Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Three police officers and a prison guard arrested, and another prison guard gets sent to prison. Once again, we present the corrosive impact of the drug war on police ethics and morality in all its mundane banality. Let's get to it:

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the former police chief is charged with leaking word of an impending drug raid. Former Chief Rolf Garcia and his 17-year-old son were arrested April 19 on charges Garcia told his son about a looming raid in February 2006, and his son called four other people to warn them. As a result, two men escaped the residence that was the target of the raid before they could be identified. Garcia told a grand jury that while he never told his son the location of a planned raid, he might have warned him to stay away from a certain area. His son testified that he had provided false information about drug busts in the past to obtain marijuana, but he denied telling anyone about the raid in question. Garcia and his son are charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution, while Garcia is also charged with obstruction of justice. A preliminary hearing is set for May 24. [Ed: Whether reformers should be upset about Garcia's actions in this case is another question.]

In Columbus, Georgia, a Columbus police officer has been arrested for cocaine trafficking.
Officer Larry Lightning, a 23-year veteran of the department, was arrested last Friday after a two-year investigation by the Columbus office of the FBI, the Columbus Police Department, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Metro Narcotics Task Force. He faces federal charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine base, extortion by a public official, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

In Evansville, Indiana, an Evansville police officer will soon face trial for allegedly stealing money from a drug suspect. Officer Gerald Rainey, 33, faces one count of felony theft for allegedly taking $1,000 out of a backpack containing $19,500, which he seized from a cocaine dealing suspect. The accused dealer cried foul, police investigated, and they found the missing $1,000 in Rainey's patrol car. He faces a June 27 court date.

In Garden City, New York, a New York City jail guard was charged with supplying heroin to the Shinnecock Indian Reservation. Gary Morton, 25, surrendered to state police last Friday as part of the roll-up of a drug distribution network on the reservation, which is on the eastern end of Long Island. Morton was one of more than a dozen people arrested. He is charged with second-degree conspiracy. Authorities planned to arrest him at his job at Rikers Island, but he didn't show up for work, instead turning himself in later that day.

In Sacramento, a former prison guard was sentenced to prison for smuggling methamphetamine in to inmates. John Charles Whittle, 47, a 22-year veteran of the California Department of Corrections, pleaded guilty last month. He was busted after internal affairs agents intercepted a package of meth sent to Whittle's home, then raided the residence after he accepted delivery. The former guard at Mule Creek State Prison admitted to receiving more than $5,000 to smuggle drugs into the prison. He will now serve two years himself.

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Corrupt guards

When I ask a California prison inmate (who does not and will not use drugs) how people get drugs in prison, he said they ask the guards. Some guards work hard and try to stay decent in spite of their dangerous, thankless jobs. However, with no media access to inmates, we learn only a tiny percent of the horrid abuse and other secrets hidden within our prisons.

Thank you for the article


Former prison guard faces multiple charges, investigation

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

By Raheem Hosseini

A former Mule Creek State Prison guard is facing multiple counts of sex acts with a minor, as well as an internal investigation into his conduct while at the prison.

Danny James Akemon, a 28-year-old Volcano man who worked as a floor officer at the Ione prison less than nine months, will make his next court appearance June 6 during a preliminary hearing at Amador Superior Court. He is pleading not guilty to two counts of lewd acts with a child and two for oral copulation of a person under 16.

The victim was a then-14-year-old male.

"It is a continuing investigation and will probably continue for some time," said District Attorney Todd Riebe.

The Amador County Sheriff's Office is still involved, Riebe added.

The prison is conducting an internal investigation, said Sgt. Chris Weathersbee, a spokesman for Mule Creek State Prison.

"All allegations of staff misconduct are taken very seriously," Weathersbee said. "If the Amador County District Attorney's Office contacts us, we're going to (cooperate)."

Aside from the accusations that surfaced when the sheriff's office received an initial complaint last July, a prison inmate has also contacted the Ledger Dispatch with additional allegations, including those of "grown-up sexual relations" with an inmate. Weathersbee wasn't permitted to talk about a former employee's conduct, but Riebe said the allegations were "something we're going to want to look into."

Even if they don't become charges, Riebe explained that established prior bad acts of conduct can show a pattern of behavior to a jury.

Akemon was booked Feb. 4 at the Amador County Sheriff's Office on a total of six related counts, two each for lewd and lascivious acts with a child of 14 or 15 and oral copulation of a person under 16.

He worked at Mule Creek State Prison from June 11, 2007 to March 31, 2008. Weathersbee said he was no longer employed "due to conduct." Akemon was employed at the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy prior to working at the Ione prison, Weathersbee said, and graduated from the police academy July 8, 2002.

