Marijuana: Humboldt County Supervisors Say Legalize It

In a 4-0 vote, the Humboldt County, California, Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to send a letter to their congressional representative asking him to work to legalize marijuana. Humboldt County is part of Northern California's famed marijuana growing "Emerald Triangle."
Humboldt County ''Drug Enforcement Unit'' -- just abolish it
The letter, which was proposed by Supervisor Roger Rodoni, asks US Rep. Mike Thompson (D-St. Helena) for his "support in helping to initiate legislation which will legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana."

Rodoni pronounced himself pleasantly surprised by the unanimous vote in an interview this week with the Eureka Reporter. "I was prepared to consider it a furthering of the conversation," he said, adding that he didn't anticipate the board's receptive vote.

The move comes on the heels of a similar effort by nearby Mendocino County, which last month endorsed marijuana legalization. Other California localities have approved measures calling for the taxation and regulation of marijuana, including Oakland (2004), Santa Cruz (2006), and San Francisco (2006).

Marijuana is a multi-billion dollar business in California and is especially important to local economies in Northern California.

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Taxing and Regulating Marijuana

I know this is a concept strange to most Americans today, but instead of taxing and regulating the hell out of us, why not just abolish prohibition laws and butt the hell out of our lives?!
-John Ray

There is no way...

...that our politicians will ever legalize anything unless they can tax it. Like any other organized criminal they gotta get their cut.



Legalization and taxation

I lived in Humboldt for about a year working for a major local indoor gardening company, so I've seen firsthand how important that industry is to that part of California. In fact, I would say that there are several towns that would not be there were it not for the large percentage of marijuana growers dumping their money into the local economies.

So I would say that across-the-board legalization would be bad for the area. Prices would probably come down and the market would not be as lucrative. On the other hand, if it is legalized and taxed only in California, I don't think that prices would change that drastically, and state and local governments would be getting more tax revenues. Furthermore, if it is legalized and taxed and this adverseley affects the profitability of the crop, I feel that people would continue to grow and sell beneath the radar just because it is more lucrative. So it sounds like a contradiction of popular desires, but marijuana might only remain as lucrative as it is if it remains illegal.

On the other hand...

If the legal risk were removed, growers could vastly scale up their enterprises. They could easily make up the difference in unit price by increasing the amount they sell.

But on a Large Scale

The potential for corporations to adapt the industry if legal is very threatening, especially to areas where it has local economic significance. Local farmers would be hard-pressed to compete with a large scale growing company. I doubt that local farmers could expand their industry fast enough to block out newcomers who already have large sums of capital.
Imagine if the tobacco industry were to take over. Not only is there the question of what they might add to their product, but what kind of growing practices would they use? I think most American farmers know what happens when small farms face competition which does most of its work in board rooms instead of in the fields.

All you have to do is pass

All you have to do is pass some sort of law to disallow corporate/franchise chains, successfully stopping big business from stepping their already greedy filthy fingers into a business only the true growers know how to do. They will just pollute the materials they grow with preservatives and nobody would buy from them anyways.  They would have to play by the right rules or they'd close up shop.

Legalize All Drugs

Isn't it nice to see someone in higher authority i.e. Mr. Rodoni putting forth an effort in legalizing marijuana? I only wish there would be hundreds more like him around the country. I believe that legalization would do much more then create a healthy income and tax base for society. It would remove income from some of the most dangerous men in society. The drug cartels, etc., would have to find some legal work to do. What a shame!

Our prohibition laws make criminals much more joyous then the mis-informed American public. Our laws are creating their wealth. Do our politicians understand this or are they really that ignorant? Maybe it is our laws that are helping fund the terrorists! Let's buy the poppy fields from the Afghan people and remove Al-Qaeda and money out of the equation.

Remember Bill Clinton, the 1st black president. I wonder if the black people would feel the same if they knew how much more money he used for the DEA in arresting their people and throwing them in prison. Instead of the 1st black president, they would say the worst president.

