Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

One of California's top narcs gets busted for peddling Cialis, another Florida cop goes to prison, and a pair of Florida prison guards gets popped for the usual. Let's get to it:

In Long Beach, California, one of California's top narcs was arrested Saturday for selling prescription erectile dysfunction pills to undercover police. Special Agent Henry Kim, supervisor of the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement anti-gang team in Los Angeles, had advertised Cialis pills for sale on the Craigslist web site. Long Beach undercover officers responded to the ad, agreed to buy 50 pills for $250, and then arrested Kim when he met them to do the deal Saturday morning. He is charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. But by Tuesday, prosecutors had downgraded the charges to four misdemeanor counts: dispensing drugs without a license, prescribing a controlled substance, unlawfully prescribing dangerous drugs without a prescribing physician, and unlawfully using dangerous drugs without a prescription. Kim has been released on his own recognizance pending trial. He is on paid administrative leave pending the results of an internal affairs investigation.

In Hollywood, Florida, a fourth Hollywood police officer has been sent to prison for running drugs for supposed drug traffickers. Former Sgt. Jeffry Courtney was sentenced last Friday to nine years in federal prison after pleading guilty to heroin trafficking conspiracy charges. He accepted at least $22,000 to guard purported heroin shipments for New York mobsters, but the mobsters turned out to be FBI agents. Courtney is the fourth Hollywood Police Department officer to be sent to prison in the sting, known as Tarnished Bronze. A fifth is set to be sentenced in October for lying to FBI agents about letting word of the sting leak out.

In Naples, Florida, two Florida prison guards were arrested August 8 for arranging to smuggle cocaine to a prisoner. Guards Jawaan Rice, 21, and Modeste Pierre, 18, are charged with cocaine trafficking, smuggling a controlled substance into a correctional facility, and prison employee receiving a bribe. The pair, who were trainees hired in June, went down after prison officials overheard Rice and an inmate conspiring to bring a large quantity of coke into the prison. The prisoner turned informant and arranged a cocaine delivery with Rice and Pierre. An undercover police officer made the delivery and the subsequent arrests. The pair have been fired.

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Cops and Roid Rage

Are you covering (have covered) Cops' possession. and or use of anabolic steroids, their implication on use of lethal force instead of safe containment, and health risks to cops addicted to roids ?
Do you have any data on cities where Mandatory random drug testing is now regulating PD/ Fire Department/ Sheriff?

Please let us know
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Is meant as a forum, to share relevant articles, news, statistics, and testimonies to impact legistation about Cops on steroids, and its murderous effect on our community.

It is particularly crucial that we track down cities and counties were cops must now be submitted to :

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* Random Testing.

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Cialis now a controlled drug?

Since when did the impotence treatment pills become a controlled drugs? As stated above, the guy was charged with controlled drug offenses. Does that mean they are going to make everything controlled, that is not OTC? So what makes this thing a felony in the first place? There is a big problem here!

Do the prosecutors just make up the laws as they go along? Do they file bogus charges so they will look better in the press? Do they fix it after the fact, when it is found that the charges given to the media, were erroneous? The damage has been done. The cop was busted for selling VIAGRA!!!! It is not a controlled or dangerous drug. Granted, there are dangerous side effects of Cialis. Unless you want to consider that aspirin, an OTC medicine, is more dangerous than the sum total of all of the opiods and not any worse than this prescription (and not controlled) medicine!!

If you can't get it up and need the pills, the only way you are going to get them is to embarrass yourself, spilling it all to the doctor.
Don't think you are going to get those cholesterol pills without seeing a doctor and spending BIG BUCKS for your appointment!!? You (the patients) are not going to get away with it! It is too dangerous!!! Nanny is watching!


fuck u

If you follow up on this

If you follow up on this case, it was dismissed. Henry had legal prescriptions for himself. Someone from his own agency was too embarrassed to go to the doc to get cialis and asked Henry to kick down some of his own meds. Good guy that he was...he did. That officer was observed bragging about it in the office. Some other officer reported him and he pointed fingers at Henry. Henry being the straight forward guy, told admin everything. His own agency DOJ had no balls to take care of this so they conflicted out to Long Beach PD that was part of LAIMPACT.  Los Angeles deputy DA Barbara Turner had a vendetta for Henry because he was outspoken. She pushed Steve Cooley to file on Henry. A judge threw out the case. So the DAs went and tried to charge Henry for possessing clandestine I.D card. That was bullshit because his boss asked Henry to go and procure covert ID for undercover work. In the end, the whole case was thrown out. Henry is now working abroad in South America and Afghanistan as a special operations contractor. I was his supervisor and very mift about what happened.

Are you kidding Tellish?

Just because you lost YOUR job at DOJ (one of the higher paying ones) and could not get it back does not give you the stage to start commenting on your skewed views.  The facts are he sold Cialis on Craigslist and was arrested.  He went to Mexico to get them so he could not be tracked.  If your comment that he gave another employee the drug is a way to diminish the fact that it is illegal as no one can give their prescriptions to another person then you are way off base.  If he used his undercover ID as a way to prevent him from being identified, that's illegal.  And being a state agent he also knew that having a firearm in the commission of a felony... is a felony.  He knew what he was doing.  And he knew it was illegal. He too lost his job, he's lucky he got away with it. But he's not on here making excuses for his poor choices now is he?  He's not pointing fingers at DOJ, or LBPD, or the DA. 

There is no way he could keep his job. 1) No one would work with him, 2) He could never testify in court based on his actions even if he was not prosecuted. So your anger at DOJ should stay between you and DOJ.  You had a sponsor there, one who tried to take care of you, but it did not go the way you wanted it.  You created your situation, just as Henry did his... so let it go... sit back on the side lines and let others do the job. 

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