Medical Marijuana: New York Bill Passes General Assembly, But Now Senate Balks

A bill that would legalize the use of medical marijuana in New York state passed the General Assembly Wednesday night on a 92-52 vote, but now the Republican-dominated Senate is balking. Although Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Brunswick) sounded agreeable at a Wednesday morning news conference, just hours later he was criticizing the bill as unworkable and vowing to introduce competing legislation.

With the clock ticking toward adjournment of the legislature next week, the move could kill the legislation this year. Even if the Senate passed its own bill, there is little time left reconcile differences, and the lawmakers face other pressing matters.

Sponsored by Rep. Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan), who has fought for a decade to advance it, the bill, A04867, would allow patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, and other severe illnesses or their designated caregivers to possess up to 2 ½ ounces of usable marijuana and up to 12 plants. Patients must be certified annually by a physician and register with the state Health Department.

Gov. Elliot Spitzer (D), who last year had opposed medical marijuana, signaled this week that he was willing to sign a carefully crafted bill, but any elation on the part of the bill's proponents, which include the Marijuana Policy Project, was tempered by Sen. Bruno's contradictory pronouncements Wednesday.

During a morning news conference, Bruno said a colleague would introduce a companion bill this week and predicted "the chances are better than not that it will go to the governor." But by that afternoon, Bruno had changed his tune. The Assembly bill is, he said, "too broad and we think it just lets too many things happen that may be inappropriate... We're going to do our own bill."

The Empire State is potentially one vote away from enacting a medical marijuana law, but the Republican Senate leadership appears determined to use a procedural trick to derail it.

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Hey,I am a cna and will be taking a 55 year old man with M.S he can only move his right hand barly and has no control of any other body parts. I live in ny now ad I was wondering if it would be possible to gt him a prescripttion for marijuana. Or if not a presription being able to buy some for him leaglly. Any help please send to my email [email protected]. Thanks!

Stop the War NOW!

Hello everyone,
In order to win the war on drugs, we must act! We must make our voices heard to our state representatives.. Ultimately the most effective way — and the only way — to successfully achieve statewide marijuana law reform is for local stakeholders and citizens to become involved in the political process and make the changes they want to see. We can’t do it without you.

E-mail our politicians now by clicking the link below.
It will only take 2 seconds of your time.

I seen your post, it does

I seen your post, it does not look like you will be able to get legal marijuana in NY for your patient at this time. The bill is not law yet.

But for a patient like yours it sounds like he does not have time.

you could go to Canada, check out this link:

Re: Is this the American way ...

I would like to address this to: Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Brunswick)
IF- you could imagine your life being haulted by a deadly disease at the age of 30, while you are in a upswing in your life and the Dr tells you that you have AIDS and you are going to die, not have children, not do the things you hoped for, besides that you will take these drugs and not look or feel too good either. You believe this and you are likely to take these POISON drugs and die. A prescription for death.

I educated myself and went to Switzerland, Germany and other health related places out of the country- I am now 47 and have wasting from 6 months of those dreaded drugs. I wake up nauseous and can't eat.
it would help to have medical marijuana.

I think that medical marijuana is a threat to the pharmecuetical companies...botttom line!

"I educated myself and went

"I educated myself and went to Switzerland, Germany and other health related places out of the country" You should not have educated yourself, first of all.

"it would help to have medical marijuana." Yes it would help.. Why are you knocking it in your entire post then?

"I think that medical marijuana is a threat to the pharmecuetical companies" Sources that say this? Your reasoning? Why would it be a threat? Will the pharmacies actually feel a loss in revenue due to medical marijuana. I didn't even think the pharmacies had much to do with it. Take a look at Cali.

Not educate yourself?

A primary goal of anyone who is sick, and especially the very sick, is to educate yourself, and not be a passive victim in a large, mostly impersonal system. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard, an outrageous statement, like saying "You shouldn't understand your finances," or "You shouldn't understand your investments," or "You shouldn't learn to read and write." Your fate is in your hands. Anyone who says different is either making a snark or is a total lunatic.
It is clear that ANY change in the pharmaceutical world that the large players do not control is not in their interests. That why they pay $100's of millions in lobbying. But marijuana poses a larger threat - the multibillion $ industry of SSRI's, antidepressants and antianxiolytics, not to mention antinauseal and and antispasmodic drugs. People who can self-supply a drug that for them could be as least as effective as these extremely high priced drugs would cost the industry billions.