Simple yet profound with many complexities but the best thing to do would be to legalize all drugs, tax it, control it, and allow the communities to oversee some form of distribution and advice to all abusers, if needed.

Drugs have always been here. Let's wake up, prohibition is destroying our society and prohibition is helping fund the terrorists. Congress, it's the money stupid. Larry James

Legalize all drugs

I couldnt have said it better!! Except that i will add the forbidden fruit will always be the most sought after, legalizing these substances, take that out of the equation.

You dont see lots of kids coveting vicodin,..or codein,...or xanex,..however there will always be certain people that do look for these things and WILL abuse substances,no matter what it is,that is one thing that will never change.

the "drive" to alter ones perception is very strong, the sex drive,the drive to seek shelter,..etc,..etc,...
we will always have this "drive". take the money away from the black markets!!

Like this guy above me said "legalize ALL drugs" it might sound kooky,...but if you really think about it,It makes crystal clear sense! OH and one more thing,...everyone vote democrat this election!

A vote for the democrats is a vote to stop raids on medical marijuana,..and all dem candidates are on board, make your vote count!

legalize all drugs

i think all drugs should be legalized so that way the idiots that get addidted die of overdose or something

Legalize all drugs

that's a great Idea, just look how strung out all our kids are on prescription drugs these days. Doctors hand them out like it's nothing, look at Michael Jackson. Education and rehab is the answer not legalizing everything people desire. Have a kid that can't function because he's screwed up on Oxy codone because of a previous back injury then you may rethink your anwer on legal drugs. Then we can bring in the big tabacco farmers into Northern Ca.and take over the pot industry, shortly there after you can watch the economy go down the toilet.

Legalize Marijuana Already!

I am a college student at Kent State University in Ohio. I strongly feel that marijuana should be legalized for personal use, with the idea in mind that it can be taxed and regulated. I dissagree, however, that ALL illegal drugs should be legalized--by legalizing ALL illegal drugs, we would run this country into a shithole deeper than what it is currently sitting in. Annually this country federally spends 15.7 billion dollars on the "War on Drugs" (Office of National Drug Control Policy, National Drug Control Strategy, 1997, Washington, D.C.: ONDCP (1997)). If marijuana were to be legalized and taxed, that amount of money could be drastically cut to possibly a 1/10th of what it is now and dedicated to stepping up the fight against narcotics.
Narcotics such as crack cocaine and especially methamphetamine are epidemics in this country. Meth manufacturers are resorting to flavoring and coloring 'crystal meth' to appear exciting and fun to children of younger ages. Dedicate a portion of what is spent on the "War on Drugs" and use it toward the "War on NARCOTICS".

People die, families are ruined, jobs are lost, and lives are forever changed because of narcotic use. Not one single soul has died because of the use of marijuana.

Legislators put your priorities in the right place. At least the people in Humbolt County are!


Matthew C. Murphy

Thumbs Up

Mathew you make a great point. If you don't mind I would like to print this comment out that you posted and use it for my project.

people have died from weed

lots of people have been killed by the police in this war on medicine. at least marijuana has some medical uses that wont kill you. unless you get caught by the wrong commandos. stop the war and lets get this country out of debt by embracing this wonderful plant. it has so many uses! this country wants to go "green"?  wake up people our independence from oil could very well be with growing the 'green'!


All of you are just dreaming.......Cannabis will never be legalized in America. There are too many sheople in this country.....the elite scum know this and know they don't have anything to worry about.....the status quo will continue.....get used to it.


Some drugs are bad, like amphetamines and opiates, but marijuana is safe and effective. That's why the drug companies that fund the politicians cannot have marijuana, or even hemp, compete with their patented, synthisized drugs that are much more addictive and deadly with an overodose. But most stupid Ameircans, most who voted for Bush (drug cartel, oil indistry, military industrial complex-controlled, etc.) are really too stupid and under mind control from various legal substances such as aspertame, msg, and other crap including HAARP and cellphone towers (on church steeples sometimes ) Can we say "Mind Control" No, we are not allowed to say or write that. It is a new world that we live in....


