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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #455)

Welcome to the New Drug Scare of 2007, by Maia Szalavitz for Stats.

Have a Cold? Prove It, Then Sign Here, Anthony Papa on the danger of meth registries, for Counterpunch

drug prohibition timeline, from the UK's Transform

The User's Voice, newsletter/web site of the John Mordaunt Trust, UK

An Exit Strategy for the War on Drugs, Neal Peirce for, on Alternet

Drug Truth radio:

Cultural Baggage for 09/22/06: Gary Bernsten, former CIA officer who led charge on Afghanistan and author of "Jawbreaker" + Poppygate, Terry Nelson of LEAP & Stash of Bags

Century of Lies for 09/22/06: Paul Armentano of NORML: 120 studies of medical marijuana since year 2000 + Cliff Thornton, Candidate for Governor in Connecticut, Drug War Facts, Black perspective

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