving impairment researcher Franco Grotenherman, found that zero tolerance laws are not science-based and wrongly classify many non-impaired drivers as being under the influence of marijuana.

The group suggested a limit of between seven and 10 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood serum to accurately indicate impairment. That would compare to a blood alcohol level of 0.05%, which is lower than the currently used 0.08% or 0.10%.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) senior policy analyst Paul Armentano told the national NORML conference in Los Angeles last weekend that the federal government is preparing to release a report containing recommendations on DUID laws later this year. The study will advocate zero tolerance laws, Armentano predicted.

Grotenherman and his colleagues published their findings in the October 2007 issue of the journal Addiction. An abstract is available online here.

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driving on pot

there is evidence that driving under the influence of cannabis actually IMPROVES driving ability (an episode of Top Gear, for example, suggests this)...also, it has been shown that TIRED drivers are the most dangerous (more dangerous even than drunk drivers)...but there is nothing the "law" can do about that...furthermore, there was a recent report showing that people who take opiates for chronic pain eventually compensate and can drive without being a danger...this is probably also true of cannabis...

Evidence ?

Alot of people sate "there is evidence" SHOW ME ! Just like most of the "I HAVE HEARD" and "THERE IS EVIDENCE" statements, no one seems to be able to qualify there statements with facts. Here is a fact, A DRUG US A DRUG IS A DRUG according to NIDA , the Institute fro Drug and Alcohol. And all DRUGS are MIND AND MOOD ALTERING, NIDA. IMPAREMENT = UNDER THE INFLUENCE if a DRUG ! NIDA

I drive on ibuprofen all the

I drive on ibuprofen all the time :D

Those are not facts. They

Those are not facts. They are simply the opinions of a few pieces of shit who want a hand in running the country err, world.


You stoner dipshits will come up with anything to get away with being idiots. Why can't you not drive when you smoke. What are you hiding from that you have to be high at all times. Why is weed such a lifestyle now? Our world is so retarded. Die

Ha Ha

Driving under the influence of Marijuana is no different than brushing your teeth while driving. Marijuana is known to have focusing like effects. How is it fair to say driving while drunk is the same as driving while high/stoned? Try it and see. It isn't that we try to make excuses for our actions, it is just the laws are ridiculous in the first place. What gives you or any other person the right to start name calling and get hostile? Who is to say you should not be thrown in jail for your hostile behavior? Why don't you take the mystical drug of Marijuana? Maybe you would like it or wait no, maybe you would enjoy it too. Aw... Then every word you spoke would be hypocritical. Criticism is effective but not full out belligerence. I weep for humanity and its ignorance. Maybe some day people will realize the divine purpose for psychedelics and hallucinogens but not today. To be honest there is no good and there is no evil. Only perception and logic. Someone has to be the voice of reason.

to those who think stoners

to those who think stoners are dumb you are the dumb ones for falling for the propaganda that portrays stoners as stupid. maybe if you tried it you would know the negative stigma put on marijuana is false. maybe if you were smart you'd use intellectual autonomy to make your own judgment. you must also be completely clueless as to how many intelligent people actually smoke pot and not all people that smoke are dumb and lazy. quit watching so many movies like pineapple express. and just because there are dumb potheads out there doesnt mean everyone that smoke is dumb. have you ever noticed how dumb people always ruin stuff for the others. there is just as many sober stupid people out there and why is America one of the only countries that thinks pot is for the lazy or makes you lazy. in all actuality pot is consumed mostly by hard working citizens. only in America and there colonial counterpart Great Britin this stigma exists but with the Hollywood image of pot being spread though movies it has became a more common for others to follow this stigma. so stop judging people for smoking a little bud and maybe get with the times. there still has been nothing proven harmful from smoking. and it hasnt been till recently that true studies have been conducted due to the federal gov. in 1996 marijuana was made legal in the state of California following the legalization state funded research had begun but the federal gov.did there best to stop those research programs. so all those health videos they made kids watch in school like 10 years ago weren t bases off anything. if they were why would what they say now contradict those videos. even the American health institute says it should not be a scheduled 1 drug and has proven medical uses. so for all those idiots that stereo type people that smoke you might want to use a little intellectual humility to help you better understand what you think you know

