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Europe: Dutch to Ban Magic Mushroom Sales

Dutch Health Minister Ab Klink is on the verge of announcing a ban on magic mushroom sales, the newspaper AD reported Wednesday. According to the newspaper, a final decision should come by week's end.

Under current Dutch law, the sale of dried mushrooms is illegal, but fresh mushrooms may be sold and purchased. They are widely available at "smart shops" across the country.

Pressure has been mounting for a ban since a photogenic young French tourist died under the influence of magic mushrooms earlier this year. There have been a handful of widely publicized other incidents involving foreign tourists taking mushrooms. According to Amsterdam health service figures, paramedics responded to 128 calls from people tripping on 'shrooms last year.

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128 calls for shroom

128 calls for shroom tripping? I bet that number doesn't even come close to paramedics having to arrive because someone got too drunk. 128 is a small number compared to the population of the Netherlands. People can hurt themselves on anything and drugs in not an exception, a small amount of people will end up getting hurt.


The silliest part of it is: when the Dutch make 'magic' mushrooms completely illegal, it probably won't be associated with any statistically significant measurable difference in the per capita number of paramedic calls related to mushrooms.

And it will give the black market a new product.


u stupid if u do drugs so just stay off them streets.lul !

mushrooms and amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful place they complain when people die because of a risk they took if your gona experiment with drugs dont over do it you could over dose but the person who posted that coment above me is stupid because drugs are not stupid they allow the user to feel or to percive things diffrently then they would normally . allowing for new thought patterns to develope . this is what makes amsterdam such a great place because the weather sucks .its a bit hypocritical because they take in millions from tourism related to recreatonal drugs then they get mad because some people die and it looks bad think dont bite the hand that feeds your tourism!!!!!

ever heard of interpunction?

ever heard of interpunction?

almost all people in the

almost all people in the netherlands are against the ban on shrooms, but because the media and other countries put alot of pressure on our goverment they banned it. research from the goverment even said thast a ban would be the last we want but klink did it anyway.

Sorry but this statement is

Sorry but this statement is not true. Most people in the Netherlands don't know anything about Mushrooms. They don't care about the ban. Why should they, it will not ever influence their lives.

The outrageous part is that the government issued research into the dangers of mushrooms. Which showed there was little to none. It was less dangerous than weed, alcohol, or cigarettes. No chance of addiction etc.

But, the government ignored their own report and banned mushrooms. So they wasted money on a report. And they showed they make decisions by ignoring the research.


If alcohol was a new invented drug it would instantly be banned because of it's short,- and longtime effect and addictive nature. One victim of mushroom vs 800 deaths in the Netherlans alone by alcohol.. tell me Ab Klink.. what's worse? (i don't take drugs and i drink moderately) Legalise drugs and don't push it underground...

Again more legislation...

I must agree with the above comment.
making thing illegal has proved more dangerous that having it in full light where you can monitor it and evaluate quality/toxicity, statistics, etc.
Now fucked up toxic shrooms will be sold to tourists as well as locals and, read me well, the paramedic call WILL skyrocket. But luckily it wont show; since it will all be underground, the stats will only show the reported cases which should be around 10% of the actual cases.
This new government you Dutchies have is very not like you as a whole. Fight and fight well.


O yeah!

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