The sheriff's office received the initial complaint July 23, 2007 and executed a search warrant on Akemon's Camanche Parkway house on Aug. 1, 2007. Akemon refused to be interviewed without an attorney. The sheriff's office filed its report with the DA's office and Akemon turned himself in this past February, according to Undersheriff Jim Wegner.


Dear Senator Gloria Romero

I'm contacting you regarding a matter that has gotten seriously out of control, and I don't know who else to turn to. My loved one has been implemented in an internal investigation with regard to the Correctional Officer's conduct while being employed at Mule Creek.

About 4 weeks ago I sent the following letter to the warden and a host of others regarding inmate Troy D. Mainwaring CDCR# T-90327 (a star witness). Along with that letter I sent a copy of a memorandum that Troy asked an officer to deliver to the warden's office, but I doubt it ever was, so I sent a copy of it along with my letter to Warden Knowles at Mule Creek State Prison.

I don't know if all this heat is coming down on my loved one because he came forward with informaion about this officer or not, but now I.S.U. Sgt. K. Rutherford is stacking up petty 115 rules violations so as to take away his time credits, priveleges, and to add more time on his C-status diciplinary action. It is also important to note that prior to the start of this investigation regarding the charge of the former Mule Creek Correctional Officer by the name of Danny James Akemon for child molestation, Troy hadn't had any 115 write ups for a very, very long time. Now all of a sudden he's being hit with write ups back to back like this? There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

Weathersbee, Assistant to the Warden/PIO is the only person from the warden's office that has tried to contact me regarding this matter, and his response to my concerns was: "Have faith in the appeal process. I am fully confident of the integrity of the staff here at Mule Creek, and there's nothing I can do or say beyond that". "If you'd like to contact the Ombudsman concerning this, there is always that option, and that person will then contact me."

Bare in mind that since we had our chat on the phone, Troy's appeal form was returned to him with a rubber stamp DENIED on the face of it.

Troy doesn't associate himself with any particular groups on the yard, and is an outcast among his peers. The only thing that has kept him focused with planning for the future is the fact that he's been trying to write a book about his life. His typewriter means the WORLD to him, and since Sgt. K. Rutherford unlawfully took away his typewriter along with other possesions, and refused to give it back. Troy has been going stir crazy. Won't give him his typewriter back? Why? To torture him? To deprive him of the one item that has been therapuetic and helpful in keeping him out of trouble? When he's frustrated or depressed, writing has ALWAYS been the one activity that grounds him and keeps him from being consumed with self pity.

While all this is going on, I get the terrible sense that no one CARES about how these inmates are being treated. They're treating my loved one like an animal and I'm sick of it. I apologize for venting like this, but I can't keep losing sleep at night wondering if by chance some tragic calamity is about to befall him.

What's even more tragic is the fact that the previous warden knew about Officer Akemon's involvement with a 15 year old boy back in July of 2007, yet he was allowed to continue his employment at the prison. I don't understand for the life of me why he wasn't suspended pending the investigation. He was allowed to continue working at the prison, while making sexual advances and propositions to other prisoners. The fact that 2 officers also knew about his misconduct with other prisoners, but said and did NOTHING. Now that Troy has come forward with information regarding one of their own, there has been a full on assault by his counselor R. Sanchez, I.S.U. Sgt. K. Rutherford, and Cpt. L. Olivas.

They are doing a number on Troy, and it appears as though they're getting away with it.

I've mailed a paper trail of all the things that've transpired via U.S. mail to your district and regional offices in the hope an action would be considered.


