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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #495)
Drug War Issues

A Michigan narc is accused of making off with a whole bunch of blow, an Alabama juvenile probation officer is accused of snitching for the bad guys, a Massachusetts trooper takes a plea in a pain pill ring, and a Missouri cop goes to prison for ripping off drug couriers. Let's get to it:

In Detroit, a Detroit narcotics officer was suspended July 19 for allegedly stealing 13.2 pounds (six kilograms) of uncut cocaine from the department's evidence room. Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings did not identify the officer, saying he had not yet been charged with a crime, but she did say he had access to the evidence room and was suspected of replacing the coke with another substance. The stolen dope was valued at $2.4 million, she added.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a juvenile court probation officer is accused of taking bribes in exchange for tip-offs on police activities. Fayette County Juvenile Court Probation Officer Denny Driver, 37, was charged with one count of bribery Tuesday. Officials were tight-lipped about what Driver allegedly told to whom, but he was arrested after an investigation by Fayette County Sheriff Rodney Ingle, Fayette Police Investigator Ronald Stough and Drug Task Force agent Mark Allison. Driver has now been fired and awaits an August 13 preliminary hearing.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, a state trooper pleaded not guilty July 19 to charges related to his role in an Oxycontin ring. Trooper Mark Lemieux, 49, a former member of the Bristol County District Attorney's Drug Task Force, is accused of conspiring with his ex-partner in the state police, his live-in girlfriend, and a hired gun to distribute the popular pain reliever from June 2006 to May 2007. He was a task force member from 2002 until December 2006. Lemieux and crew went down after a supplier they had contacted got busted and agreed to wear a wire. Charging documents say police have Lemieux twice picking up money from the dealer while in uniform and in an unmarked police car.

In St. Louis, a former suburban St. Louis police sergeant got four years in federal prison July 20 for his role in a cocaine conspiracy. Former Hillsdale Sgt. Christopher Cornell, 45, was indicted along with five other St. Louis-area men is what prosecutors called a conspiracy to distribute cocaine throughout the metropolitan area. Members of the group confessed to plotting to rip-off low-level drug runners by arranging for shipments to pass through Hillsdale, where Cornell would pull them over and take their drugs. He copped to one count of use of a communication device to facilitate a felony.

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just dont let none of that shit surprise you these individuals that make and enforce the laws are the same people that make the loop holes in order to for the laws to be defended in the court. (finacial gain immediate gradifacation)? how could you make/enforce laws on people that you know, dont know your laws.because you' ve created a secrect society called the gov. rep/dem.(north&south)survivers of the civil war. in order to convict people that you know don't understand law.these are the american people.

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I was beatup by a prattville alabama policeman and settled out of federal court and was innocent of all crimes he arrested me for but not fired did he get he is now a policeman in millbrook alabama

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