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Feature: Can Medical Marijuana Cost You Your Kid? In California, It Can

Ronnie Naulls never saw it coming. The church-going businessman, husband, and father of three young girls knew he was taking a risk when he opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Corona, a suburban community in the high desert of Riverside County east of Los Angeles.

Although he had played by the rules, obeyed all state laws, and successfully battled the city in court to stay open, Naulls knew there was a chance of trouble with law enforcement. He knew there was a chance of the federal DEA coming down on him, as it has done with at least 40 other dispensaries this year alone.
Naulls family (courtesy
But when they did come down on him, it was far worse than he ever imagined. At 6:00am on July 17, the quiet of Naulls' suburban neighborhood was disrupted by the whir of hovering helicopters as heavily armed DEA agents stormed his home and collective. They seized cash and marijuana, they seized his property, they seized his personal and business bank accounts. They arrested him on federal marijuana charges.

But that wasn't enough for the DEA. The raiders also called Child Protective Services (CPS). With Naulls already hustled off to jail, his wife sitting handcuffed in a police car, and his home in a shambles after being tossed by the DEA, CPS social workers said his three children were endangered and seized them. Naulls and his wife were also charged with felony child endangerment.

The three girls -- ages 1, 3, and 5 -- were held in protective foster care, with Naulls and his wife only able to see them during a one-hour supervised visit a week. "My oldest girl thought she was being punished for doing something wrong," he said. "When we went to visit her, she said, 'Daddy, we're ready to come home now, we promise to be good.'"

But the Naulls couldn't tell their children the only thing that would comfort them -- that they would be coming home soon. That would violate CPS regulations because it might not be true. In fact, it took five weeks of hearings and heartache before a family court judge decided the children would indeed be safe with their parents. But the child endangerment charges still stand.

"I was numb, totally flabbergasted, outraged, and left speechless," said Naulls. "They told my wife we were endangering the kids because of the medicine we had in the house, but we only had some in a refrigerator in the garage that has an alarmed door and my own medicine in a locked container in my office -- the DEA broke that lock. Would they treat us that way if it had been prescription Xanax?"

The DEA was not apologetic about its handiwork. A DEA spokesman confirmed that its people had called CPS. "Any time we do an operation where children are present, we have a responsibility to call CPS," said Special Agent Jose Martinez. "But we don't make the decision about whether the children are endangered."

While it would not discuss particulars of the Naulls case, the Children's Services Division of the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, of which CPS is a part, denies that medical marijuana use or presence is a reason for removal of children on the filing of endangerment charges.

"Drugs alone does not constitute a reason for removal," said Susan Lowe, director of the division. "More relevantly, the issue of medical marijuana does not constitute a reason for us to remove children. There have to be other issues present that indicate neglect or abuse."

That claim brought a sharp response from Oakland-based attorney James Anthony, who represented Naulls on land use issues related to his dispensary. While he supported Lowe's statement of the Riverside County CPS policy, he said it didn’t reflect reality in the county.

"As a medical cannabis activist attorney and friend of the Naulls family, I would say that is very good news and seems to reflect a change of position -- or a position held at the top that has not filtered down yet to the working staff of CPS," said Anthony. "Riverside County CPS has an alarming reputation as quick to take children out of medical cannabis households and to press endangerment charges," he said. "The position the director laid out is exactly as it should be: medical cannabis is no more relevant to the best interests of children than any prescription drug -- the California Supreme Court said as much when it said that medical cannabis is as legal as any prescription drug," Anthony pointed out.

"In the Naulls case," Anthony continued, "what does the agency allege is the 'neglect or abuse'? Two loving parents? A nice middle-class home? Parents who care enough to avail themselves of legal, harmless, medicine to keep themselves well? The only abuse I'm aware of at the Naulls home was the abuse done by federal law enforcement when they invaded that home without warning and heavily armed -- terrorizing those poor children for no reason at all. The DEA could have called me and I would have advised my client to turn himself in -- it's not like he was hiding. If CPS wants to charge someone with child abuse, they should start with the DEA. Under their own standards as described here, there is no basis to prosecute Anisha Naulls for anything."

If there is any child abuse involved, it is coming from the state, agreed Richard Wexler, executive director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, a group concerned with abuses of the child protection system.

"What has been done to these children is government-sanctioned child abuse," Wexler said. "Whether one believes what Mr. Naulls did is legal or not, there is not a shred of evidence that running a medical marijuana co-op harms children -- and overwhelming evidence that foster care does children enormous harm," he said.

