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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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Troopers telling lies, troopers selling cocaine, cops peddling coke, Border Patrols agents peddling pot, cops peddling cocaine and pot, but not a single jail or prison guard this week! Let's get to it:

In Casper, Wyoming, a Wyoming Highway Patrol officer was fired for calling in a false tip to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) hotline so he could have a pretext for pulling over and searching a vehicle he knew to be carrying a large amount of cash. Trooper Ben Peech, 36, was fired last month for filing a bogus report on the April 7 incident. A DEA agent made a second false DUI hotline report, giving Peech reason to be out on I-80 at 3:00am searching for a silver pick-up truck carrying a driver, a DEA informant, and eight duffle bags filled with cash. Peech found the truck, search it, and the money was seized by the DEA. Neither the driver nor the passenger was arrested. The federal government said the fraud will have no impact on its efforts to keep the $3.3 million cash seized during the traffic stop. No word on any disciplinary action for the lying DEA agent.

In Boston, a Massachusetts State Police officer was arrested November 29 for selling cocaine. Trooper John Foley, 62, has been a member of the department for 36 years. He is accused of selling cocaine in Saugus on October 11. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

In Nashville, Indiana, a former Nashville police officer went on trial last week on drug dealing charges. Former Officer Robert Easterday Jr., 33, was indicted in April 2006 on seven counts, including dealing in cocaine, dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance, attempted dealing in a Schedule I controlled substance and others. Of the charges, three are Class B felonies, one is a Class C felony, two are Class D felonies and the last is a Class A misdemeanor. Easterday's downfall began when his service-issue pistol turned up in the possession of a convicted felon, resulting in an investigation by the Brown County Sheriff's Office and the Indiana State Police into his broader activities that turned up the dope-dealing evidence.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a US Border Patrol agent pleaded guilty last Fridayto one count of marijuana distribution. Agent Tony "Hollywood" Henderson, 46, admitted to selling three pounds of weed to a dealer named Pablo Fernandez and an informant. Fernandez also went down and is now doing 20 months in prison. Henderson was also accused of dealing at least six more pounds to others in the area.No word on what the informant got out of it, but Henderson now faces up to five years in federal prison.

In New York City, a a former NYPD officer has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Former Officer Jose Torrado pleaded guilty to participating in a drug trafficking conspiracy in 2006 and admitted helping his brother, Edwin Torrado, distribute large quantities of cocaine and marijuana in the New York City metropolitan area. He went down along with several other defendants when Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents seized 135 kilos of cocaine hidden in the false wall of a truck in the Bronx.

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Things we don't know about

Wow .. some bad eggs not that the rest of the eggs are any better.
please keep reporting these crimes.

FARMINGTON, N. M. - Federal agents took down two former cops

Cops charged as drug-ring insiders

Posted: Dec 7, 2007 06:13 PM
Keith Salazar.
Levi Countryman.
Danny Tarango Jr. is a fugitive.
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12/7/07 10 pm: Cops charged in drug case

FARMINGTON, N. M. - Federal agents today took down two former law officers accused of using insider information to form a large drug ring.

Tonight former San Juan County sheriff's Deputy Levi Countryman and former New Mexico State Police Officer Keith Salazar are locked up.

According to a federal indictment, Salazar is the key person in the case.

It alleged Salazar knew inside information because of his position and then turned on his own officers to get a cut of the drug money.

"Keith Salazar was a state police officer until today," state Department of Public Safety spokesman Pete Olson told KRQE News 13.

Salazar, working out of Farmington with the narcotics unit, was privy to every move his fellow undercover drug officers were making.

And investigators alleged he took that information and ran straight to the other team.

According to this federal indictment Countryman acted as the middleman while a Mexican national named Daniel Tarango did the actual dealing.

The scheme described in the indictment was simple: Salazar handed over insider information to Countryman who then passed it along to Tarango making it nearly impossible for drug agents to catch him.

Investigators said Salazar even went as far as identifying undercover agents passing along information about where they lived, what cars they drove and their families.

Investigators also alleged that last month Salazar tipped off Countryman and Tarango about a search warrant that had been issue giving Tarango enough time to hide his drugs and the evidence.

"I can tell you it is upsetting and disappointing when police officers are accused of these sorts of crimes," Olson said.

Countryman and Salazar are in jail facing federal charges while Tarango, who is considered to be armed and dangerous, is on the run.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call the FBI at 505-889-1300.

A $10,000 reward is being offered.

Reporter: Shauna Clark | Web Producer: Bill Diven

Previous coverage: 6:13 p.m., Dec. 7, 2007

FARMINGTON, N. M. - A former New Mexico State Police officer and a former San Juan County sheriff's deputy are in custody accused in a federal narcotics investigation in Farmington.

Keith Salazar resigned from State Police this morning after being confronted with the charges.

