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prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

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Switzerland: For Andre's immediate release

Cannabis agriculturists being imprisoned for carrying out their essential work reveals a
perversion of the justice system so extreme as to portend synergistic collapse of structures upon
which we all depend. Andre Furst must immediately be released, as the Cannabis plant is being
globally (though much too slowly) recognized for its true value. I suggest that we all see clearly
that, because of the importance of Cannabis for "atmospheric forcing," our survival may depend
upon how much Cannabis we can grow, how fast.

At this time of the year in many countries of the world, the "Million 'Marijuana' March"
translates to a global harvest celebration. I suggest that people who profit from sale of the herb
would do well to consider how directly their own freedom to farm is connected to Andre's. Will the
Cannabis culture rally support for Andre's release, before the court mistakenly renders its
misanthropic decision?

My vision of what may be needed is an on-line digital video film blitz, with all the films of
Chanvre Info that have been made, broadcast everywhere possible, along with the call from the
Global Cannabis Culture for his release. I believe it is important for people to see what Andre
has achieved, and why it is worth praise not prison.

I will let you all know when I manage to coordinate some form of on-line film showing, and
encourage you all to gather the digital videos that you have made or know of. In the meantime,
anyone who would care to help is invited to contact me off-list.

The international drug policy reform, harm reduction, medical marijuana, hemp agriculture
community had better stand up for Andre Furst, to make certain he is immediately released. Shame
on anyone who turns their backs on the best hope for our species. Cannabis agriculture has the
potential to be a primary mitigating measure, producing atmospheric aerosols and sequestering
carbon to heal global UV-B broiling and warming.

Andre Furst is an exceptionally courageous ambassador for the world's most ancient global culture.
For him to remain in prison is an international outrage of global and historic dimensions. To
outlaw such an eloquent expression of how the world could and must eventually be is a crime of
immense gravity.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to Andre Jr. and family Chanvre Info. Next spring, it is my
intention to replicate the model of sustainability in California, exactly as Andre Furst has
accomplished with Cannabis at Chanvre Info in Switzerland.

Failure of the Swiss courts to free Andre Furst, and primitive violence being threatened at the
farm, are symbolic of each other. If the inhumanity of the irrational is inflicted then we will
all be set back by it.

Andre must not be allowed to be culled from the progressive herd by a chemically corrupted court.
His expertiece in biodynamic Cannabis agriculture and sustainable manufacturing of fuels,
essential oils, and building materials is invaluable. It is the trail that we all must take, as
soon as possible, if our children are to inherit a liveable planet.

Cannabis agriculture is not optional. It is morally obligatory, out of proportionate spiritual
respect for the rights of past, present and future generations to use "every herb bearing seed."

For peace,


--- "encod.org" wrote:

> Dear friends,
> The latest news on Andre Fürst is that he is now in the central prison
> in Fribourg. It is expected that the judge will take a decision within
> the coming ten days on his case, very likely he will have to start his
> 29 months prison sentence. Several people are trying to maintain the
> work at Chanvre-Info so the company can continue. It is expected that
> after 8 or 10 months, Andre will be able to leave prison during the
> daytime, so he can take care of the company himself again.
> For those who wish to do so, it is now possible to write him letters,
> the address is:
> André Fürst
> Prison centrale de Fribourg
> CH - 1700 Fribourg
> Best wishes,
> Joep
> --
> Lange Lozanastraat 14 – 2018 Antwerpen - Belgium
> Tel. + 32 (0)3 293 0886 – Mob. + 32 (0)495 122644
> E-mail: [email protected] / www.encod.org
Dear friends of freedom,

Please do what you can to raise active awareness of André Fürst's conviction and imprisonment in
Switzerland. André Fürst is the founder of Chanvre Info, a Cannabis agriculture and
demonstration project in Morat Murten, Switzerland. A sincere gentleman and father, André and his
son André, Jr. are dear friend's who have been generous supporters of my film in Europe and
Mexico. André Fürst deserves international praise for his courage, vision and contributions to
the common good -- not prison.