"The act of removal from everyone loving and familiar can traumatize a child for life, and the younger the child, the greater the likelihood for such harm," Wexler continued. "For a young enough child it's an experience akin to a kidnapping. Children often believe that they have done something terribly wrong and now they are being punished. That's reflected in one child telling her father 'Daddy, we're ready to come home now; we promise to be good.' All that harm occurs even when the foster home is a good one. The majority are. But several studies suggest that at least one in three foster children is abused in foster care. So these children have gone from a situation where they clearly were not abused, into foster care, where the odds are at least one in three that they will be abused," Wexler said.

"I warn all my dispensary clients that the federal government will try to capture and imprison you, but it hadn't occurred to me that the government will also kidnap your children," said Anthony. "It's just unbelievable, barbaric."

Anthony also works with Green Aid, a group originally set up to support Ed Rosenthal's legal battles with the feds in Northern California. Green Aid has set up a Naulls Family Defense Fund to aid the now impoverished family in its effort to stay together and out of prison.

Sadly, the Naulls are not alone. Veteran activists say child removals by CPS or the loss of custody battles in California family courts because of medical marijuana are not uncommon and becoming more frequent.

"Medical cannabis patients and providers getting their kids taken away is, unfortunately not new," said Angel McLary Raich, who won the first medical cannabis custody case in California in the wake of Proposition 215. Despite a variety of debilitating and life-threatening conditions, Raich and her patient outreach group Angel Wings, have since become a resource for other medical cannabis community members facing either the child protection bureaucracy or the vicissitudes of family court in child custody cases.

Raich, who is probably best known as the plaintiff in the Supreme Court's medical marijuana case, Raich v. Ashcroft, said involvement with medical cannabis as a factor in either child custody or abuse or endangerment cases is a recurring problem. "I know of many cases where the kids have been taken away permanently, others where they have to have supervised visitation."

"We think this kind of thing is horrible," said Noah Mamber, legal coordinator for Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the medical marijuana defense group. "Even as we are making progress on the criminal front, with the cops becoming better educated, as well as other areas like employment and housing, as the legal intake person for ASA I find myself taking many, many calls where medical cannabis is an issue for CPS or in family court. I've probably had 30 or 40 in the last couple of years, and those are just the people who call us."

That means there is work to do, activists said. Some are undertaking an educational process with the family courts and CPS, while others are looking to the legislature for relief.

"No one seems to understand medical marijuana in this context," said Mamber. "There seems to be an unfortunate bias in CPS workers and family court judges. There are cases where there are no other issues except medical marijuana, and they will force them to quit taking their medicine if they want their kids. It is absolutely true that there are cases where patient parents are being treated unfairly by CPS and the family court system."

"An educational process for the courts and agencies is definitely needed," said Anthony. "They can act with the best of intentions, yet wield an incredibly devastating impact on families because of their lack of knowledge."

Raich pioneered such educational work in Alameda County. The work continues, she said. "I'm working on training law enforcement and dealing with CPS and family court," she said. "That's my real passion. I cannot tolerate watching other people lose their kids over this stuff. It is just so wrong."

If anyone is having problems with CPS or family court over medical marijuana issues, call her, Raich said. Her number is in the Oakland phone book and contact information is on her web site.

ASA is working to even the playing field for patients through legislative action, Mamber said. "As it is now, family courts and CPS don't seem to be aware of Prop. 215 and Senate Bill 420, so we need legislation to guide them. We have drafted a bill that would amend the child protection law so that the medical marijuana status of a parent cannot be the sole basis for removal of a child," he explained. "They need to quit forcing patients to stop taking their medicine. This measure won't stop CPS from doing its job, but it will stop it from persecuting medical marijuana patients."

All that is going to take time. In the meantime, said Raich, medical marijuana patients or providers with children need to play it extremely safe. "Make sure you're being a good parent," she said. "Make sure your cannabis is out of reach of the children, make sure your house is clean, there are no hazards, always plenty of milk and formula on hand. Don't grow in the house, don't dry in the house, don't have more pot than food in the refrigerator. Take a parenting class. Know what you need to do. And if the cops come to the door, don't let them in without a warrant."

As for Ronald Naulls, he's still a bit shell-shocked. "I'm a businessman and a network engineer. I don't have a criminal record and I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to have to fight the state to keep my daughters. I'm praying for God's love, and I ask everyone to pray for me. But this is more than just about me, this is a fight for the patients and for my family."

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Don't ignore tobacco industry conspiracy

Breaking up families of anyone associated with cannabis and blaming the family disfunction on the cannabis serves the tobacco interest. They are trying to link cannabis with child abuse, anchoring it in a category of things the public doesn't want to think about but trusts cops to handle for them. Offending parents and their children are stigmatized for life and face difficulties getting admitted to college or a high paying job. The tobacco industry uses its taxation (bribe) clout to fund the "drug war" and big-bucks campaign contrtibutions to reelect those legislators who will pass anti-cannabis and anti-smoking-miniaturization laws.

