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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #480)
Consequences of Prohibition
Drug War Issues

A Georgia fire captain gets caught peddling coke, a pair of New Haven narcs lose their jobs, a former Mississippi police chief cops a plea, and a former Ohio cop goes back to prison. Let's get to it:

In Fayette, Georgia, a Fulton County Fire Department captain was arrested March 29 for selling powder cocaine to undercover drug agents. Captain Bruce Bostwick, 56, faces one count of cocaine distribution. He got caught peddling the drug at a north Fulton County gas station.

In New Haven, Connecticut, city police commissioners voted Wednesday to fire narcotics officers arrested last month. Lt. William White, who was head of the narcotics unit, and Detective Justen Kasperzyk were fired on the recommendation of Police Chief Francisco Ortiz. White is charged with stealing $30,000 he thought was drug money, but was actually bait planted by the FBI. Kasperzyk is charged with stealing less than $1,000 in FBI bait money. Since the pair's arrests, New Haven officials disbanded the drug squad and handed over some of its cases to state police.

In Greenville, Mississippi, a former small town police chief pled guilty Monday to two federal drug counts. Former Ripley Police Chief Bert Contely copped a plea to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and distribution of hydrocodone. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. Conely resigned as chief after his indictment and arrest in March.

In Youngstown, Ohio, a former Mahoning County Sheriff's Office lieutenant has been sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of drug possession and three counts of drug trafficking. Michael "Beef" Terlecky, 51, who left the sheriff's office in 1988, has been in trouble before. He served eight months in federal prison for taking bribes from organized crime figures. This time, Terlecky went down for selling more than 200 Oxycontin tablets in a series of buys with undercover officers. The possession charges stemmed from what police found in his home when they raided it as he was being arrested.

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Anonymous (not verified)

speaking of corrupt cops, and the drug war, reminds me of all we have to thank Richard Nikon for . What a guy, lies about the vietnam war, lies about his own corruption, and the biggest joke he ever thought of ,The Drug War . He has left his legacy by corrupting this country in law enforcement, the judicial system , and last but not least the American people . How many more Americans will be lost in the war on drugs. Drug reform laws are long overdue in this country, but money talks and the profits are huge. Until the American people realize the damage law enforcement is carring out on it's own people, things will remain the same.

Wed, 04/11/2007 - 2:45am Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

The Mother of all Drugs

There is a drug epidemic at large that few people seem to be aware of. It has been silently raging for well over a thousand years and is responsible for many times more destruction than all of the other drugs combined. As a result of the abuse of this drug, millions of people around the world have been cast into such a state of despair and alienation that they have been driven to seek solace through the use of the other drugs and alcohol.
This is the same drug that corrupted the thinking of the first European immigrants to the Americas and helped them to rationalize the killing of over 100 million indigenous Americans. That horrendous campaign included the theft of everything from Hudson Bay to the southern tip of South America, and stands as the second worst act of genocide and terrorism ever committed on planet earth.
This is the same drug that corrupted the European colonizers of Africa and helped them to delude themselves into thinking that what they were doing was somehow, not only excusable, but Christian. The estimated death toll to that horrendous campaign is around 400 million souls. By far the worst crime ever to take place on this planet.
This is the same drug that corrupted the thinking of the leaders of the church and inspired them to operate something called the Inquisition for 350 years. The resulting reign of terror was responsible for the torture and murder of well over a hundred million people on five continents.
This is the same drug that the leaders of the church were on when they and various monarchies insinuated that they were infallible and omnipotent. The result was six centuries of forced ignorance now referred to as the “dark ages”.
This is the same drug that the followers of Islam were on in centuries past when they convinced themselves that God wanted them to force their religion onto the rest of the world at the end of a sword. No-one knows how many died as a result of that campaign of religious inspired insanity because record keeping was not considered necessary.
This is the same drug that the founders of this country were on when they said that they were founding a democracy but simultaneously declared that it was perfectly acceptable to deprive the vast majority of their constituents the right to vote and even buy and sell others like cattle. Had they not had their reasoning clouded by this drug they would have understood that a democracy differs from all other forms of government by the fact that they, the government, exist to serve all of its citizens, not just the rich and powerful.
This is the same drug that twists the thinking of the current world leaders into continually devoting ever increasing proportions of our resources towards the development of weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile tens of millions starve to death annually for lack of less than a dollars worth of food per day.
Please take note of the irony of the present day situation. The very same people, i.e. the pseudo-Christian and their neo-monarchist accomplices who have, throughout history, been responsible for the most horrible acts of genocide and theft that the world has ever seen are now telling us that it is necessary for them to implement a right wing totalitarian state once again. The reason being that somehow it is the fault of the people that they have been systematically exploiting century after century, so therefore it is now their duty to strip us of any last vestige of Democracy “for our own good”. Unfortunately, this is just another example of the very twisted logic that our pseudo-democratic and pseudo-Christian governments are so well known for.
This is the drug that presently perverts the thinking of most of our current world leaders and makes them blind to the fact that the real culprit is now and has always been the abuse of power. The simple fact is that there is a very easy way to make most of the terrorism, crime and sufferings in the world disappear without killing anyone, and that is to simply initiate an actual democracy and begin to serve all of the people instead of just the rich and powerful.
As you can see our government, church and corporate leaders are addicted to the “mother of all drugs’ and are in an ongoing state of denial. In many ways we, the worlds’ people, are like the country bumpkin who is met on the way to town every month and gets swindled by the same group of hustlers using a slightly different version of the same scam. We have allowed the people who are supposed to be protecting us from tyranny to become the criminal organization that have always been responsible for the worst acts of tyranny that the world has ever witnessed.
It is time for the citizens of planet earth to figure out who the addicts are and what the real drug is.

Thu, 12/20/2007 - 4:47pm Permalink

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