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Job Opportunities: Marijuana Policy Project, Nevada and DC

The Marijuana Policy Project has two jobs currently available:

1. Nevada State Director (based in Nevada)

The Nevada State Director will maintain the momentum MPP has built over the last five years in Nevada, continuing to build MPP's grassroots and institutional support, with the ultimate goal of passing a ballot initiative to tax and regulate marijuana in Nevada in November 2010. He or she will focus on coalition-building, grassroots organizing, and media outreach, as well as possibly lobbying on occasion. Candidates should have excellent oral and written communication skills, an understanding of politics and public policy, and experience working with reporters and doing media interviews.

2. Federal Policies Internship (based in Washington, DC)

MPP's paid, full-time internships are usually filled by recent graduates and offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a fast-paced, well-respected lobbying organization. The Federal Policies Intern will help to coordinate meetings and communications with activists, elected officials, and coalition partners; assist in MPP's campaign to persuade organized medicine to take more favorable positions on medical marijuana; coordinate MPP's online social networking efforts (MySpace, Facebook, etc.); monitor news daily for marijuana-related articles; and provide administrative support as needed. Candidates should have excellent oral and written communications skills and be meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented. NOTE: We are seeking to fill this position immediately, so interested candidates should apply as soon as possible.

For both positions, please visit for full job descriptions, salary information, and instructions on how to apply. (MPP is not taking phone calls about these positions; rather, all interested candidates should apply by using the process described at the link above.)

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Medical Marijuana God, Ken Gorman

Ken is a saint. Medical marijuana has proven to cure four forms of cancer and slow down then halt countless other diseases. Ken preached this for years. The reason that Dr. Gorman choose not to smoke schwag is this:

1. Schwag is low-grade marijuana with approximately seven canibinoids.
2. Medical marijuana is high potency kind bud with 27 canibinoids thus creating immense healing properties.
3. Ken advocated that "A joint a day, and life is your friend."

Colorado's God of marijuana, we all salute and root for you. May your soul rest in peace and always be with us, Ken. We love you.

Greg Gill
Ken's Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer.

Retracting Statement Regarding Ken Gorman

It was over 12 years ago that I posted the comment, "Medical Marijuana God, Ken Gorman."   I am embarrassed.  It was clear I was high as a kite on marijuana when I wrote that and sounding stupid as can be like about everyone else that does marijuana.  I was a total pothead.  Now it's been over a year since I've done it, and I feel soo... much better!


Under the influence of marijuana, many people think they are sounding so intelligent when to a sober person they sound as stupid as stupid gets.  Although I was Ken Gorman's graphic designer, photographer and videographer for about a year, Ken was really not the compassionate, caring man he was made out to be.  He was frequently very rude to me even though I was volunteering my time creating his business cards, labels and packaging materials for medical marijuana.


When Ken was living in New Guinea, he was kicked out of the country.  Ken is no saint.  Marijuana is overrated.  


Marijuana can be a helpful temporary medication for pain, and cannabidiol (CBD) apparently has helped people with seizures.


I didn't realize marijuana would become legalized recreationally.  It's sad to see all these young people wasting their lives away on alcohol and now marijuana plus other substances.  Although marijuana is not a narcotic, it is still a very powerful medication; they just as well start selling Percocet and Vicodin over the counter.


Becoming an Environmentalist Vegan is a wonderful way to prevent cancer, so you won't need to smoke pot for the pain.  


Love & Peace,


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