Lets go 100%. I am a senior

Lets go 100%. I am a senior at my high school doing a reseach project on medical marijuana. I am 100% for this. While during my reasearch i have came across a lady i met who has just had her cancer treatment revoked. They told her that it is not helping and that it is waisting money. I beleive she needs the help. what dose the pharmacies look like handing out morphine, but its not ok for medical marijuana. Or even simpler Alcohol is a form of drugs and thats not even for medical use, people need medical help for that legalized drug.

* I do beleive that there should be a strick distribution of this drug if it is legalized, and the goverentment should ask the public on their beleifs. Its not all about the goverenment. I live in NY and have never herd anything about this medical marijuana bill they are fighting. I would deffidently be a supporter or 1 helping vote.

senior in high school and

senior in high school and you cant even spell.

this scares me!!

decriminalize and tax it so we can afford to TRY to teach our childeren basic knowledge of spelling and vocabulary.

this is our future?

studies are 80% of seniors today can't even write cursive anymore.


"studies are 80%..."? Try "studies show 80%...".

There was not much wrong with the users post, so please dont knock it (especially since you seem unable to construe grammatically correct sentences yourself), as (s)he had something useful to say.

LOL @ childeren It is

LOL @ childeren

It is spelled "children".

legalize it, recognize it <3


As for the old snob who wants to comment on the young mans GRAMMER, this is not a spelling bee site. This is a forum for ppl who are trying to discuss legalization of pot, and not spelling. Furthurmore, the young man probably can woop your @ss (

why not give help to thoughs that need it

Ive seen my family after surgey or just in survery pain and just get pumped full of morphine whitch does serious damages to the mind and body some times permentaly, But they wont let some won who is in pain every day by day smoke marijuana to get rid of the pain and make you feel a lot better with no con's.
No person of this earth has ever died by marijuana but my granma and my cousin who had cancer both died by morphine and people die by morphine every year and most people who have cancer die by morphine.
Do you realy think thats how they deserve to have died that way maybe they could of lived longer if it wasn't for the morphine.
Marijuana is the perfect pain killer and has no deadly side effects. I am from Rochester NY and i believe that it should be leagalized for people in pain.And strongly suggest the house to legalize this bill.

My father recently died

My father recently died because of the pain medication he was taking for his Muscular Dystrophy - related illness (Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a degenerative nerve disease). If he wasn't taking the pain meds he would not have died. Then again, if he wasn't taking the pain meds he was in constant, terrible pain. Medical marajuana would have allieved his pain and allowed him to live. Dad was only 62 and besides his affliction with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, was in good health. His disease would not have killed him, the pain drugs killed him. PLEASE PASS THIS BILL AND HELP OTHERS!!!

How can anyone take Conservatives Republicans seriously

How can anyone take Conservative Republicans in the Executive Branch of New York State Gov. seriously ?
I work in the transportation business here is Syracuse, NewYork . An individual who has the right ID can buy Beer, Wine and Hardliquor at a gas station," these are people most likely driving down the same streets as you, and allowed the legaI purchase of alcohol beverage and getting into cars - open container laws my ass !! ", buying alcohol beverages that people should only be allowed to buy in bars or grocery stores, and drink in Bars, or use at home, but Conservatives Republicans have trouble approving medicinal marijuana for the seriously ill .
I say take the alcohol beverages out of the gas stations, and approve medicinal marijuana..., too hard to take educated law makers that think any other way seriously when I am at the voting booth.

phil Syracuse NY

i have glaucoma and i wish

i have glaucoma and i wish they would pass the law for medical marijuana stepfon syracuse ny

Eliot Spitzer should visit with seriously ill people

Gov. Eliot Spitzer should visit with seriously ill people that want to be able to use Medicinal Marijuana. Spitzer would make an enormous impression on all of us to sign in approval of Medicinal Marijuana irreguardless of what anyone thinks!

believe it or not but

believe it or not but spitzers brother is a neuro dr in NY- thanks god patterson is in now. he seems like a reasonable dude and will def. follow the will of the people, so email him guys let him know what your going thru!