Good point. And to all the

Good point. And to all the other fuckbags who think people who smoke weed are just peices of shit, they can go fuck themselves. Why the hell should I care what you think about me smoking weed? I dont give a fuck about when others do fucked up drugs and drink themselves retarded. Seriously, we were raised to think of marijuana as a gateway drug and it makes you a lazy fucking pile of shit. Well, as I grew up, I have begun realize how fucking ignorant the United States can be and thanks to our piece of shit government, we all have a bunch of robots that we can manipulate and control to think whats wrong or whats right. God bless America... Not

Uh oh, I think my IQ is showing.

Your ignorance disgusts me. Weed is the "life-style" now because everybody with half a brain knows that WHEN hemp is utilized as a MATERIAL, it will end just about every scarcity on the planet, including oil. Don't believe me? Get off of your lazy ass and do some real research. Try not to believe the first thing you read or watch either, there's a lot of propaganda out there that is designed to keep you in the dark.

Its a double sided question. People smoke marijuana for a variety of different reasons; everything from enjoyment to the alleviation of pain and anxiety. The question is, why don't you? What are YOU afraid of? Persecution? Being raped in Jail? Those are all valid answers that smokers themselves feel, however, you choose your opinions on such matters because of complex emotions. On the other hand, "Stoner Dipshits" (Ironically, everyone I know that smokes has an IQ of over 150) smoke marijuana because of a complex set of emotions, fears, and desires; Things that I don't believe you could fully understand. Its sad because, when you look at the situation like this, neither side is that much different from the other.

I agree with you that our world is retarded, and its unfortunate that insolent people like you make it this way. The only person you should be commanding to die is yourself.

The only way prohibition will end is to educate the masses like yourself about these chemicals in a whole new paradigm, and to eliminate the legal power of large corporations (Big Pharma). Drugs are tools for the mind just as a hammer is the tool of the carpenter. Drugs should be treated with respect just as firearms are and should be used only in moderation. Perhaps if more people are taught this instead of being shunned from intoxicants, maybe our society can escape this glutenous, materialistic, shallow spiral downwards.

This guy needs to smoke a

This guy needs to smoke a bowl.

reply from a stoner dipshit

Why are the stoner dipshits so much more eloquent than you are? I had panic attacks while driving in the past, should Xanax not be allowed for me? That alters your neurochemistry. How about SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)? They're used to treat anxiety and depression, both of which can also be treated with cannabis. The SSRI class of DRUGS affects my brain chemistry. My naturally occurring state is then markedly altered due to the blocking of certain neurons. Anyway, I apologize that my depression causes me to automatically become labeled a dipshit, I was unaware there was any correlation between the two. As far as driving goes, shouldn't there be a zero tolerance alcohol blood level limit? I mean, you are altering your state, no matter how slight. Logic is where I base most of my choices. If the scientific community, hopefully unbiased by outside sources, said that marijuana smoking leads to a marked increase in car accidents, I'd take the message to heart. However, to so blindly and ignorantly rant emotionally is not only potentially incorrect; but, potentially dangerous.It isn't a good idea to automatically attack things you don't fully understand.

Die??!?!? Wow. There are

Die??!?!? Wow. There are far more positive attributes to smoking or ingesting marijuana than there are negative. There are also different strands that can aide a person in whatever ailments they may have. Lets see a politician get cancer or something that cannot be cured by the normal pharmecuticals , that actually are killing humans on a massive scale, and see if they wont turn to this wonderful plant that heals and helps! I dare them to try And take a few hits from a vaporizer, and see how they feel then get online and post their newly beloved findings. I guarantee it will not be a malicious message to stoners yet an apology to anyone they have ever judged, and they will see how it can open a mind in such a way that its like a nice breath of fresh air while a weight of anything that vexes one is then made clear and lifted from their being. Enjoy. Me, A "stoner" Contributor to society, how horrible right?

STONED ON THE WAY HOME? Sure.. why not...