The tobacco industry fears cannabis for three reasons in reverse order:

3. "Experiment" with cannabis may enable some presently lucrative slave "pack-a-day" cigaret-buyers to cut down their daily purchase of cigarets.

2. Cannabis use may enable some resourceful addicts to eliminate their tobacco use altogether.

1. Most threatening of all-- a growing minority of cannabis users have learned to eliminate overdose cigaret use (the "joint" or "blunt", at least 500 mg. each) altogether and substitute single tokes in a narrow-diameter screened-crater miniature utensil (25-mg. servings instead of lighting up several hundred mg. every time you want a "smoke"). If this practice grows within the tobacco-user community, millions may eliminate 700-mg. cigarets, and go on smoking the rest of their lives while purchasing 1/28 as much tobacco.

Therefore the tobacco-supported legislators and cops crack down on any narrow-caliber "paraphernalia" on grounds that it is linked to illegal cannabis-- thus restricting the liberty of their nicotine-enslaved population to smoke as LITTLE as one wants (25 mg. instead of 700-mg. cigaret or 500-mg. "joint").

The remedy might be to campaign for selective legalization of naturally-grown dried herbs, any species (not refined pharmaceuticals) on the good-faith basis that user has prudently obtained and uses an anti-overdose utensil for purposes of safety and sobriety. Such legislation would pass the libertarian test in that it does not force anyone to abandon using tobacco or buying cigarets, but it enables them to convert each cigaret into a storage device froim which to pinch 25-mg. servings which are placed in the narrow-diameter screened crater.


Don't ignore tobacco industry conspiracy

Breaking up families of anyone associated with cannabis and blaming the family disfunction on the cannabis serves the tobacco interest. They are trying to link cannabis with child abuse, anchoring it in a category of things the public doesn't want to think about and trusts cops to handle for them. Offending parents and their children are stigmatized for life and face difficulties getting admitted to college or a high paying job. The tobacco industry uses its taxation (bribe) clout and big-bucks campaign contrtibutions to reelect those legislators who will pass anti-cannabis and anti-smoking-miniaturization laws.

The tobacco industry fears cannabis for three reasons in reverse order:

3. "Experiment" with cannabis may enable some presently lucrative slave "pack-a-day" cigaret-buyers to cut down their daily purchase of cigarets.

2. Cannabis use may enable some resourceful addicts to eliminate their tobacco use altogether.

1. Most threatening of all-- a growing minority of cannabis users have learned to eliminate overdose cigaret use (the "joint" or "blunt", at least 500 mg. each) altogether and substitute single tokes in a narrow-diameter screened-crater miniature utensil (25-mg. servings instead of lighting up several hundred mg. every time you want a "smoke"). If this practice grows within the tobacco-user community, millions may eliminate 700-mg. cigarets and smoke the rest of their lives while purchasing 1/28 as much tobacco.

Therefore the tobacco-supported legislators and cops crack down on any narrow-caliber "paraphernalia" on grounds that it is linked to illegal cannabis-- thus restricting the liberty of their nicotine-enslaved population to smoke as LITTLE as one wants (25 mg. instead of 700-mg. cigaret or 500-mg. "joint").

The remedy might be to campaign for selective legalization of naturally-grown dried herbs, any species (not refined pharmaceuticals) on the good-faith basis that user has obtained and uses an anti-overdose utensil. Such legislation would pass the libertarian test in that it does not force anyone to abandon using tobacco or any herb, or buying cigarets, but it enables them to convert the cigaret into a storage facility froim which to pinch 25-mg. servings which are placed in the narrow-diameter screened crater.

Does anyone but me see this?

Why isn't the whole tobacco lobby working to expand their market? Since were capitalists. Seems simple enough to me that RJ Reynolds and the others, could with extremely minimal modification use exitsting equitment to process, package and sell.
Now just make it like alcohol, regulate, tax, enjoy a 7billion industry to strengthen the economy.

Tobacco Companies Prepare For Legal Marijuana Sales

Great idea, last week I sent en email to Phillip-Morris, the largest tobacco company, telling them exactly that. For the laws keeping marijuana illegal are based on racial prejudice, fear, propaganda and outright lies (i.e. SAND.) and we all know anything built on a foundation of sand collapses in a short period of time This has becom apparent to the public that marijuana was made illegal on a strictly political basis. Not wanting or using scientific and/or medical data. The AMA at that time even tried to keep the feds from putting cannabis in a schedule 1 catagory. So hang in there marijuana will be legal like booze & nicotine. It is only a matter of time, all we will do to accomplish this is vote out the naysayers and vote in educated, realistic people who are not brainwashed by the feds on the safety of marijuana use. Then the laws against marijuana will collapse and we will implement new marijuana laws making it legal on a federal level. Peace be with you.

