Medical Marijuana: Study Finds It Can Help With Pain

A study by researchers at the University of California-San Francisco led by Dr. Donald Abrams has found that marijuana provides significant relief to people suffering from neuropathic pain. The study was the first of its kind in the United States for nearly 20 years, and provides new ammunition for proponents of medical marijuana as they seek action from Congress on the issue.

Up to four million US residents suffer from neuropathic pain, including many HIV/AIDS patients. According to the National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA), as many as 37% of HIV/AIDS patients already use marijuana to treat neuropathic pain and other symptoms of the disease.

"This study validates the experience people living with HIV/AIDS and their doctors have reported for years -- medical cannabis provides much-needed relief from pain and suffering." said NAPWA Executive Director Frank Oldham Jr. "That is why we are joining Americans for Safe Access to call on Congress to address cannabis for its medicinal value."

The study, conducted between 2003 and 2005 at a San Francisco hospital looked at 50 HIV/AIDS suffering from foot pain, or peripheral neuropathy. Half of the subjects received marijuana, while the other received placebos. More than half the subjects using marijuana reported reductions in pain.

"I have been living with HIV/AIDS for 21 years and owe my life to the benefits of medical cannabis," said UCSF study participant Diana Dodson. "It reduces the pain and side-effects such as nausea and stomach pains that are caused by the drugs I need to take in order to stay alive. But I need the government to grant me safe access to my medicine."

"This study demonstrates the potential effectiveness of medical cannabis to treat the chronic pain of people living with HIV/AIDS," said Dr. Barbara T. Roberts, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for Americans for Safe Access and former Senior Policy Analyst at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. "In addition to people living with HIV/AIDS, there are thousands of vets returning from Iraq who will spend decades coping with neurological pain. By implementing the recommendations of the IOM report, the federal government would be exploring more options for their long-term treatment of neuropathic pain."

The groups are calling on Congress to hold hearings on the IOM report to adopt its recommendations to allow patients and researchers to have access to medical cannabis. "It's time for Washington to stop playing politics with patients' lives and advance this important scientific discovery," said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access. "The study is a wake-up call for Congress to hold hearings to investigate therapeutic use and encourage research."

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I have had Aids since 91 HIV+ science 86, It Is much better to smoke a little pot than to take the morpjine they gave me for neuropathy! Morphine is a hell of a nasty thing to have to ingest and it DOES NOT WORK AS WELL AS POT.


I think weed would help a sick person. Because it calms your body. and I would say FUCK the medicine the damn CIA people got on the market. Because did you ever notice that the shit thats on the market only kills u more or faster.

MMJ Works Better

I was on OxyContin, Morphine, Dilaudid, Diazepan, Lyrica, Lexapro...etc., etc., etc.(I was was nothing but a burden in a bed).  I refuse to give up that easily, I am fighting for my Husband of 21 years, my 15 year old son & all the people that Love me.   I am not an alcohol drinker yet my liver is that of one that is...due to all of the Narcotics I have been taking.  I almost died from the withdrawals when I quit taking them.  I found that an Epidural 3x per year & Medicinal Marijuana works better & now I can walk & think again.  I am not a POTHEAD like some ignorant people have called me.  Now I have Breast Cancer recur in my Lower half of my spine, my right pelvis & in my skull.  It is Aggressive, Invasive Malignant Cancer that is trying to kill me fast.  If you know anyone that can help me get the strongest Indica Only Phoenix Tears...the things I need to make it...someone to make it...the money to buy it...I seriously need some help fast or the next time people see my name will be in the Obituaries.


I am desperate for any help anyone can give me.  Please...if you cannot help me, can you please tell as many people as you can & see if I can get any help?  Many Thanks for your time & anything you can do to help me.


Kathianne Thurston

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Colorado Springs, CO 80970

(719) 686-3586

Marijuana helps me in several ways.

I am bipolar. I have depression that hits me three to four times a week. I was injured during the Gulf War in 1991. I have serve pain in my back and neck, and sometimes all over my body. I suffered a C-2 fracture. I hate taking pills for any reason. But unfortunately until I can have marijuana prescribed to me I have to stick with pills that don't work for me as well as pot does. I did my own study in using marijuana. When I wake up in the morning and smoke pot. I have zero depression and 70% of my pain is gone. I become so motivated with lifting weights, writing my book, jogging, but most important I become very creative. See for example, I came up with this new invention while smoking pot. I don't give a shit how illegal it is when pot helps me from living in a painful state of hell.
P.S. Did you know that smoking pot before cutting an onion keeps your eyes from burning.
M. C. Maraia


i think that weed should be legalize because i smoke everyday after school and i am still normal and perfectly fine i just like the buzz so leaglize weed please and thank you

yo man weed is bad but church

yo man weed is bad but church is cool


Maui Bud is da best


droski is da best eeva me and my homie brad be smokin it all da time

this drugg.

of course it'd help with the pain.
people smoke weed/marijuana to feel relaxed.
what else is it for other than a buzz?
some dumbasses dont understand that its a good&bad drug.
its good in the sense that it'll let you be happy&relax,eat,etc. people with pain,cancer,&those other things are smart tto use them in my opinion.
its bad because its addictive. duhh, its a drug.&may cause you to do some stupid things..but besides that it may impair speech or other things,but i have no place to speak about that.
the congress,whoever needs to wake the fuck up&understand what the people are going through to legalize this; its bigger than they think.