I've driven well over 2 million miles the last 4 decades. Some of them at the wheel enjoying a nice working buzz. Never had anything close to an accident or incident aside from the dozen or so deer which have ended up in the grille-work of my various trucks and automobiles. I find myself more critical of my own driving skills and more attune to what is happening around me when I've had a few tokes. My friends agree with this statement. Some smoke and some don't so you can factor personal opinion out of it..

I honestly can't recall one accident from somebody driving wrecked anywhere around here. Wish I could say the same for the drunks who get behind the wheel and murder thousands every year. I'm sure every person reacts in their own way, but most of us old heads know when you shouldn't operate anything more dangerous than a toaster oven when baked. My old buddy Stub once said, "If you can't find your keys in 10 seconds you are too fried to drive."

If you ask yourself this question, "Should I try to do this (pretty much anything that involves power tools, gasoline or fire.) stoned?" And you can't say for certain you can do it safely in 1 second you should wait until later to try. It's always worked for me. I know for a fact since 1964 I've incinerated over 20 lbs of crummy to primo weed. No ill health effect I know of.... Maybe a few bad teeth from brownies and Oreos perhaps....

Be well and stay level.
Uncle Buster, In the Mountains of Northern Pennsylvania


Dude, you're a moron, and one of the reasons weed is not legal. It's no help to the cause that you're bragging about driving while impaired by weed.

I support weed being legal, and I fully support severely punishing those who drive under the influence of weed.

Drunk and drugged driving is a major problem; smoking weed and watching South Park isn't...

Weed Vs. Pot

O.k. guys. You cannot compare weed with alcohol. Alcohol kills and impairs. I know several people who have died of cirrhosis of the liver. We all know someone who has killed someone else while at the wheel drunk. We've all been at parties or in public where some drunken fool insists on driving his car and people are trying to talk him/her out of it. We've all someone violent and abusive while drunk. I could go on and on. Marijuana, if anything heightens your awareness. It's not that I'm a huge advocate, it's just a fact. Also, placing alcohol and weed in the same bucket for DUI is like comparing apples and oranges. Alcohol provides an instant, real-time result of your impairment. With marijuana, you could have the THC in your system for up to a month without being under the influence whatsoever as it is stored in body fat. It's a very unfair comparison and should not be used to punish anyone. Let's be real here. We've got people driving around with legal drugs in their systems. It seems to be o.k. that alcohol, pain killers, muscle relaxers, and sedatives are o.k., but a little weed isn't? For those of you who have never smoked, you have absolutely no frame of reference. For years, there are TV shows and talking heads who have blown this out of proporation and scared the public into thinking that you would see "colors", while smoking. People are depicted laughing hysterically and talking like idiots. Remember the "Dragnet" episode where the couple was high on marijuana and left their baby in the bathtub to drown? C'mon folks, this is partially why we have a problem today. You can't know what you don't know. Those who have smoked know how ridiculous this is. I drank a pot of coffee once and was so nervous and shaky that I felt dizzy and had a heck of a time driving. This is legal and in everyone's kitchen, but for those who are caffeine sensitive, it can make you pretty sick. Where do we draw the line?

Meant to say Weed Versus Alcohol

......and I don't even smoke anymore. This is just my Sunday morning brain :-)

and then the fines...

I was cited for a duid while I was sleeping in a Wal-mart parking lot, my wehicle out of gas. The first citation was for the duid, which was determined thru a blood test. Since I had a suspended drivers license (caught driving w/o insurance) I rec'd a 2500.00 fine.
Then I recieved another fine for another 2500.00 for finding cocaine in my blood... this because cocaine is a 'sched. one controlled substance'.
This is how the law enforcement agencies rack up illegal monies using blurred facts of law in rural central pennsylvania.
This occurred in 2004 and I'm continuing to seek a pro bono attorney to represent me, without any luck what-so-ever.

welcome to the police state.



