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Job Opportunity: Outreach Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Submitted by dguard on (Issue #511)
Politics & Advocacy

The responsibility of the Outreach Director is to expand SSDP's base by providing support to students starting chapters, as well as to promote SSDP on high school and college campuses in an attempt to recruit students to join the organization. Additionally, the Outreach Director must work with the Field Director to track and maintain information on all of the organization's chapters. The salary is $28,000-$32,000, commensurate with experience. Benefits include health care. The application deadline is December 14, 2007.

Responsibilities include:

1) Assisting students who wish to start an SSDP chapter on their campuses: As the primary contact person for students who are interested in starting SSDP chapters, the Outreach Director first works to solidify students' commitment to starting a chapter, and then walks them through the process of forming an organization on campus. The Outreach Director maintains constant communication with new chapters through phone, instant messenger, Facebook, and e-mail, and strives to be as accessible as possible. He/she is responsible for the development of trainings, materials, literature, and other resources that will benefit students working to start new chapters. The Outreach Director tracks and maintains accurate and current information on the status of student attempts to start chapters, as well as on the status of newly formed chapters, including information on chapter programs and goals, membership, leadership, contact information, etc.

2) Proactive recruitment: The Outreach Director not only responds to students who request to start chapters, but proactively inspires students to get involved in the organization as well. Accordingly, he/she must develop strategies and tactics that are forward-thinking and innovative in inspiring students to start new chapters, especially students at schools in districts and states important to SSDP's legislative campaigns, as well as legislative campaigns of allied drug policy reform organizations. The Outreach Director assists SSDP's Field Director in executing grassroots campaigns and actions. The Field Director will take the lead on creating grassroots campaigns and actions, while the Outreach Director will work with new and inexperienced chapters on implementation.

3) Compiling stories for the SSDP newsletter: The Outreach Director is responsible for identifying chapter projects that are worthy of inclusion in the quarterly SSDP newsletter, summarizing these projects, and drafting articles for the newsletter.

A qualified applicant will have succinct, persuasive, inspiring writing, plus a close attention to detail. The applicant will communicate orally with comfort and conviction, and exceptional interpersonal skills are essential. An applicant must be extremely comfortable with phone communication, as the Outreach Director will be required to spend a great deal of time on the phone communicating with potential chapter leaders. A working understanding of Facebook is strongly preferred. An ability to be assertive and inspiring is required, as is comfort with working with people of all ages.

A qualified candidate will be a self-starter who is creative in developing outreach strategies and tactics. A demonstrated dedication to drug law reform is valuable, but not necessary. SSDP places a premium on experience working with and managing volunteers, especially in the context of student organizing and activism. The Outreach Director is supervised by the Field Director, and reports directly to the Executive Director.

Interested applicants should email a one-page cover letter and one-to-two page resume to Executive Director Kris Krane at [email protected]. In your cover letter, please indicate (1) how you learned about SSDP's job opening, (2) why you are interested in working with SSDP, (3) why you are interested in this particular position, and (4) whether you have any experience in drug policy. Feel free to include any additional information you deem relevant, not to exceed one page.

Please do not call the SSDP office about the status of your application at this time.

If you submit a cover letter and resume, SSDP will respond to you within two weeks with either a notice of rejection, a request for additional documentation, or notification that your application is being considered.

Please visit for information on SSDP's mission and campaigns.

Note: Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an equal opportunity employer. SSDP has a strong commitment to diversity, and as such, women, people of color, LGBT individuals, and individuals with prior drug convictions are encouraged to apply. Our office is located in Washington, DC near Dupont Circle.

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