Spitzer is too busy bangin hookers and smokin his own nug

Please read this.

im incredibley upset at the world. there is so many greedy people that overlook amazing things this PLANT can do because they might lose a buck.
I have a perfect situation for example: i belive my father absolutely needs to use marijuana to extend his life. he has had this brain tumor for a few years now. hes had surgery where they take some of the tumor out. guess what? IT DIDNT WORK. it grew back even worse. guess what else? there was also malpractice involved and my father had a stroke during surgery. marijuana completely rules out any chance of malpractice Which does happen often believe it or not(a DR. usually wont just tell you "i kind of messed up your brain, sorry?")....the facts are that marijuana can shrink and prevent tumors and does so many other incredible miracles.its been proven to work so why isnt it legal for people that really need it?


-desperate family member from Binghamton NY

Totally stupid

Total idiots. Total fools. No one can even deny it. They are trying to control what we put in our bodies? Nice try government, but you did not create life. Next time you wanna try and tell me what I can and cant put in my body, ask God first (if there is one).

Re: Totally Stupid

THANK YOU!! Finally somebody who gets it. The government has no right to tell me how to treat my own health. They may think they are doing me a favor, but we all know that forbidding people from doing something makes them want to do it more. It's the exact same way with the drinking age; most people do more drinking while they are underage then they do in the same amount of time after they turn 21.
Oh, and for the people who make the argument of what legalizing mj teaches our youth, chew on this; isn't it the parents' responsibility to raise their kids? If you don't want your kids to smoke, teach them legitimate reasons why they should not smoke rather than simply telling them not to do it.

Doctor vs. politician

I am a man in my 50's who has been dealing with Parkinson's disease for several years. My neurologist asked me if I had tried marijuana to ease my symptoms. One day I did try it and was pleasantly surprised as it relieved my pain and cramping. Please excuse what may appear to be a lack of respect, but I'll listen to my doctor before I listen to a politician. I'm not going to sit around waiting for the government to decide what I should / should not put in my body while my quality of life deteriorates. I'll just buy "medical marijuana" on the streets or grow my own. Oh, and by the way, I DID inhale!

Just real talk.

I read all the comments, I pretty much have nothing new really to say about the subject. I think we all can agree we want to use Marijuana to enjoy the feeling and the relaxation and joy it brings to me and you. I enjoy smoking Marijuana because I know that it does not harm your body at all. Watch the movie "Super High Me" it is about a person who smoked Marijuana for plenty of years, quit smoking for thirty days took a bunch of physical and mental test. Then smoked Marijuana for thirty days after and took the same test and actually increased his ability in some test. I really don't see a problem with Marijuana at all other than the fact that it is illegal. Just think what harm would there be if world wide marijuana was Legal, and you applied the same rules and principles as Alcohol has. People kill/hurt people because the plant/flower is illegal. It is not the plant/flower that kills/hurts people. I want the war on Marijuana to stop there is no reasoned for it at all. Now you say to me "It's a gateway drug" from research on other drugs they don't cause Happiness,Relaxation,Joy,Love,Empathy,ect... They cause recklessness,Blackouts,Severe brain damage,ect... So as long as there are simple laws and regulations and certain Strains of the plant you can have and grow, there should be absolutely no problem with legalizing Marijuana. Now for Medical purposes, I feel for the patients and family's that are sick and in pain. I'm sorry but all these Painkillers do is ruin the patients chances and cost hundreds of dollars for what. Marijuana does the body no harm, it relaxes you and gets rid of the pain with no harm done to the body. by making people feel like jello and disabled is not right. I would love to see sick people Happy joyful and filled with more hope because there not disabled or a piece of jello. Please listen to the people!

Mentally ILL Patients

With some of my clients I do find that marajuna does help their symptoms to subside. Example: I have a client that has schizoaffective disorder, he sometimes sees and hears "things" that arent there . He has come to understand what they are and is getting better at ignoring them. But one the other had his medication either has to be increased or changed. With marajuna and medication he seems to be more able to handle his symptoms. I hope this goes thru in New York I have a son there who has the same difficulty. He refuses to stop using marajuna even tho he is going to loose his daughter due to it. Hope this little note helps someone.