I got a DUID for pot when i wasnt even high and passed the sobriety test twice and 3 different breathalizers. my car was searched with nothing to be found except for my friends pot, bong, and medical license which he claimed all of. they then let him go home with all of those in his hands but made him drive back 30 mins later so they could use his weed as evidence when they decided they were going to take me to jail for a forced blood test because i looked like i shouldnt be driving which is amazing since passing a sobriety test twice is alot harder than sitting in a chair and turning a wheel and pushing a gas pedal or brake. now im looking at up to a year suspended license, any ideas on what i should do?


second: stop smoking when you going to drive to avoid the whole problem all togather, treat it like the same as drinking laws and you'll avoid the local township and state cash registers that travel our highways and byways.

I have 2 DUID arrest within

I have 2 DUID arrest within the last 2 months. The first I was caught in a checkpoint and admitted to smoking 3 hours prior to driving. I did not have anything, so they took me for suspicon of driving under the influence. The second time, my friend had some in his cigarette pack and was smoking while I was driving. He told the officer it was his, but the officer said he did not believe him and arrested me. Can anyone give me an idea of what I can expect to happen? Thanks .

DUID laws are Bull

Hello everyone I live in PA. I am 2.5 years sober, from alcohol and I recieved a DUID. I was arrested while driving home a drunk friend. We passed through a checkpoint and I was waved through and actually commended by the officer for being a designated driver. So I drop my friend off and have to go back through the checkpoint, I am waved through again, as I pull forward lights go on behind me, I pull over to let the officer pass and guess what he pulls up behind me to my surprise, I roll down the window and he tells me to pull over into the lot where they are giving field tests. I ask why and he says odor, now I passed through this checkpoint twice and was waved through after the officers checked me over. How does a guy in a car like 30+ feet back smell an odor when two guys were right in my face and didn't smell a thing. Long story short they really went through my car, I told them I did not consent to a search...I was told "idiots like you lose their rights when they drive around stoned, you could kill someone. Anyways i got arrested and I gave blood. I have since found out that when they searched my vehicle they found two rolling papers and some stems in a cigarette pack. That's right stems and papers. I broke the law, but the law is ridiculous.I hadn't smoked in over 7 hours. Here's the kicker I thought I knew the laws and I didn't apparently the DUI laws in PA have changed, I quit drinking and didn't pay attention. In PA we have a tier system, 3 tiers the highest being the worst. MJ is an automatic 3rd tier I'm looking at 90 days, 1.5 years no driving and the usual "fund raiser" money. I am self employed, my only employee is me, I own a house I just bought after sobering up and really changing my life. I was feeling the best I ever felt in my life, no alcohol at all zero aip...although I do have some help MJ. I get a craving I puff it's better for ME than alcohol. I have also found out that in PA all they need is 5ng/ml of blood to charge me. Well if you are an everyday smoker you walk around for weeks with that level plus in your brain. So I am being charged at the 2.0 BAC level tier, that's right I stood in a parking lot full of drunk people and got nailed. I was the most coherent person there by far, I watched some guys get cabs take them home. I spent the night in a holding cell, I got strip searched I got the all the attention if you catch me. So basically I turned my life around and worked my ass off to get to my better place, only to have my future taken away from me because of stems and papers that is my crime. My life is destroyed for a while for no reason. They don't test alcohol users two days after they smoke but you and I can get charged at any moment if you are a regular smoker, even if you quit for a bit. I am still trying to figure out if my rights were violated, I mean opening my trunk my glove box etc. I was told as soon as they arrested me i gave all my rights to not be searched. how can I be under arrest if they didn't have bloodwork yet, how can they arrest me for DUID if I have not tested positive? Also an officer pull you over if he smells an odor, that's right an odor. Can anyone prove an odor in court? Why do we have to prove everything and an officer can just say I smelled MJ...ridiculous. I would have been better off driving a unguided missle drunk off my ass. This is America and only in America would they bust a designated driver. So for driving my friend home I lose my life basically. The system is not helping me at all, I will have to pee quite often and MJ was my safety net from alcohol. Can you help a guy stay sober. Good job LEO you ruined another life. Oh BTW I need a lawyer that will fight for me...badly.

I truly nelieve I was pulled over for my long hair and beard I am convinced.