Marijuana is not at all addictive!

I smoked pot for five years solid, then quit when the 911 attacks occurred so I could join the Navy and fight for my Country. I did not smoke for six years after that but started smoking pot again as soon as I got out of the Navy. I have been smoking ever since, but there are times even before I joined the Navy when our city dries up and I have gone as long as eight months without smoking weed. I have quit for a week before just to bring down my tolerance. Every time I have stopped smokeing I did not suffer any withdraws or anything. Please, Marijuana is not addictive at all. It might be psychologically addictive for some but it is not at all physically addictive!

Marijuana ia addictive

Before I start, don't get me wrong, I love weed. Smoking a big fat juicy blunt is the most effective way for my teenage mind to enjoy life, plus it takes the edge off the teen years. Why do people think most teenagers smoke pot? No shit, it's cause we don't want to be so fucking stressed all the time. On the other hand, smoking pot is not addicting like pills, or painfully addictive like heroine, but it is addicting. Just like soda pop or cigarettes, marijuana can become a slight necessity in the user's life. I say fuck it, an addiction to pot is the least of my worries, so folks, go smoke a blunt and let yourself go, God knows you deserve it.

ya what he said

weed can be good or bad but mostly gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!


I have few friends who smoking marijuana... when I see them, I can tell... look at they eyes.. and they are like a kids, who doesn't really know what's going on (and they need some adoult around them)... when I talk to them... they answering just 'bullshits'... they are just NOT NORMAL!!! Like idiots... that's what I can tell about it...

I think all of these people having BIG PROBLEMS in they lives ... what they can't sort out.. (they missing something which would make meaning of they lifes) that's why they smoking this 'shit'.. :(

I am sorry them.. it's something like ALCOHOL... you can stop it for a while (or if you want).. but you will start it again and again (because you wanna kill your brain to think NORMAL, because it's sometimes pain.. the REAL world is not just good things... but the smoked word allways good.. :( sadly )...

Of course it's good pain killer.. if there's no other options... so it could be legal... as any other smokes...(cigarettes) or ALCOHOL... but this shouldn't be the answer for the people PROBLEMS!!! Which I think deaper...


Are you stupid?You can't judge a person by the way they look!!Here's some advice my friend,before you come here talking smack about pot being bad which it's not,go learn how to speak correctly.GET EDUCATED!

wow what is wrong with this guy

damn i cant belive someone could be so stupid hey before u go and start calling your friends stupid and they dont no anything    heres an idea maybe u should atleast try to get a g.e.d or maybe try to graduate school first before u speak because there isn t anything that u said that made any sence and as for people not having anything in there lives or there lives having to suck or however u put it you dont even have a clue about what your talking about because there is people out there that are suffering with alot of pain,anxiety,muscle spasms,hiv aids,cancer,arthritus and so many more things then that its not about a bunch of little kids that are just smokeing pot and acting goofy there are benefiets from marijauna  im in a wheel chair from a very bad car accident i have very bad muscle spasms alot of back pain im on a whole bunch of medacines that are addictive and am on 4 different meds for spasms which sometimes are so bad that they knock me out of my chair and caused injuries im on a steroid shot twice a month to help build muscle and to help with my appatite and also carpoltunel in my wrists and arthritus in my hands from pushing this wheelchair around for the last 10yrs and medical marijauna can help with all of those problems it could make life easier not just for me but for the people out there that are suffering from alot worse problems then this so take it as u want u sound like a young kid so no matter what i just said wont even register in your head or maybe your just to closed minded to understand what i said but for anyone out there that can understand i hope you can understand where i am coming from let me no

Cluster migraine Headache vs Medical Marijuana

I have been suffering from cluster headache almost all my life.. and the past few years it have gotten worse and I am so affraid of taking this medical marijuana but after reading about how it almost gets rid of the pain.. The reason why I'm litterly considering of trying to get this is because that I'm prety much in alot of pain from it.. Sometime that I only get a 1 or 2 hours a sleep at a time.. up rest of the time suffering from it.. my right eye just got alot a pressure and it litterly feels like my right eye is being squeezed out of my socket. Sometime that it gets to so bad to the point that I start to vommit from the pain.So basiclly I just saying the my pain on the scale is a 9 or a 10.. So anyways if there is anyone else that has this problem with cluster headaches.. or cluster migraine headaches.. Anyways thanks.. I need the info quick.

