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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #511)

pain patient and former prisoner Richard Paey Speaks, interview with Radley Balko on Reason

Bonds, Baseball and the Drug War, Anthony Papa in the Huffington Post

EMCDDA annual report (Europe drug situation)

NORML podcast of interview with Rep. Dennis Kucinich as well as audio of Sen. John McCain, both about the drug war

parody of the One Hitters drug policy staffer softball team, on SuperDeluxe comedy web site

DrugTruth network:
Cultural Baggage for 11/21/07: Dr. David Bearman speaks to Wisconsin Medical School + Bill Piper of DPA & Poppygate
Century of Lies for 11/20/07: Medical Marijuana to Senior Citizens, "Flushing Kids Down the Toilet" + Drug War Facts

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