It's your own fault. Quit

It's your own fault. Quit blaming the police. You chose to drive after smoking marijuana. it's called P.C.-Probable Cause. If a police stop you and smell marijuana comming from the car, that is probable cause to have you step out and conduct a DUI investigation. One they do FST's (Field Sobriety Tests) they can arrest you if they believe you are under the influence of alcohol/drugs. They then have the right to search you and the car, incident to the arrest. You need to quit wining and take responsibilty for your own actions.

You obviously did not

You obviously did not actually read his entire comment. He said that he had not smoked in over 7 hours before he drove. That being said, your statement saying that he was driving under the influence "smoking MJ before driving" is false. For him to be under the influence he would have had to smoke, at the most 2 hours before, but I find that very hard to believe. He admitted to being an every day user of cannibus. He most likely had a high tolerance to pot. So I believe that he would have had to smoke, at most, an hour before he drove for him to actually be stoned (having used to be an everyday user of cannibus myself though I am now completely clean and do not toke). The only way that he could have still been stoned after 7 hours, is that he had "THE BEST" marijuana in the world. The likeliness that there is even a strain of cannibus that has a high enough THC content to keep an everyday smoker stoned for 7 hours is nil.

As for your statement that they could smell the marijuana from his car, he clearly stated that he went through the same checkpoint twice and both times the officers that spoke to him face-to-face did not smell any "odor". Only the officer that was in a car 30 feet behind him could actually smell it. Thats complete bullshit. The officer would have had to had the nose of a dog to smell from that distance. And he did not even have actual pot on him. Just the stems (which in my opinion do not smell at all). So I believe that this "super-dog hybrid cop" is a complete fucking liar and was pulling him over for no reason other than that he looked like a suspicious character (the beard and long hair). I bet he was just hoping to get lucky just so he could fill his monthly arrest quota. Thats the only reason that they set up those checkpoints.

The money-grubbing law enforcement system that we have is complete B.S. Go and catch an actual criminal, I say. Before you tell the user that you replied to to stop whining, realize the fact that he was not actually trying to harm anyone or anything. He was just making his Alcoholism a little easier to handle. For you to tell him that he deserves any of the consequences, you are a true ass-hole. Try to empathize with someone who has these issues and not the crooked, money loving cops that ruined his life. I hope that you become a major herion, coke loving addict and then you can truly share the pain that this man has endured.

I know exactly how you feel.

I know exactly what you are talking about. My husband was just arrested for DUI and it had been SIXTEEN hours since he had smoked anything and he doesnt drink at all. He was in a company vehicle (he worked at UHaul) on his way to drop of the night deposit at the bank. The officer looked at his tongue (I suppose they're supposed to be able to tell if someone smokes marijuana this way?) and then asked if he smokes. He replied yes but that he had not had any since before he went to bed the night before. Mind you he was pulled over at almost 8pm and hadnt smoked since midnight. Yes okay he broke the law by smoking in the first place but it's completely unfair to arrest someone saying that the were under the influence simply because they had smoked almost a full day prior. He was arrested because the officer said that he believed he was high, after admitting to smoking it the night before. I have driven with my husband high and sober and at work and I can tell you one thing, my husband is one of the best drivers I have ever driven with. He takes his driving seriously and will never even get behind the wheel if he feels like he's even a slight bit impaired and he absolutely refuses to go to work "stoned" or high. He's lost his job because of the arrest, because he was "at work" still when he was arrested and all of this was while he was completely sober. ( And yes, his boss knew from the day he hired him that he smoked weed and did not care.)

He was never given a breathalizer test until an hour after the arrest at the jail and was told by another officer that his bloodwork could take up to 3-4 months to fully process. Explain to me how you can arrest, charge and possibly even convict a person of DUI if none of their test have even been processed yet? He goes to his arrainment in less than 30 days, which his bloodwork may not even be finished in processing yet. All of the online legal advice I have asked for has gotten the same answer.....by admitting he smoked marijuana the night before, the cop had every right to arrest him and since it was in his system still (because marijuana takes up 45 days to leave your system completely) there's more than a 50% chance that he will be convicted of driving under the influence....EVEN THOUGH HE WAS COMPLETELY SOBER.

