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Appeal and Book Offer: "Beat the Heat" Know Your Rights and Legal System Guidebook

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As our latest membership premium, DRCNet is now offering: "Beat the Heat: How to Handle Encounters with Law Enforcement." Though not hot-off-the-press, this 2003 publication by attorney Katya Komisaruk is, according to Drug War Chronicle editor Phillip S. Smith, "the best legal self defense book we've seen in some time." It's sad that such a book would be so desperately needed, but in this nation with drastically eroded constitutional rights and draconian mandatory minimum sentences for minor drug offenders, "Beat the Heat" provides an important public service. Donate $32 or more to DRCNet, and you can receive a complimentary copy of "Beat the Heat" as our thanks.

According to Phil:

"A valuable portion of 'Beat the Heat' is devoted to explaining just how police get people to waive their rights -- intimidation, false friendliness, lies -- and how to avoid falling into those traps... It's also a primer for those who have been arrested... Komarisuk covers it all, from getting out on bail to working with your lawyer to what to do if all else has failed and you're headed for prison. There's also a chapter on how to witness and accurately report police misconduct, as well as chapters on the legal rights of minors and non-citizens."

While it's sad that such a book would be needed, in this nation with curtailed constitutional liberties, mandatory minimum sentencing for first-time drug offenders and record incarceration rates, it is.

We continue to offer the similarly-spirited Flex Your Rights "Got a Warrant?" and "I Don't Consent to Searches" 4th amendment t-shirts (donate $30 or more) and DVD "BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters" (donate $25 or more), and many other premiums that are listed on our donation web page -- subtract $5 from the cost of the t-shirts or Busted to add them to your book order -- visit to donate today. (Use the comment box at the bottom of the page to indicate any multiple or special orders that don't appear in the gift selection drop-down menu.)

Your donation will help DRCNet as we advance what we think is an incredible two-year plan to substantially advance drug policy reform and the cause of ending prohibition globally and in the US. Please make a generous donation today to help the cause! I know you will feel the money was well spent after you see what DRCNet has in store. Our online donation form lets you donate by credit card, by PayPal, or to print out a form to send with your check or money order by mail.

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Thank you for your support, and hope to hear from you soon.


David Borden
Executive Director

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You can't beat the heat. You buck the cops you're just begging for the hassle of your life. All some cop has to do is say, "I smell the odor of marijuana". The search is on. Or he might say, "Fine, I'm gonna get a dog". The search is on. Or he just might haul yer ass out the car and thump it and drop a roach in the vehicle just because he doesn't like your "I got rights" attitude. If you get some young dumb ass you might be able to pull "I got rights" or if you get an honest cop you might. But I wouldn't count on this. No, you're better off just saying, "Yes sir, you may check my vehicle if you feel you must". This aint a a free country and this aint a democracy. This is most definitely a police state, thanks to a corrupt congress, supreme court and the "drug war". Sorry, that's the facts.

I am theHempathizer

Foolish is a good name for you. This information is here to teach you how to handle the situation by abiding your rights in an attempt of the best outcome, and you mock it.They are your rights so you can pay attention or don't. Peace


I should add that if you ARE carrying dope in the car (and I strongly recommend that you don't make a habit of it but sometimes it's unavoidable) then, ok, you might as well assert your rights. You got nothing to lose. But be very, very polite. Maybe the cop is lazy or intimidated by a lawyerly approach, maybe the dogs aren't available but you got nothin' to lose at this point and maybe you'll get lucky by flashing your ACLU card. Who knows. Good luck, in any event.

Police abuse

This abuse goes on all over the country as the police intimidate suspects, to confess to a lessor charge or we will really throw the book at you. So poor innocent suspects are convinced the will be better off admitting any guilt, when the prosecutor then promises the susect a minimal jail time and the judge says, we don't make deals, give this suspect the maximum. The victum is led away in shock, then claiming innocence in prison where they don't want to hear it. Thousands are found innocent over and over now with new investigation in to some of these more long time incarcerations. It's time to stop this, and when Don Cordell is elected President in 2008 he will have many cases like this stopped. Either prove the case or drop the case, NO PLEA Bargaining. That is just used to make the cops convict you easier. Don't bother getting evidence in the case, just trick the citizen into a false conviction. I still believe our cars are like our homes. No search without an warrant issued in advance. I resist our rights being searched with out prior research by the police beforehand, base upon legal reasons. Not just suspicion. I'm rather hot about being arrested on suspicion to begin with, then held for 3 days plus week ends, and when found NOT GUILTY, the police and courts should pay us for our time off work and inconvenience. Check Google for "Don Cordell" click on 2008, and see what can be done for Americans.

not a free country....

we must stop this abuse!!!! this is not our country anymore, not when you can be made to give a urine sample, prove yourself innocent before the court. we must take our country back. this is not what our forefathers meant by freedom. we need more than a president we need like minded people banning together & standing up for what we believe in, for our country, our families & ourselves. this is supposed to be our world, where is our say????? we can't depend on a politician to speak for us, they all have their own agendas.

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