To: Warden Michael Martel CC: Ken Hurdle, Lead Ombudsman CSP Sacramento

CC: Secretary James E. Tilton CC: Office Of The Inspector General CC: PRISON LAW OFFICE CC: Andy Furillo @ The Sacramento Bee My name is Glenn Eugene Goshay and I’m writing this letter regarding Mule Creek State Prison inmate: Troy D. Mainwaring T-90327. About Me: I am a tax paying citizen that has never been in trouble with the law. Furthermore, I’m the son of a narcotics detective that retired from the Compton California Police Department before the Sheriff’s Department took over policing that city in 2000. He served on the department for years and was also a citizen of that community. My younger brother currently serves as a Lieutenant for the Gary Indiana Police Department where he too is a citizen in the city he works for. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for law enforcement and the various factions that fall under that umbrella for upholding the law. I am next of kin to Mainwaring T-90327. I support him emotionally and financially whenever there’s a need to do so. Due to my commitment and loyalty, I’m a registered member of PrisonTalk.Com and Mule Creek State Prison Groups @ Prison Talk is a cyber community of family and friends that have loved ones who are incarcerated all over the world. M.C.S.P. @ Yahoo is a community of people for inmates at Mule Creek exclusively. Some members of these sites are anonymous counselors and correctional officers that are there to offer support and advice for people that have loved ones in a crisis, and sending this letter is what I’ve been instructed to do. February 4, 2008 a correctional officer that was currently working at Mule Creek State Prison in the guise of Danny James Akemon was arrested for lewd and lascivious acts against a 14/15 year old boy. There has been an ongoing investigation with the Mule Creek Investigative Services Unit to which there has been a direct unwarranted assault on my loved one. Mainwaring T-90327 worked within the institution as a clerk for Officer Akemon, and due to his work related rapport, he has been the victim of an ongoing assault to harass and unlawfully strip him of all properties entitled to him. Just as enemies will do inside a prison, once C.O. Akemon was arrested, an enemy on the yard lied and suggested to I.S.U. that C.O. Akemon had given Mainwaring T-90327 a cell phone and a Blackberry. Nothing less than a cell search was issued, and of course they found no trace of a cell phone or Blackberry. However what they DID find were two tattoo guns for body ink and pornographic material. As a result of this violation, Troy was put on C-disciplinary action. Since the day of that action, he's beeing hit left and right with bogus 115 right ups for rules that don't exist. Mainwaring T-90327 has had an L4/5 herniated disk since the date of his incarceration in 2002 and has not had the “proper” medical attention needed to fix his problem. It’s extremely painful for him to stand in long lines and sit on the seats available in the cafeteria, so a lot of meals are neglected. For the better part of a year, I’ve heard complaints from him of how hard it is to manage the pain, and that a cell feed would at least help to reduce the pain from being so unbearable. For the first time ever, I tried to contact his counselor R. Sanchez. I was very polite and cordial to say the least. I tried to explain the situation but found myself repeatedly being interrupted before I could complete a sentence. I had worked for the airline industry for years; long before making a reservation became computer automated. Proper phone etiquette to be used with the general public is something that was drilled into me constantly with annual coaching for the entire reservations team. Not only was I constantly being interrupted, but she would actually raise the volume of her voice over mine to keep from hearing any of my concerns. The end result to my inquiry for a cell feed was answered by saying that a cell feed isn’t something that she would have anything to do with. She also went on to say that it’s a medical decision, and that there was nothing she could do. I was offered no help or direction as to what I can do to help my loved one, and I just don’t understand how a staff member can get away with this sort of unprofessional attitude or demeanor. It’s pretty obvious that this counselor isn’t trying to help the situation of inmate Mainwaring T-90327 with any genuine concern for his well being, and it’s also pretty obvious that she’s out to hurt him as is exemplified by the following. Eventually Mainwaring did get a cell feed, and once C.O. Akemon was arrested, it was his counselor that had it taken away. It is an atrocity to have a person that can be that hateful in a position of power over our loved ones incarcerated in prison. The word “rehabilitation” is thrown around as though there’s any sincerity in its usage, and this is just one case scenario of hundreds where staff misconduct is ignored or simply not addressed properly. Then after it goes on for as long as it has, it comes back to remind us of just how unqualified these people are in these positions of power as is evident by the situation that happened with Correctional Officer Danny James Akemon. Not only that, but it hasn’t been that long since the emotional, mental, and physical torture of Eric Knapp J-10618 under the leadership of Warden Knowles. I am literally afraid for the future of my loved one because with all this harassment from I.S.U., R. Sanchez, and all the other guards he comes in contact with on a daily basis; an unfavorable outcome is inevitable unless someone intervenes. My biggest fear is that they will push and push and push him, and he’ll eventually get tired of being pushed which could lead to other things. He currently has a release date of 2013, and I’d really appreciate any help that can be given to insure that he doesn’t end up doing 20 years to life for a situation that couldn’t be avoided due to staff misconduct, harassment, and mental affliction. Attached is a copy of the memorandum Mainwairing T-90327 requested to be sent to Warden Michael Martel, but due to everything that’s already transpired, chances are he’s never seen it. Somebody Please………………………………………………………HELP! Well Senator, that's it in a nutshell, and of course, no help has been offered.Is there ANYTHING....anything at all that you can do? In one months time since his cell feed was taken away from him, he's dropped from 197lbs to 180lbs. It's like they're TRYING to break his spirit and/or kill him. Thank you for listening to all of this, Glenn


Come on. Do you really think a correction officer is going to have relations with a convict. Come on get real. You are just using this so you can get you son our sooner. What about this young person. You don't know that these facts are true. I have know the officer inquestioned, and I know he would not do what this kid is saying. The kid was embarassed because at the offficer walked in on him and this is his way of getting back at him. Too many people are blamed for things that never really happend. This kid worked 2 jobs growing up when he was in highschool. Worked nights while he attended the accademy. Why we he jeporadise his job for what they are saying. Before you condem someone you should know the facts first, How do we know what you son is saying really happened because he said so, I don't think so. The officer said the kid is lying and nothing happened. So the officer isn't lying and your son isn't lying, Right. How do you think the mother of the officer feels right now. She knows her son is innocent just like you think your son is telling the truth.