I found a study conducted by a group of scientists that showed that after 3-4 hours, the THC level is decreased in your body so much that there is no impairment what-so-ever. If this is true, then why do cops insist that you are still high even if it's been almost 24 hours since you have smoked anything? I personally believe it's discrimination.

Awww poor smokers

Just one question is it illegal to smoke pot? Is it illegal to drink or be tired? I am not saying which is worse, I am just reading the law, the tired my be just as if not more dangerous then being drunk or stoned, but it is not illegal to be tired. Why is no one up in arms over making the laws tougher on people who drive very tired/fall asleep at the wheel, and drunk driving vs. making the law easier on poeple who are doing do illegal acts? I have driven drunk and am ashamed, I have driven very tired and I know I should not have been on the road. I can easily prevent the drunk driving and it will never happen again, I can also do all I can to not drive distracted or tired. My life and the life of my loved ones it to improtant. If you feel like enjoying any of these acts and driving please wait till I am behind the wheel of my box truck the chances of me living through the accident over you is far greater.

you asked if it was illegal

you asked if it was illegal to drive tired and the answer is no but who wrote the laws? did an all knowing deity write them? no, humans did and humans make mistakes. just because some people decided on something doesn't mean they were all right. btw next time you go drunk driving (even tho you promise you wont ever again, ya right) make sure it's not in your box truck, alright?

It was at one point illegal

It was at one point illegal to help runaway slaves in the south. Despite the glaring issue of ethics here, I suppose you would have obliged, since this was in fact the law. Your society locks people like me up and is creating a very large and very unsettled and disillusioned generation. Laws are only as valid as the people standing behind them, and the people behind this one are very invalid, in my opinion. Here's a brief history of why it was outlawed to begin with. In the early 1900s, the western states developed significant tensions regarding the influx of Mexican-Americans. The revolution in Mexico in 1910 spilled over the border, with General Pershing’s army clashing with bandit Pancho Villa. Later in that decade, bad feelings developed between the small farmer and the large farms that used cheaper Mexican labor. Then, the depression came and increased tensions, as jobs and welfare resources became scarce. One of the “differences” seized upon during this time was the fact that many Mexicans smoked marijuana and had brought the plant with them, and it was through this that California apparently passed the first state marijuana law, outlawing “preparations of hemp, or loco weed.” Currently, people such as yourself fear and loathe (intentional name drop) people like me. I'm assuming it has to do with the outlandish and insane war on drugs. I assure you though, you can all stop your witch hunt. I am nothing to be afraid of.

you !

how daRE YOU, get a life

More bad law, less respect for government...

Will people realize that these goons are here because they are too complacent to vote or stand up for the rights that many innocent Americans have died for?

Americans are pathetic and deserve to be slaves. You should be ashamed of what you have allowed this once great nation to become.

When will it all end?


What is the maximum jail time if you are pulled over in PA and arrested for a DUI for weed? and it is your fist offence.


if i was the president or if i become a president i will stop that kind of drugs and gave them a gallon a milk for free so they can test which one is good for them. my mom used to tell me that all the time tht someone buy milk and seel the beer and someone sell milk to buy beer. i dont want to drink and i dont want to destroy myself and other. if you know who sell those marijuana or you know someone who use them PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND CALL 911 OR 941-423-3111.


Never encountered a helpful cop yet!

Why can't I choose to use or not use marijuana on my own? Do you think you know what is best for me? The police are as misguided as the laws they are upholding in this scenario. I know there are inherent risks to using any substance; but, I choose to smoke anyway. It relieves my stress and anxiety. It helps me unwind and to just enjoy whatever I'm doing. People have the ability to think rationally. Using that capability, I have decided that the rewards far outweigh any potential health risks. 

This is unfair

END THE DRUG WAR. If you smoke a joint today and drive sober a week from now, under a zero tolerance law you would get a DUI for marijuana and be sober. I think this is completely unfair. If you drank a beer today and drove sober two weeks from now you would not get a dui. The low bac dui laws only punish the innocent while the guilty still drive drunk and the marijuana DUI laws are completely unfair.