medical marijuana case

Hello, my name is Jeffrey w Kennedy I am Disabled and I live in Palm Beach County, Florida. I was recently arrested for trying to grow my own medical marijuana, I ahve hired Attorney Michael c Minardi to defend my rights to treat my Nerve Pain with Medical Marijuana, On June 28th 2010 my Attorney will be filing a motion for the Medical Necessity Defense. We ouer in search of Expeet Witnesess and Public Support to help in my Defense. If you or anyone you may know that can help. Please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you,
Jeffrey w Kennedy

i completly agree with the

i completly agree with the fact that weed help with mood swings,depression,angzity,if i go more than two days with out smoking,no one in my family can deal with me,but as long as i have smoke i'm the greatest person in the world to be around. so happy 420 too all

mm war

I have 1 diagnoses, and Med Marij is very helpful. All the crap about MJ being a gateway drug for harder drugs is bull. I've smoked for 45 years, anmd have never wanted anything stronger than weed. I think those that use the hard stuff, meth, heroin and the like just wanted to experiment with those drugs. MJ is from the earth with many uses today and mixed in many everyday products. The Government wanted to be able to tax weed to get their share of the profits. Why before prohibition was weed not a law breaking offense? If it helps give the people what they want. Take stats on how many have died from smokin and killed in accidents vs drunk drivers, sclerosis of the liver, cancer etc., then let's talk. I for one am sick of this government trying to dictate our every move, and I believe we are in the mist of a dictatorship. I think the only one that is suppose to guide and lead us is the one who knows us best, whether you believe or not and that is the almighty in the heavens. I beleive if he made it, it is good and stop trying to push your feelings on everyone else. If it kills let me take the chance on my own, afterall you don't know me so stop trying to tell me it's for my own good let me be the judge and jury for myself. For God's sake War is worse and our government is steady killing. What would you rather have a weed head or a dead soul? Think about it.

Why its our choice...

Do the words land of the free ring a bell their are more people that support marijuana then others, Do yourself a favor write your congress men and show your support; writing on this page will not help you. Writing your congress men will help your cause. They can't say no to all of us.

What they don't know is some people need it


Marijuana for Medical Purposes

I have Fibromyalgia and am in constant pain everyday. Once in a great while I will have a good day.
I used to be a very active person and was very into healthy eating and exercise and even taught an
aerobics class. I rode 50+ miles a day on my bike and loved it. Now for the last year I have spent
most of it in a bed in dire pain. I can barely walk and only for short periods. When we go grocery
shopping I start out fine but within 15-20 minutes I can no longer stand. So I have been reduced to
having to use the electric chairs they have at most stores in order to shop for our family. I am a
people person and have always been happy and upbeat--now I feel like a hermit as I can't do much
of anything without increasing my pain which is already unbearable. So far my dr has prescibed
flexril and lortab both of which don't do anything for my pain. When I say it isn't working or ask for
something stronger or even just a different med to see if it works the dr acts as if OMGoodness we
have an addict here! I am in a lot of freaking pain and am sick of it! Not a day goes by without immense
pain it has been just over a year now and I want relief. I have not chosen to smoke pot as of yet
because it is illegal and I am a law abiding citizen and have a family. I do not wish to go to jail for
trying to get pain relief but I am about at my breaking point I need something that will help so I can
enjoy life again.

For the record I have contacted congress myself as have others I know. Did you know more people
support medical marijuana and the legalization of it than people who don't....sure they can't say no...
...seems to me they have done just that!

War on drugs is a joke...I am very anti drug myself except for medical purposes if people need it; however
that being said our government hasn't done anything helpful...drugs are worse problem now than they
were when I was growing up and the theme of "Just Say No" came about.

Funny government is big on war on drugs yet Big Pharma can encourage doctors to medicate people
with their drug by offering free cruises...I know a lot of people being diagnosed with illnesses and disorders
that don't have symtoms of such....I am losing faith in our medial system! Perhaps they should worry a bit
more about our LEGAL drug dealers a little more and save people from having to take meds that make more
health issues and shorten their lives. I speak from experience...I was given a medication that caused me
to go blind...yes blind! Within a short month I lost a good portion of my eyesight went and got glasses and
a week later I can't see nothing but blurs of color here and there! Took me off and my eyesight returned in
a week! I do not believe people should abuse drugs and am nearly done getting a degree in psychology so
I can help people like this myself..however, I wish to help not line my pockets and get cruises...I think it is
so sick that medical care has been reduced to this. If I don't get pain relief I won't be able to finish my
degree or live life like I used to.