Thought Provoking.

That's actually a good way to look at the anti-cannabis lobby. The same people who want you to buy cancer sticks certainly don't want you giving their tobacco money to a cannabis dealer, not to mention the health aspects. All the health reports that say smoking cannabis is worse than smoking cigarettes are full of crap. I smoked myself into bronchitis with tobacco, now I smoke medical cannabis and never have issues similar to those of tobacco, not even close, ever. I won't say don't smoke cigarettes but damn it don't tell me cannabis is bad for me (or even as bad as a cigarette) or I'll blow a hit in your face.=) Peace!!!

Cannabis Smoking is Safer Than Tobacco Smoking

You are exactly right I have smoked cannabis for 27 years and quit cold turkey with no withdrawal effects, I only started smoking it again after a 10 year abstinance to control the nausea & vomiting from 2 Diabetic Neuropathic diseases that both affect my digestive system. My sleep wasn't even disturbed when I quit smoking cannabis. Legalize marijuana, let the private sector develope their own strains/brands of cannabis and tax it selling it in approved stores just like alcohol and nicotine. We will see over $40 Billion dollars in new taxes not to mention the saving of over $400 Billion dollars spent on tracking, arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning the private citizen who smokes marijuana for whatever reason. Or let's all move to Alaska who provides more protection for their marijuana smoking citizens. We are overcrowding our prisons with people arrested for possessing and smoking marijuana. I don't care if it is an ounce or less or a warehouse full, no one should ever be arrested for marijuana use, cultivation, selling, possessing, or what have you. Pretty soon we will have THC suppositories for nause control, just you wait and see.. I have proven that cannabis is not addictive and hasn't hurt me after 27 years of smoking it daily and the fact that I was able to quit cold turkey with absolutely no withdrawel effects and with only a desire to be sober not to use harder drugs proveing that marijuana is not addictive ohysically or psychologically (a person who makes those kind of choices i.e. to use harder drugs, has an emotional problem not related to the use of marijuana.) Therefore it is not addictive, it is very theraputic and it does not cause cancer even when smoked, so you can bank on it Marijuana will be legalized federally in the USA in the 21st century. Peace...

Gov't wants you to be hooked on pharm. drugs

So scary that our gov't is so crooked that they would rather you hooked on pharmicuetical drugs than smoke a god made plant. Pharmasists are just legal drug dealers ruining millions of peoples lives everyday. It is scary that our unjustice system will let child rapist and child molesters go free everyday but put a hard working man like Naulls behind bars. Then turn around and complain the jails are overcrowded. What a waste of time and money. This cases court time could go to someone who is a threat to our society. How is this "to protect"?

It's just dead wrong

Anyone remember reefer Maddness?

At that time the Government claimed that Smoking Marijuana made people go out and rape and murder people, Congress even was known to say on the floor that when a person from Mexico smoke Marijuana they think they are in a bull ring. Now what small brains they must think we have...

Now they are trying to say LOOK OUT PEOPLE marijuana is a Danger to your children.

The Lies from the Government never change, This is Adam Assenberg and I am a DJ at a Radio station in Moscow, Idaho and every Sat. at 5-7 PM PST I run a show called Marijuana Fact or Fiction ar KRFP 92.5 FM.

I invite the people from Stopthedrugwar as well as all the Wonderful readers here to call my show and voice what YOU have to say about the value of Medical Marijuana.

The number is 208-892-9200 or 9300. My number is 509-397-3252 To hear the LIVE feed from the station on the net log onto And if you miss the show you can always catch up on the shows at We support the great work of and it is MY hope that we all link together and forget who get's the pat on the back to get Marijuana out to the sick people that need it.

kids, drugs and cops

Ten cops on my front porch, every one with gun drawn; 2 kids playing 20 feet away; not one cop bothered to make sure those kids stayed out of the line of fire. The woman they had followed to my house was inside (a 12x50 trailer) with HER baby; knowing full well that there was a child inside, the Nazis, I mean, police officers, used a battering ram to break in.

The officer in charge of the raid testified to the grand jury that 2 kids were outside, and the door was LOCKED; which is why they had to use the battering ram to break in, which is what endangered the baby. In other words, 2 kids were nowhere NEAR the dope, and the third was endangered by the police themselves. Even so, I was indicted on 3 counts of endangerment, which were dropped first thing, but they still show up on a background check.

In Arizona, the presence of illegal drugs is automatic basis for endangerment or abuse charges; now the warriors use the number of children "flooding the foster care system" to support even more intrusive and punative drug policies.

marijuana and children


Your story and the story featured above are Horrific.