I have read what is going on and find it very hard to believe that this act actually happen. For one thing I have know the correctional officer inquestioned for a long time and know that this is not a true statement. I know for a fact that the kid who said this happened to him has changed his story numerous times. He was caught doing something and was embarrassed and this was his only recoy. And for the inmate in jail, this mother is just guessing, she has no real proof. If I had a son in jail I guess I would do the same thing to try to get him out. All I can say is I know Danny is innocent and hopes this just goes away, because of what this kid has said, he has lost everything.

police corruption

In my area, a cop who was found to be helping himself to goodies in the evidence room ( cocaine, etc.), as well as other dirty deeds like planting contraband, and gratuitous brutality, got a fresh start. This worthy was a well-known menace in Mercer county, until he was quietly removed from his job. The punchline to this joke is this: shortly thereafter, our fine officer resurfaces in an adjoining county, badge intact! It is said that his connection to local bureaucrats, through family, lubricated this process. After all, we can't have our fine officers being held to the same ridiculous standards of behaviour as the rest of us, now can we?

Controlled Substances are "different" inside prisons

I worked for over 14 years for a state Department of Corrections, in five different facilities, spanning a career that started as a correctional officer and ended up in an administrative position before ending due to chronic pain and lymes disease complications. I am in favor of medical cannibis, have used marinol while on chemotherapy, and have testified before the state assembly committee on health.
"Drugs" in a correctional facility are 'different' than "drugs" in an open economy non-fenced reality. Drugs establish "control", and set up turf and lead to all kinds of unnecessary prison violence and sexual assault. Being addicted while incarcerated puts the addict at the mercy and control of the supplier. Being a consumer of strong stimulants or substances that create paranoia can be extremely detrimental while incarcerated.
Alcohol, as usual, is the most common, and most dangerous drug used in correctional facilities. Leading to violent behavior, dangerous situations, and the like.
Marijuana, as usual, is the most benign substance used inside prisons. Not being addictive and generally the most readily available (I've seen times when it was difficult to obtain on the outside due to shortages but available inside). Even so, it is the control aspect of marijuana that is dangerous. An officer who brings in marijuana is compromised and can be forced to bring in other, more dangerous items.
Bottom line, in my opinion, if you work for a correctional facility you do not supply the inmates with anything other than what the state officially supplies them with. Bring nothing in, take nothing out. Very simple rule.

I am quite infavor of the legalization of marijuana and other substances such as LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, MDMA, and other entheogens. This would result in a known and stable quality control for these substances.
All drugs should be looked at in a health perspective with due consideration to harm reduction. Availability of syringes to avoid re-use or sharing, and potentially making substances like the opiates or cocaine taxed products sold by the government in a manner similar to alcohol should be the future.

Again, with corrections: Take nothing in, take nothing out. 'Drugs' are 'control' in correctional facilities. Those who bring them in are dangerous to themselves, their co-workers, the inmates that they are supposed to protect, and society at large.

It is great to hear such an

It is great to hear such an intelligent voice coming from the law enforcement community. You make an excellent point regarding prison drugs being means of control.

Larry Lightning

He was in officer in Columbus Georgia not Columbus Ohio


I was sad to hear about Whittle,worked with him years ago,and truth be told,he was on various meds then for stress.I relieved him in a tower one day,and he'd left them all on the counter,pysch meds, now thats who you want manning a tower with a mini 14,right?Called the watch office,they came and got them,next thing I know he's transferred out,as he told me"working with inmates was just too stressful".Yeah ok,isn't that the job?Alot of us have done it for many years...This type of behavior,and cover up,is common in corrections...anyone who has actually worked there knows that!Pity the poor public who thinks there is actual any integrity left in the state prison system!

My son is at MCSP and has

My son is at MCSP and has been being harrassed since he arrived their 7 months ago. He has been in the SHU almost the whole time. (He is a first timer with alcohol charges, not gang or anything else he is bipolar)He has picked up two battery on an officer in that time being referred to the DA. He has done 5 years to date. I can't understand what is going on at that prison, it seems like the gaurds are out to get the inmates for unknown reasons. Does anyone know any information on MCSP that would help me fight these charges on my son?
Worried Mothe,
Thank you for your support

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