Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Puerto Rican narc gets caught robbing an armored car, a Mississippi cop gets nailed for selling and using speed, and a Toledo cop who liked to party too much cops a plea. Let's get to it:

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, a Puerto Rican police officer working with the DEA was charged with robbing an armored car. Angel Fernandez Ramos, who worked as an anti-drug officer for the past four years, was one of five men arrested last Friday in the $515,000 heist. Among the others were Ramos' father and two uncles. The money has been recovered. FBI officials said they were looking into links between this robbery and other armored car robberies on the island.

In Gulfport, Mississippi, a former Moss Point police officer was sentenced June 14 to 41 months in prison for drug trafficking on the job. Wendy Peyregne was arrested in December 2006 and charged with six counts of methamphetamine trafficking after a two-year investigation by the FBI. She ended up pleading guilty to two counts. According to the FBI, Peyregne made drug deals while on duty at the Moss Point police station, dealt drugs from her patrol car, and used meth while on duty. She shared the meth she scored with, among others, an ex-boyfriend, who turned snitch and helped bring her down.

In Toledo, Ohio, a former Toledo police officer pleaded guilty June 14 to a drug misdemeanor. Former officer Bryan Traband was originally charged with felony drug possession, and three misdemeanors -- permitting drug abuse, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of drugs -- but was allowed to plead guilty to a single charge of permitting drug use. Toledo police raided Traband's residence after a snitch twice told them in February he was selling, possessing, and using cocaine and marijuana and that he would be having a party on March 16. Police raided the home that night. Traband received a suspended six-month sentence at the Correction Center of Northwest Ohio.

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Corrupt police

It is a sad day in this country when the average person has to worry about years in prison for possesing small amounts of pot. When I was a kid in Massachusetts and the cops would catch you with a little weed. They'd scare you a little then dump it out. "Maybe" they'd call your parents. That's the way it should be. Better yet how about finding reality and legalising pot. The 50 billion dollars a year we piss away in this country putting people in prison for pot possesion is the most horendous crime I can think of. That's outside of ilegaly invading Iraq and using our brave military to murder thousands of cicvilians in the name of democratization. We have some real scum running this country. Our liberties are being flushed down the toilet.

corrupt police

your dam right, and we all know it. Quess its a matter of who has the guns eh?

Prison sentencing

How can even the most rabid rightwing creaton possibly justify puting people in jail for smoking pot or possesing small amounts for their own adult consumption. The average sentence for murder in this country is 12 years.
Sobriety is a wonderful way to go through life. There are times however when people need to relax a little. If your not driving or opperating machinery pot is safer than drinking a beer or a glass of wine. Somehow it's ok in our leadership circles to steal billions of dollars from our treasury by starting ilegal wars and padding the defense budget. It's ok to lie to the American people trash the constitution and murder innocent civilians to steal their oil. It's ok for big pharma to patent derivitives of pot for medicinal purposes so they can corner the market. We are very sick and twisted as a nation and we had better smarten up before it's to late.


As the person said about prison sentencing, its a sad day in this country when we see all this happenning. Its a great injustice to lock someone up for possesion or use of pot. While rampant corruption and REAL crimes go on day to day. Who are the real monsters?And just what has our country turned into? Time to speak up everyone, or lose what feeedoms you have.

Corrupt Cops

Great segment! Keep it comin!

Corrupt Cop Psychology

Why do law enforcement agencies enable these "power junkies" access to their victims? A basic psych evaluation,
would potentially screen the sickos OUT! Leave them to
fill other positions where they would not become "entitled" to abuse, or go as far to use deadly force against hapless children, and adults.

A friend, we have known for over 20 years, I know he is innocent of doing any criminal acts; a clean living home owner, he is not free to walk down the street he lives on! The local cops, harass, stalk, snoop, often conduct illegal searches, and abuse their power.
Why doesn't someone wise up! Enough is enough, already!
Stop helping the dark side!

Corrupt Cops

I know what your friend is going, thru. They harras me everyday and I never been busted for drugs. I have a friend who uses drugs and because I say Hi to him or have a few beers together, the undercover cops start harrasing me. This is California I am talking about. Tell your friend not to give up.

Corrupt,cruel & crazy cops

AMEN BROTHER!!....I SAY [email protected] U I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!

oakland, maryland sucks

my brother recently racked up 4 charges in oakland maryland for possesion of pot and paraphanalia and 3 other prescription pill charges,nothing was on his person and no one claimed any of the drugs exept the pills which driver even had a valid prescription for but they chargerd everyone for them since he had them in an pill case for keeping track of them, so likely my brother can beat the more sever charges but i think its an outrage that they can charge for possesion without having anything on your person, the possible maximum fine for all his charges is 76,000 dollars and up to 13 years in jail. i hope someday they relize how retarded their laws are, what a bunch of nazi facisist

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