I'm a college student in Humboldt County Calfornia. I grew up in the Humboldt Nation. My Mother's family is a bunch of conservative, repulican Christians and My Father's famliy is all demcratic (not all for leaglalized weed). This has given me a rather mixed perspective of the whole issue. Howver taken in what I've learner thorugh life, education, and genuine interest I've still have yet to come to a conclusion on the hot topic here.
From what I've seen with my own eyes, many small towns and local economies would be completely distroyed if Marijauna became legal. Although there are deffinate buisness oppertunities for various parts of the Emerald Triangel if it did become leagal, prices would drop, and It would be taxed. Is this good or bad? For one thing, if Marijauna was leagal it would stop big time Cartels from making money off weed, but I don't think they are as concerned with marijauna as other drugs (the Cartel). Not only would big time dealers get hurt, so would all the "mah and Pops" gardeners (small timers). A vast majority of these people are the people that make Humboldt, and many other North West U.S. counties, not only economically speaking, but politically and vibratonally.
I do believe on should be able to smoke ones-self silly if one truely wants to as long as one does so reasposibly.
If Marijauna does become leagal, and all the shepeople gather with the dreamers to make it happen (hint hint), then folks would need to proceed with caution and not jump head first off the rocks in dark.
Yes marijauna is great medicine. Yes it is addictive, but what pharmasutical isn't? Nobody can die from smoking too much weed. Because once you smoke a certain amount you pass out, eventually the air around you clears up and you once again begin breathing oxygen. With pills the doctor may give a person, the only way to get them out is by throwing up and you only have so much time before that is no longer an option. I mention this because my best friend's father died when she was thirteen of an overdoes of oxycotton. After the otopsy, it was conclusive that he had been properly follwoing the doctor advice. That will NEVER EVER happen with weed.

Spirtually speaking marijauna was put here by our creater, God.( I beleive in him/her, thats what I call him and if you choose not to, rock on, call it what you want.) Our lord and savorior, creator of all, I'm sure he put it here for more reasons that to give people the munchies. People have been smoking weed way longer than they've been making pills, and I grew up learning that "if it aint broke, don't fix it." I'm not in any may speaking against scientific invention, I think its absolutley wonderfull. Let me put it this way, just because we can make mashed potatoes out of a box, does that mean they are better than those make from real potatoes?

NE ways wrapping it up, I don;t think all drugs should become legal

I do think Marijauna should at least be nationally known as medicinal
And if it become legal there must be limits. I am most worried about the children, future America. Cigrettes might only be sold to those who are 18+ but that doesn't mean you don't see elementary kids smoking them. That right elementary. (most Americans are too ignorant or blind to realize how young kids are doing "bad things") Something deffinately needs to happen with this whole prop 215 stuff but I can't even decide which side I'm on so I could totally understand how it is such an issue.

Kyra F. Kelly
P.S. I too want to say thank you to the creators of this page and other like it. We need more Americans who truely car and want to help the progression of a healthy, happy, secure nation rahter than the caotic hell hole it has become. Our founding Fathers had a dream and it has managed to become a night-mare. Changes start small, to the point and must have legitimate back-up with the protections provided in the constitution, and ideas set forth in historical documents. (like the Declration of indepence, pre-amble...). With out proper research and arguement can't be proven!

My body is MINE

I say LEGALIZE IT. The only reason why they won't legalize mary jane is so that humboldt's cops won't be so bored. But, if the DRUG ENFORCEMENT UNIT itself is okay with legalization, then what's the big deal? If someone chooses to put chemicals into their body, it's their choice. One reason marijuana isn't legalized is probably because of the risk of driving under the influence and causing more deaths. No one EVER asked for it to be legal to smoke AND drive. Even though it's awesome! But honestly, why is it illegal to smoke at you OWN home? Obviously it won't be legal to work, drive, or go to school under the influence. But not even during the off-hours? C'mon! ~michelle

Two things here: (1) If it

Two things here:

(1) If it is legalized, it does not matter how many people "ramp up" their production--the price will fall simply because of supply side economics--fall, fall fall too. Also, if anyone can plant pot in their back yards, how much money will ever be generated by pot--why do you think cigarette companies and other corporations haven't tried to lobby for the legalization? Simply because there would be no money in it. A cancer patient could grow enough for ten years of use in one crop in a back yard. Kids will grow it for fun and give it away. There is just no way to make money on this product when it gets legalized.