Coupled with the current push to attack Iran, the rise in Government Kidnapping and Para-military attacks on families and on our sick is extra-terrifying. I hope this family walks and then sues the living shit out of all involved. But I ain't no fancy pants lawyer, so I don't know how all that works.

But if our system were just, the kids would be back with Mommy and Daddy; the fuzz, DAs and Judge (who signed off on the warrant) would be in jail; and this family would be rich from SUING THE BEJESUS OUT OF EVERYONE.

As a former social worker, the Government-kidnapping of children due to marijuana infuriates me, because it smears ethical social workers everywhere who are TRYING TO KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER.

A simple reminder for CPS workers who have borderline-intellectual-functioning issues and/or are morally or ethically confused: the standard for legal, justified, and moral removal of a child from their parents is ABUSE and NEGLECT, not Child Protective Service's perspective/take on California Medical Marijuana Laws. What CPS did to these kids is KIDNAPPING.

The person who made the decision to kidnap the children should be sued, and then the DEA, the local cops, the DA, the Judge....I know I am just dreaming here; it was nice for a second...

Another reason not to have children if you are a medical marijuana patient or provider: the government might come and get 'em, just like the Boogie Man.

A. Stern

[email protected]

I got my neighbor's kids taken away by calling CPS after I saw their stoned mother weaving down our street with the kids in the car. I am not happy about it one bit and I heard they separated the kids, but what's worse, their lives are "endangered" either way.

your a dickhead, theres a

your a dickhead, theres a difference in using it for medicinal purposes and socially, you should not throw stones in other peoples backyard, I hope the Karma Gods come back at you sometime in your life and they will cause Karma is a powerful thing.

who needs enemys with neighbors like you?

the children are almost 20 times more likely to be sexually and physically abused at foster homes, you probably like that? I disagree with you.

they made me

I had my life destroyed by the"LAW" when i was 15.I had payed for a school trip
and when they caught me smoking i wasn't allowed to go and they said it was non refundable,so i "stole" it back. for $100,I went to jdc for 60 days
charged with b&e,safe cracking(prying locked box),possession of criminal tools.and was on house arrest for 3 months and probation till 18, $ 2000 in fines and forbid from attending any public school.I had to go to school ran buy the court,be surrounded by other criminals just to get a GED.

Now i hate cops,and what they stand for.The system made me as bad as i am.before that i would never have shot a its a different story.
i don't see them as people,just as a bag of flesh standing in my way of fredom

don't judge me,you paid your tax to turn me into this.

you made you

you chose to smoke knowing you shouldn't. you got caught. now most people would have shrugged it off and left their $100, non-refundable is non-refundable. you chose to steal $100 after all it wasn't yours since you gave up for the trip. you need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. to put in perspective what you was the equivalent of say renting a hotel room for the weekend and putting a deposit (these are usually non refundable) then canceling and upon not being given back the non refundable part then breaking into the hotel and stealing it. i'm sorry i have no pity for you and don't believe the system turned you into what you are. you simply need to grow up, get off the pity pot, and accept responsibility for your own life and stop blaming those around you for your own chosen actions.

They Made Me

No you made your life situation by getting caught. Because of the ridiculous, harsh penalties on marijuana you have to be smarter than the cops if you can't use it legally. Don't blame the cops for they are just doing their job. They didn't even make the laws. Learn how to use your power, by voting, to change the harsh laws concerning marijuana. Peace be with you...

they are criminals.

the government has proclaimed they have the right to run our lives and we are their property, I agree with you taking your money and stealing it from you was wrong, but they are criminals and they have taken away our rights incrementally, just be ready cause we will have to fight for our freedom, "the tree of liberty has to be watered with patriot blood" they will not stop their tyranny and corruption and oppression.

Pharm. Drugs

Salvia Divinorum - A proven [although, admittedly, not without doubt] natural anti-depressant with little to no harmful side-effects. Causes users to question reality and the world they live in. May even aid in curing schizophenia.

Marijuana - A proven natural painkiller with a, for lack of better words, 'mind expanding' effect that causes users to question what is around them.

Zoloft - A manufactured anti-depressant that can cause people to have worse depression even leading to suicide.

What are the government and prescription drug manufacturers going to do when it occurs to everyone that there is a natural cure for everything? Especially regarding psychological issues. The government loses money, the people start revolting, and the pharmalogical companies go out of business. Our world would be a completely different place. Why do you think Canada is such a calm country? They don't enforce the laws they have against natural drugs, like marijuana. And salvia is available in corner stores.

The government has to regulate everything that everyone does. Smoking, drinking, driving, psychological drugs, religion, religious traditions, where you go, what you eat, how you conduct business, how much money you pay in taxes.