André Fürst has done in Switzerland, what we could be doing in California by next spring.
As the California industrial hemp bill, AB 684 ripens in the governor's hands, the benefits of
hemp agriculture and the therapeutic benefits of 'marijuana' are being repeatedly proven. The
urgency of growing Cannabis is only becoming more acute as environment, economy, and social
structures continue to fail. AB 684 - http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=7363

It is simply a shameless violation of human rights, in the name of corporate protectionism, for
government to interfere with the cultivation of any "herb bearing seed." (Genesis 1:29) The
jurisdiction of the court has been extended far beyond moral accountability, inducing essential
resource scarcity, while enriching the black market and increasing hard drug use, in a
counter-productive effort to crimp the free agricultural and industrial markets.

The following letter was written by the Steering Committee of ENCOD (www.encod.org), of which
André Fürst is the director, and is passed on to you all with the invitation to engage the
to secure brother Fürst's immediate release.

Further, I trust that the Swiss authorities will protect the health and safety of people at the
Chanvre Info demonstration project. The following is a recent account of attacks on the farm by an
armed gang.


Please see

for additional information about André Fürst and the incredible strides in Cannabis agriculture
and industry he has achieved, with the highest levels of product excellence, always demonstrating
global cooperation and international statesmanship with a unique personal flair.

Please join with me in calling for André Fürst's immediate release, by sending word to the
of Fribourg, that the world is observing the suppression the Cannabis industry. We can begin
coordinating ahead of the curve for a change, to plant hemp this Spring. It's the right thing to
do, and regardless of what laws are passed at the state level, we have federal, Bill of Rights,
Article One, individual freedom of religion, also afforded by international human rights treaties,
if each of us claims it for ourselves, and each other.

With international Aloha, and a prayer for peace,

California Cannabis Ministry


Dear president of the Swiss Confederation,

I have learned about the conviction of André Fürst for the cultivation and sale of Cannabis.
André Fürst is the founder of the Swiss company Chanvre-Info, and member of the Steering
of ENCOD, a European coalition of citizens opposed to the "war on drugs." You ought to be proud to
have such a courageous global visionary working in Switzerland.

I am surprised and concerned by this sentence, as I believe Switzerland had installed between 1998
and 2004 a pragmatic regulation model for the production, distribution and consumption of hemp.
Various official Swiss representatives have issued declarations in this sense, such as former
president Ruth Dreyfuss and former and current members of the Federal Council such as Ruth Metzler
or Pascal Couchepin. As a result, confusion has been raised about the way the Swiss law on drugs
should be interpreted. Still, this confusion has not ended, as the Swiss parliament is in process
of editing a definitive modification of this law, which will probably occur in the next two years.

On the other hand, I have been informed that Chanvre-Info develops and commercialises several
products based on hemp which have nothing to do with drugs: products that can be used as food
supply, as fibre for plastics, textiles, as a perfectly renewable source of energy. These products
fit perfectly well in a concept of reasonable and sustainable rural development. I refer you to
the following recommendation in the Report of the European Parliament on the future drug strategy
of the European Union, approved in December 2004:” take into consideration the possibility of
launching pilot projects for the industrial manufacture of legal products derived from plants
covered by the 1961 Convention, such as coca leaf and Indian hemp;”

This has been precisely the work of André Fürst. His activities for the global rehabilitation of
hemp contribute to the preservation of the planet and the social cohesion in our society. They
have nothing to do with the operations of criminal organisations that profit from drug prohibition
and damage global economy and peace. Switzerland should be proud of this citizen, not treat him as
a criminal.

All over the world, there are enough examples of the irrational and inhuman way in which drug
policies are carried out. Switzerland is known as an example of pragmatism and reformism, also
concerning drug policies. I request you to do whatever is in your possibilities to make sure
Fürst does not become a victim of a clear form of injustice.

In the near future, the prohibition of hemp will be considered as an historical error. The
multiple uses of this plant, including the medical uses, accompany the development of human kind
for thousands of years. We are in great need of this plant to respond to the ecological, economic
and health challenges of the 21st century. In this context, it would be a tragic mistake to
imprison André Fürst. As a European citizen, concerned about present drug policies and their
implications for human rights, I see it as imperative that this sentence is reviewed.

Sincerely yours,





For all:
Présidente de la Confédération Helvétique
Micheline Calmy-Rey
Palais fédéral est
CH - 3003 Berne
Tel.: (+41) 031 324 50 33
Fax: (+41) 031 323 57 82

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

Project P.E.A.C.E.
Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Economics

(831) 588-5095

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