Drug and Alcohol counselor in Colorado


If your son is using marijuana medicinally I suggest he relocate out of New York State until this law is passed, because once its too late it will be extremely difficult to get his daughter back. I wish the best of luck to him though!

I myself have also personally seen marijuana cure a variety of ailments including anger issues, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

medical marijuana ny

I have been reading these threads for answers but I cant find them so I am just going to ask. Recently I slipped on ice and dislocated my knee twice in one day at work, I have torn mcl's. I have been going to physical therapy for one month already and its just making it worst, my doctor prescribed HYDROCODONES 5-500 for pain and I hate it!
I am depressed and cannot sleep at night due to pain and stress. Few nights ago my cousin came to visit me, we talked about my pains and sleepless nights, he brought me to the porch and packed a bowl and told me to try it so I did (whats worse than hydrocodones),
a relief came over me and for the first time I felt uplifted I did not feel depressed that night and for the first time in months I slept A FULL 8 HOURS with no pain what so ever! So now I am trying to go about it the right way and ask my doctor if it is possible to get medical marijuana instead of pills that make things worst.


this must be approved

the goverment is filled with lies.
cannabis is described by the governent as a schedule 1 narcotic which means that it is in the same catagory as herion.....
schedule 1 narcotics are described to hold no medicinal value.
yet 12 states in our country have passed laws that allow people to use medicinal cannabis.
im sorry but cannabis does hold A LOT of medicinal value and the government needs to rethink their stand on cannabis.
it has been proven time and time again cannabis will no more affect a sick person than it will a healthy person. besides ease pain if pain is present and etc.
i have a big sleeping problem and i hate taking xanax and valium and all that other crap for my anxiety. cannabis has helped me sleep more soundly at night than anything else on this planet.
im sorry but i think its very wrong for our government to tell us a plant is illegal that can help the inbalances in anyones body. this plant is a wonderful thing and should be legal everywhere.
afterall the US would be a much better place.
this must be passed! please think of the pain you would be causing people if you turned this down.
help the people in this nation. do not destroy them.

Whats it Matter To Others

it should not matter if people smoke pot at ALL! there not hurting anyone. dont people know how to mind there own bissness! what happend to america and Freedom ur not hirting anyone it shouldnt be against the law. police need too forget about pot and worry about people being killed!

what a crock

in cali they give out the medical cards to anyone My buddy went there and admits nothng is wrong with him but flaunted me with his card because he knows i hate weed.he runs marathons and is in tip top shape yet a dr gave him the card what a joke

Im 26 yrs old with Multiple sclerosis since i was 16

Ive been to many doctors over the last decade had alot of neroligists physicans and i told them all how when i smoke it i feel better im more mobil i speak better and all of them said "they can not prescribe it but they all recommened to continue using helps me live with being me

medical marijuana

I think it's a real sin that people with terminally ill diseases and battling dibilitating nausea 24 hours a day can not have access to something that would help them cope. It's inhumane and all you're doing by not passing this for is kissing up to the drug companies. We all know that cannibus is less harmful than living on pain medication, morphine, codine and such but let's keep the drug companies happy and to hell with what the poor patient wants. What ever happened to quality of life? Should that count for something? Maybe when one of your children are diagnosed with ALS and chronic Lyme disease, you'll whistle a different tune and stop being so judgemental.

Medical Marijuana

What is the bottom line here????? with so many people wanting this legal.....are the only opponents the politicians??? This is just stupid...its our country...we voted for these politicians....when we as a majority want this legal how can, after all these years, the goverment still deny us as a majority what we want... can someone please answer this??? I'm sorry, but after all these years its just ridiculous that we are still fighting for this...what a ass backwards state we live speechless in NY. And don't tell me to move to another state, i'm an American and served my country...