If they lose complete control over so-called 'harmful' psychoactive plants, they lose an entire bridge to power and dominance.

What else are they going to do but force you to use potentially harmful mass-manufactured drugs that can make situations worse, causing addiction and especially death in the worst cases? If people realized they were better off using natural cures and risking the legal problems, the government would be powerless and the pharmacies would be down the tubes.

.....can you blame them?


Keep your mind open, keep your eyes open. And remember, freedom is always worth the risk.

Medical THC & our Vets

I am fortunate enough that now my [second wife] works or quite likely we wold be homeless now. Through her insurance i get Marinol which is necessary to my survival. I have a weird toxic build up from the medications I must take to stay alive. I have had these bouts as often as three times a month. It starts with a headache at my left temple which hurts all the time and to make a long story short I spend three days puking my guts out and after only a few hours of this there is nothing but a strange metallic tasting bial clear liquid coming out. I have been to many Doctors who tell me I am just fine. Anyway Three days laying with the toilet as a cool pillow while your head is pounding while on fire, and your whole body shakes like your a dog passing peach pits is a bad scene. So I thank God that my wife cares enough to help me with this pain.

What I really want to talk about is how people are so locked out from anything that can help them by government intervention. Through her insurance my Marinol is a $40. dollar Co~Pay. I live in California and I get my prescription filled at Walgreen's. I look at the poor Vet in this country who finds a peaceful place after so much pain by the use of cannabinoids. This is elementary in the healing process. They have to pay for smoke through what ever dispense that has not been closed by government intervention.

This is the rub. Here we have cops making a living chasing pot smokers dispensaries and there patrons who with the prescription to have medical marijuana (THC) are being squeezed if they are Vets or to poor to afford insurance on there own. How can this be?

Everyone old enough to remember the 60's remember when republicans who have a tendency for knee JERK reactions, without any studies or reasonable discussion demonizing Pot. Their fight against reason and regulation of the demon weed felt booze is enough. Medicating on booze is completely out of the question in my case due to my condition, but everyone knows booze is not a viable way to do this, but that is what our Vet's are forced into by means of governmental interventions.

Please do not get my I am not a bash~er of the Federal Gov. because Fed=every single one of us Americans. I will never be a bash~er of anyone but defending myself and others who are destroyed by laws that discriminate unjustly will always be high on my list, since my first wife asked me to have a circumcision and dumped me through governmental interventions.

feeling frusterated and helpless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my daughter was taken from me in may 2006 for possesion of is unfortunate it took such drastic messures to wake me up, but it did. however, i have since followed the requirements of cps, and i am currantly a full time student at the jc.nothing seems to be good enough for them. they are more concerned with there egos and being in controll than what is truely "in my daughters best interest" I feel so helpless and my daughter who is currantly a resident at the local children's home, needs me so bad! I feel like my daughter has been kidnapped and is being tortured (sounds extreem, but it's really not) and if i try to help or protect her, i get in trouble. I have a prescription for medical marajana, and now, although i have remained clean off all other drugs, including alcohol, I attend 12 step meetings 7 days a week, i go to school and am maintaining an "A/B" average, i am working towards a certificate in human services advocacy and intend on dedicating myself to helping children, especially those at risk. they still won't return her or even allow us an overnight visit. I feel so scared sad and alone. my daughter is so in need for her mother. we have a bond like i've never seen before with any parent and child. i don't know what i'm hoping to accomplish by writting this. my heart goes out to any mother who has experienced a simular situation. if there is any thing that can be done to stop these monsters, we need to stand together and put a stop to this!!!!!!!!

very sad.

it's very sad what has happened to you, currently cps is stalking and trying to snatch my daughter away, and now I know how corrupt the cps kids snatchers are and their government bosses who need the children for the child prostitution rings after they get them doped up with a cocktail of prescription dope, bastards you will be brought to justice, Dyncorp the corporation that runs cps was caught trafficking kids for sex, and Donald Rumsfeld said it was ok, you can see the video of that creature on you tube.

Rob Higgins-Trumped up court case

I just saw a documentary on an estate agent called Rob Higgins. The government wanted his land and one Ranger went to extraordinary lengths in order to entrap him and get it. They asked someone to get him to buy some marijuana for them so that they could arrest him and take his property. That's just unbelievable. I live in Scotland however I used to live in California and I have been telling my wife about these types of things happening for years. I can quote several examples including one of my own which also involves a Ranger. The Ranger had broken up with his girlfriend and I began seeing her. He got really angry at me for seeing her and trumped up these charges against me that never happened. I have been in touch with the police several times and given them my telephone number and address hear in Scotland. I have told them the truth several times however they refuse to believe me. They just tell me that if I come back that I would be charged. I spoke to a public defender and he said that the best deal that he could get me was pleading guilty. I explained to him that I did not do anything. I left 10 years ago and went to Scotland because I did not know what else to do. I did not have the money for a good lawyer. I just wanted to tell Rob that I have a great deal of respect for him in all that he did to defend himself and ultimately winning his case. I said to my wife that most people would not have gone to those lengths. They would have lost their property and their livelihood to the government. If anyone has his contact details then will you ask him to contact me please. He might have a suggestion for clearing my name. I have checked on a few lawyers since then however they want a 50.000 dollar retainer just to get started.
I still have not managed to accumulate that much cash. My name is Scott Roberts and my email address is [email protected]

something similar.