A federal arrest warrant said Salazar gave former Deputy Levi Countryman the names, addresses and pictures of members of the Region 2 drug task force and an agent with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Countryman is accused of buying drugs from a Mexican national named Danny Tarango Jr. Tarango is on the loose and is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts can call the FBI at 505-889-1300.

Web Producer: Bill Diven

It's ok for the cops to

It's ok for the cops to stalk, harass and commit violence against their own citizens and their families, in the name of drug war, but god forbid somebody goes after them!

Just like how if a cop kills an innocent person he hardly ever sees a day of jail time, while killing a cop is a capital offence, regardless of whether or not it was in self defense as black clad thugs kick in their door in the wee hours of the morning.

Cops have powers and responsibilities well beyond those of ordinary citizens, yet they are held to a lower standard when it comes to obeying the law than ordinary citizens, and that is absolutley repugnant!! They should be held to a higher standard, but the government loves to protect its own while sodomizing the people.

Both the republicans and democrats love to bend us over, the only diference is that the dems SOMETIMES use lube while the Repubs ALWAYS go raw(they like to see the blood, of course) if we dont remove both parties and start over soon, it may be too late.

Never underestimate the apathy of most american voters!! Remember the simpsons episode about the clinton/dole election, where both clinton and dole were replaced by savage aliens, and were exposed, but they werent phased they said "so what if we are evil aliens bent on enslaving all humanity? you have a two party system, who else are you going to vote for!?!" and ross perot stands up and the alien says, "go ahead, throw your vote away!"

That is exactly the situation we are in and the drug war fiasco is only the very tip of an immense and rotting iceberg made up of gov't coruption, the rule of money and corporations over the rule of law and the basic tenet of capitalism: in order for the few to prosper the many MUST suffer and be exploited. In fact capitalism would better be called "exploitationism", the same way the drug war is really prohibition 2 and the war on terror is really the new American Imperial Order.

Reward offer for above mentioned crooked cop and dealer friend.

I wouldn't turn in a drug user or dealer for $10,000,000, let alone 10,000. We live in a nation obsessed with "morallity" but i doubt many know the meaning of the word.

If anyone in the DEA or ONDCP does, they surely don't practice it. Morals and ethics are for other guys, they just wage illegal warfare on innocent citizens.

It is not enought to legalize and regulate drugs, their MUST be a drug war Nuremburgh!! I don't belive in capital punishment, but i'm certainly not averse to the idea of letting the drug warriors experience the imprisonment the so eagerly and wantonly impose on others!

Corruption within

Farmington New Mexico police officer detective Heather Chavez covers for two Mormons that committed fraud in Farmington New Mexico by refusing to meet with the senior citizen victim and making outlandish excuses for the two Mormon brothers that performed an internet website scam  netting them well over $25,000.00. The senior citizen complained in writing to the Farmington New Mexico police department's internal affairs unit about the civil rights violations but was shunned off for Mormons run Farmington New Mexico police department and District Attorneys' Office with contempt to all non Mormon peoples. Such statements made by the Farmington New Mexico District Attorney's office to the victim were that Impala networks has an A+ better business rating and we can not prosecute them because of that and you may not have a victim's advocate.


It has to stop some where. Voice to them all at will.

We just need to revolt and start over fresh

I think my subject sums up what I think. We live in a corrupt society controlled by rich idiotic people reigning over poorer and misfortunate people. Our country is a communist nation it's just going to take time for people to realize it. For example you don’t even have the freedom of choice when it comes to car insurance. That kind of defeats land of the free doesn’t it? Maybe if our country was lenient with first time non-violent and non-corrupt offenders maybe this country wouldn’t be in this economically grave condition that it is in now. For example if you are a first time offender you are incarcerated, then probation, then rehabilitation, and who gets the bill? We all get the bill not just the offender but everyone the judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the jury, you, me we all do. Now why do I say that because if the first time offender did not get the offense the job opportunities would be greater the county, state, and federal government would receive more tax money from them not to mention them spending more money at the local store and ultimately the offender would receive more money and that would probably make them less likely to commit the crime again. How is the system set up? The offender gets the charge cant get a decent job ends up committing another crime and this costs everyone money then everyone sits around and fights over money sheriffs don’t receive enough money well at the same time schools need money and the roads need fixed and it’s amusing because all of these “experienced politicians and government bodies” (which doesn’t account for anything) they have no idea why they are short on funds. It’s because the offender you struck down cannot make a living and you are paying for his/her crimes. By not giving them another chance you have condemned everyone around you. Of course rapists, murders, corrupt cops, and violent offenders I can understand striking them down. But the college student drinking and driving or selling some marijuana to make ends meet is not the type of criminals we should be worried about. But our country is pretty well going down the tubes anyway that’s just my opinion

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