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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #497)

After the Drug War on Drugs: Tools for the Debate, 76-page publication from UK's Transform Drug Policy Foundation

UK MP Harry Cohen discusses prohibition and ending it in Parliament

IDPC critique of World Drug Report

Interpreting Hazy Warnings About Pot and Mental Illness, Mitch Earleywine & Paul Armentano on the Huffington Post

Budthirsty: The Washington State Patrol Will Do Almost Anything to Bust a Pot Grower, by Dominic Holden for The Stranger, Seattle

The Arrest of Michael C. Kelley, first in a series of reports by Christine Beems,, Arkansas

Howard Lotsof video discussing ibogaine, HaRdCOREhARMREdUCER's Drug War Log web site

Legalise Drugs to Beat Terrorists, Willem Buiter of the London School of Economics, Financial Times

A Review of the Cannabis Cultivation Contract between Health Canada and Prairie Plant Systems, report by Rielle Capler from the British Columbia Compassion Club Society

Drug Treatment Isn't a Silver Bullet, Tony Papa in the Detroit News

DrugTruth Network:
Cultural Baggage for 08/03/07: Valerie Corral, director of Women's Alliance for Medical Marijuana & Bruce Mirken of Marijuana Policy Project (MP3)
Century of Lies for 08/03/07: Judge James P. Gray, author of "Why our Drug Laws have Failed and What We Can Do About It -- A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs" (MP3)

BBC program "Hecklers" program discusses prison abolition Real Audio

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