Once again,, people are

Once again,, people are talking nonsence, and ingorant. If you smoke marijuana weeks ago, it may still be in your system. Police do FST's(Field Sobriety Tests) to determine impairment. If you smoke marijuana weeks prior, you should not show impairment and therefore will not be arrested.

What should happen and what does happen are too different things

A person several posts above stated how despite passing a FST three times; he was still arrested. I also recently saw on the news several officers around the chicago-land area pulling over sober drivers, watching them pass FST's, and then arresting them. Although many officers are out to help and protect the public, i think this country needs to rethink the way we train these officers and possibly give them less personal discretion in matters like these.

I agree with this person

I agree with this person completely. Recently I was charged with a DUI of marijuana. I was already pulled over talking to a friend and 2 cops in 1 car made me get out and searched my car (after asking if i had a medicinal marijuana card, which i did and they saw). Then 2 more cops in another car came and they gave me a sobriety test.

Now i was BARELY high, if i was still high at all, so i really doubt i failed this test. The cops, however, were mocking both me and the practice of medicinal marijuana the entire time and were extremely biased towards me. The fact that 4 police officers were there for a white, 19 year old kid being polite and treating them with respect just shows that they had nothing else to do that night and wanted to feel like they had some sort of power over me.

Once they saw the med card they knew they couldnt get me for possession, so they charged me with a bullshit dui. There are many cops who are good people and follow correct procedure, but there are also a lot of douchebags like the cops who gave me my dui who just want to harass people and who let their positions of authority get to their big heads.

Why doesn't the government protect the constitution?

Can we vote for a smaller government,and a sound money policy; before the zombies, the cowboy cops and the HUGE government thugs take over. Read the USA constitution and listen to Ron Paul.


WE CAN VOTE UNTIL OUR FINGERS FALL OFF. UNTIL WE AGAIN BECAUSE AMERICA IS NOT GOVERNED BY THE CONSTITUTION, which we will never be as long as there is a declared war, here being the war on drugs. A legal declared war, by Regan. The Articles of freedom are suspended.
What a sinister way to usurp our once great freedoms. And the drugs are imported by the CIA. This is not a some fantasy blanket statement I am making here.
America's criminal governors at all levels of the judiciary, know how to lie, and deceive. As with Iraq, they lied about our nations threat level, using Saddam Hussein as a ploy, to steal their culture and their oil. Then executed ( murdered Hussein).
Africa is next. Guess what Africa has a lot of?
OIL and natural gas. Same ploy will be told too Americans, Africa is a threat to America. They may even plan another attack on America and blame some people in Africa to justify going to war.

BTW, be careful what you post. The American government buys many "opposing" web sites to identify those who expose there lies.



WE CAN VOTE UNTIL OUR FINGERS FALL OFF. It will prove futile, BECAUSE AS LONG AS WE ARE IN A WAR, AMERICA IS NOT GOVERNED BY THE CONSTITUTION, which we will never be as long as there is a declared war, here being the war on drugs.

Some very truthful documentaries are " American Drug War: The Last White Hope". This very revealing documentary has a scene where a LA PD narcotics detective, testifies he sold and worked for the CIA to infest black neighborhoods with drugs.
He mentions "Freeway Ricky Ross", the first big time crack dealer. Ross knows the detective. Both worked for the CIA.
Ross is now doing 20 years. Compliments of the CIA. As Ross decided to stop his activities.
The CIA did not like that idea.