Sorry for going on so long but I am in a lot of pain and not getting relief...guess this hit a nerve.

I am exactly like you

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2000 when it was just a catch phrase for "We don't know what's wrong and it's probably all in your head." I was extremely active, teaching fitness classes, PTO President, coached my daughter's softball and basketball teams, etc. I have been on every drug possible. they may work for a while but I have actually not had a day without pain in ten years. I told my husband just yesterday I was at the end of my rope and ready to try pot to see if it helped. My life is at a standstill and I just cannot take the pain any more.

me tooooo

I want to comment on this. I was diagnosed with Chiari malformation in 2008. I have been on almost 20 diffrent medications for my pain. Last week i visited 2 diffrent doctors. One told me i possibly had rehumatoid arthritus, the other said fibromyalgia. I went to my doctor today and was told to deal with the pain and seek phsyco help. Last month i started smoking weed. Every time i smoke i can go for about 5 hours with none, and i mean zero pain. When i was taking loratab i was taking one every 4 hours and crying within 2 because the pain was back and intense. I never wanted to smoke weed. But after considering the facts and having some familly members dir from drug overdoses i weighed my options. I do not want to be on pain killers forever, die from overdose or have my kidneys and liver shot before i am 40. I have never heard or none of someone dieing from weed.So in my opinion, being someone that deals with pain daily i totally support the use of weed pain control. last month i could not clean my house, bathe my daughter, fix dinner, carry laundry, fish, play fetch with my dog, or get a good nights rest for that matter. Glad to say that when i get up i smoke a little bit and can do the majority of these things now with no problems. Weed relaxs my muscles and nerves like nothing else. and yes i have been told before by many a doctor that my pain is all in my head. I KNOW BETTER. So i hoped this helped with both descisions.

chiari head pain

I have chiari and severe pain behind the eye balls which is intractable and at a level 8/9 with prescribed meds. For those whose doctors won't prescribe medications, you need to get a new doctor - one that isn't from the stone ages. You have a right to have pain management. I haven't tried weed which is legal in this state for medical purposes, but am thinking of trying it to get a better level of pain control. I can't imagine going 5 hours w/o being in much pain as someone mentioned above - that hasn't happened in many years. For those that use weed for head pain, does using a vaporizer give enough pain control so that you only have to have a "dose" upon waking? I'd like to be able to work - is that still possible with a pain control level of use?

Chiari head/neck pain.

I'm 19 years old, have lived with headaches and migraines my whole life. As of the last few months the pain has gotten worse. Nobody knew what was wrong, even started telling me I was over exxagerrating everything. It even got so bad that I ate almost 400 vicodin in 3-4 months JST to deal with pain. Now I'm on 10mg oxycodone (no acetaminophen due to higher-than-normal liver enzyme levels) about once to twice a day if needed. I have recently started smoking marijuana and taking natural herbal remedies such as valerian root, melatonin, PassionFlower, and the like. After having been diagnosed with Chiari 1Malformation, this has given me GREAT relief. I have tried Imitrex, Frova, Relpax, Topamax, and other "migraine prevention drugs " with no success, in fact, the Imitrex put me in the ER once for makin the pain WORSE. No matter what, be YOUR own advocate in you're medical treatment. Sometimes doctors JUST ONT KNOW and this can be bad. Your doctor cannot treat you unless you tell them everything. And if you're not happy with your doctor, don't be afraid to switch. Do your research. I'm so happy to finally be able to live MY life.


you really want marijuana legalized? then you need to pay more to the politicians than the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical company does. then you need to pay off the politicians who create funding for the war on drugs (aka war on Americans) this is how things are done in Washington, you pay or youre "who again"? why you bothering me? yea you know how politicians roll. now pay them bribe them and pretend to be a fake asshole with no morals and no shame just like they do.

btw i am myself in severe

btw i am myself in severe pain, i have spent a lot of time working hard, manual labor for 30 plus years. bending, lifting, digging whatever it took to feed my family. then on top of that i was involved in a head on collusion, i have been medicated so heavy it makes me shake and sweat and still have severe pain in my neck, back, knees and hands, i smoke a little pot and i feel much better, motivated and much less pain, wouldnt say gone but better, now my dr is drug testing, took me off everything cause i had weed, i told him id dint give a shit, id still come, my meds were better anyway. so we will see how well i do without, so far been rough on me with withdraws but im trying my ass off to win..

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MY HIV AIDS WAS CURED BY [email protected]

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The lord said never put any

The lord said never put any gods, witchcraft, psyhic,  before him. come to him and  he   will heal  you.

The lord said never put any

The lord said never put any gods, witchcraft, psyhic,  before him. come to him and  he   will heal  you.

The lord said never put any

The lord said never put any gods, witchcraft, psyhic,  before him. come to him and  he   will heal  you.

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