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Do you read Drug War Chronicle? If so, we'd like to hear from you. DRCNet needs two things:

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I do indeed read DWC, it comes via email. Unfortunately I'm so poor (on disability) I can't even afford a quarter-oz, much less a contribution. Everyone wants a contribution. Hell, I want a contribution. But I firmly believe in the cause.

Yes and Yes

I am also on a limited retirement income and can only afford
$5.00 but it is well worth it.


YES I read this

I read this always , but am so poor if it took a quater to spit I'd have to choke.

Drcnet, Mr. Borden, and comrades--God speed

Have only praise for us all, extra praise for you Mr. Borden, and hopefully a few bucks by the end of this month. Drcnet has sustained my belief that intelligent folks who can spell prohibition, disdain the pill and booze monoculture, and actually appreciate the herbs and plants God spoke of on page one of Genesis---are here with me, speaking out about , as the great Harry Browne called it, the insane drug war.
For now, my only suggestion might be to accentuate the links to the many anti-drug war coalitions extant world-wide and ready for coalescence(and hopefully vengeance).
Oh, also, as a 40 year observer and researcher of the drug war mass insanity syndrome, I've lately come to fully appreciate the many connections it has with the deplorable, sickening , appalling, and not so good-- health care nightmare--that humans debate the comparative nation-state demerits thereof. I don't have time to elaborate upon this right now--so I'll simply suggest we all think about it a bit. Here's a clue: A firing squad for old folks smoking opium--a rotten liver for Rush Limbaugh gulping Vicodin. Medical marijuana vs.say Lunestra or Prozac or whatever Big PHARMA tells you is best. Talk about snake oil! If folks don't care to fight for their rights to medications, elixers, and anodynes---wait till they're mandated to take certain ones! I'm done. God bless freedom.

War on drugs and Iraq

War on Drugs is 70 years old.........How many people and how much money has gone down the drain in all those years and will the war in Iraq take as long? Both are big failures and if people could see the conection perhaps people will make a conection and...........Get the figures out!
Prince Crazie

P.S. War On Drugs

Perhaps Mr. M. Moore could do a film on this subject and the involment of the Pharm. Industry. Love him or hate him he can bring this issue to the masses, more so then we have been able to do!
Prince Crazie

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