something similar happened to me, when I dated the ex wife of a police detective, needless to say she and I are not together anymore but but the cops buddies in the departments are still trying to fabricate charges against me to put me in jail, their latest attack is to send a cps worker to my home, to try and snatch my daughter, they are mafia criminals.

Oh come on. What kind of

Oh come on. What kind of person is that one who gives his children to a doctor who give him marijuana? First of all, I don't believe in 'medical marijuana' and secondly, it is not normal to give to a kid drugs, right?

Prozac for you.

the government drugs up kids with prozac and ritalin cause they get more cash from the pharmaceutical corporations, you are absurd and can't be taken seriously when you want people to believe that government prozac is good and marijuana is bad.

child custody

My friend is currently in a child custody case and has a medical card. His ex is trying to make a huge issue out of the medicine because she is very controlling and it was one thing that she couldn't control. He has had 3 failed back surgeries and more than enough medical background to justify the need for chronic pain relief. He is disabled now as well after working a very physical and emotionally stressful job for 20 years.

Now, I am a pharmacist Tell me why it would be better for him to get visitation (he is only asking that she allow him to see his son in his own home (he loves spending time with my young children) and not have her there if he had to take oxycodone 6 times a day for pain?? Why is a child suddenly in danger because of the fear of mj?? I don't get it. I have a hard time seeing every child custody case involving a judge wanting to know what you take for medicine, where and when you take it, and all the above These states have legallized this medication for people and get away from the fear factor. Alcohol is sooooo much worse all around for self and family and yet that doesn't come into play in a custody case where there has not been a single incident showing child endangerment or any legal action against a parent. The bias in the courts would have to be so thick it was pathetic. In our state..we know our laws regarding such,,,you don't don't don't smoke and/or injest in any public place or any place children are present or drive (just like any pain reliever or alcohol).

And to the person last posted (although I see its been a while)...this country drowns our children in drugs or having you been paying attention to the ADHD epidemic and antidepressents we feed them...come some research ..and not that I'm saying a child should be given medical MJ ...I think we have to be careful all around with developing brains and bodies. But jeezzz


Do it for yourself, do it for your child

The Lord shall take an eye, for every eye taken. Relax. In the end, things will work out.

Three things no one can take away without permission are 1)the power of the human mind, 2) The plan 3) The roadmap to your destination and the courage to find it.

For your Child

1. Sacrifice no integrity for the price of conformity.
2. Emphasize the future.
3. Stay strong
4. Fight for your child (ren)
5. Frequently express to your child "I love you"
6. If you believe in your self worth, your child will understand self worth.
7. Be courageous.
8. Remind yourself, where there's a will there's a way!
9. Don't allow others to limit your abilities.
10. Read a list of long-term goals every morning
11. Give your child the gift of courage, endurance, and faith.

Best thing I read on the whole page

Best thing I read on the whole page

Advocate Change

I'm throwing a logical question out there

Should worry warts spend money, unsupervised?

I have far greater issues to occupy my brainspace than pot smokers. The National debt clock is at; $10,887,152,209,387.87.. That's $3.62 billion per day spent by government agencies.

Numbers never lie.

Keep writing your politicians and demand change. You can move a mountain, if you want to badly enough.
Make at least one effort to reach out each day. Inspire others. It's your democracy, use it or lose it.

Follow the Money and Power

This is all know the Corn folks are going to fight legalization of Hemp. Concrete verse Hemcrete...again, think market share. Bio composite building materials made out of Wheat, or Hemp...WHOOPS, again someone is going to be pissed Hemp is taking a piece of their pie. Medical Marijuana...if I am smoking pot to deal with my pain, I am not addicted TO LEGAL PAIN PILLS...

Here is a clue people. The police are NOT OUR FRIENDS, they are not out on the street to protect you, only show up when you or someone else calls them with a problem already occurring. Police are on the streets to protect the wealthy and elite, and their interests. Don't believe often does a police officer drive by your own home during a shift? Probably how often they drive by say a shopping mall even though it is closed up tighter than a drum without a car in sight.