(2) For counties like Humboldt and Mendocino, and the entire emerald triangle, the area will dry up economically, which will then invite wild business type development. All the money being made for indoor growers will disappear simply because no one is going to invest 6, 000 dollars to outfit a nice indoor grow and pay 1500.00 a month in power bills to grow something that every other person in the county is growing in their front yard and in planters for free! The indoor supply companies will simply dry up. Since fully 70% of money comes from pot sales in this area, which means when that is gone peple will need jobs to fill teh void in income. People will be crying for large infusions of DEVELOPMENT and PEOPLE to make a living--again because this is how market economics work. You need ever increasing demand to keep up with ever increasing need for revenue. Now people will begin listening to developers to develop the area and the overall population will wildly swell with "business opportunities"--and then we have Oakland and LA #2!

Even before that happens, before supply outstrips demand, about one year, people will begin moving en masse to this area to GROW POT LEGALLY! If pot is legalized in the northern area, and not in other places in California, people will SURGE to the north to claim their Pie in the Sky, just like the gold rush. In fact I would not be surprised to see a 50% increase in people in this area if it is legalized because people think they are going to make millions. They won't. Supply will QUICKLY outstrip demand in ONE year. (Because everyone who smokes it will be growing it in their backyards. It's already happening.)

Legalizing pot is a lose lose situation across the board. And the argument about taxing is a non argument for the government because there will be no profit in a product that is readily available and FREE. You don't make money selling bananas in the Dominican Republic--they are everywhere you know. They grow wild. Get it?

It's not as easy as just planting a seed....

Okay.. Some of you folks are really ignorant about marijuana and what it actually takes to grow it. If you just toss seeds in the ground, let them grow and expect to get something nice out of it, you are delusional. You might get something smokable but you will not get the best weed in the world and the highest probability is that you will get a bug infested, mildew covered unsmokable crop that is good for nothing more than the hemp.

If Marijuana is legalised, it would change the economy of production and distribution, no doubt, but it would not kill the economy dead. Holland proved that. For decades marijuana has been decriminalised there and anyone could grow it. Lots of people do. It does not kill that economoy, though. There are still ma and pa grow operations. There are also marijuana cafes, like espresso bars all over the place selling the best stuff out there for near current illegal prices.

Not all marijuana is created the same. Yes, if it is legalised, especially without some form of taxation or permit required to grow it, anyone can plant their plants, but are most people going to want to put in the hours of time it takes to tend plants you want to come out well? Growing marijuana isn't farming and it isn't gardenning. Growing marijuana is horticulture. It takes real skill, real know how and good seed stock to begin with.

And I've seen above the comparison with the tobacco industry... Well, there are ma and pa tobacco companies. They sell through tobacco shops and the premium tobacco costs more. They also roll cigars and charge much more for them than normal cigarette tobacco. The same is so in the wine industry. Anyone can plant grapes, anyone can make their own wine, but I don't see the wine industry suffering for it. Marijuana is something that comes in wide ranges of types and qualities and as long as there is a demand, there will be those which want the best quality they can afford and the premium quality weed, even in a legal market will cost premium prices.

What WOULD happen if weed was legalised is that we would definitely see better standards in quality come from it, but beyond that, the 'market' would adapt.

Its about time

Nothing worse than an Alchoholic and they made that Legal. After Prohibition, which is the state pot has been in for decades. We all know the difference in long term effects.

You would think it was a Govt Conspiracy to make people drink, stifle their thoughts and kill them early on and get them to OBEY. What a bunch of crap

Humbolt Co. growers

God Bless you people. I've never believed that marijuana should be illegal. Having family with a deep rooted indian heritage, weed has been used medicinally for many many years. Free your SOUL!!

