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Medical Marijuana: Rhode Island Program Begins to Kick In

Rhode Islanders are registering under the state's new medical marijuana program at a rate of just under one a day, according to health authorities. At least 131 patients have obtained state registration cards since the program got under way in April, and another 129 people have been certified as caregivers.
leading RI patient activist Rhonda O'Donnell, at DC protest
Rhode Island became the 11th state to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana in January. Under the Rhode Island law, patients with one of several chronic illnesses, including cancer and AIDS, must provide documentation from a doctor that the benefits of using marijuana for their condition outweigh the risks. The state Health Department then issues a registry card. Patients or their appointed caregivers may then possess up to 12 plants or 2.5 ounces of the weed.

Rhode Island law makes no provision for how patients are to obtain seeds or marijuana, and state health officials don't want to know, nor will they provide advice on where to get it. "I don't ask," said Charles Alexandre, chief of health professions regulation, the department that operates the program. "They frequently ask me where to get it. I have to do a bit of explaining," he told the Providence Journal.

According to Alexandre, 89 doctors have signed medical marijuana recommendations, alleviating fears that patients would end up going to a small number of "pot doctors."

Rhode Island is now joining the ranks of states where seriously ill patients may take their medicine in peace -- at least as long as the feds don't show up.

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It is very brilliant of Rhode Island to allow Medicinal Marijuan

This is because MMJ protects sick people from:

a. arrest
b. getting bogus weed
c. getting tained weed

I wish Conn. would follow.

Medical Marijuan

It's adout time. The whole country should follow, and finelly legalize it.


I was sending out press releases for this short documentary and I thought your clients might want to know about it as well. There is a very hopeful message of recovery in this man's story that we are trying to get out there. Anything you can do to help us spread the word is greatly appreciated. No more unsolicited email from us!


Stu Maddux, Director Editor


July 25th, 2008

Contact: Stu Maddux

(323) 397-2951

[email protected]

Photographs and trailer available at:

Personal appearance at screening is his first time going public

(Providence, RI) Trip Harting was a rich kid with a shot at the
Olympics. He has spent his entire life as one of the most well known
riders in the glamorous world of horses. What no one knows is that
when he took off his riding helmet and put away his boots he went to
his second job: as one of the largest Crystal-Meth dealers in
Washington DC. Harting has kept his two lives separate to this day.
His dealing, arrest and the likelihood of life imprisonment unfolded
in secret as he rode before crowds and as he judged and taught
riders. But now he is going public.

Trip to Hell and Back, a film documenting his journey by award winning
filmmaker Stu Maddux, will have its world premiere Thursday August
7th, 7:15 pm, at Columbus Theatre Arts Center as part of The Rhode
Island International Film Festival. Along with the film's director,
Harting will answer questions after the screening - going public with
his hidden life for the first time.

"This film has been the hardest thing I've done in my 5 years of
recovery," says Harting from his home in Echo Park, California. "But I
think my mistakes have a chance to save someone else's life. if it
helps just one other person then the personal risk I'm taking is
absolutely worth it. " Harting, a member of the Olympic Pentathlon
Team, was convicted in 2005 of selling more than of six-thousand doses
of high grade crystal methamphetamine and faced life in prison.

The film's director agrees that there is a big risk, "He's one of the
most well known riders in the world revealing his other life the
moment our documentary premieres in Rhode Island, " says Maddux. "
It's hard to tell how harshly that prestigious horse world will judge
him. But it's pretty clear from documenting Trip that his secrets were
killing him as much as the drug was. He went through an amazing
spiritual transformation that we are able to share on film."

The Rhode Island International Film Festival is the largest public
film festival in New England and an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts &
Sciences qualifying event. During its 25th year, 300 films will be
shown from around the world.

PREMIERE DATE: Thursday August 7th, 2008

TIME: 7:15 pm

LOCATION: Columbus Theatre Arts Center, Cinematheque, 270 Broadway,
Providence, RI




Director Stu Maddux

Thanks for helping us spread the word in any way you can,

Stu Maddux, Director Editor

in need of a dr

I have chronic back pain in search of a doctor.....all dr and xrays that support chronic back pain

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