New York Citizens Against Marijuana Prohibition

It is certainly good news that the medicinal value of marijuana is becoming more widely acknowledged in New York State and that legislators are standing up in defense of seriously ill patients who could be treated with marijuana better than with other more harmful medications and treatments. This is the least that we could ask of our elected officials, however it is still overly presumptuous for the state to leave the decission to the legislators, when the current prohibition has very shaky legal standing as it is. It would be more accurate to say that it is a moral and legal obligation for the legislature and the governor to take notice of the fraudulent and deceptive manner in which the cannabis prohibition was established in the first place and look at the real facts. Then we are truly holding our public servants accountable for the proper scrutiny of legislation.

My position is I would support a revised version of the medical marijuana bill, that would call for the removal of marijuana from New York's schedule 1 list and does not violate the patient doctor confidentiality rule by requiring government certification of every patient. In order for the medical marijuana law to be accurate, it must correct the false notion, implied by its schedule 1 listing, that it has no medical value. There are 11 government patents on the medicinal uses of cannabis. It is actually criminally negligent for any legislator who knows of the medical uses of cannabis to allow another law to be passed that perpetuates the false representation of the plant as a dangerous narcotic. The LaGuardia Report and the Nixon Shafer Commission Report both found, through extensive studies, that the reasoning behind marijuana prohibition was extremely flawed and deceptive. Therefore, New York State has the constitutional authority to make a law based on the true facts and findings, that will properly represent the rights and well being of the people. A medical marijuana law must recognize the individual's right to choose a safe effective herbal remedy that has never proven to be a danger to public health or safety. Senator Thomas Duane's bill, in present form, does not. Therefore it is still supported by questionable data and unconstitutional misuse of legislative power. A medical bill that refers to or treats marijuana as a dangerous narcotic is deceptive and unjust, as there is ample evidence that it is not phisically addicting and poses no major health risks to the consumer.

NY C.A.M.P. has prepared a revised version of the bill, that would follow constitutional limitations and convey true scientific observation.
We are asking every legislator and governor to consider the true findings and scrutinize the blatantly unconstitutional prohibition.
All New Yorkers have a right to this safe effective medicine and the government has no real authority to even consider denying that.
Let this herb be returned to it's place in the common medicine cabinet from which it was removed by fraud and deception.
Support a revised medicinal cannabis bill that would protect the individual's right to choose without government interferance.

what happened to democracy

what happened to democracy in america? if the majority of the country wants it legalized, i dont see why its not done. democracy what is the constitution is based on, and the basis of democracy is that the majority rules. Doctors can legally prescribe morphine, oxycontin, and cocaine, but not marijuana. Marijuana isnt a drug that you can overdose on, it does less harm to your body then alcohol does, which is sold at every corner store and gas station. This bill should be legalized, and any politician that thinks they have the authority to tell the american people what they can and cant put in their bodies should go visit someone that is dying of cancer or aids, and just wants to be able to have an appetite.

ahh, medical marijuana

First, I'd like to point out that I have been a constant sufferer of back pain since 1991, and a young lady was in a hurry to get home from work so she could go out PARTYING that fateful Saturday evening. I was 34 years old and the happily married, working mother of 2.
I have used every prescribed narcotic, muscle relaxer, and nerve-calming manufactured drug on the market. If I wasn't swallowing it, I was getting it pumped or injected into, or plastered onto my body. There wasn't one damned medicine that actually HELPED relieve my (sometimes) debilitating pain. I won't go into what all those FDA approved chemicals did to me or how sick I would get.
Yes, I have also used pot to relieve my pain, calm my stomach, and help me relax so I could get through the episode.
I am convinced that now is the time for the people to be heard, and medical marijuana needs to be made available to those in real need.
Jackie, NY
P.S. Think on this: The difference between a drunk and a "pot-head" is that the drunk will blow right through a stop sign. The pot-head will wait for it to turn green. (author unknown)