Ask yourselves why the RICHEST communities have the best equipped and trained police officers...and, drive into those rich communities and start driving down any street in your second hand car and see how quickly you are stopped, questioned about your purpose for being where you do not belong.

The DEA is waging its war against LEGAL Medical Marijuana facilities because the DRUG INDUSTRY wants them to.

right on!

the federals have purchased and now own our local police, and now they are trying to reverse proposition 215 cause they are mafia criminals, when you are a law abiding californian who has a valid recommendation and they can't find any excuse to lock you up in jail, they will send the CPS children snatchers, to go after your kids, they need a fresh batch of children for their government child prostitution rings, and once they are done using them they become a part of the human trafficking ring of the correctional corporations.

my sons father grows marijuana in the bedroom next to my sons!!

I dont know what to do to get my son away from his father who grows medical marijuana in the bedroom that is across from my son's bedroom and my son is at his house 3 days a the past i know his dad abused prescription drugs and has been growing his own "medical marijuana" and im just afrai for my son....i cant sleap at night when my son is there , i am so worried ....but how can i put a stop to it without my son being involved and traumatized? his father lives with his current girlfriend wich happens to also be a medical marijuana patient and they are the two adults incharged with my son a couple of days a week......i dont undarstand how they can take care of him when they are both under the influence of this there anything i could do?

Your kid is in no danger

Your kid is in no danger when he's over there. Educate yourself before assuming that the plant is bad.

Yes, talk to friends and family for reassurance

You sound like you don't have any experience with and/or have not read about medical marijuana...maybe the unfortunate politics involved with marijuana helped to misinform you. Depending on where you live between 70 and 80 percent of people support it. You should talk with your friends, neighbors, family etc. as they can fill you in about this wonderful, safe, and effective medicine. It's been used for over 5,000 years by many cultures. Also, just Google it or visit Americans for Safe Access' website and you can see all the studies of it's efficacy.

- George

Place your fear accurately

Your fear for your child sounds as though it resides with your ex's decision making skills. He just also happens to cultivate cannabis as well.

the plants are not dangerous.

the real danger are the government cps children snatchers, who will take your kid and load him up with a cocktail of pharmaceutical dope, that will destroy his liver and kidneys and his brain, tell your ex husband to be very aware of the government children snatchers, and to be very cautious, also remember this, when your child goes to school the school counselors who get money kickbacks for turning in more children to cps, will try to interrogate your child and coherce the answers they need in order to send the cps children snatchers to your home, it turns out, the reason that California government indoctrination schools, have a 50 percent dropout rate is to keep churning out thousands of new recruits for the prisons, basically the prison union corporations are working side by side with the cps children snatchers and school criminals to get your kids enrolled in their slave rings.

yes,this is one of he most

yes,this is one of he most discgusting stories i have ever read! im glad to see my tax dollars are really making an impact! if this guy was paying his taxes,why does the gov. give a shit! what happened to obama puttin an end to this NAZI bullshit!we have so much stuff going on in this country,in this world!the feds need to just stay the hell out of california,we dont need there help,with our once thriving economy,as far as im cocerned the rest of this country, FEDERAL GOV. is dead weight! go back to kansas dea, go mess with moonshiners,or maybe heroin dealer ,meth dealers,and real criminals sellin drugs that really ruin peoples lives!or these pharmicutical companies sellin there dope,and advertising it on telivision!patients who legally buy there medicine from a dipensary,not on the street,need not be persacuted,nor do the suppliers! the year is 2010,this gov. needs to catch up with california,on every level! i voted for barrack,because of the changes he said he was gonna make.he also said he was gona stop these unjust medical cannabis raids..i guess he cant control his own little army! now i truly regret giving him my vote as he hasnt done a thing to change a thing!it is time for change and it needs to start at the white house and the capitol,its time to throw them all out on there ass's and start doing what the PEOPLE really want! ill probably be raided tommorow morning for speakin my opinion!or indangering my child,for showing him to have his own voice!that must be indangerment! i am no longer proud to be an american,ever since george W.

its idiots like 3 posts

its idiots like 3 posts above my last that hold up the legalazation of pot! she needs to try it,and maybe lighten up a bit,then she might understand how her x and girlfriend can function just fine! get that ignorant stick outa your ,you know what,and maybe youll get to have another boyfriend one day too!

My x has his mmc and thats

My x has his mmc and thats fine. I use to smoke and know my child is safe with him. He has 2 roommates that have there cards as will. My problem is that my kids 4 and 12 come home stinking so bad like weed that I have to go home put them in the shower wash there closes and the smell still dont come out. Im worried about someone smelling it and calling csd. What should I do? He tells me he has his card and to get over it.

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