HAHA Rude Awakening

I Live in Southern California and i drive under the influence of marijuana everyday.yeah omg so shocked,harsh reality.HAHA but dont get mad at me,im merely one of thousands of people who smoke and drive a vehicle,hell I smoke while driving.Ive been pulled over with marijuana 2 times already and once with a bong and was given everything back and sent on my way.haha i love the police down here.Im sorry to all of you idiots who look down apon me because I have a medical licencse because hey ive had spinal surgery and really dont feel like taking opiates, a very addictive substance. Lifes not fair. Im going to smoke and other people are going to smoke, call me ignorent or whatever. Your all just a bunch of uptight close minded people who dont know shit. I love the police,fuck drunk drivers,smoke weed everyday,drive stoned,talk all the shit you want,cause you all know your not going to change shit.Live with it bitches.

re: HAHA Rude Awakening

If you're driving stoned, than it's not other people who are ignorant...it's you. Trust me, I have nothing against smoking pot. I smoke, usually on a near-daily basis, and have my medical license. This, however, doesn't mean I'm ignorant about the fact that impaired=impaired=impaired...and hence I don't drive high. I got a DUI for driving drunk in L.A. about 3 years ago, so I know what a nightmare it is to go through the whole process and I've learned just how stupid driving while impaired on ANYTHING is.

The people who claim "I'm an even better driver when I'm stoned" are just as ignorant as the people who claim to be better drivers when they're drunk. They seem intent on completely ignoring the fact that marijuana DOES slow your reaction time, therefore you ARE impaired if you're driving while under the influence.

Legalize pot, tax it, hell let the whole country toke up. Just make sure that when the laws change, that we start punishing driving stoned as harshly as we punish drunk driving.

Rediculous. I drive stoned

Rediculous. I drive stoned multiple times a day, and I have never even received a traffic ticket, much less been involved in an accident. The same holds true for practically everyone I know. If you think that driving high is so dangerous, fucking show me a correlation between smoking and accidents, and maybe ill believe you. Until then ,withhold your stupid statements.

So the person above me said

So the person above me said "The people who claim "I'm an even better driver when I'm stoned" are just as ignorant as the people who claim to be better drivers when they're drunk. They seem intent on completely ignoring the fact that marijuana DOES slow your reaction time, therefore you ARE impaired if you're driving while under the influence."

That's actually not true. There are studies out there that do show that marijuana does not have the same effects on driving that alcohol does and that drivers who have smoked are aware of their impairment and often times drive slower and concentrate more to compensate for that fact. Just saying, you might not want to say stupid shit before you actually research it next time

Calinfornia Marijauna Bill

The bills been introduced to legalize and tax Marijauna in California. The person above me is right,nothings going to change,for weed smokers its only going to get better,all you other people better prepare yourselves for the "rude awakening"

Pennsylvania is the worst militarized police state there is.

I grew up in S. California. Before the brown skinned parasite infestation bled it dry and destroyed the nicest place on earth.
Moving to Pa. 10 years ago, I have had more police interactions, then my entire 50 years. 40 in California.
recently a UPS driver was convicted of DUID. For microscopic trace elements of marijuana.
The State, ( here a Commonwealth), admitted the UPS driver was not remotely intoxicated. But the trace element, of weed, was all they needed to convict the UPS driver, of felony DUID, as a motorcyclist pulled in his path. Suffering horrible injuries.


I shudder for the young people emerging into this azz backward, tyrannical Nation.
There is no longer any written or practiced Articles of freedom.

re: Pennsylvania is the worst militarized police state there is

"Before the brown skinned parasite infestation bled it dry and destroyed the nicest place on earth."

On behalf of all Californians, I'd like to thank you for moving your racist ass out of this state. The less people like you we have out here, the better the state is for those of us who like to actually use our brains. Thanks again buddy!

Props to the Rude Awakening

Fuck all you HOMOS who hate stoners. We are a growing nation. When it's legal I hope I happen to light up a fatty right in front of you and blow the smoke in your face. Maybe you'll catch a contact buzz and realize you've been a nancy all you life and live a little.

amen to that

amen to that

Don't Violate my Civil Rights

Keep in mind that many other drugs — whether they be legal or not, recreational or prescription — affect cognition and motor skills. In fact, 18 percent of deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents are due to drug use (which does not include alcohol). To ride the road to safety, you should avoid operating heavy machinery (cars, tractors, amusement park rides, etc.) until you've checked into the effects of a drug you're taking on your ability to think straight and move smoothly.

don't violate my rights by doing what you just want to do, and please don't have your kids in the car

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