Look I am a. Licensed CA

Look I am a. Licensed CA medicinal user who just recently had surgery and now I'm in new York for my uncles wedding and am in loads of pain and can't find shit, I do not believe in perscription drugs, the so called miracle drugs that our governmnt says will help, that's why THEY DONT WORK. I've been in ad out of the hospital my entire life and at first I wasn't as optimistic as I am now about medicinal marijuana, but after being told numerous times xannex and lithium ect will calm me down and help relieve the head aches and the vicadin and oxy cottons and even morphine will help Reduce the pain from my tumor or my hernia surgery. After being told I wasn't going to leave the hospital to go home with my parents made me lose hope... Now 20 years old I have regained the happiness and the hope taken away from me, through medicinal marijuana, and if I didn't have tht then I am almost 99.9% sure iwouldnt be here or even ALIVE without medicinal marijuana... So for all you Jon belieera and people who think oh pot is bad, well try being told you have no hope of living or having any type of relationships with Nyone, and your so called god won't answer your prayers you begin to lose hope, my hope is replaced by my medicine, Mary Jane is my hope, my future and my answer. If you can not handle yor medicine it's because maybe your nt using the right kind or the right wy of using it.

Medical Marijuana

Hello there. My mom is a 62 year old woman suffering from really bad Diabetic Neuropathy. She has taken all sorts of medications, some make her sick, some do absolutly nothing. The only thing that does work on her, is the one thing that's illegal.. you guessed, marijuana. I have mulitple friends with illnesses as well, MS, Cancer, One has a tumor. Medical Marijuana should be legalized in NY state. There's so many people that need it, to help with pain and nausea, but they can't get it due to bad propaganda concerning Marijuana in general. I myself, don't really use it, but I don't see no harm.. "And god gave to us all seed bearing plants " Marijuana isn't a man made thing. Alcohol and tobacco are more of drugs than Marijuana.. at least that's not tampered with. Well, for the most part that is.

Granted, if legalized it shouldn't just be given out to anyone claiming to have medical issues, one first needs to be checked and made sure that they aren't getting it to abuse it. But let those who need it, who can really use it, be able to have some if they have the pain. My mother only uses it in dire emergencies, and I don't want to see someone like her get caught and in trouble due to trying to relieve pain that was brought on to by laws of age and life. Someone needs to tell the government to open their eyes and see how much money they could make from legalizing medical marijuana,and how they could save people. You'd think they'd care about something like money :D

~A girl watching out for her friends and family



Medical Marijuana is a Human Right

It's pathetic how this is even something to debate on for such a long time. I'm 18 in my first year of college and I was told I have Crohn's Disease last year in my senior year of high school. I missed almost 70 days of class due to surgeries on my intestines due to inflammation from my disease. My case was so bad the acid in my intestines was literally pouring out of my intestines into my body cavity. Sounds painful right? I stayed in the hospital for a month, lost 50 pounds and so much muscle mass. I wasn't allowed to eat since I didn't have an open intestine and I would just vomit anything including water. I went for weeks with just a central IV in my neck supporting me. I grew depressed, my friends saw me when they weren't busy and I started to feel like life wasn't worth it any longer. I had to have an ileostomy bag for three months after they removed my damaged intestines, and I could barely eat. It was so embarrassing I couldn't control my bowel movements in my class or when I would hangout with my friends at a party. I got such a low self-esteem and became paranoid that my friends didn't want to deal with my new condition. Marijuana helped me gain my appetite back and gain weight. I grew less depressed and the severity of my symptoms diminished greatly. I calmed down and grew to accept what had happened and I found peace with myself. It gave me hope that I would live long enough to have a decent life and a family. No 18 year old should have EVER gone through what I did, because I lost my childhood and the best year of my life due to a chronic illness. If I cannot get access to Medical Marijuana this year, I think I'm leaving because I will not feel like a criminal for trying to live my life without suffering and guilt. I only wish my representatives would respond to my emails and talk to me personally. I garuantee I could even convince the Republicans to stop being greedy dooshs and let us get what shouldn't have been denied to us in the first place. It is my right to live a normal life, and screw this government if they turn their back on me and basically sentence me to death.

hello i am a 18 year old

hello i am a 18 year old male suffering from high anexiety and sleep insomnia. Would i qualify for medical Marajuana? please email me at [email protected] with information

Financial Benefits

We all know the benefits of hemp or better known Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) even our founding fathers made it law for farmers to grow this marvelous plant, not only for its medical benefits but for its other properties as well. For instance its fiber to produce material for paper and or clothes, rope ect. During the wars a high production of its fiber was needed for the war efforts. Please check the government reel on "Hemp for Victory” from the department of defense. Our government is being a hypocrite not legalizing it because lobbyist won’t benefits from it. Now the our economy is so fragile why don’t we give Hemp a try and I assure you our economy would be as it was once before stable and strong. Think about it, the answer is closer than we think.