Growing license

Has anyone thought about people having commercial growing licenses so the supply doesn't outstrip the demand.

It is not right...

Drugs are drugs...lets get one thing straight. My sister has lived in the humbolt county area for the past three years and her addiction to this so called legal marijuana is out of control. I've watched her go from a vibrant beautiful person to a depressed anti social person. Marijuana...the GATEWAY DRUG. What is wrong with the world (California) everyone stuck back in the 60's and 70's? Marijuana is a drug, not a medicine. The state of California is a drug to the world. First gay marriage now let's legalize marijuana. What's next legal prostitution, legal crack, legal murder. The point is that people are not benefiting from this so called legal is ruining people's lifes and ultimately ruining the human race.

Legalize it, but be cool...

Boys and Girls - I'm a straight-laced conservative, and I'd be a Republican if they weren't a bunch of pussies. And I also grew up in NorCal and was smoking the rope before most of you were born.
I say legalize weed - get the criminals out of the supply train, and quit making people that want to get high and do their own thing rub shoulders with people who will gladly sell them some acid or crank or whatever "cause the weed's all dried up." That's what the problem is.
Then we could stop this ridiculous drug testing - what possible difference could it make to your employer on Monday morning if you were smokin' it up on Saturday night?
As far as the big corporations coming in and taking over the industry, consider this: Michelob, Budweiser, and Coors brew a lot of beer, but what is the hottest thing going right now? Micro breweries! Because they have character and style, and they make a better product!
It' been a long time since I got high, but the day they make weed legal, I'm going to fire one up and hold my breath till my dreams take me back to the redwoods .
Stay free, be cool,
One old bugger stuck in SoCal

I smoked weed every day

Weed is great, it makes me feel good and helps me in many ways. I aint even scared to get locked up with weed. They can arrest mah ass i dont car, I know ill be out the next day.

Legalization of ANY drugs

Works for me. Legalize. Tax the hell out of it and provide NO medical benefits, shelter , food, or work of any kind to those addicted. NO rehab. Just die with it. Help yourself.

Not all people get crazy

Not all people get crazy addicted! I've been smoking for years and not once have I not had a roof over my head and food in my kitchen. I get my pay check, pay my bills and get me some sticky green and STILL have enough money to save and get me my munchies!! So you really cant make it seem as though we're all going to end up broke and homeless if they legalize it....You don't even know what you're talking about...

There is not going to be any

There is not going to be any tax or any other market for marijuana once it's legalized. When people can grow it in their back yard, and grow enough for five heavy smokers to smoke everyday for two years after one grow season, there simply will be no incentive to buy pot, whether it comes from Humboldt or the moon.

Humboldt open range beef and cheese are dis- analogies because not everyone can raise cattle or make cheese, whereas everyone who can plant a clone can grow pot in their backyard. Plants can grow to over 12 feet and produce five pounds each.

Pot gets you high. 99% of people smoke pot to get high. If it gets you high, it doesn't matter where it's grown, if it's grown with "love" or grown in "Humboldt." No one cares.

People should wake up. Once it's legalized, pot profit is DONE! OVER! and the economy in this area will crash and burn, property prices will crash, etc. and like dominoes, the area will dry up.

There is simply no economic advantage to legalizing pot. None!

In memory of the late great

In memory of the late great Jack Herer, we should be paying the government anything! they have blatantly spat in all of our faces. We allow politicians to do what ever the fuck they want to do. I mean fuck my girlfriend was assaulted while holding our 17 month old baby boy and when i called the police for help they came and arrested me for having a gram of medical marijuana (i am a legal 215 patient). Does this sound like our government is using its money wisely. Or how the DEA forged documents at every jail i was sent to (i have friends in law enforcement). Then once i show up at court with a lawyer and a copy of my medical papers they said the case was a miss understanding! And if i just agreed not to file a law suit with the supreme court i wouldnt be bothered anymore. Andrew jackson once said "when the people fear their government, there is tyranny, when the government fears its people, their is Liberty!" we need to take this country back from the hands of people who would loose a second of sleep over our collective dead bodies. This war isn't about drugs, or "getting stoned" or even getting bad people off the street. this war is about something far worse. this war is to keep you and me in our place. when ever society starts gathering momentum towards freedom the government declares war. this doesn't need to solved with blood. Millions of lives have been ruined over what a fucking plant that grows in the dirt! America needs to wake up, smoke a joint, and realize its time for some real change. its time for us to take back our humanity.

