Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

More prison guards are in trouble. A Louisiana cop gets busted for pills -- corruption or desperation? Let's get to it:

In Tallahassee, Florida, a Florida Department of Corrections officer was arrested last Friday on drug and other charges. Officer Terrance Ruffen, 31, faces charges of tampering with evidence and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. He was arrested after Gadsden County sheriff's deputies raided a home in Quincy in an investigation of crack cocaine sales there.

In Shreveport, Louisiana, a Shreveport police officer was arrested Tuesday on drug charges. Sgt. Thomas Morgan, a supervisor in the Uniformed Services Division, faces four counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Morgan, 39, went down after Shreveport narcotics officers received a complaint a week ago that he was illegally obtaining prescription medications. He is on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. (Is this corruption, or desperation? Hard to tell without more facts.)

In Elkhart, Indiana, an Elkhart County corrections officer was arrested Monday for taking home drugs seized from a prisoner after a visit. Mario Randle, 35, allegedly searched the inmate after a visit, finding a modified screwdriver containing at least two illegal drugs. Police said Randle did not report the incident, but instead took the items with him when his shift ended. He faces felony counts of drug trafficking and official misconduct and is looking at up to three years in prison. He has been fired.

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Corrupt Cops

Did any of these guys belong to LEAP? I bet not!


Very few serving cops belong to LEAP. It is a career killer.

crooked cops

Cops are crooked coast to coast and have always been. In the old west they wouild usually hire an outlaw to be sheriff. He might quiet down the town but would steal for himself. Today cops make $20 to $30K they stop a drug dealer and steal his cash or durgs and then sell drugs back. When I see a cop with lots of toys I gotta wonder who he ripped off to get them.
Look at New Orleans cops and their behavior after Katrina and Chicago cops are the most crooked in the world.

This will never change its just an extension of our corrupt society from the top to the bottom,

Why do we think this country is any differnt or better than the rest of the world? People are the same the world over.Through propoganda we are led to beleive it is different in the USA but it ain't.


Report Kevin Early and Stephon Blackwell to the F.B.I. for their Alleged involvement for stealing government money , drugs,yes drug money seized belongs to the feds.You as citizens that have been victimized by these people can turn the tables on them. The feds don,t want you, they wan,t them and they will listen to you.If you don,t and the next time they just might take your life. THINK ABOUT THAT ONE.... CALL THE F.B.I. with all information that you have even if it did not happen to you, but you know something. Lets get them in cells were they belong.Time for an indictment, long the feds and skip the local police department to make sure the information gets to the people.First cop involved who snithes on the others most likely will get probation , can cops trust each other ,hell no, not when the pressure is turned up on high. Lets make Anderson a better place to live.Report , Report ALL . Your kids have to live in this community. You can make a difference. Report everything to the Indianapolis F.B.I. office.

Anderson Indiana CORRUPTION


Led by god or led by the blind?

@bill pass more TRUTH FREEDOM PEACE LOYaLTY JUSTICE!! Practice what u preach before the stained ink on your Fingers, n blood on your hands indict you for treason on the streets U fuckin hypocrite! Early kicked doors for bricks, brooks just a crook/ Still u Ridin dicks Till kris FUCKED ur chick Loyalty is limited u better watch ya friends/ For ya sittin n the station or sleeping in the pen/ Pay up or lay down n stay down punk! I still got a pair of these!()() Dtf can suck Jason heaters dick! BITCH!!!!!

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