marijuana for pain

The government and health care industry has done such a lousy job with pain care that it is long overdue to allow medical marijuana. As Dr Landis- of NIH pain consortium called treatments for pain as woefully inadequate it is time for humanitarian reasons to legalize medical marijuana. Opioids which are legal have far worse risk profile then marijuana-and the government has allowed their medical use for some time- it is just irrational and unjustifiable for the govt to continue their cruel practice of denying the public the pain relief that marijuana can provide-and at a remarkably cheap price compared to traditional ineffective pain treatments

I am 20 and i have been living with MS for the past 2 years

Hi I am an extremely busy 20 yr old who has MS i was diagnosed at 18. I am in constant pain and have an eye condition called optical neuritis from my MS. The medicinal marijuana would help all of my MS symptoms but especially those. Imagine being as young as me and you are told well your going to go blind eventually. One the pain scale from 1-10 on my best days i am a constant 4 but on an everyday basis im a 6-8 and when i wake up its always elevated.

when will we find out if ny passes the bill on medical marijuana

ive smoked illegal most of my adult life and its helped me with my severe pain and mental angrish but ins not legal here in ny yet i dont like pills so i have to deal with the pain most of the time and no sleep cause of the pain marijiuana helps me cope please help me find out where and when we can find out how to obtain it in ny or and when will it be passed here ty

New York Bill

I think they should stop jerking the people and country when it comes to medical needs. At every turn it's something," We the people" meant something once now it's become "I the special interest" it's time to let go of outdated laws, change with the season's and move forward with new legislation for reform.

You put it right and simple

You put it right and simple what are we waiting for to have our country a country by the people I ask? who's with me ?
Majority of us say smoke up people for what ever reason you want, and lets make a little green off the green and fix our economy, hemp is fantastic for everything and the Gov. know that too well.

crohn's patient

Here's hoping this pass's I have had crohns for 8 1/2 years and have found nothing works besides medical marijauna use. I can't drink which is legal and causes disease and addiction, I can't smoke cigerette's which cause cancer. I also can't eat chocolate, red meat, anything spicy or salty. Nothing acidic, fried or fatty. On a bland diet, no vices aloud and no apetite due to the pain, doctors can prescribe me meds that give me lupus, cancer, pancreatitis, fibromyalga and that's just the beginning of a 3 page article of side affects. All of which don't work on me, but I do have pancreas issues and fibromylga now do to the medication. Government is going to try and deny me the right that I desperatly need to help me in my battle. The one thing that gives me an appetite and calms my stomache and has healed my colon. What is wrong with giving peole hope that there drug that may kill them or make them wish they were dead, could have an alternative or something that will ease them not cause more problems? I hope they know that and pass this bill!! Besides it would generate more jobs and has taxable options!

it should be legal in nyc for medical use

I have stage iv lung cancer and before that i had bc nine yrs ago..i think it would be advantage if nyc would pass the medical mariquana bill because it helps you with no appetite and nausaua and also your pain...Its not fair that we have to go out on the streets and get it while we are so ill. Ill be the first one knocking at obamas door to tell him how i feel. not for recreation use only for medical use...

Is Bi Polar Disorder I

Is Bi Polar Disorder I considered a serious enough illness to be prescribed medi-juana? I suffer from the condition and honestly marijuana has been my best form of medicine to stabilize my moods.


Medical marijuana is not only remarkably effective in a variety of medical conditions but, according to Substance Abuse: A Comprehensive Textbook, 4-th Edition, cannabis use suppresses violent crime. It is only a matter of time before cannabis use is also shown to be a "barrier", instead of "gateway" to hard drug/excessive alcohol use. The following quote illustrates well why medical marijuana must be legalized in all 50 States ASAP, as well as made available to our veterans like in Canada:

" Cannabis will one day be seen as a wonder drug, as was penicillin in the 1940s. Like penicillin, herbal marijuana is remarkably nontoxic, has a wide range of therapeutic applications and would be quite inexpensive if it were legal." - Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2006

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