<3 I love the U.S.S.A. <3

I say just let people do what they want and live there lives as long as they are not hurting anybody else. Hell I am even for people killing there selves, that helps the job market. But this is the real world an somebody has control everybody's live. Tell them where they can live, what to eat, what to drink, hell how to wipe there ass. Who are we to actually consider for moment about thinking for our self's. Come on now. I am all about dictatorship i mean democracy.

economically speaking

Well, I posted here a while back and I think many people get confused when they read about the economy behind marijuana...


The law enforcement entities nationally make a ridiculous amount of money and generate more jobs than I can imagine...


I think this time would be better spent educating people instead of disciplining them but I guess Daddy wants to beat us.. This is why we should all run away with mother EARTH!!

We were born from her womb and she has conditioned us and our habitat to work symbiotically with one another.... GET WITH IT PEOPLE...

More senseless GREED!!

It sounds like the only argument coming from people are 1) conservatives who are afraid of it or against legalization for whatever (usually uneducated) reason and 2) people who feel their pocketbooks are more important than all the lives destroyed by the government when someone gets "busted", loosing sometimes their everything. I am less irritated at the ignorant on this one than the greedy jerks who care more about purse strings than life!!! -Jaymeey


I've never seen a more militant picture so needlessly placed in my life. Real big men. Proudly displaying themselves? Proudly professing their achievements? Bunch of commando like jackasses. Poor babies that were picked on in school. These boys need a puff. It would take the starch out of their shorts. Who am I kidding? They probably did try it, saw the devil, and bummed their friends out which lead them to be picked on in school causing their Nazi type activity in the first place. Hey people. Don't get mad. Get smart. I like the "Legalize It but Be Cool" comment. Guy's got the right idea. Send these guys in the picture back to traffic duty. They don't belong around weed. That's for sure. Especially with those porn star mustaches. I'm sorry, but I really loathe people composed of that ilk.  

"This subject

Do people not know that all medicine are a form of drug. Anything you put in your body to change its state of being is a drug, be their effects good or bad. If they want to prosecute people who grow marijuana then they should prosecute the people that make any form of aspirin. Both of them are drugs after all. When you go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription you are buying drugs. I've meet many people that have been addicted to prescription painkillers, and when they no longer get those legally, they have all the withdrawal symptoms of a heroin addict, this is sadly because many painkillers are made out of opiates, which are derived from opium, which is the same thing that heroin is made out of. For shame all of those that believe that there is any difference in the distribution system. You go to your Doctor (Dealer), tell them what is wrong(what is it you want), pay them a outrageous price, and if you don't have a card or paper stating you are allowed to have it, it is illegal. Drugs are a scapegoat of the government in the earlier part of the 20th century. How much have we learned since then, and do you know who is making these advances, people who do the unconventional, not just legal drug users, but illegal drug users as well. Also if you look at other countries that have made drugs illegal, they have lower crime rates, people are less likely to be addicted, children do not find drug use appealing, and the cost that would be spent on a "War on Drugs" instead goes to education, city development, healthcare, and programs that assist those who use drugs get off of them if they want to. The people who use drugs in these countries are looked down on, not seen as glamorous, but they are left alone and do there drugs, don't commit crime, and buy their drugs with the money they earn from the menial jobs they can get.

The war on drugs is a joke and the countries that have left it behind have proved it by becoming more prosperous. Regretfully we don't want to follow their example because we in America is #1 in all ways and can't learn from anyone else if it does not profit the richest people in our country. 

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