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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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Yet another prison guard goes down, and a Georgia narc gets caught sleeping with his snitches. Let's get to it:

In London, Kentucky, a former guard got 6 ½ years in prison June 8 for smuggling drugs into the Big Sandy federal prison. Alice Marie Stapleton, 31, was charged last year with being part of a conspiracy to smuggle heroin, marijuana, and contraband cell phones into the maximum security prison. She admitted receiving $1,000 each of three times she smuggled contraband behind the bars. Her 78-month sentence was the maximum allowed under federal sentencing guidelines.

In Augusta, Georgia, a former drug squad supervisor pleaded guilty Monday to lying to an FBI agent about not sleeping with his informants. Mathue Phares, 38, an 18-year veteran of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office was forced to resign in December as an investigation into allegations of civil rights violations got underway. Having sex with one's informants could be a civil rights violation because an officer is in a position of power or authority over an informant. Phares initially denied sleeping with his snitches, but later admitted to one sexual relationship. Now the feds say there was more than one. Phares is free on his own recognizance pending sentencing. He faces up to five years in federal prison.

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Try hypocrite Mr. Spell

Try hypocrite Mr. Spell Check. Oh, and say no to drugs! Drugs are bad, Mkkay.

All Cops are Dirty, & Here's Why

Not All cops commit crimes against the public. However, they all know it's going on yet refuse to turn the dirty ones in. That makes them complicit in those crimes. I know of four cops right here in Colorado Springs that LIED under oath. But who is the judge going to believe, the liar with a badge, or someone with long hair telling the truth. I don't have a criminal record, I'm not a criminal. I do however, get singled out of every crowd as a troublemaker simply because of the way I look.

Here's a single story no one from any law enforcement agency in the state will listen to. El paso County sherriff's deputies showed up at my trailer one night asking if I was Mr. So&so?, I am not, I replied. Well is this spot such&such? It is not, I replied. Well the lead officer replied, we have a report of a domestic disturbance here, and we need to search your trailer. Wait a minute, I live alone and I'm not who you are looking for, and this is not the spot you are looking for. Well we're coming in, one way or the other, and he did. Naturally he found nothing, and no one. I went to the sherriffs office the next day to file a complaint, after all, they violated my Fourth Ammendment Rights. Well, guess what happened next. As soon as I mentioned the Fourth Ammendment the sawed-off little runt I spoke to threatened me with arrest if I didn't leave immediately. Never having been arrested before, (and wanting to keep it that way) I left. I contacted the local news stations and the other "law enforcement" agencies in the area and I've never been answered. Although, I have managed to put a spotlight on myself so that now I get ticketed for things I haven't done. And when someone threatened to shoot me, rather than pulling my own .45, I decided to do the right thing and call the cops, I got a ticket for yet one more thing I did not do, and the real criminal walked. I should have shot him. No longer will I call the police. The last three times I have, I've been cited for some BS I never did. When those entrusted with law enforcement can no longer be trusted, they are the criminals. But you see, no matter how right and honest I am, a judge will never accept the truth from me, when a badge is willing to lie.

I know the feeling!!!!!

springs police if you ask me are mostly on a power trip. Sand creek division is a joke. We had a attempted murder at our buisness and the sand creek cops did nothing. They covered up there mistakes and refuse to investigate our case.there were witnesses and all. Goes to show the good ol boys will win until somhow we can get national coverage.

Ex Deputy

Don't feel like the lone ranger. I used to be a deputy with El Paso County but when I saw how the good ol' boy network was i quit. The upper management is so corrupt it isn't funny. Money is being used for golfing at places for no reason, the sheriff going to Aspen for a seminar and spending money on high dollar hotels. It's ashamed they let these people stay there for 20 plus years. Some people are in positions that shouldn't be there because they simply aren't qualified. But if you're the lapdog of the sheriff you'll get it.

Matt was a good officer that...

Matt was a good officer that made some bad choices--we all have. Through all this he will come out a stronger man--his wife has stayed by his side. He doesn't belong in prison for his actions--what he did is between himself, his wife & God. He took MANY of drug dealers with weapons OFF of OUR streets for 18 years, trying to make our community a safe place to raise our children!

Well good for...

Matt and his ability to manipulate both the law enforcement community, his wife, and the snitches he slept with!

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